Tarot journal – hindsight exercise

Idly glancing through one of my old tarot journals, I noticed that I always drew my card of the day in the morning. Although I didn’t always check back in at bedtime to record if the card had been useful or accurate, it made me think that perhaps taking a backwards approach might be more useful. If you are still trying to get to grips with the card meanings, how about trying a different tack?

Instead of drawing your card in the morning, switch your journaling habit and draw it at night, when your day is done. Have some questions ready, for example:

  • Did the card accurately describe your day?
  • If not, did it represent some current aspect of your life?
  • Did the card represent a person with whom you interacted?
  • Does the card suggest an action you might take?
  • Does the card offer reassurance about a problem?
  • Does the card bother you at all? If so, why?
  • Did you feel relief when you saw the card? Why?

The advantage of working though your journal in this way is that you can see how the card reflects your life, instead of having the card direct your thinking through the day. There is nothing wrong with the latter, of course, but sometimes hindsight can work to your advantage when learning tarot.

So, keen to try this out, I am going to draw a card specifically for yesterday, something I don’t think I’ve ever done before.

Two of Cups. Nice. I get that card a lot. So let me answer one of my own questions. Did the

Revelations Tarot

The Two of Cups from the Revelations Tarot

card accurately reflect my day?

I got up early to see to the dogs, but fell back asleep on the sofa until 8am. Did some writing. Spoke to my accountant step-father about work coming in. My daughter & I took the guide-dog puppy to obedience class. Went shopping. Did some art in my lovely new ‘studio’. Cooked dinner. Watched ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’. Read a book on getting motivated and organised. Wrote down some ideas. Went to bed. Read a bit more.

My mood was generally good. It was nice meeting and chatting with other puppy walkers. My son and daughter were helpful all day. I enjoyed doing some watercolour tangles (doodles) in the afternoon while listening to a delightful audio book (The Dragonfly Pool). My lovely man phoned me two or three times throughout the day, as he usually does.

Altogether it was a harmonious and pleasant day. Nothing went wrong, the puppy was very well behaved as were my kids. My partner and kids helped clean up after dinner. I felt (and do feel) loved within my family. We enjoy teasing each other and being with each other. We all have different interests so often we will go off and do our own thing. Actually, I think the gentle energy of the Two of Cups sums up my yesterday pretty well. It’s also a lovely card to reflect on throughout this day too. I wonder which card will show up tonight?

Why don’t you try the hindsight exercise and see if it works for you?

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