Tarot Card Readers: How to Choose One

You’ve probably noticed that the internet is home to thousands of tarot card readers and psychics. It’s a natural environment for us. We thrive among the pixels. Let’s say you have a burning question you need answered. You’ve tried picking a few cards for yourself but you just can’t get a-hold of even the tail of an answer. You decide that you need help. What do you do?

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You could phone a friend. Have you someone you can trust implicitly to give you the advice you need. Will she simply offer empathy and comfort? Which is nice, of course, but you still need to get your problem resolved. Your mother? Nope. There’s no way you can share *this one* with your mother.

You need a temporary friend. Someone wise. Someone who can show she understands and cares. Someone who has a direct line to a magic oracle of goodness. You need a tarot reader.

Tips for Finding Good Tarot Card Readers

1. Decide how you want your reading delivered. There’s a whole smorgasbord of choice these days:

  • Face to face. This means looking locally or traveling to another town or city. You must do some research – most savvy tarot card readers have their own websites. However, the preferred way is a personal recommendation by someone you know.
  • Email. Before you commit to handing over the keys to your PayPal account, you need to ascertain if the reader is what you are looking for. Any decent reader will offer a trial in the form of a quick free reading. Like right here on Tarot Study. The readings may be available for others to see. In a way, they act in the same way as a personal recommendation by a friend.
  • Video link. Skype or similar. Again, check if the reader will give you a short free reading or simply have a chat with you. It’s really important to make that connection. If your personalities don’t mesh, you’re going to lose out.
  • Instant messaging. Sometimes with or without a video link. Questions and answers are typed. Many clients prefer this method as they are able to remain one step removed from the reader but still make a connection. Especially as the relationship – and the trust builds over time.
  • Phone. Lots of people like to use the phone, but what if you are not in the same country? Or, you are like me, a little hard of hearing when it comes to phone calls? Again, check to see if the reader or the site offers free minutes so you can decide if the reader is in sync with your requirements.

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2. Take advantage of the free reading service offered. As mentioned, many tarot card readers will offer some kind of freebie, whether it be on the comments section of the site (like this one – I keep mentioning it so you might as well give it a try), or a quick email, or free minutes of text messaging.

3. Decide what style of tarot reading you prefer. Tarot card readers come in all varieties. These are just a few:

  • Practical. These readers are all about helping you navigate the bumps and obstacles of every day life. They are good for most topics, such as relationships, money and careers. This kind of reader may use their intuition, but their skill comes from years and years of practice, a deep knowledge of their cards and a great big dose of common sense added to their own life-experience.
  • Spiritual. This kind of reader will take you gently by your virtual hand and lead you to a deeper understanding of your spiritual path. He or she is usually extremely empathic and intuitive. They may also be skilled psychics who can ‘see’ on your behalf. Many have spirit guides.
  • Psychic. These readers tend to use the tarot as a stepping off point. They generally completely ignore the ‘traditional’ meanings of the card as they simply don’t need to know them. The cards are merely a focus for their attention. Psychics include clairvoyants, clairaudients, etc.
  • Empaths and Intuitives. This sub-section of tarot card readers rely on their intuition and energy exchange, much like the psychics above. However, their skills are more evolved along the intuitive range. They are able to deliver an accurate reading because they are able to tune into your energy. They may offer practical or spiritual readings, depending upon their area of expertise.

4. Establish how much you want to pay. This is a biggie. With readings costing anything up to (and beyond) $100 for an hour’s consultation, you need to know how much it’s going to cost you. For example, because I do email readings, my fees are there for all to see. No more, no less. However, if you choose one of the other methods of reading delivery, such as phone, Skype or messaging, you need to have a cut-off point. Don’t be afraid to ask. A good reader will welcome your directness. So tell them how much you want to spend up front and they should warn you when your time is coming to a close.

5. Get connected. Making that connection with your reader is vitally important. You need to feel that they are on your wavelength, batting for you, so to speak. Most readers, unless psychic, are not mind readers, so a degree of openness and honesty between reader and client is necessary. Ask yourself, do they ‘speak your language’? Does their style of reading suit your personality?

6. Don’t overdo taking advantage of the freebies. While most readers are pretty patient when people ask for repeat free readings, especially if they are spaced out over a few months, some people think that the reader is there to call on at any time. This is unfair to the reader. We all need to earn a living so, by all means ask for two, or possibly three well-spaced out free readings, but please don’t try to adopt us as your personal tarot reader. If you can find a website that allows you to trial any of their readers, then go for it.

7. Certification and associations. It depends if this is important to you. While certification by a recognized tarot association, such as TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles, or the ATA (American Tarot Association), means that the reader is of a reasonable standard, it’s not the be-all and end-all. More important is whether the reader can offer you the help you need in the form of a well-delivered tarot reading.

I hope these tips are of use to you in your quest to discover the right one among so many great tarot cards readers available to you.

This article was written and published by Troi of tarot-study.info in partnership with a tarot reading group. Troi believes in the power of tarot to illuminate issues and provide guidance.


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2 thoughts on “Tarot Card Readers: How to Choose One

  1. Joanne Halfacre

    I’m interested in becoming a Tarot Card Reader. I’ve been reading the Tarot for 50 years. I was taught by my grandmother. I have read professionally and personally. I am looking to make extra income. Is his possible?


    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Joanne,

      It’s definitely possible. You simply need to work out how you can offer your readings. If you prefer face-to-face, then look for a venue – maybe a coffee shop or local psychic fayres? Or if you would be more comfortable on Skype, then you need a basic website to attract clients. Have a look at my other posts:

      15 Tips for Online Readings
      Making Money with Tarot
      Ten Ways to Make Money with Tarot

      Hope that helps. Good luck!


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