Tarot email readings – how do they work?

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Conducting a tarot reading when the querent (client) is not present sounds a little woo woo. Most people think that for the reading to have any chance of accuracy, the person needs to be right there at the table, so that they can physically handle the cards. Back in the days when I started reading tarot, it wasn’t possible to find enough ‘victims’ to give me the practice I craved, so I turned to reading online. You can be sure that I was as surprised as anyone that an online tarot reading could be just as useful as one done in person.

I was reading for the American Tarot Association’s (ATA) Free Reading Networks and completing up to six free readings per night. Readers only asked for feedback in return for their time. I was really pleased with the encouraging responses I received and my fascination with tarot deepened accordingly. Bear in mind that I am in the United Kingdom, so it really was ‘distance reading’!

Later I set up my own website and offered paid readings. Again, I requested feedback by inviting my clients to ask further questions regarding their reading and to give their perspective. Many were glad to do so and keep the dialogue going. My friends and family find it difficult to believe that an reading can be given in this way.

So, how does a distance tarot reading work? This is what I think…

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The Collective Consciousness and Tarot

Many people don’t think that tarot cards can predict the future. I know of lots of readers who refuse to use Voyager tarotthe cards in this way. They prefer to use the cards for counselling, of gently encouraging their clients to discover their own inner guidance, and that is an excellent way of utilizing the cards. However, most clients are interested in a bit of fortune-telling, well, we all are really, aren’t we? So how is it that cards can point towards future possibilities?

The answer lies in the realm of the very small – quantum physics, where the common laws of Newtonian physics don’t seem to apply. The psychologist, Carl Jung posited the idea of a ‘collective consciousness’, where humans could tap into shared knowledge and memories. He thought this collective consciousness is responsible for what he termed ‘synchronicity’, also known as coincidence, serendipity, and being in the right place at the right time. Omens and signs also come into play within the collective consciousness.

Electro-magnetic field, time and the Global Consciousness Project

Since then, the collective consciousness has been linked to the electro-magnetic field, generated by the Tarot readingsliquid iron core, that surrounds and protects the earth. It is thought that migratory animals make use of it… and of course, it follows that we are also affected by this field. Yet another theory is that thoughts, being electrical pulses, are actual things; packets of energy that can effect change in particles.

Time is also a sort of moveable feast. We can only live in the present, and we have neatly chopped time into bits that fall back away from now – the past – and bits that are coming towards us – the future. But what if time is more liquid than that, that time is just a human construct that we use to make sense of our lives. What if the future is happening at the same time as now, but our limited perspective prevents us from seeing it (and a good job too as we’d probably explode!)? Similarly, there could be strands of the past mixed into the present and future. The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) has monitored the output of 80 electromagnetically shielded computers since 1998. These computers, situated throughout the world, generate random occurrences of 1 and 0, the usual pattern is around 50/50 give or take. However during huge man-made and natural events, such as 9/11 and the 2004 tsunami, the numbers generated showed massive deviations. The really interesting part is that the deviations started hours before the events took place. It’s as though the energy or vibrations ‘leaked’ backwards in time giving credence to the idea that time is not necessarily linear. See GCP.

Tarot entanglement

Jung expostulated that the whole (the universe) is contained/mirrored in the smallest particle, thus the Reading on computerexpression, ‘as above, so below’, indicating that all things in the universe are somehow connected. Therefore, my feeling is that the cards, the client and the reader form a three-sided web, within the whole for the duration of the reading.

There’s not enough space here to go into everything that could link tarot to the collective consciousness and particle physics – but there are lots of resources out there if you want to explore these ideas more fully. I recommend starting with The Field by Lynne McTaggart.

So my theory is that when a person contacts me for a reading, we have a connection – a tenuous one indeed, but still a connection. And, if thoughts really are things; actual particles of energy, then these particles are bouncing around between us along the pathways of the web of collective consciousness. Scientists call this state, where particles can alter each other’s behavior, ‘entanglement’. Therefore, when I hold thoughts of a person in my mind, and turn the cards, then the results will relate to that person. I don’t even have to have details of the client’s situation, in fact, I’d prefer not to mess up the connection with any preformed ideas or judgment. I ask only that the client gives me their name, date of birth and general location to help me establish the connection. I also ask that they form a question so that I have something to ‘hang’ the reading on, although I often do a reading without a question in mind.

The mechanics of an email reading

This is how I conduct my readings. Firstly, the client contacts me and we have an initial discussion by email, whether it is to be a general reading or one focused on a specific question or issue. They give me the three pieces of information I need to carry out the reading. They also pay me 🙂

I tell them when I will be doing the reading as I think it helps to focus even more on the joint creative process. I prepare myself by thinking about the client and question and choose a deck that feels appropriate. I then shuffle the deck for quite some time, up to 10 minutes, continually thinking about the client, allowing space for any intuitive thoughts to trickle in. I then cut the cards, switch the two halves using my left hand (no reason, it’s just habit) and start to lay them out face up in the spread that feels right.

I look at all the cards, trying to see a story in them. Then I sit at the computer and begin to type. I describe the cards and scan each one, so the client can see for themselves what I am referring to. As I type out my interpretations and link them to the client, I make sure I link each card to its predecessor and successor. I also point out pairs and interesting combinations. At the end I put together a summary with conclusions and guidance. A ten-card reading can take several hours and up to 10 pages to complete. The hourly rate is very low – hence why I don’t do so many online readings these days!



10 thoughts on “Tarot email readings – how do they work?

    1. Jaguar

      It is more than possible to read for someone else if they are NOT present. If fact, the reading would be more accurate, because your are NOT bombarded (if you are a sensitive) by the other persons needs, demands and expectations. Distance reading is actually MORE accurate than face to face… bizarre, but true. and the name and Date of birth of the person wanting a reading is perfect for allowing their energy to come into the reading, without all the other unnecessary energies and information. many people are afraid of having a reading, and this fear may block the work of the Reader.. if face to face.

      So distance readings are brilliant, because they are clear, unprejudiced, and without any interference from the person concerned. It brilliant, and much more insight comes when you are NOT pressured by a face to face encounter…

  1. Debra Baker

    Hi” I am a Capricorn January 18 1984 female my boyfriend brithday is October 23 1983 I need to know what in out feuter are our relationship we been to getter for a year now

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Debra,

      This is quite a fiery relationship, lots of friction but lots of passion too. You are both stimulated by the emotional intensity but it is possible that it could burn out over time. At some point your Capricorn nature may long for some peace and contentment, which might be difficult to find with this man. In the meantime, enjoy every minute!

      Your card is the Five of Cups, which indicates some kind of loss. It may be that your relationship ends, but it could be connected to something else. I don’t often see this card signify a break-up. Whatever it is, you have to think about two things – the first is that although this could be a painful event, you have many other good things in your life to focus on. The second is that what appears to be the end of the world may turn out to have a positive benefit with the passing of time.

      Good luck, Debra, Thanks for stopping by.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello amandeep,

      You are an Aries l, born in the Week of the Child. This means you are filled with wonder at the world and you have an insatiable curiosity. You trust people to act as you do – with complete and honest expression. You like independence but you have a deep need to know that your family are there for you. You like mixing with people and having fun but you also have to withdraw and enjoy periods of solitude from time to time. You are good at organising and work well in a team. With regard to relationships – they work better for you the older you get. You need someone who will give you the freedom to be who you are. You don’t like being told what to do.

      Your card is the Ten of Cups. The happy family card. This is lovely, and shows that you are, or will soon be, involved in a stable family life. The card is infused with love, safety and security. It indicates that emotionally you are in a good place.

      Thanks for stopping by, amandeep. x

  2. Chelsea

    my name is Chelsea 06-18
    Can you please tell me what you see and feel about my near future. Thank you love. I have read all you blogs & post and you are helping me immensely! Thank you so much for everything! I feel close to you, almost as if you are my mentor. 💗


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