Tarot Card Combinations

One of the most searched for topics on my site is tarot card combinations. Presumably people are searching for definitive meanings given by a combination of two or more cards.

The problem is, given there are 78 cards in a standard tarot deck, there are 6,006 (78×77) possible tarot card combinations – and that’s just pairs. There are 456,456 (78x77x76) triple possibilities. That’s why you don’t see books, websites or tarot combination PDF files that contain all that information.

Everyone has a unique way of intuiting the cards, which makes tarot combinations very subjective. And then let’s add in the variety of decks as well. As you can see, providing a prescriptive list of the meanings of card combinations is nigh on an impossible task. If I could do it, I would have already done it.

So…lovelies, the best way to know the combined meaning of a pair of cards is to work it out yourself. You can use one or more of the following methods:

Tarot Card Numerology

1. Card numbers. Use basic numerology to arrive at a single meaning.

Example: What energy surrounds me today? I got the Page of wands and the Tower (oo-er – see why I don’t like reading for myself?).

So interpreting the cards as a two-card spread; the Page of Wands shows an adventure into the unknown, a possible important message and courage to try something new and take a risk. The Tower points out that if I don’t clear out some negativity, it will be done for me. There could be some sort of crisis ahead, but it is beneficial, long-term.

So to get a combined meaning, I turn to numerology.

The Page of Wands is card number 11 in the suit of Wands. The Tower is 16. Add up the digits 1+1+1+6 = 9. The energy of the number nine is “Universal love, eternity, faith, Universal Spiritual Laws, the concept of karma, spiritual enlightenment…”

This helps me to understand that whatever takes place, I must keep my heart open, be receptive and surrender to the power of universal law.

Read my article on Tarot Numerology

Tarot card combinations Page of Wands + Tower

Tarot Card Imagery

2. Look at the combined images. We can see a young person looking at an unfolding disaster. She’s too far away to help. She sees that raining down from the sky are golden Yods. These, she knows are divine blessings. Thus, the events taking place are necessary and cleansing. Therefore the combined meaning, is again along the lines of spiritual law. What needs to happen will happen and all is well.


3. Use your intuition. I can’t help you with this one. You have to look at the two cards and intuit the message. Play around with a story as I did with the images above. What is happening? What have the cards in common? How do they make you feel? Does one mitigate the other? Are they mutually supportive or opposing? What does your gut tell you?

Let’s try another example. After the appearance of the Tower, I feel as if I need a little more guidance. So my question is:

“What advice can tarot offer to me right now?” The Ten of Wands and the Knight of Pentacles.

Tarot card combinations 10 of Wands + Knight of Pentacless

Okay, well the basic interpretation of this two-card spread is that the Ten of Wands tells me I must keep going; moving towards my goal. The process is coming to an end. The Knight of Pentacles: similarly keep working, pay attention to detail and don’t say too much.

Numerically, we have a 10 and a 12, so 1+0+1+2 = 4. The energy of the number four is “Number 4 resonates with the vibrations and energies of practicality, organization and exactitude, service, patience, devotion, application, pragmatism, patriotism, dignity, trust, worthiness, endurance, loyalty, mastery, building solid foundations, conservatism, determination, production and hard work.” 

How’s that for spot on confirmation of those two cards?

Looking at the combined images, we see the man carrying the staves, completely ignoring the bloke on the horse. I think that this means that they are simply both getting on with their own tasks and ignoring distractions.

What does your intuition say about this tarot combination? Mine tells me to stop getting distracted, finish up this post and get out into the fresh air with my dogs. And watch out I don’t trip up or get run over crossing the road on my way to the woods.

Tarot Card Combinations That Show Cheating

Tarot Card Combinations for Money

Deck used: Universal Waite – original drawings by Pamela Coleman Smith, recoloured by Mary Hanson-Roberts.

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11 thoughts on “Tarot Card Combinations

  1. Allison

    I got a tarot reading for love on July 7th and the first two cards pulled were the hierophant and the fool. These are contrasting cards from what I’ve read and considering that man I like(I’m single) our age and our occupation opposes each other. I am young, he’s 16 years my senior. I’m a college undergraduate, he is the interim director at my university. According to my reader, I should give him time but when that time comes go for it. The second set of cards was the fool again and then the devil. My reader said that she foresees a very passionate, sexy kind of relationship that will be a great influence in my life, whether it is a short lived or long lived passion.

    I’d appreciate more insight on this love reading. I also know that the cards do have zodiac signs relative to them so if it helps, my ascendant is Leo, my sun is Cancer and my moon is Virgo. The man I’m interested is also a Cancer sun as well(I don’t know his other aspects)

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Allison,

      It’s interesting that all four cards are Major Arcana. This indicates that this man is in your life so that you are able to learn an important life lesson or two.

      The Fool and the Hierophant appearing together immediately tell me that he is your guide and mentor while you are the young person, ready to absorb all of life’s experiences. He has been along the path you are travelling and you can choose to follow his guidance or to make your own way. This combination do not necessarily indicate that this is a love match, but it could mean a friendship. It could also mean that you are misreading the situation and thinking that there is more to this than a mentor/student relationship.

      The Fool and the Devil indicates that you are possibly obsessed with this man, or will become so. The Fool rushes in gladly in order to experience all that this relationship may offer, but the Devil shows that you will be in over your head, unhealthily attached, and your head/heart is, and will be, ‘hooked’. Yes, it will be a passionate relationship (may not be physical), and yes, again, if you can’t extricate yourself, it will go on until something breaks the bond. It could be extremely unbalanced and one-sided. The Devil card, in this context, is a warning that you are getting yourself into something you won’t easily get out of.

      I know exactly how you feel, I have been right there where you are and ended up married to my ‘older man’. I gave up my previous marriage, my home, and broke up our family to be with him. We were together for ten years, and I was obsessed. He filled my every waking thought. It was not healthy and it ended badly. I’m still relatively young and he’s dead. Your cards fit my situation perfectly.

      Nothing I say is going to make you change your mind, so you have to go on and do what you feel is right for you.

      Good luck.

      1. Allison

        Thank you for your input. We’re both single and I’ve only ever dated one person and that was 2 years ago and it seems like he’s been out of a relationship for a bit as well. He’s invited me to talk to him more although a relationship doesn’t seem possible at the moment.

        The obsession thing is quite sounds about right, but it doesn’t feel like a unhealthy burning need(which I have felt before and I’m aware that it not something I should indulge in too much). I have distanced myself from him as my reader for the tarot suggested that this is something that will need time but if that time comes, I should have the courage to jump in and take risk(and I am not a risk taker at all so I took the fool as a sign that I should let myself take more risk).

        Thanks again! I only started getting into the tarot but it’s really magical!

  2. Chris

    So I had a reading and the 3 of swords and death card came up under the relationship/love category. I felt like the reader was stalling to explain. Do you have any insight on what this could mean? Thank you in advance!

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Chris,

      You probably know already what this means. The Three of Swords, for me, is always to do with misunderstanding and miscommunication. Certainly that may lead to a broken heart, but not necessarily. Swords are always to do with thought processes, not so much with emotions. So I would think that there has been some kind of breakdown in how you connect to a particular person. One of you has possibly got the wrong end of the stick.

      Death points to inevitable endings. Certainly it might be the end of a relationship, but it might also be the end of one phase and the beginning of another. You will know deep down whether the relationship is grinding to a halt, or whether there is a way to rescue it.

      Were there any other cards? Was it specifically a relationship reading, or a general one? Don’t forget that relationships can include friendships and colleagues as well.

      1. Chris

        Thank you for getting back to me. Yes the other card was 3 of wands. The man with his back turned. Strange because the first two cards being death and 3 of S was given to me in another reading a several months back…

  3. Kellie

    Hi Troi. I just discovered your site and I’m finding a lot of helpful info here. Thankyou! I would also like some advice, if possible….I did a card Reading to find out someone’s romantic feelings for me. We have just recently broken up after 4months, and I have been told by a trusted psychic that I was with the right man, him, and we should have been together a while back. I am the first real relationship he has had since his divorce 5years ago. Ok, the main card I pulled was Hermit. I then pulled 2 clarifications cards, High Priestess and Emperor. Any help would be appreciated. I though maybe he misses me heaps, and thinks I’m not within reach anymore? Thanks

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Kellie,

      Drawing the Hermit in response to the question, “What are his feelings about me?” means that he’s probably not ready to A. Admit how he feels, or B. He is more concerned about some inner work he is processing at this time, or C. He really wants to be alone right now.

      The High Priestess indicates that deep down you already know the answer.

      The Emperor – I’m not too sure about. There may be fatherhood issues. Maybe he has children and his concerns for them are uppermost for him right now?

      I’m not getting the ‘missing you heaps/out of reach’ vibe – sorry 🙁

      When drawing clarification cards, stick to just one – the more you draw, the more confusing it becomes 🙂

      Do come back and let me know how it turns out. Good luck.


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