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I thought I’d add this new experimental section where you can ask any tarot question. You can still get a free reading on the readings page, but here is a space for anything else to do with tarot. For example: combinations or positions of cards. Maybe you are uncertain about a card that has appeared in answer to a question. Your questions will help others so please ask here. Beginners welcome; no question is a stupid one… unless you don’t ask it.

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I’ll share my point of view, my experience and, hopefully other people will chime in too.

Meanwhile, I’ll get things moving by answering some of the search queries by which people land on this site.  I’ll use the comments section so it doesn’t look as though you’ve wandered into an empty echoing chamber.

For example:

What does the Hierophant and Nine of Cups mean in response to a question about exam results?

In this case the card combination indicates a favorable result. The guidance you were given during your study and prior to your exam was solid. You will experience a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Ask away in the comment section below. I can usually get to them within hours, bearing in mind I am probably in a completely different time zone (UK) to you.

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22 thoughts on “Have You a Tarot Question?

  1. theraggededge Post author

    Someone searched for the tarot card combo of the Wheel of Fortune and Ten of Swords.

    This is a fascinating combination of two tens, a Major and a Minor. There is every indication that a situation is reaching a conclusion. However, it’s not going quietly. In fact, it appears that all hell is about to break loose. If this is connected to a relationship, then, at this point in time, there’s nothing you can do to save it. There might be a chance of picking up the pieces later, but right now, you are only along for the ride. Go with it. See where the pieces land and then you can gather your energies and resources and make decisions about the future once the fallout has fallen. See yourself on the actual wheel and make a big effort to move to the quiet centre. The Ten of Swords often shows a brighter horizon, so hope is not completely out of the window.

  2. theraggededge Post author

    One of the most frequently asked questions is “How do I make a living from tarot?”

    You possibly could earn enough from online readings to garner a full time income (depending on what you consider to be a full time income, of course), but you stand a much better chance of making money if you live in a well-populated area, preferably a popular tourist area. People on vacation are quite likely to treat themselves to a reading as part of their holiday experience. They will, quite literally, beat a path to your door as long as you advertise your services around town. Similarly if you live in any large city, you should do well. Hiring some kind of space where crowds have to walk right past is worth thinking about if you an afford the outlay.

    It gets harder if you are out in the sticks and can only operate online or be prepared to travel, working the psychic fair circuit. You have to be prepared to do some intense marketing, be able to build (or have one done for you) an attractive website and do even more marketing. With enough motivation and persistence you can do it.

    Further reading:

    Making Money with Tarot
    10 Ways to Make Money with Tarot

    1. Adrian

      I have a question about how should a 4/5 card tarot reading should be?
      Im a beginner & practicing at markets but not doing too well, can you help me?

      1. theraggededge Post author

        Hi Adrian,

        To be blunt, if you are a beginner, you shouldn’t be doing tarot readings for money. Unless you have excellent psychic and intuitive skills, then learning to read tarot takes time. My advice is to begin by doing free short readings for one of the free reading networks – either for the ATA or TABI. Don’t forget that people are trusting you with their most personal information and emotional well-being – it is very easy to do great damage. I started with email readings because there was less pressure than face-to-face. My first ‘real-life’ readings were ‘for fun’ at parties and suchlike. People were warned that it was for ‘entertainment only’.

        4/5 card readings are usually beyond the scope of a beginner, so it’s not surprising you are having problems. Stick to 1/2 cards until you are ultra confident that you can read cards in combinations, pick up the thread of a story (situation), and be able to counsel a distraught client if needs be.

        Hope that helps.

  3. Yumi

    Hi Bev, Here is a question regarding Temperance. My friend asked me about her career. She had a baby 2 years ago and has taken time off from work because of it. Now she is thinking to return to work but not sure. I drew a card for her and it was Temperance. I know the card means balance and harmony, but I am not sure how to interpret it for her question. Could you help me, please??

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi there Yumi,

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      What a great card to get in answer to that question. I don’t know what deck you are using but usually Temperance is shown as an angel with one foot in the water and one on dry ground. I think that you could take the image quite literally and suggest to your friend that she ‘dips a toe into the water’ work-wise. Perhaps she could return for just a few hours a week? This would flex her working muscles, give her the chance to have some time away from mommy-stuff and also to see if being away from her toddler is a comfortable thing for her.

      Temperance, as you say, means balance and harmony, so your friend needs to find the right level of work that will suit her and her family. So rather than dive back into full-time work, she could start small, if her employer agrees, and increase her hours as necessary.

      An important point is that it takes a little while to get back into the whole work scene again after having a baby, so she mustn’t worry about restarting at a level below where she was at previously. It will give her brain a chance to de-mommify. Her first steps back into work should be easy and gentle – it’s not about making an immediate impact but rather combining the various parts of her life into one harmonious whole so that stress is not a factor at all.

      Wish her luck from me!

      1. Yumi

        Hi Bev, Thank you so much! That is a wonderful answer 😉 I am glad that I can give my friend such a nice answer to her question, and I am sure she will love it! Thanks again. – Y

  4. tgr

    Hi, I am considering the whole act of asking a question and then drawing cards. I asked about a materialistic thing, I asked the deck to give me some insight into what commodity products I should trade to be the most successfull, which products suit me the most.
    The outcome I get is King of Wands, followed by The World followed by The Emperor. I was drawn to the lion (Rider Waite ) in King of Wands then the lion also in the world but I don’t feel that this has helped me at all in shedding light on my question.
    Do you think that questions to the deck are relevant? It can limit or channel perception which may or may not be a good thing.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi tgr,

      When asking a question such as yours, you have to consider the basis of the question. Like you said you wanted the tarot to suggest ideas to you about what you should trade. So, you have to think about which cards can best answer your question. It won’t be the Majors, because they are focused on the spiritual journey. It can’t be the Courts because, they will be too vague. Therefore, if must be the Minor Arcana.

      So you pull out the Minors from the deck. Then before you shuffle and turn your cards, think about what category of goods each suit could represent. Keep it broad, so that you give the cards plenty of scope. For example, Cups could be personal items, clothing, etcetera. Wands might be anything that has been grown. Swords might be technology-based items and Pentacles might be household products and high-end consumer goods.

      Tarot can answer any question, you just have to think about how you will receive an answer you can decipher.

      Hope that helps but lions are not a good idea 🙂

  5. priya

    When I am feeling upbeat and positive, the cards I draw for others are mostly Yes cards.
    And when I am upset or tired, its a No almost always
    Is it possible that my emotions influence the cads I draw for others ?

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Priya,

      Almost certainly, yes. However, it is possible to look for the positive in every single card.

  6. Allacian

    I just came across your page today, and it’s quite lovely. Thank you for the insightful work you do to share the gift of using Tarot with myself and every other inquisitive soul. I instantly connected with the the image on the Star card , but I can’t for the life of me figure out what deck it’s from. I can tell the other deck pictured is The Deviant. Can you please share with me what deck The Star is from?
    (cards I self identify with are the Star and Moon, yeah I’m a textbook Cancer)

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Allacian, do you mean the one on the background image of the page? That’s from the Pagan 2000 Tarot. The minors are pips so I don’t use it for readings. It was published in Cornwall, UK which is where I was born so I had to have it. Bought it years ago.

      Thanks so much for your kind words. Glad you found something useful here.

      1. Claire Pollock

        I wonder if you could help with the meaning of 3 cards in future position
        Hermit, Tower, Devil.
        Its the Devil following the Tower thats got me.

        1. Troi Post author

          Hi Claire,

          It’s difficult without knowing the question/circumstances and any other cards in the spread. I can only give you the basic interpretations of introspection, clearing out stagnant energy and unhelpful behaviour/habits. I understand that it would make more sense to have the Tower following the Devil. Why are you using three cards for the future? Are they near future, distant future etc?

          People often ask what cards mean but they neglect to tell me the rest 🙂 It’s like trying to identify an object in a photo by a few pixels.

  7. Apriyile

    Hello, I have a question on those confusing COURT CARDS… How does one interpret it in a reading how do i know what its referring to, be it a person challenge personality how do you know the card is pulled? example: the question is, ” what do i need to know about purchasing the two story business building? This is a one card reading. And the card I pull is a KNIGHT OF CUPS OR PAGE OF SWORDS? How in the heck would i interpret these COURT CARDS when we associate COURT CARDS as people or personalities of people in or around our lives?

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Apriyile, good question. As well as personalities, Court cards can also be emotions and action. So, if the Knight of Cups showed up, it’s advising you to approach the purchase with an open heart, with the feeling that you should fall in love with the idea. Should the Page of Swords show up, then expect some relevant and useful ideas to come ‘out of the blue’. A Court card may also advise how to modify your approach to dealing with a particular person. The Queen of Pentacles would advise a straightforward, no-nonsense conversation, whereas the King of Cups would tell you to listen and be prepared to take advice.

      It’s a good idea for you to assign your own such meanings, then you’ll be in no doubt. Go through the sixteen Courts and do a little journaling on each. Be relaxed and let the card ‘speak’ to you. Tarot is not always about a mainstream, specific meaning, instead it what it means *to you*. When you do this with your cards, you will then be able to communicate with them on a more personal level.

      Hope that helps x

  8. Hayley

    Two questions for you, ma’am, if you have a moment:
    1.) What is your position self-readings?
    2.) I did a 3 card relationship reading on myself with a clarification card. Two of wands (r), two of cups (upright), 3 of wands (r). Clarification card- temperance. I think I know the interpretation, but I want to make sure my own bias is not involved. My interpretation is that there is stagnation on both sides and nothing can be done at this time, but love is there. Temperance meaning to let things fall as they may. How would you interpret these 4 cards together?

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Hayley,

      I’m not sure quite what you mean about reading for oneself. If you can do it, then go for it. For myself, I find that I can’t focus very well in the same way as when reading for another person. I sort of go, “Yeah, okay…” and put the cards away. I’m too lazy to analyse them properly.

      All your cards show there is no movement happening at this point in time. Either everything is too well balanced that there can be no progress, or as you say, there is stagnation in the energy surrounding the relationship. You have to decide whether to go with the flow or to upset the status quo in order to get it going again. Personally, I would go with placid Temperance and advise waiting a little while.

      Your own interpretation is spot on 🙂

      Hope that helps.

  9. Ale

    Hello Troi!

    I’ve just found this site, and I am curious about what could be your insights on the reading below.

    A reading was done for me regarding career and employment (I am currently unemployed, and asked the tarot if I was going to find a job asap, or if the cards portray something different with regards to earn a living.)

    The reader drew a few cards in a nine-card spread, but the combination of the following ones are the most puzzling: eight of wands (fisrt position), ace of wands (2nd), high priestess (3rd position), moon (4th position), death (5th position), devil (7th position) and, 6 of wands as the outcome card. All of them upright… The other two cards are a swords card and a cups card.

    What are you insights on the combinations above mentioned?

    1. Troi Post author

      Hiya Ale,

      It would be good to know how the reader interpreted the cards and whether you felt they reflected your situation. Also, a nine-card spread in answer to your fairly simple question is a bit of overkill 😀

      Taking a quick overview of what you’ve given me, I’d say the first two cards indicate a favourable turn of events – you’ll get an idea or some sort of inspiration. You’ll need to act quickly to take advantage. The HP and the Moon, indicate it will all be done by intuition and your inner guidance. Death and Devil: you have to let go of something that may be currently holding you back – this thing might be a huge turning point for you. It’ll be painful but ultimately worth it. Six of Wands means that once you have move through the process things will be looking up.

      If I were reading for you, I wouldn’t try to address both questions in one spread. I’d use one card for the first and perhaps three for the second. As I go through life, I realise that, in almost every case, fewer cards are better 🙂

      Good luck with your job hunt.


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