Tarot Mind-Mapping

Tarot mind-mapping: have been thinking about linking up my love of mind-mapping with tarot. They seem to make perfect bedfellows.

tarot mind-mapping I’m sure you already know what mind-mapping, also called clustering, is. Basically, you have a central idea. Radiating out from it are the important associations and then after that, you add thoughts and ideas that occur to you as you wander around the map.

I use them all the time when brainstorming for ideas but I haven’t ever used a  mind-map for a tarot reading before.

Sooo… I’ve written a full article complete with huge tarot mind-mapping images. Rather than put it on the blog, I though it would be better as a stand-alone as it will probably take a bit of time to load, depending on your connection.

I looked at using mind-maps to study tarot one card at a time and I also carried out a real life reading (which I have to go and type up properly right now.

Go see: Mind-Map the Tarot.

If you need a free mind-mapping program try 8 Free Mind Map Tools & How to Best Use Them


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