The Tarot Numbers

Tarot numbers are fascinating, don’t you think? As a symbol, a number holds so much information. I’ve been thinking about how the numbers make such a useful and profound framework for the tarot. Once you have grasped a basic understanding of numerology, it makes reading the cards so easy.

The progression of the numbers and how they mirror the human existence ensures that you always know where you are. For example, let’s say you’re trying to make sense of the Five of Cups, all you have to do in your mind is look at the card that isn’t there, the Four of Cups. By doing this, you can almost see how the person arrived at the emotional challenge they find themselves in right now. And where they might be going. Remember that a single tarot card doesn’t exist in a vacuum, so to speak.

Anyway, I was going to write a little blog post about the tarot numbers and I sorta got carried away. The post turned into almost a 3,500 word ramble, so I thought it better to publish it on its own as an article: Tarot Numerology.

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2 thoughts on “The Tarot Numbers

  1. George H. Silva

    How do you feel about the Fool being numbered 22? My mom keeps pointing out that he’s been through the journey before and his bag is actually filled with the secrets of life experiences. I don’t agree. Just wondering your thoughts on this subject. Thanks Troi.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi George,

      Very interesting idea and I can see what your mom is getting at. And, I think in some ways she’s right. The Fool does go round in, not circles, but spirals, so he is repeating his journey but at higher (or maybe sometimes, lower) levels. However, once he makes it through the World card, he is reborn. As new. Zero.

      Some people do say that he carries his previous life experiences. Others say that he carries the tools of the Magician. He doesn’t know how to use them so they are, like him, potential, unrealised, unactualised. Egg and sperm and all that.

      After saying all that, if your mom feels the energy of the Fool being 22 (it is a special number), and it helps in her readings, then she should continue onward. That’s the great thing about tarot – the ‘rules’ are fluid and flexible. It can fit in with anyone’s belief system.

      Thanks for posing the question. I’ll be thinking about it for the rest of the day.


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