Why I Don’t Do Pop-ups

I don’t do pop-ups. I’m not interested in collecting email addresses. I don’t write a newsletter. This site, this blog is my newsletter.

Anyone looking for tarot information or any information, for that matter, lands on a useful-looking page and, whoosh, great big in-your-face pop-up imploring you to leave an email address. Hate them. Won’t use them.

You landed here because you are looking for something or are just curious about tarot. And that’s great. The tarot information I provide here is free. Unconditionally free. I don’t want anything in return. It’s my choice to share it. I won’t use it as a bribe in order to ‘farm’ or ‘milk’ my readers. If I had to do that, I would dismantle and delete Tarot-study right now.

Reading cards, learning tarot and writing about it is my passion. This site is my playground, where I can try out different ideas and explore concepts, and I’m happy to share my space with you.

I do carry advertising, and of course, it’s your choice whether to follow any of those links, but I’m not really bothered. The money this site makes via Amazon and Adsense is enough to pay for its hosting and domain renewals. The money I make from my readings helps feed my dogs. I’m also planning a few projects, possibly eBooks and courses but they are mere ideas at the moment. I promise I won’t be spamming you anytime soon.

So, you are very welcome here. The door is open and the tarot decks are ready on the table. If you want to ask a question, I’m usually able to get to it within a few hours. If you need a quick reading, it’s free. If you simply want to reach out to another tarot explorer, I’m at the other end of the contact form.

Glad you could be here and hope that you find something interesting. If you have any tarot related topic you’d like me to write about, I’m up for it.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Do Pop-ups

  1. Sarah

    I love your blog, which I found via a shared link on Facebook. What a fabulous resource. Your love of tarot is evident in every post I’ve read and I’m delighted that there are many more to peruse. Thank you.

    1. Troi Post author

      Thank you, Sarah. I just had a quick look at your website… and it is sooo beautiful. I am jealous 🙂


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