Tarot by TroiI created this site, ‘Tarot Study’ for you to wander around as you will. I have curated my collection of tarot articles and rambling essays in the hope that they might spark a new insight or a new way of looking at the tarot for you. I’ve also created an exclusive collection of tarot journal template pages and an online tarot reading template  – free for you to download for your personal use.

I live in Wales, UK, in a small ex-mining village about 30 minutes from the Welsh capital, Cardiff. I home-school my children and am a willing slave to four cats and six dogs (a Goldendoodle, two black fabradors, two shorkies and a dorkie). I love art, writing and I love tarot.

I have been reading tarot professionally since 2000, using the name “Troi”, which is a Welsh word for “turning the soil, digging the ground and preparing the earth for planting.

Tarot fascinates me because it is a perfect mirror of what’s happening in the ‘real world’. I love it that it reflects my practical nature right back at me. I’m a Pentacles sort of person so I want the cards to tell me what I need to know. Now.

I have also been a freelance writer for more years than I can count, so this site is a repository for my tarot-related writings. I’ve tried to categorize them usefully, but the best way to explore them is just to go and look. Click on the tab headings at the top to see all the links in that section, and then on a title that takes your fancy.

Please leave a comment anywhere – you are welcome to share your perspective, to agree or disagree with me. You can also ask a question about tarot. This is not a free-reading site but I have added a section where you can get a very, very brief one-card reading. Click on the Readings tab at the top of the page.

Do you have a tarot question you can’t find the answer to? Go right to my Tarot Question page to get help.

Update: Due to demand, I have decided to offer paid in-depth readings again – yay! You can also avail yourself of a shorter (and cheaper) birth card analysis. Happy to do gift readings too.

Cheery pip, thanks for dropping by.

PS Do you need tarot, relationship or psychic blog posts and articles for your blog or website? Are there any tarot-related subjects you’d like me to tackle on my blog? Contact me.

Troi writes on Hubpages, using the name ‘theraggededge’. She was one of the founding members of TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles) and was instrumental in developing their free online tarot training course. She is also a contributor to Psychic Elements and Lunar Cafe.



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  1. eve

    I had that same issue. I’m a perfectionist so any journal I keep that holds information has to be arranged efficiently and in order. Keeping a written journal was hard. Binders aren’t pretty enough (I make my own ephemera art journals, hand bound, so its tough to work in anything physical that is not eye pleasing. My art journals serve their purpose as records of daily musings, spiritual growth, discoveries, quotes, astrological forecasts and my moods, a place to write out the math necessary in numerology and doodling. Or even certain tarot associations like spreads I’m creating, where I need to draw out the process, question/positions, etc.) But for me, a real tarot journal is perfectly in order. In a hand written book, I can’t so easily add new info I find, such as something new I want to write about a certain symbol, where there is no space left in between where the next definition starts, and OCD says no to separating themes or like information. The app EverNote was the best free gift I ever thought to try. You can keep numerous “notebooks” on different subjects. In each notebook are your alphabetically arranged notes. For example, I created a notebook for each area of interest that I take notes on. I have a notebook for general Tarot notes, and as I journal new ideas about cards, the notes arrange themselves in order. You can always edit a note and add more and more. Today I’m journaling about The Star (which keeps popping up in daily spreads). I can keep going back into the note labeled “XVII Star” and add in quotes or pictures and anything else that relates. And as I collect whatever I find on the star card, if I read something unrelated about, let’s say, astrology, I can hop over to that notebook, and the changes automatically update. You can sync it with your computer, add markings to pictures (like writing in numbers on a spread you screen shot that didn’t come out clear). Plus more. I use it for everything now. Making lists of future prompts, websites and blogs I don’t want to forget, lyrics, ideas to transfer into an art journal, etc. If you’d like, I have some great templates you can type over with journal questions or spread backgrounds on them. My email is moon nymph@gmail.com. hope I helped! Eve.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      I completely forgot to reply to you, Evie. I use Evernote too but never thought about using it for tarot. You have some great ideas here and I hope they appeal to other visitors. Thanks so much.

  2. Veronika

    I just wanted to say that your blog is brilliant! I found so much useful information here. I have been reading it for a while, but it just occured to me that you live close to Cardiff. I live here too!
    I am not sure if you are doing any workshops or mentoring, but if you are I would be glad to get some lessons or advice.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom about Tarot!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Nice to meet you, Veronika. I don’t do workshops or mentoring, though the idea has occurred to me to get something organised. Happy to chat with you via email, if you like? Of course, I can only give you my perspective of tarot – there are as many ways of looking at it as there are people on the planet. I’ll drop you a note. x

  3. Ashley

    Would you consider doing more extensive tarot readings for a fee? Your readings and interpretations are the most amazing and insightful that I have ever read. You did a free reading for me last year, and to be quite honest, somewhat changed my life. Without really thinking about it, I was living a life full of fear. My card was The Lovers and you told me “You can not feel fear if you are feeling love” and pointed me in the direction of Abraham-Hicks. Since then, I have discovered so many other greats such as Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Tosha Silver. Spiritually, I have grown tremendously since then. I have also decided to not read tarot for myself. I don’t think I even have a specific question in mind at the moment, but would love to check in with you and tarot from time to time. Thank you!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Ashley,

      How brilliant! I am so glad that I was able to help. I would be happy to do an in-depth reading. Although I’m not offering paid readings here yet, I’m sure we can come to some arrangement whenever you are ready. Meanwhile, feel free to come back here for a quick one-carder anytime you have a question. You can also ask me any tarot-related question – it doesn’t have to be a reading – and I’ll do my best to answer.

      Just for now, I’ll turn a card for you as I have the Gilded Tarot right in front of me. The King of Pentacles.

      This character keeps his feet on the ground while acknowledging that there could be more to life than what he can see, hear and touch. He is immensely successful and attributes it to hard work and good fortune. He is happy to pass on his acquired wisdom to anyone he thinks deserves it. He also loves a good time – eating out and social occasions keep him in good form. However, tradition and family are extremely important. He is earthy and passionate and is usually a good person to know.

      I have no idea how this card might be of use, Ashley. I’ll just leave it with you.

      Lovely to get your feedback.

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