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A few months back, I wrote an article for Psychic Elements about how Switchwords can benefit psychics, in their work and in their business. I’m pretty sure that they can help tarot readers in the same way.

If you already know about Switchwords and are looking for a PDF download, scroll down.

Years ago, when I started my first tarot website, I was contacted by a gentleman called Shunyam Nirav. He kindly offered me a copy of his e-book. It was fascinating reading. Who knew that words by themselves could be so powerful? I used these special words for a bit, even adding them surreptitiously to my website – remember those old Web one sites? – Ah. Then like many other things that I try, I lost interest and moved on.

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I didn’t come across Switchwords again for years and years. Yet now, I’m seeing them everywhere. So much so that I felt the need to revisit them. I discovered that Shunyam Nirav had died in 2008. Luckily, Liz Dean, tarot reader, author and teacher, picked up where Shunyam Nirav had left off and published her own, more accessible book, “Switchwords: How to Use One Word to Get What You Want“.

Originally Switchwords were discovered (?), created (?) by a chap called James T Mangan. His book, “The Secret of Perfect Living” didn’t do very well and pretty soon went out of print, although it has been dusted off and reprinted now. Unsold copies were remaindered and ended up in second-hand book stores. That’s where Shunyam Nirav found it.

What Are Switchwords?

The theory is that like everything else in the universe, words have resonance or vibration. It has little to do with their meaning – it’s connected to their essence, their sound and their feeling.

They are used a little like mantras and affirmations. Select a word for a situation that you need resolved, repeat it a few times and, hopefully, you’ll get the outcome you desire. Switchwords can be spoken, whispered, thought and written – whatever is right in the circumstances.

Switchwords can be strung together in combinations to enhance the outcome. Additionally there is a bunch of strong, powerful words, called ‘Master Switchwords’ which can add a bit of oopmh to the desire.

switchwords for tarot

Using Switchwords with Tarot Cards

Now, I am convinced that each tarot card has its own essence and vibration. I’m not talking about the physical card but the feeling part; the meaning that you get by intuition.

To this end, I’ve put together a downloadable list of tarot cards and corresponding Switchwords. You must understand that they are my interpretations and are filtered through my perception of each card. Also, they are only 80 (two cards have two each) of the most common words. The rest are available in Liz Dean’s book and on the web.

There are several things you can do with the list of Switchwords:

  • You could memorise the Switchwords and link them to the card when you do your readings.
  • You could use random shuffling and drawing of one or more cards to suggest Switchwords to enlighten, help in a situation, meditate on, or whatever.
  • If you keep a tarot journal, you could explore the meaning and energy of the word as it applies to its card.
  • Or perhaps you could deliberately select cards to use in your personal magickal work or vision boards.

I’m sure you can come up with even better ideas – I’d love it if you could add your suggestions to the comments below.

Downloadable PDF: Switchwords for Tarot

Switchwords with tarot cards

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