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    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Joann,

      Thanks for updating me with your birth date. I only need the day and month to help me. Also you won’t see comments appear on the page immediately as I have to approve them first.

      I’m using the Gilded Tarot to answer your question – your card is the Wheel of Fortune. This card indicates that you are on the verge of experiencing many changes in your life. Some will be under your control; others may not be. However things stand at the moment is not how they will be in a few weeks or months.

      The Wheel is numbered ten, which means that one or more life cycles have ended. Your job will be to deal with the consequences and do your best to tidy up.

      Returning to your question, if your current love interest is strong, independent, romantic rather than sentimental, passionate when appropriate but cool and calm at all other times, then you are probably on the right track. If s/he is dependent upon you for their happiness and well-being, then it’s best to let them go as you’ll never be fulfilled in that relationship. You need someone who can ride the storms with you, who remains steady while events whirl around. Someone with patience who can see past turmoil and doesn’t allow it to affect them.

      It sounds a bit calculating but you should make a list of good points and not-so-good points and your decision will become clear. You have a bit of a challenge in that you are a strong person, you are a teacher, a leader… and you need someone equal to you or stronger than you. Anyone who demonstrates weakness or dependency is not going to keep your interest over the long term.

      Whatever you path you choose, your decision is going to result in all kinds of fall-out. Be prepared and stay true to yourself.

      Good luck!

      PS Happy Birthday for Friday!

  1. Cheryl

    My birthday is 3/18. My question is – did Scott read my letter and listen to the audio files and if he did what does he now feel towards me?

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Cheryl,

      Apologies for the delay.

      I can’t tell you how someone else is feeling, I’m afraid – that’s known as a third-party reading and is slightly unethical. I’ll rephrase your question to ‘What do I need to know about my relationship with Scott?. As to your original question, time will give you the answer in due course, if not already.

      I’m using the Robin Wood tarot and the card I have drawn for you is the Ace of Swords.

      Great card, which tells you that you will soon experience a moment of blinding clarity (if there is such a thing) where you will come to such an obvious understanding of your situation. All doubts will disappear and your new course of action will be an easy one to take. There will be no vagueness, no muddled thinking, just a clear path ahead of you.

      Good luck!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Jeannina,

      I am using an unusual deck called The Vision Tarot and have drawn The Chariot.

      I don’t think there is a long-term romance in your very near future. It’s possible that you are already in a relationship which appears to be on the verge of splitting apart or you may find yourself about to have a passionate but short-lived fling.

      If it is the former, then you might find getting advice from a third party, some sort of counselor who can offer you guidance and hope of reconciliation through gentle negotiation might help. It is also possible that *you* will find yourself as a negotiator between others.

      If it is the second possibility, the wild and passionate fling, then just live in the moment and enjoy it.

      Good luck!

      1. Jeannina

        Wow that is amazing i have the same tarot deck . Yes my partner and I arent doing so good thanks for setting the time to answer my question! Blessed be and look foward to ordering a in depth reading soon!!!

        1. theraggededge Post author

          Thanks for the feedback, Jeannina, always appreciated. Sorry to hear you are having problems. I do hope you can get it all worked out soon.

          That is amazing about The Vision Tarot. My copy was gifted to me by a good friend just a couple of weeks ago and I used it for the first time today.

          I would love to do a full reading for you any time you feel ready for it.


  2. Briana Head

    Hello, my name is Briana. I met a guy on a online dating website and we’ve been talking for 3 months now. Does he have another girl that I don’t know about and if so who? My date of birth is July 22.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Briana,

      You will notice that I have edited your message as you included a little too much personal detail. We don’t want people to recognise anyone. You are asking me to do a third party reading, i.e. your question is directly about the man involved instead of being from your point of view. Therefore, I am going to change it to “What do I need to know about this relationship?”

      The tarot deck is The Vision Tarot and your card is the Queen of Swords. This card is a personality card so I will describe her traits and you can draw your own conclusions.

      The Queen of Swords is a very strong character. She knows her own mind at all times and makes her decisions with clear cold clarity. She will not tolerate anything but honesty in her dealings with others. If she asks a straight question, she expects a truthful answer. She sometimes has to deal with the influence of another person in her relationships, though this is not necessarily a love rival – it could be her partner’s mother or other relative. She is very good at weighing up the pros and cons of any situation and usually never regrets her choices.

      My advice to you, Briana, is simply to ask him. Your well-developed truth antennae will reveal what you need to know.

      Good luck!

  3. Briana Head

    I was let go from Taco bell a couple of weeks ago and I want to know if I will get hired at another Taco bell restaurant or somewhere else? My birthday is July 22

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Briana, I have read for you before but you didn’t even acknowledge the reading. You’ve since requested readings several times… and you never say please or thank you. I would have replied to you by email but you have left a false email address. I do not wish to be your personal tarot reader so please don’t ask again.

  4. Hailey

    birthday 26th May – question – is there anything going to happen in the future regards to my love life many thanks

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Hailey, sorry l haven’t got internet access at the moment. I’ll try to get your reading done as soon as possible.

      1. theraggededge Post author

        Hello Hailey, normal service resumed, thank goodness. I was thinking I might have to do tarot readings on a mobile device.

        Your question is focused on the future, and while it is a normal question, the answer wouldn’t help you much now, would it? In fact what tends to happen is that people put their lives ‘on hold’ because they are waiting for the future, which of course, never comes. So I’m going to look at your question in a slightly different light, i.e. What is happening *now* that might affect your future love life? How does that sound?

        I’m using the Glastonbury Tarot and your card is the King of Vesicas (Pentacles). The King of Pentacles is an older man who may have some influence in your life at the present time. He is confident, easy-going and generally looking forward to a prosperous retirement. He could be a relative or your boss or someone else you know. You might even recognise him as the man who runs a business or store that you frequent. This person may be key in facilitating you meeting someone special. So wherever he is, is where you should be looking for love.

        It is possible that he is the One, himself, but I’m not getting the feeling that he would be your romantic ideal. He can be passionate, generous and he loves to wine and dine. He treats other people very well and is considerate of their needs. It would be fascinating to find out if this personality type rings any bells with you.

        Hope you find love very soon.

  5. Christel

    Hi Troi,

    Thank you for your generosity in doing a reading.
    My question: Last year I finished my life coach training with Martha Beck and got Certified.
    I am now starting up my business, and it’s quite difficult to get clients. Maybe the question is a bit broad, but do you see my business getting on the right track?

    Warmly , Christel
    My birthday is April 27th.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Christel, nice to meet you and thanks for your warm Tweet.

      I’m using the Universal Waite, the Mary Hanson-Roberts version and I’ve drawn the Six of Cups.

      This is a lovely, giving card that encourages you to explore the most positive experiences you have had in the past and apply them to the present. There is something you have already done that could help you now. Perhaps it was a way that you connected with someone emotionally, or maybe you gave or received a gift. I just get the feeling that if you delved back a while and brainstormed/mind-mapped all the times when you felt joy that something will click.

      When I read your question, before I turned the card, I thought that perhaps you should use your training in a slightly different way. Instead of calling yourself a Life Coach, perhaps you could shift it sideways a little. For example (and it is only an example), I’m thinking of how someone with your training could use that in a wedding planning business or similar. Or someone like me, tarot reading – how lovely it would be to have been trained as a Life Coach first. Not sure if I am making myself clear? It seems to me that there are an awful lot of life coaches out there and not enough people who are in the market to hire one. So maybe if you were actually known for something else but being absolutely awesome at it because you are encouraging, thoughtful, a good listener, wise, relaxing, know the right questions to ask, etcetera.

      An interesting thing about this card (you’ll have to do a Google image search) are the solid buildings in the background with the figure walking toward them. Structure is very important to you and it should play a part in your business. You are very good at starting small businesses because you are able to build them on firm foundations — you are born in the week of manifestation. Maybe you could combine your Life Coaching with helping people, women perhaps, to set up their own businesses?

      So go back to your past, look at the jobs you have done, see how being a Life Coach might have made a big difference then, and perhaps it will spark a slightly different path, which will be exactly right for you and bring in all the clients you could wish for.

      Good luck and do let me know how it goes.

      1. Christel

        Hi Troi,

        Thank you so much.
        It’s funny that
        1. I recently have redone my website and included readings in there ( oracle cards, angel cards and I am doing Destiny Card reports)
        2. Just yesterday I was talking to my husband about three things regarding my business:
        – doing retreats for women who need some time for themselves ( I am in the Algarve, the right place for such a thing)
        – I love technology, and I said maybe helping coaches who are not as tech savvy set up their website, social media, mailing list etc… Teach them how to use it and make it easy.
        – Going into partnerships with other coaches.

        I will follow your advice and mind-map going back to the past.


        1. theraggededge Post author

          Cool! You are already doing it! You could do online courses too.

          I am envious of you. Portugal is beautiful.


  6. Jackie

    I am falling for this guy mike feb 09 his birthdate and mine is june 12. Does it look good for us?
    Thank you for taking the time to do a reading and help me.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Jackie,

      Your birthdays suggest that you two could be a good combination. You have much in common and would be a force to be reckoned with if you decided to fight for a cause together.

      I am using the Robin Wood Tarot and have drawn the Ace of Wands.

      Right now, Jackie, it does look pretty good. The Ace of Wands signifies new passion and new beginnings. It is a positive, fiery card indicating that you have great chemistry between you. You may feel as though you already know each other.

      Be aware though that this deep passion can burn out very quickly unless you have spent some time building a solid foundation. Therefore, it’s not a great idea to rush into anything until you know for sure that this is what you want. It will help if you have some sort of joint focus outside of the romantic sphere.

      Just out of curiosity, I turned a second card: the Seven of Wands. This fits exactly in with what I previously said. The Seven of Wands shows a man in a defensive stance, i.e. standing up for what he believes in. I think if you two are engaged in a project that means that you have to convince others of the value of it, then your relationship can develop into a healthy, long-lasting bond.

      Have fun!

  7. Sara M.

    Hope you are doing good…
    My birth date is 2nd September
    I am looking forward to pursue phd in the near future..
    How does that look for me?

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Sara,

      I am using my new favourite deck, the Tarot of the New Vision and have drawn the fiery Knight of Wands. This card suggests that, initially, your course of study may seem to be a little uncoordinated and perhaps a bit disorganised. You prefer order and structure, so you need to hang in there for a little while until everything settles down and you find your groove. The Knight of Wands encourages you to tackle your studies with pzazz and a creative mindset. It is easy to get into a routine, and so you should, but remember that you need to break out once in a while and do something crazy.

  8. Ana

    Hey! My birthday is July 30th.
    I kinda like someone. Does this person feels the same about me, where should I don’t have my hopes up?
    Thanks 🙂

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Ana,

      I can’t tell you how this person feels about you as it would be a little unethical to try to ‘read’ them without their permission. So I will just draw a card to see if there’s a chance of a romantic relationship developing for you.

      Your card is taken from the Gilded Tarot and it is the King of Pentacles. This card is a personality card and offers some excellent advice to you. He tells you to keep your feet on the ground for the time being. Don’t allow your imagination to build this into something it is not – yet. He says that you should be patient and see if the other person shows signs of interest. He also warns you to make sure that you keep your communication clear. In other words, don’t play games or pretend to be someone you aren’t. Just be yourself.

      Hope it all works out for you, Ana

  9. Mariam

    Hi. I couldn’t decide on a certain question so maybe you can just tell me something about my future love life? I’m currently single, but I do like someone.
    Birth date: 14th November.
    Thanks 🙂

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Mariam,

      And I couldn’t decide on which tarot deck to use for your reading, so I have drawn two cards, one from the Universal Waite and one from the Gilded Tarot.

      The first card, from the UW, is the Five of Pentacles, which is why I felt the need to draw the second, the Page of Cups. The Five of Pentacles indicates that if you become involved in the near future, it won’t be what you are looking for. Fives are always to do with challenges and the Five of Pentacles is usually about a challenge in the manifested world, i.e. something in your day-to-day life that tests you. it might be a work or financial situation but it can also be connected to the practical aspect of relationships.

      The second card is a lot better; the Page of Cups. This one tells you that love can come to you but you might have to do some exploration of your own feelings first. Beware of a relationship where you seem to be the one who makes compromises and essentially has to do all the work. Avoid anyone who may abuse your good nature. I get the feeling that you might have to wait a while longer before real love arrives.

      Probably not what you were hoping to hear, Mariam, but forewarned is forearmed.

      Good luck.

  10. Lara

    Hello, Troi,

    You are so amazing for offering this and I can’t thank you enough. I’ve been studying tarot myself for some time now, but this matter is too painful for me and I fear I can’t be objective, so I would love a short second opinion from someone more experienced.
    My birthday: April 23
    My question: How (and whether) can I repair a broken relationship with my best friend?

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Lara, sorry to hear your friendship has hit a rocky patch. You are born on the Aries/Taurus cusp which indicates you are a strong personality and, in love and friendship, you are an ‘all or nothing’ kind of gal.

      I’m using the Tarot of the New Vision as it often gives an interesting perspective on the familiar Rider-Waite deck. Your card is the Ten of Pentacles, which as you know represents family tradition, heritage and all that. Here we can see the family from the opposite viewpoint, with granddad and the dog in the background, and the two adults in the foreground with a toddler.

      I’m wondering if the the cause, and therefore the solution, is rooted in some sort of family issue? My first thought is that a third party may be able to step in and heal the breach between you and your friend. The Ten of Pentacles certainly doesn’t show us that the friendship is completely beyond rescuing, although the fact that it is a 10 might mean that you will have to re-establish it on a new basis. If your friend is willing to have a discussion, either with you or an intermediary, you could find out whether s/he would consider a new start?

      I turned the next card and it is the Page of Cups, showing the Page from behind, holding out his fish-filled cup and contemplating some shells that have been arranged into a star on the sand. This card is also a positive one, again suggesting that you should think about approaching your friend and asking if they would be happy to put all the hurt behind you (both) and begin afresh.

      This idea has probably already occurred to you but the tarot seems to think it’s the best way to deal with it. At least we didn’t get the Ten of Swords!

      I actually did some research a while back on this very topic and wrote an article about it. It may help or it may not: http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Mend-a-Broken-Friendship It involves doing some journal work before you even try to mend the rift. I have found that just doing the 12 step thing solves many problems without me having to do anything else. It’s magical! Give it a go.

      All the best and I really hope you get this resolved.

      1. Lara

        Dear Troi,

        wow, I will try to keep this feedback brief, but this is really resonating with me & I’m kind of excited, since this is the first time somebody else has looked into the cards for me 🙂

        I usually try to resolve such things face to face, but since he is refusing any contact, I’ve actually started considering the third party solution just a few days ago. The Page of Cups approach would be my next step, it’s funny, that card has actually been coming up for me quite a bit and it has become my go-to “forgiveness card”, something I am aspiring to achieve emotionally. A family issue you mentioned does not seem like a direct cause at this time, but it makes sense on so many levels and I’m really excited to explore that.

        I will most definitely read your article, it seems like the perfect thing at a perfect time! 🙂

        Thank you ever so much! xx

        1. theraggededge Post author

          My pleasure, Lara. Sometimes, it’s nothing to do with the advice given but the clarification that you get merely by asking. x

  11. K.H.

    Hello there,

    My name is Kate. Birthday is August 14. My question: what does the horizon look like for my love life?

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Kate,

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the World. This card can indicate several different scenarios relating to love. The first is that you are in a transition period between relationships. This almost certainly means that there is another one on the horizon. Alternatively it can also mean that a current long-term partnership may be moving towards a more permanent footing, i.e. a formal arrangement such as marriage. One last possibility is the start of a long-distance love affair involving lots of travel.

      The image on the card shows a strong woman who can deal with anything life serves up to her. This can, however, cause problems over who assumes the lead role in a relationship. You need someone who can stand up to you but also allow you to ‘direct operations’.

      Good luck! I hope love is good to you.

      1. Kate

        I just wanted to thank you for this one card reading. To my amazement, I had a full reading done a few days after this, and the World card appeared several times in very prominent positions. It appears something is unfolding. Thank you.

        1. theraggededge Post author

          Thanks so much for the feedback, Kate. I hope the next few weeks and months are exciting and rewarding for you 🙂

  12. Laurie


    My birthdate is January 20th. I have been reading oracle cards and tarot for many years for free. I am a certified life coach and I am feeling drawn to doing professional readings and I was wondering if this is the right path for me?


    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Laurie,

      I will draw a card for you but I’m wondering why you felt you needed to ask the question? If you are a life-coach and one of your clients asked you to give your advice, what would you tell them? If you feel a calling to try something, then of course, give it a go. You will discover soon enough whether you have made the right choice. It’s just a tiny step to go from free to paid-for 🙂 Remember it’s your time and expertise your clients are paying for. Doesn’t matter whether it’s life coaching, tarot reading or investment advice.

      Your card is the Star. That tells you everything 🙂

      Good luck!

  13. Laurie

    Thanks so much for the advice. It is harder to see for myself and I feel we all need a mentor or coach at times to help us along the path. I tell people be the true you, which is what I fear putting myself out there and then being rejected as one of my friends calls it doing my witchy thing. I will not only go forward with it but also with my crochet designs which I have been afraid to put them out there in the world. I guess its the fear of feeling that my skills and designs are not good enough. The Star is one of my favorite cards, and your right it says it all. I have also decided to have a free carding option as I feel is such a wonderful gift to give to others that also may need that slight push along their path. Thank you again for giving me this gift.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      I *knew* you *knew* the answer all along! 😀 No need to feel fear when you share your gifts with the world. The world is lucky to have you. x

  14. Ursa

    Hello! Love your site! My bday is 7/11. I’m a disabled veteran and want to return to school for theology. Do you see me returning to school? Thanking you in advance….


    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Ursa,

      I’m assuming your birthday is 11th July – we Brits get confused as we always use day/month 🙂

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the Eight of Wands. Love this version of the card. Planets and stars and Ursas galore!

      This a very encouraging card to receive in light of your question. It goes right along with the type of person you are. Eights in tarot are about movement, and this card certainly has plenty of that. This one is all about organisation and getting things together quickly. It also tells me that other people may be involved in getting you back to school.

      You have great persuasive abilities and can light a fire in other people, so take every opportunity to get friends and family on your side. Let them do some of the hard work for you. The Eight of Wands tells you that you can do anything you want to do, if you want it hard enough. It’s time right now to start taking steps to get you to your goal. Don’t wait, don’t think, don’t hesitate for a moment – just make the first move.

      Yes, I see you going back to school, Ursa 😀

  15. silentia

    Where will I find a partner who shares my interests for an intimate, nourishing and respectful relationship?
    Date of birth 10 March, 1957

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Silentia,

      I am using the Universal Waite Tarot and have drawn Strength. This card doesn’t really give a location – not many cards do – I will simply offer my thoughts on it and you can take what feels right for you.

      Strength suggests that you are having to deal with a situation right now that requires you to focus and draw on all your inner resources. This may be causing you to react in certain ways – nightmares, anxiety, discomfiting thoughts. This card tells you that you can deal with this, not by focusing on the problem but by removing your attention from it. Perhaps your idea of finding a partner is connected to this in some way? The problem may simply be that you’ve had enough of being on your own or that you have had previous relationships that were… difficult.

      I can’t put my finger on it but I just have a feeling that something is gnawing at you (and it isn’t the lion in the Strength card).

      Speaking from personal experience, I would suggest that you ‘script’ your way out of this. You can also script to find your perfect partner. If you have a tarot deck then you could try the simple ritual described here: Working with tarot and the law of attraction

      If you don’t have a deck, then you can still use the scripting method to manifest what you want.

      Good luck and I’m sorry the cards didn’t answer your question directly. It goes like that sometimes.

      1. silentia

        thank you, there are actually multiple situations which require my strength. Everything you mention is on the mark: nightmares, enough of being on my own, difficult past relationships, and the thing which is really gnawing is my 97-year-old mother, who has dementia, doesn’t want to die, and my fear that she somehow “prevents” me from having a partner.
        I have just begun to work a little with cards, and in the last 3 days have pulled 3 (together) per day. All 3 days gave me the magician as card 1, temperance inverted as card 2 twice (and once the star). card 3: high priestess-star-king of coins. I found that remarkable, but it’sprobably not unusual….I look forward to exploring more at this level, and I am enjoying reading the things you’ve written. Thank you very much!

        1. theraggededge Post author

          So sorry to hear of your difficulties, Silentia. I have to tell you that the first card I drew was the Nine of Swords. It was so way off answering your question that I tried another. However, I couldn’t ignore the first one.

          Dementia is a horrible thing, but it is worse for you than it is for your mother. I read somewhere that human beings are so afraid of death that they have manifested this way of ‘withdrawing’ gradually. I can understand that you are completely torn right now. I also understand that you so want someone who can make you feel like you again. It will happen, I’m sure. Meanwhile, dig deep and draw on that incredible strength. You will get through all this.

          Please come back and have another reading in a month or so.

          Best regards

  16. Phoenyx

    Hi there,

    Nice to meet you! My name is Lacey, and my birthday is April 20th. I have always been mystified by the art that is tarot reading. I’m learning how to do readings, but I have not really had anyone read the cards for me officially. I’m not quite sure how to phrase this question. My life has been filled with a lot of struggle and turmoil, and it’s been a bumpy road. I often fear that at the end of the journey, I’ll end up alone, love life wise (and therefore, family wise, as I won’t have one of my own). Will that be the case, or do you see something else on the horizon for me? Will my future in that aspect be as dark as I fear?

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate you offering this opportunity and taking the time. 🙂

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Lacey, nice to meet you. I understand about having a reading done for yourself. It can be quite… ‘weirding’, especially when you know a bit about tarot.

      You’ve asked a huge question for one card so you might not get a very comprehensive answer, I’m afraid. Let’s see what comes up. I’m using Tarot of the New Vision, which sometimes, not always, gives a nice little twist to the traditional Rider-Waite meanings.

      Okay, I was hoping for a Major Arcana but instead we have the Two of Swords. In this card, we see the girl from the back, sitting at the water’s edge, swords crossed and blindfolded. Approaching her, unseen, across the beach is a beautiful white horse.

      My feeling as I consider your question and look at the card is that, throughout your bumpy life, you have always sought to maintain control. Your way of being means that you take every problem that comes your way and wrestle it to the ground until you have dealt with it. You believe that you have to meet every difficulty head-on and kill it, you dragon-slayer, you.

      This card tells you to open your eyes to new possibilities. That you make your own problems bigger because you can’t let go. You must stop defending your position and open your heart. You feel you have to be the one to do the choosing, especially when it comes to potential partners. Why don’t you relax and allow the Universe to deliver what you truly want?

      The Two of Swords also tells you that your future seems dark because you are afraid to let the light in. Remove the fearful blindfold and see that letting go of control is not nearly as scary as you think it is. Instead of looking at everything as a problem, just allow it all to wash over you. Go with the flow and relax. Stop looking as the lack of partner and family as something etched in stone. It isn’t. Anything can happen at any time – you simply have to trust that it will come when you are ready to receive.

      Oh… and when you do meet someone, let it be on an equal basis, you don’t have to be ‘the director’ 😀

      Best of luck x

      1. Phoenyx

        Thank you so much! I really appreciate you being as detailed and descriptive of everything as you were, and I am so grateful that you took the time. Sorry that my question was such a big one, haha. I look forward to purchasing a more detailed reading on things. Again, thank you so much. It’s so sweet of you to give everyone the chance at a one card reading. 🙂

  17. anneli

    Hi, i would like to have one-card free reading concerning my question about my close friend who i lost contact with two onths ago. Will he come back? My bd April 23, 1974. Thank you.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Anneli,

      Sorry to hear about your friend, I’m sure you’ve been very worried.

      I have drawn you two cards from the Universal Waite Tarot.

      The Lovers (reversed) & the Seven of Wands (reversed)

      The reversed Lovers card does, indeed, represent a break-up. It also means that he was faced with a choice but didn’t have a choice, if you know what I mean. There was no question which path he would decide on.

      The Seven of Swords reversed means dishonesty and shame, which shows that your friend took the easier path of simply disappearing from your life, rather than tell you the truth.

      It’s possible you will hear from him again in the future, but not for a while, I’m afraid. I think it is worth you trying to find out if he is okay – even if it is just to get confirmation from someone who knows him. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.

      So sorry the cards are not more positive for you.


  18. jenny

    Hi! I’ve meet a guy and I want to know if we will have a romantic relationship with each other?  I’m a Capricorn January 8th 1982, he’s born June 28th 1984.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Jenny,

      Thanks for your question. I’m using the Universal Waite Tarot and have drawn one card for you.

      The Ace of Wands. This card suggests that something new is about to begin for you. It is a very passionate card and I get the feeling that it may be, at least at first, more about lust than romance. It may well lead on to a long-term relationship but equally, it could also burn itself out very quickly. There is a strong physical attraction and you may feel caught up in an unstoppable whirlwind. Try to keep your feet on the ground and don’t get hurt.

      Hope it works out for you.

  19. kelly

    Hi 😉

    I promised an update and i actually lost the website name until a few days ago. So my update from my question about a potential divorce and your response from July 17, 2014 – that the quicker the better 😉 –
    well, i haven’t divorced yet, but i have been separated and except for one visit haven’t seen my-to-be-ex in ten months. Although, i believe that there are all kinds of Ace of Wands opportunities out there I seem to be stuck in a never-ending- hermit situation even though i go out and have even traveled for three months. my work life also is a stumbling matter. i still go to therapy, but more to have someone to bounce my thoughts off of. i feel your reading was very correct, only i am not quite able to grab the ace of wands, which might possibly be in front of my nose. one of the reasons is that i met someone who i love tremendously. i don’t feel it is the famous rebound relationship. i never believed in soul mates/twin souls whatever 😉 — but i feel that way with him — or, perhaps he is the guy i wanted to meet when i was young and never did. I didn’t think existed, really. Still, since he is super complicated and not truly available we have stopped our connection and i have been trying to disconnect from him for months now. However, no matter what i do ( and i have done everything possible) his presences weaves through my day. I was wondering what a one card reading would have to say about this connection, or what advice it has to offer. for my work-related issues i will ask for your in depth reading. hope to hear from you. thank you!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Kelly,

      Great to hear from you!

      I got your in-depth reading request and we can look at all these things, including your work issues in that. I’ll email you directly.

      Take care xxx

  20. Annie


    My question is, what will happen between me and my husband in the future. I have suspected him of being unfaithful several times in the past, but have not ever had any proof, so in dubio pro reo. Now he has been out of the country due to his work for the past 6 months and I feel a big disconnection between us.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Annie,

      Got your birth date, thanks. 21st July.

      I’m using the Robin Wood and your card is Strength. Just for clarity, I looked at the card at the bottom of the deck and it is the Seven of Pentacles. Neither of these two cards hint at anything drastic happening. Strength encourages you to be diplomatic and tactful. Draw on your inner resources to deal with what is in front of you – one day at a time. This may mean you will have to make decisions later on, but for now, keep your thoughts guarded.

      The Seven of Pentacles always seems to me to be looking at new horizons. Whether it be connected to your marriage or life in general, this card hints at an underlying dissatisfaction. I can’t tell you what your husband is up to but I’m thinking that you can’t be very happy at the moment, so instead of basing your future on what he is doing or might be doing, it’s time to take a long hard look at where *you* are and what *you* want. It seems to me that you have reached a stage in your life where you have to start living for yourself. Your marriage may benefit from some invigoration, but, like the airline instructions to put on your own oxygen mask first before you can help anyone else… you must focus on your well-being, and then you can make a decision about where you go from here.

      Hope it works out for you, Annie.

      1. Annie

        Thank you, that was incredibly fast. I have a lot to think about and I will take your advice into consideration. Sometimes it’s just necessary to look at things from a different perspective.
        Thanks again and best wishes.

  21. Vrush

    My DoB is 24apr82
    My question
    Sacred marraoge thread meant broke on an auspicious day followed by a bad omen in dream.
    Is anything unfortunate going to happen and to whom?

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello 🙂 You found me all right, then.

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the Two of Cups.

      Everything is fine. This is a very positive and happy card that suggests that your marriage is safe, the bond between you is stronger than any thread. I know you are going through some adjustments at the moment, but all is truly well. One thing you can do is to keep a journal of appreciation. Every day write down three things that you appreciate in your life. You can do it as a simple list, if you like. However, if you write down a little more detail, it will have a beneficial effect. It will lift your spirits and you will start to look for things to appreciate. And appreciation has the same energy as love.

      I’m looking at the card at the base of the deck and it is the Hanged Man. Nothing bad about this card either, it simply tells you that you have to accept where you are for the time being. You may feel a bit stuck right now, but it really isn’t a problem. Just ‘go with the flow’ and know that you can deal with anything life has in store for you.


  22. Vrush

    I love your reading always. You have picked a very good card for me even this time. I am assumising 2 of cups was an upright card.
    Very thankful of your advice,. I should start appreciating things in my life.nexttime if i need detailed reading i now know where to go. A big thank you. May all your predictions for me come true x

  23. Ana


    If it is still possible, I would love a reading. My question is rather simple: my love horizon. I’m single and interested in a person. Just want to know if something is going to happen or if the cards have some advice 🙂
    My birthday: July 30th 1992.
    Thanks in advance and lot of lights!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Ana,

      Still possible, yes 😉

      I have drawn a card from the Universal Waite deck (Mary Hanson Roberts version) and it is the Sun.

      This is a wonderfully positive card that suggests that whatever you desire can come to you. It tells you to be your usual confident self and simply ask the person out for a coffee. Fill yourself with the Sun energy and just go for it. Don’t forget to smile as often as you can. You will also notice improvements in other areas of your life. Right now, you can’t go wrong.

      I looked at the base card, which I often do, and it is the Five of Cups. This card tells me you have experienced loss and heartache in the past, so what is happening now will be a glorious contrast.

      Have fun!

      1. Ana

        Thank you so much!
        I actually ask him, and he has a girlfriend, so, no can do. Unfortunately. But thanks! The Sun is a great card. I’ll keep on smiling.
        Lots of light!

  24. theraggededge Post author

    Janice wrote:

    I am a capricorn born Janurary 17, 1985 and I was wondering if David who is also a capricorn born December 29, 1976 is a soulmate connection or marriage connection?

    My reply:

    Hi Janice,

    A very interesting combination, according to your birth data. This is a beguiling, seductive partnership where both are very clever, good at ‘playing the game’ and try to outsmart each other. You are guided primarily by your emotions, and he is the typical Cappie who relies on determination and persistence to get what he wants.

    Your card is the Nine of Wands, which suggests that the relationship could well be a roller-coaster with you both ending up hurt but perhaps still determined to continue. This relationship can work long-term, but it relies on complete honesty. Difficult for Cappies, who by their nature, tend to hide their deepest feelings.

    I don’t think this is likely to lead to marriage, but you could learn a lot from the connection. It might appear to be what you want, but it isn’t. Nines represent the ending of important life-cycles and it seems as though you are going to accompany each other through this process. It will take a lot of work but, in the meantime, enjoy what you have and go with the flow.

    Have a look at this article I put together especially for Capricorns (I am one 28th Dec. so have a special interest).


    Have fun!

  25. Michelle

    Thank you for offering this.
    My question is, what are the energies around me pursuing an acting career? I gave up on this years ago b/c of low self-esteem and it still haunts me. My birthday is 11-19-73–I’m a Scorpio with Capricorn rising and Venus in the first house and a Virgo moon.

    Thank you.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Michelle,

      I have to ignore all the astrological information as I know very little about it. I can do sun signs (Capricorns in particular), but everything else goes right over my head 🙂

      I have drawn a card from Tarot of the New Vision – The King of Cups. This card suggests you should speak to someone who knows you well. This person may be your age or older. They can offer wisdom to help you clarify what you want. Perhaps that’s me 😀

      Is the regret that you didn’t do what you wanted in the past more dominant than the current desire to act? If you can see that you are re-creating your future in every moment, you will understand that it starts now. And now. And now. There’s no point looking back and allowing yourself to feel haunted because that means you are creating ‘feeling haunted’ over and over. You did what you did, made your choices and it’s gone. It is 2015 and you are a different person. What matters is what are you going to do right now? What step could you take today to get yourself on a new path towards an acting career? Your power is here and now, not 20 years ago.

      I know what I would do – I’d contact the local drama society, see if I could join and try it out for a year in my spare time. From there, I would make a decision whether to pursue acting more seriously.

      What are you waiting for? Energies? Influences? The date to line up? The alignment of the planets? Don’t bother waiting any longer – do it now 🙂

      Best of luck, or rather ‘intent’.

      1. Michelle

        Thank you for your reply. “Is the regret that you didn’t do what you wanted in the past more dominant than the current desire to act? ” This is a good question, and the answer is yes. And you’re right, I need to move forward (and forgive myself). It seems so obvious when *you* say it.
        Thanks again. 🙂


        1. theraggededge Post author

          Excellent! You don’t even have to forgive yourself – you did what you could do at the time. Regret is futile and a complete waste of good thinking time. All the best. x

  26. Angelique Marie Guidry

    My grandmother used to read Tarot among other methods. I have recently picked it up or it recently picked me up, lol. I have only done about 7 ish readings on other people and they have been spot on. People are now requesting long distance readings or Skype readings which scares me bc I want information to be acurate. Thus lies my question… for insight into this hobby of mine. Thank you, peace and love, and God Bless.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Angelique,

      Go your date of birth – thanks: August 10.

      Before I draw a card for you, let me give you the benefit of my experience 😀

      It sounds as though you are a really good tarot reader, but the key to becoming an excellent professional reader is practice. Over and over. read for friends, read for news stories. Register with the free readers at the American Tarot Association and do loads of one and three card readings. I used to do five or six nightly. As I floundered my way through them, looked meanings up in books, I learned more and more. About the tarot cards, yes, but more importantly about people and their concerns. I learned how to give a negative meaning with a positive slant. I learned that my job is to not only interpret the cards but to leave seekers feeling uplifted and to have some sort of first-steps plan of action. If it’s possible for you to get some sort of counseling qualification, that would help as well.

      The accuracy will come with experience… and even after years and years, you will still be told you are wrong sometimes (you won’t be, the cards are always right – the seeker has to let some time pass first, then they will realise how accurate you were).

      Okay, your card is from the Robin Wood deck, as I have it near me after just finishing a big, in depth, written reading.

      Page of Pentacles.

      Well, isn’t that a perfect card for a beginning tarot reader? Keep feet on the ground. Learn everything you can about the cards. Understand how they relate to the human experience. Be prepared to study, study and study some more. Hold your golden pentacle up as a symbol of your connection to the earth and to the higher energies. You will soon learn how to deliberately ‘tune-in’ to… I dunno, the collective unconscious? Everyone has a different opinion just how tarot works and how you can connect to someone long-distance.

      Good luck, and do come back to let me know how you get on.

  27. Annemiek

    Hi Troi,

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom! I wonder if you could shine your light on my question.. At age 50, I finally have a sense of the general direction my life is going, but I am wondering about the next step. My date of birth is september 7. Best wishes, Annemiek

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Annemeike,

      50 is one of those turning points when we get to assess all that our lives have become. These days, also, it is becoming increasingly clear that reaching 50 feels like a beginning, rather than the beginning of the end 😀

      I’m using the Robin Wood and have pulled out the Knight of Pentacles. Not sure if you are looking for romance but if you are, then this personality is my favourite candidate for love. He’s deep, way deep. Quiet, reliable, loyal and ever-faithful. If you are thinking about a career change, then emulate this character – you have plently of hidden depths of your own, preferring to keep your private thoughts and feelings to yourself. It might be a good time to consolidate all that you have achieved so far by simply standing still and delving into your own character to find out where your path lies.

      I’m looking at the base card – the one at the bottom of the deck – to see what has prompted your question. Judgement. It’s a fabulous card in this deck – shown by a woman rising from a cauldron of flame like a phoenix. From now on, you must do what you want to do. Not pay attention to what anyone else thinks. Your own judgement is what counts from here on in. Have a short time of peace and re-evaluation, then rise up and go for what makes you passionate and excited.

      Good luck and seasons greetings!

      1. Annemiek

        Wow, thank you, Troi. Your description of the Knight of Pentacles fits my husband perfectly. Lucky me. Career wise, you confirm that now is a time for consolidation and contemplation.. Can be a little hard for me as I tend to be impatient 😊. The additional information on judgement is spot on. In my heart, I know what I would love to do, but I fear other peoples’ opinions. Time to leave that behind. Thanks again and happy holidays!

  28. Stephanie

    Hi! I just recently found your page ! I love it ! Full of wisdom . I downloaded your study guide & I am now studying it with my cards. I can’t help but to ask you a question though. Will I ever conceive a child ? Have my OWN biological children ? If you need to reword that , feel free ! Thank you so much blessed be !

    August 26

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Stephanie,

      Now, you know I’m not going to answer your question, don’t you? No ethical tarot reader ever would. I’m going to draw a general card for 2016 and hope that it can give you some insight.

      Using the Robin Wood Tarot, I have drawn the Three of Cups. This card shows that you have much to celebrate – good friends and family are important to you. You love to immerse yourself in the love and security of ‘your people’. The appearance of this card might indicate an upcoming party or excursion – it will go well and you will have a lot of fun.

      I’m just taking a look at the card at the bottom of the deck – the Seven of Pentacles. This shows the basis of your question. The Seven of Pentacles indicates that you have a good life but are now experiencing the stirrings of disatisfaction – the longing for change; in your case, for a child. I can’t tell you whether you will have one of your own or not. You will know when it’s time to seek professional advice. I get the sense from how you phrased the question that you do have children in your life, maybe step-children? Perhaps your partner is not willing to grant you what you wish. Again, professional counselling may be the path to take.

      Thanks so much for your kind words – I really appreciate them.

      Hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling 2016, and that all your dreams come true.

      1. Stephanie

        Thank you so much ! 7 of pentacles did come out for me. Just couldn’t clarify it ! Thank you so much !

  29. Maggie


    I am not sure if my question went through, I apologize if you got another message from me right before this. My question is am I with my soulmate? I have been told this before. We had a recent separation period, and in between that time I spent some time with a person I really enjoyed hanging out with.

    Thank you dearly 🙂

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Maggie,

      Just the one request came through. Must have been a gremlin in the system.

      Before I tell you your card. I’d like to give you my view on ‘soulmates’. You see, I don’t think we just have one soulmate. I think we meet people throughout our lives of any age and sex who we make connections with. It might be an immediate ‘we’re on the same wavelength’ attraction or it might be a deep and valuable friendship that grows slowly. I also think that, as autonomous human beings, many of us are not meant to be stuck with one person all our lives. We need and want different things at different times. So someone who is good for us in our twenties is not necessarily right when we reach forty. This notion that there is only one person that we could be bonded with forever is ever so slightly disconcerting for me. Any how, that’s how I see it.

      I have used the Robin Wood deck and your card is the Eight of Wands. This might not answer your question in the way that you asked it. Often the Eight of Wands is called the ‘arrows of love’ as it refers to one of those instant connections almost at first sight. Away from the subject of love it simply means events happening very fast, but usually in a controlled and organised manner.

      Now this card could mean two things in response to your question. The first that it has appeared in retrospect and is simply reflecting the attraction you felt recently. The second is that your love life is going to change fast over the next few weeks and months.

      Looking at the base card (the one at the bottom of the deck), I see the Page of Swords, which indicates that you have been giving your situation a great deal of thought. Just to emphasise: that is thought, not emotion. Neither of the cards indicate that you are deeply and emotionally invested in your current relationship. That’s not to say you aren’t, of course, but rather that this is ‘head stuff’ rather than ‘heart stuff’. My advice to you is: you already know the answer to your question. Next time your current partner is away from you for a few hours, focus on what your gut feeling is when he walks back into your presence. That will tell you exactly what you need to know.

      Good luck!

  30. Valentina Elbaum

    Is he a real person who he said he is or someone else and is that what he wanted to tell me why is he here to harm or protect

    Date of birtg February 9 1985
    Born in Ukraine, odess’ka oblast city Izmail

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Valentina,

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and have drawn the King of Wands. This is a positive card in answer to your questions as it represents someone with good morals and principles. There is no reason to disbelieve what this person says to you. However, as you don’t know them, it makes sense to treat the connection with caution. As with any new acquaintance, don’t give them personal information until you know in your heart you can trust them.

      The King of Wands is open, friendly and usually trustworthy. He is inspiring and courageous. He’s a good leader who knows what he wants to achieve. He may sometimes have a bad temper but it’s just part of his fiery make-up. As with all situations like this, you will discover the truth once a little time has passed.

      The card at the bottom of the deck gives me the reason why you asked the question. It is the Moon. The Moon card indicates that you are confused and unable to untangle the threads of the situation. You think you have it and then things shift again. Take your time. You don’t have to commit to anything until you are fully aware of the facts. Understand that you are not able to see ‘the big picture’ but soon, you will. Again, a short passage of time will help you.

      Good luck.

  31. Romaine Bright

    Hi…i hope this question isnt too broad but i was wondering what does the horizon hold for all aspects of my life..D.O.B is January 11 1985.

    Or do you see anything happening in terms of love for me

    Thankyou kindly in advance

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Ho Romaine, apologies for the delay in getting to your reading. I will draw one card and see what message it has for you.

      I’m using a deck called the World Spirit Tarot. Your card is the Sage of Pentacles, equivalent to the King of Pentacles. The King of Pentacles is one of the tarot’s personality cards, so this could be someone who is (or will be) influential in your life. It might also mean that you need to take on aspects of his character to navigate your current situation.

      This King is down to earth and approachable. He’s usually in good standing within the community. It’s possible that he can advise you in your career or in some other practical way. He always takes a pragmatic view in that he is rarely troubled by emotions. He will shrug things off with a ‘what will be, will be’ attitude. He is far more interested in the steps you can take to improve your life. His philosophy is that one small change can lead to great things later one. That people who help themselves, rather than relying on others, can achieve their goals. He is proud that he shaped his own life.

      In a romantic reading, he is the ‘older man’. He is generally faithful to his partner, treats them very well and expects loyalty in return. I can’t say if someone like this is going to show up for you or not.

      I’m taking a quick look at the card at the bottom of the deck. The Chariot. Take up the reins and drive your life forward, don’t wait for fate to deliver the goods.

      All the best…

      1. Romaine Bright

        Interesting….i shall take on some of the kings aspects, i tend to turn to divination when unsure as to which direction to take as ive never had any clear focus or direction..as that is somewhat how im feeling now.

        Thanks again 🙂

        1. theraggededge Post author

          I think many of us do the same, Romaine. I have found that the key is to set one small goal, perhaps something I could achieve in a week or a month, and work towards that without worrying about other possibilities. Often that focus will help you define what the next step is. xx

  32. Anna Maria

    Hi there. I’m Anna Maria, DOB: 17th September, 1978. I have sent my question before (30th January) but haven’t yet received any reply. I hope you will be able to help me. I would like to know about my love life. I have been told about someone arriving in my life and an ex from the past and I will have to make a choice between these two. If possible, I would like to know if this is true and especially about whether my ex bf is actually going to reappear in my life. I have been going through a rough period and it would be nice to hear that I won’t be alone for much longer. If that’s not supposed to happen I am ready to accept it. Thank you kindly for your help.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Anna Maria,

      I’ve been through my inbox and deleted emails but there’s no notification of a message from you. There must have been a glitch in the system or something. Please accept my apology.

      I’m using the Universal Waite deck and drawn the Seven of Swords. The Seven of Swords is often connected to ‘the thief’, but I see it as someone making a decision to go after something they want or need… or, indeed, something that they believe belongs to them. So for me this card suggests that instead of waiting for people to turn up in your life, you become more in control and proactive. Make a positive choice – if you feel that your ex is the one for you, then contact him. If your relationship was not the best thing ever, then take steps to meet new people. The Seven of Swords often turns up when the seeker is lacking confidence. It tells you to not to care about what anyone else thinks – this is your life and now is the time to take action. There is no point wondering who is going to turn up in the future – right now is what’s important. The steps you take in the present are the ones that shape the future. To be perfectly frank, I would take that prediction and put it to one side; whether or not it proves to be accurate, at the moment it’s a thief of your time and energy. The point I’m trying to make is that it’s not happening in the present, so there’s nothing you can do about it. There’s no decision to be made – yet. Be happy now 🙂

      1. Anna Maria

        Thank you so much for your reply. I was looking forward to your answer and I read carefully everything you’very written. I am actually proactive and always go after and put effort in what I believe and want. And sure, when I was younger I wasn’t confident, but because I’be been through a lot I’ve grown to be more sure of myself… and generally I never wait for things to just happen. That’s why I had hoped that perhaps a reading would provide me with a more insightful or perhaps clearer answer. I guess it’s the cards way of saying that they don’t even know what could unfold in the future… 😊 In any case, thank you for your time and advice.

  33. ThaeLay

    I am going to marry soon and I want to know what weakness he will have in this marriage such as disloyal, dominant, control or anything that he might have. Thank you.

    17 March

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello ThaeLay,

      I’m sorry but I can’t do a reading for your fiance’s possible negative character traits. It really is up to you to identify any problems before you get married, and to make your decision based on your feelings for him.

      I’ll turn one card to see what influences surround you in the next few weeks. Using the Universal Waite deck, I have drawn the Seven of Cups. This card depicts a silhouetted figure standing before seven golden chalices, each containing an object presented in the form of an illusion. These items represent various aspects of life: a serpent for wisdom, a shrouded figure for our search for spiritual enlightenment, a human head for our need for companionship, a castle for security, jewels for wealth, a wreath for victory and a dragon representing forces we must overcome.

      The Seven of Cups tells you that you might be caught up in illusions regarding your current choices. It could mean that you need to come back down to earth and make your choices based on reality. Do not let others fill your head with their ideas about your future. This is your life and you are in control of it.

      The appearance of this card may be indicating that you have reached a turning point – the fact that it is a Cups card, means that your decisions are feeling-based. You have to identify what you want from your future and take action based on those ambitions.

      Good luck, and I hope all goes well for you.

  34. Romaine Bright

    Hi there i wondered if you could shed some light on what might be with an ex…
    We have alot of history, good and bad…infact it is only uptil until now that all the bad was mirrored aspects of my unloved self, im thinking he may of been my soul mate…..my question is what would it be like if we were to be together again..
    My dob is 11 january 1985
    His 31 may 1987.

    Thanks in advance

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Romaine, sorry for the delay.

      Looking at your birth dates, you were born in the week of dominance, and he in the week of freedom. Immediately you can see the likely problems here. For you two to make it long-term you would have to wrench yourselves apart and put it all back together again. Only with total mutual dedication to the relationship can you set aside your respective natural tendencies and become ‘as one’. It sounds as if you have, and are, experiencing that process right now.

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the Three of Pentacles, which makes perfect sense in the light of what I wrote above. The guy in the image is working on a sculpture of an angel wing. The work is delicate, skillful and all-consuming. This is how you will have to see your relationship if it is to work. You will be sculpting it, refining it, possibly destroying parts of it that don’t work. It’s going to be tough. Are you both willing and able to take it on?

      All the best

      1. Romaine Bright

        Thankyou, it makes perfect sense.
        I can answer this and no, i feel i have a calling that something that would require so much energy would only cause hindrance…unless you can see otherwise? 🙂
        Much love

  35. Atasha

    Is A. the right guy for me or will someone new come into my life. My date of birth is 7/22 and his is 5/1

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi there, Atasha. I’ve edited your request to remove identifying details.

      Your birth date combination suggests that you each need to have interests outside of the relationship, and sometimes this could be hard to deal with. It means you have to earn it, as well as have a lot of trust for the other. Some couples manage this fine, whereas others are unable to ‘let go’ and it causes cracks to appear.

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the Five of Cups. This card indicates that you will be facing some sort of emotional challenge in the next few weeks. If it is connected to relationships, then the possibility of a break-up is high. At the time it isn’t what you want, but eventually you will be able to come to terms with it and move on. It may well be pointing to something else unconnected with romance. Whatever it is, just remember that you are strong enough to get through, and things will be better pretty soon. I’m taking a look at the next card in the deck – the Ace of swords. This card tells you that in the middle of your emotional challenge, you will have a sudden insight into the problem that will help you put it all behind you.

      Sorry I don’t have such good news for you. Atasha. These pesky cards oftn tell you what you need to know rather than what you want to know.

  36. Michelle

    Will I ever have a loving, romantic relationship that leads to a committed union or marriage before I die?
    Birthdate: February 15.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Michelle,

      That’s a big lifetime question for one card to answer. We’ll see what message the tarot has for you. I’m using the Robin Wood tarot and your card is the Queen of Pentacles. This queen sits holding a gold disc on her lap. Her profile hints at pregnancy. She is focused completely on the disc. Around her are symbols of abundance and fertility. Fruits, vines, flowers, a pair of small snakes and a pair of rabbits at her feet. The Queen of Pentacles is a home-loving woman. At the risk of stereotyping, she is the home-maker of the tarot. This would suggest that this card is painting a picture of your future.

      One thing this queen is famous for is helping those who make an attempt to help themselves. In other words, to make your dream of a long-term relationship come true, you have to take some steps towards it. You can make of that what you will – it might mean getting out more, putting yourself in places where you might meet someone. It could also mean that you are paying too much attention to your current situation of singledom, rather than enjoying your life as it is right now. Sometimes we just have to take our attention off the lack of the thing we yearn for, hand it over to the universe to deal with and simply have more fun.

      Another thing that might be keeping you apart from love is being over-aware of your ‘negatives’. Look for your positive aspects. Makes lists why you are a gorgeous person who deserves to find love. Always focus on your good attributes, your golden disc, the ‘you’ you present to the world.

      Good luck!

  37. Tar

    I am into reading tarot, i one day hope to reach a professional standard. Thank you so much for offering your free one card reading – this is very generous of you. I have also found reading the questions and your responses here very informative. I have just turned 30 and am running through some emotional transitions at the moment. I feel a general pull to finally leave everything behind and go travelling for as long as I can afford to (I am think 3 – 5 months) and if i can find a way to wrk along the way, hopefully longer. I suppose I am asking if leaving to go travelling is a good path for me to take….

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Tar,

      I can imagine that combining your love of tarot with an adventure would be a fantastic thing to do. Let’s see what comes up for you.

      I’m going to use Songs for the Journey Home, as it is probably apt.

      Your card is the Fifth Earth Song, which is equivalent to the Five of Pentacles. However, the meaning of the card is changed in this deck. The image on the card is of various clock faces, which indicates that time is the relevant resource in the case of your question. It says to me that if you don’t do it now, you probably never will. It also tells me that the traditional Five of Pentacles, may be perfect in that you have to temporarily let go of material possessions and strike out on your own. Yes, it will be a challenge; there may even be hardships ahead, but the growth and self-knowledge you gain will be invaluable. You will also be able to collect so many memories and experiences on the way.

      I’m checking the base card – the Fourth Wave Song (Four of Cups). In this deck, the card is ‘metamorphosis’ showing that this is a watershed experience and your journey will change you enormously. It may even be the basis for a whole new future life. As the traditional Four of Cups, I see this as emotional stability, which you have to cultivate and draw on in times of turmoil.

      Of course, the cards can’t make the decision for you, and I can’t categorically tell you if travelling is your best option right now. However, it is a path that you can make work for you. As Abraham-Hicks say, make a decision and make it be the right one. In other words, it doesn’t matter which choice you take, you simply have to make the best of it. Hope it all works out for you.

      Happy journeys.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Yvonne, I’m sorry but I’m not a medical practitioner. Please go to see your doctor if you are worried about your health.

      I’ll draw one card for you as a general reading. From the Robin Wood Tarot, your card is the World. This is a lovely card, the last of the Major Arcana. It signifies that you have reached a new stage in your life or achieved a personal milestone. It may feel to you right now as if you are in a kind of holding pattern, but it is merely a matter time before you launch off into the next adventure.

      If I were to connect this to health issues, I would suggest you take a step back and look at any problems from a ‘whole body’ perspective. Nothing occurs in isolation, so you need to look at everything that impinges on your well-being – your diet, exercise, immediate environment, spiritual health, mental health… everything. Go to see a regular doctor, but also consider a consultation with a holistic practitioner.

      All the best

  38. Clove

    Hi Troi!

    I have been studying tarot for more than a year, and came across your site. I have to say I simply love it! I have learnt a lot in the past hour of looking through your writings. 🙂 thank you for your one-card writings, this is a big help.
    It is very tempting to use this opportunity to ask a question related to my love life, but I am thinking that looking into myself is maybe a better solution to finding answers? So I will ask about myself.
    The path of my life changed suddenly a year ago, when I decided to move home from abroad, end my relationship with my ex-boyfriend and quit my much-hated job. With this leap of faith came the life I literally only dared to dream about but always wanted – I started singing again and discovering ways of using music as ‘therapy’, as healing. I live in the middle of a
    beautiful forest, and of course there is a man who I am completely in love with, and I feel every road in my life led here, even if it is not always perfect.
    Anyway, my problem there is a lot of doubt in me and it just won’t go away- maybe not daring to accept this dream life, my talent, or simply originating from trust issues.
    I really want to continue my path this way – in nature, singing -, but I find I am doubting myself a lot, and I didn’t use to be like this – I feel I had a closer relationship with myself before, or rather I was more confident. My question is, how to leave this doubt behind, and what is the path for me to be able to fulfill my ‘spiritual job’? 🙂 Thank you very much xxx

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Clove,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m afraid there’s not a great deal of structure to my collection of articles. I keep meaning to pull it all together but…

      Before I draw a card for you, I’ll just say that this doubt is a common thing after dismantling one life and beginning another. While it’s happening, you feel okay, glad that you’re making a positive change but then later it all goes a little wobbly. It’s a bit like finding your dream cottage and then noticing there are a few faults.

      It might help if you understand that you can only appreciate the good stuff, if you have a little not-so-good to compare it with. Perfect isn’t an option. There’s just the opportunity to appreciate what is working. You could choose to see ‘doubt’ as a challenge rather than as an obstacle. Recognise when it’s happening, appreciate it for being a guidance tool and adjust your course accordingly. You have to decide if the doubt is guiding you away from something, or if it is simply because you are stepping outside your comfort zone and then the right thing to do is to push on through. Work with it and use it.

      Anyway, I’m using the Fountain Tarot and your card is (just getting the cards out and sweeping Labrador hairs off my desk) the Two of Wands. This card suggests to be that you are not quite ready to press forward just yet. Your doubt may be a signal to hold on, get your plans refined before you take the next big step. You’ve acted on your inspiration and done what needed to be done, so give yourself a breather. You might have to make a choice but know that you can’t make a wrong one. Whichever path you take – make it be the right one and give no consideration to the one you didn’t take. Your next move will require you to be bold and it will require you to step off the easy path on to one less used. Then take that doubt and use it to propel yourself forward – it’s a springboard, not an anchor. The only way to leave it behind is to literally leave it behind.

      Hope it works out well – honestly you’re doing fine.

      1. Clove

        Thank you for your help and kind words. You will laugh – I did a reading today, in the morning, just a general one, Celtic Cross, and the near future card was the Two of Wands. Actually I was looking for interpretations for this card online to add to my journal, and that’s how I found your site. 🙂
        Thanks again and keep up your amazing job!

  39. fractoid

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this and do a card reading.
    I started a new career about 3 years ago and have been with the same employer. What is my outlook for my career…Will I remain as happy as I am now in the years to come, or should I change employers.
    Thanks so much!
    P.S. My Birthday is Aug 20 (and I am male, not sure if that matters for your reading)

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi fractoid,

      I’m using Tarot of the New Vision and have drawn the Eight of Swords. This is an interesting card to appear in response to your question as it implies that even though you are superficially happy in your current position, there is a part of you that feels somewhat trapped. Eights are generally about movement or lack of it, and the Eight of Swords shows that you want to move but you feel safer where you are. The fact that the card is a Sword card underlines the ‘mind-stuff’ that is bothering you. You think you are better off where you are but, oh, you still have a niggling doubt that you are settling for less than you might achieve elsewhere.

      Checking the card at the base of the deck to get a better hold on your question. The Three of Pentacles shows you work best in a team, preferably a small one, where you are able to demonstrate your capabilities.

      None of this really answers your question, so I would take my cue from the Eight of Swords and try to pin down what you really want to happen in the future. Then when you have decided, you have to carefully extricate yourself from the present position in order to move toward your next step. There’s no hurry.

      Good luck

  40. Mariam


    I’m very confused about my love life. I can’t decide on one certain question but can you please just read about my love life? please?
    14th November

    thanks in advance <3

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Mariam,

      I doubt if I will be able to untangle your love life with one card, but perhaps it can give you something to think about or the next step to take. I’m using my old faithful, the Robin Wood Tarot, and have drawn the Four of Swords.

      A stone effigy of a woman lies in repose, in a death-like attitude. Three swords in their scabbards hang from a tree above her and a fourth, unsheathed sword is carved into the side of the bier that the woman lies upon. In the night sky beyond the tree there is a twinkling star. Red, pink and yellow roses grow in the foreground.

      The tarot’s advice for you, Mariam, is to stop over-thinking everything. You have to take a break, allow your mind and emotions to recover. For now, be still. There are changes coming and they will occur without you having to do anything. The star in the card signifies hope and serenity. You can rest knowing that the universe is going to take care of things for you. The roses in the foreground promise that love is going to blossom but if you try to take hold of it now, those thorns are going to hurt. It’s likely that when you reach the other side of your current dilemma, you will be a different person than you are now. So relax and let it be.

      Hope that helps a little. x

  41. Grace

    Hello- My question is how do you see my life going in the next few months?
    My birthdate is August 12
    Thank you-

    1. theraggededge Post author

      That’s a big question for one card, Grace. I’ll do my best.

      Using the Robin Wood tarot I’ve drawn The Wheel of Fortune. Well, if nothing else, we can safely say that there are changes up ahead. The card is neutral, so it’s hard to say if they are happy changes or not-so-good. It’s possible that you’ll feel that you cannot control the course of events, and that may be true. However, you must remain calm and take charge of the things you can control. Stay balanced. Pay attention to your health. Stand firm on issues you believe passionately in and take a break from the chaos whenever you can. It will pass and you will be able to regroup and recover soon enough.

      Good luck.

  42. Karla

    I have recently lost contact with a dear friend. My friend pushed me away because of a medical issue. I know in my heart that they will be back in my life soon. I guess I’d like confirmation of my belief. Birthdate is August 25

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Karla,

      Sorry to hear your friendship has broken up. I’m using Tarot of the new Vision and have drawn the Queen of Pentacles in answer to your question. The Queen of Pentacles is a motherly soul, practical and helpful. Her appearance here suggests that you will have to be the one to reach out to your friend, rather than waiting for them to get in touch with you. As regards to the medical issue, your friend needs love and support, rather than physical help. I think they would love to receive a handwritten card, with a simple message from your heart.

      Just checking the base card – Temperance. I think this confirms that your friendship will be back on track and you will be together soon – if you take the first step. Temperance suggests a mingling of energy, a nice balance of personalities. Don’t waste any time, get in touch soon.

      Good luck.

  43. Laurie

    I have recently moved to Wisconsin to be close to my dad & family. I’m settled in and I am ready to start the next phase in my life, but I have so many ideas I don’t know where to start or which way to go. Which direction is best for me now?

    My birthdate is January 20. Thank you so much for offering this free reading

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Laurie, apologies for the delay. I think having too many ideas is probably better than not having any 🙂

      I’m using the Revelations Tarot and have drawn the Chariot. A good card for you. The Chariot is the seventh Major Arcana and indicates that you have the power and control to gather your resources (your ideas, your preferences, things you love to do, etc.) and drive them forward. In other words, you can carve out a future that suits you perfectly. If you are looking for work, then why not create the job you would really like to do? Combine those skills with one or two of your ideas and either look for a job that fits, or better still start your own one-person business.

      Taking a look at the card at the bottom of the deck: the Six of Pentacles. This card suggests that either you will receive help, or you will be giving your own time and resources to help another. By all means do this generously but watch you don’t overstretch yourself. This time is yours, so use it wisely to build your perfect life.

      I’m not getting any particular direction right now, so quickly turning the next card. Two of Wands. Okay, this one tells you that you must work on a viable plan before you can move forward. This might be slightly frustrating but it also has the potential to be very exciting. Make lists, mind-map, explore all the possibilities. Something will click in your brain and you’ll *know* what to do next. Trust your intuition.

      Good luck.

  44. Stephanie V

    I’m currently pregnant with my second child and times have been tough lately financially. My question is will these tough times continue or will I have finacial stability in the future? DOB: March 3
    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question 🙂

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Stephanie, congratulations on the forthcoming birth. Lovely. Sorry to hear things have been difficult.

      I’m using Tarot of the New Vision and have drawn the Magician. The card shows the Rider Waite image, but from the rear. We can see the Magician is facing a crowd of people, waiting expectantly for him to perform his magic. Behind the Magician is a small monkey dressed in purple.

      The Magician shows that you have people dependent upon you to fulfill their expectations, while you are feeling somewhat less than confident about this. You have to realise that you are in command of your life and are never the victim of circumstance. You can’t work miracles, but you can take control over many aspects of your finances. One thing you can try is to focus on the smallest debt you have, and do your best to pay that off as fast as possible. Then you take the payment on that one and apply it to the next debt or bill. Another thing you can try is a sort of magic spell, where you take, say, 1% of your income and put it into a savings account. The tiniest amount will do. The important thing is to do that every time some money comes in. Pretty soon, you will have a feeling of satisfaction as the amount grows. You will feel in control… and that’s the big thing. Once you feel better, you will allow more money to flow to you.Financial stability doesn’t just happen – you have to make it happen.

      I’m looking at the card at the base of the deck – the Knave (Page) of Swords. I love to think that the Page of Swords is able to retrieve ideas from the sub-conscious (or the heavens, or the collective unconscious, or whatever) and bring them down into reality where you can make them manifest. Let your imagination roam and see where it takes you. You can come up with many ideas to get the stream of income flowing in your favor.

      These are two positive cards, Stephanie, so I am sure, with a little effort, you will be fine.

      Good luck to you and your family.

  45. francheska

    birthday- january 26 hello i would like to know if there is chance of reconciliation with my most recent ex. we broke up about a month and a half ago and wondering if theres anything that can be done. thank you

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Francheska,

      I’m using the Deviant Moon Tarot and your card is the Nine of Pentacles. It shows a female figure moving alone through the city at night. She is dressed richly and elegantly. Her right foot wears a beautiful black, softly shimmering, high-heeled shoe, while her right foot has been replace with a little black wheel.

      The Nine of Pentacles indicates at this point in your life, you are better off not being in a relationship. It’s a good time to assess where you are relative to your life goals. This card tells you that you can create and cultivate a period of deep contentment until you feel comfortable and ready for another try at love.

      I’m checking the base card, and it is the Two of Cups. In this deck, the Two of Cups means a risky attraction. An attraction to someone who is not good for your well-being. Your birthday suggests that you are the sort of person who needs their freedom in order to thrive. So the person you need is not another free-spirited individual, neither should they be controlling or dominant. You need someone who is their own person and brings their unique qualities to the relationship without expecting you to give up your independence. A meeting of equals.

      So to answer your question, neither card supports or negates you getting back with your ex – that’s up to you. However, they do suggest that you need to give the whole thing a little more thought and perhaps reconsider why you think he’s the one for you.

      Good luck!

  46. Nastassja

    first, thank you for sharing your knowledge with others, and for your generous offer of this free one-card reading. Being someone who ist still learning the tarot myself, I appreciate having found a helpful resource in your site.

    In the past years, my life has been painfully stagnant. I had been looking forward to a move which would have brought about major changes in my life (this autumn), but have now experienced a last minute let-down and feel left behind disappointed, scared, and alone.
    My question is: In order to heal and move on, what is a part of my life that I need to focus on right now?

    Date of birth is November 13.
    Thank you so much!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Nastassja,

      Sorry to hear of your recent disappointment. Let’s see what the cards have to offer. I’m using the Tarot of the New Vision and have drawn a card for you.

      The Devil. Scary, eh? Not really, The Devil indicates that you are probably fixated on only one possible path and that you are unwilling to cast aside the ties that bind. There are other solutions to your dilemma but you can’t see them right now. What you need to focus on is identifying what is holding you back. It seems to me that you were relying on someone else to enable the move for you. However, the problems are within, not out side of you. The situation (the fact that the move didn’t happen) simply reflected the deep down subconscious fear that prevents you from taking a risk.

      Also, you don’t need to accept that where you are now means you have to stagnate. You can make drastic changes right where you are. Whether it be work-related, new people, new experiences, new environment or whatever. Start a small business. Raise money for a good cause. Train for a new profession. Anything that will make your heart sing and get you up in the morning looking forward to what the day has in store for you.

      I’m looking at the base card to get further insights – The Ten of Cups. About as far away from the Devil as it’s possible to get. The Ten of Cups indicates the future you thought you were going to have – emotionally fulfilled, settled, living the dream. You can get still get that if you want it. You can make it happen. Remember that a disappointment can be turned into a positive – if you’d moved then you’d have missed a better opportunity that could be headed your way. Are you going to lose the fear and reach for it?

      Good luck, my dear. I hope you find your way soon.

      1. Nastassja

        Wow, what a clear-cutting yet uplifting outlook. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.
        In readings I did for myself, I have lately repeatedly encountered the same juxtaposition of (seemingly) “negative” cards sitting right next to those that I find the most encouraging.
        I will reflect upon your advice, thank you for helping me, and wish you all the best!

  47. Alejandra

    Thank you for the one card reading. My date of birth is may 25. I want to know what you see in my love life in the near future?

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Alejandra,

      I’m using the Revelations Tarot and have drawn the Magician.

      The Magician is looking over the top of a vessel, full of foaming liquid. He holds a staff in his right hand and we can see a scimitar or sword handle peeking above his left shoulder. He appears to be sitting in a leafy glade surrounded by nature – these cards are abstract so it’s difficult to tell. A dove flies nearby. The infinity symbol floats above the Magician’s head.

      This card indicates that you have control over what happens in your love life. If you are looking for love, then you have all the resources at your disposal to find someone who can make you happy. If you are already in a relationship, you are able to make decisions regarding the future of that relationship. If there is a third person on the scene, and there could well be, you have to make your mind up which one you feel the deepest connection with.

      The reason I mention the possibility of a third person is because the base card is the Two of Pentacles, which is illustrated by a figure juggling some gold balls. The Magician, also, is sometimes referred to as ‘the Juggler’. This makes me think that you are trying to find a balance in your life right now – it could be that you are juggling (or thinking about it) two ‘amours’ or perhaps you are trying to create a balance between other aspects of your life and romance. The Two of Pentacles sometimes appears when a person is short of time.

      Know that you have the strength and power to create your life exactly as you want.

      Good luck!

  48. Alejandra

    Thank you! I have been doing inner work to become a better person and create the life that I want. Especially to love myself and doing affirmations like “I am loved” and “I am healed”. Thank you for the reading and for your advice!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Funny you should say that, Alejandra… I am a firm believer that we have to have a love affair with ourselves – in the most spiritual sense – before we can love or be loved by another. There’s a great little Kindle book called “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It” by Kamil Ravikant. Well worth a read.

  49. Alejandra

    I was wondering if you could tell me what you see in regard to my career path ? My date of birth is May 25. I am currently unemployed and I don’t think I can get a job where I live now. Thank you in advance and have a great day!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello again Alejandra,

      Before I start your reading, let me say that if you think you can’t get a job, then you won’t. Change your thinking and your beliefs and you can achieve anything. Why not create your own job?

      I’m using Tarot of the New Vision and have drawn the Three of Pentacles. This card is very similar to the usual Rider-Waite version, apart from the fact that we are looking from inside the building at the three figures. One is an artisan engaged in his work, the other two, a monk and a merchant are looking on. In the background a horse and wagon are leaving the scene.

      This card indicates that you have transferable skills. In other words, you should not focus on your limitations but on all the ways that you could use what you know in other applications. There are no limits. If it means you need to move away, then do that. Although you may not have to go as far as you think you do. What can you do that someone would pay you to do for them? Do you have any hobbies that would transfer into a small business?

      Your career path is not laid out for you, you create it step-by-step. You can choose to make it difficult, or you can get happy about your wealth of talent and make it easy.

      The base card is the Empress, which indicates that by doing that inner work, you mentioned, you will find your abundance. Use a process called ‘the Book of Positive Aspects’ – there are lots of links on Google. This simple process of writing down everything that is good in your life can transform any situation. You can even make stuff up – write down how fantastic your new job is, how lovely the people are and how much you enjoy the work. It’s surprising how well this process works. It’s as though when you put yourself into the vibration of what you want, your external circumstances change to accommodate that vision. Get started soon.

      Good luck!

      1. Alejandra

        Thank you very much! I will get started today. I have been thinking about my hidden talents lately. I used to work as a cashier and then at a staffing agency dealing with people. I know I am good with people. They seem to tell me about their problems or their life story. I also like to help people. I will keep up doing more inner work. Thank you once again!

  50. Kat

    Thank you for taking the time to do this.
    Will I be moving or am I here to stay ?
    My birthdate is May 2.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Kat,

      This is one of those questions that only you can answer 🙂 What do you want to do?

      Anyway, let’s see what the tarot says. Your card is the High Priestess, which more or less confirms what I thought when I read your question. The answer lies within. You have to trust your inner guidance, your intuition and follow the path that feels best to you. I get the idea that perhaps something must end before a new phase of your life can begin. It’s possible that you have to be the one who takes action to enable the change. In the meantime, take the time to examine your deepest desires, your gut feeling and work out which option makes your heart sing.

      Good luck.

  51. Tricha Wadsworth

    Hiya! My date of birth is 10/6
    My question is…

    What do I need to do in order to heal and move on from traumatic events that I have experienced within the last 5 years ? I have literally tried everything unless I am unaware of other methods. I would like to awaken my other dormant gifts but cannot until I can heal..

    Thank you for your time and this one card reading. I appreciate it with all my heart

    Love and light

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Tricha,

      Sorry to hear that you have experienced difficulties but glad that you are ready to move on.

      I’m using a deck called Tarot of the New Vision and have drawn the Six of Cups. An interesting card to appear in answer to your question. My own opinion about getting over past events is to focus on the here and now. However, this card says the opposite. The Six of Cups indicates that you should revisit your ‘old self’, and offer reassurances that things will improve. Where you are now, is not where you were three, four, five years ago. I would think this could be done during meditation.

      The card is illustrated in the usual Rider-Waite way, with a boy handing a chalice full of flowers to a little girl. However in this version we also see two ghostly grandparent figures looking on benevolently. You can do the same. Go to your old self and give her a hug. Tell her all is well and all will work out fine.

      My personal favourite method to deal with any difficulty is to use the Book of Positive Aspects method that I mentioned to Alejandra previously. In other words, do the inside work in order to change outer circumstances.

      The base card is the Chariot, which brings me nicely to the idea that you have to start with a concrete decision to move on. If you keep saying “I’ll do this new thing when I heal from those past traumas”, you’ll never get started. Therefore, change your story to “If I do these new things, healing will happen as a matter of course.” Now you are in control. Now you have taken the first steps forward.

      Good luck

  52. Stacie

    my birthday is 23 July 1976, my question is “will i be moving or getting a new job in the next couple weeks?”


    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Stacie,

      Looks as though you only have to wait a short amount of time and the answer to your question will make itself known 🙂

      Using Tarot of the New Vision, I’ve drawn the Page of Cups. It seems that the cards would prefer you know something else. You are about to embark on something new, but it is an adventure or exploration of the heart. It may be a new friendship, association or love. It could involve a child or new baby. Whatever it is, you will have the chance to indulge in some warm-hearted, loving emotions.

      Looking at the card at the bottom of the deck – the Magician. This card indicates that whatever your desire is, you have the resources and tools to make it happen. You need to grab hold of the tail of your self-confidence and let it take you to wherever you want to go.

      Good luck – I hope it all works out for you.

  53. Carolina

    Dear Troi,

    I am right now at a crossroads in so many things. I feel almost everything is ending in my life, but I see no beginnings and things are dragging. I am learning to read the tarot cards, but I find it difficult. Maybe you could help me with a card for the job? I am a translator and find that lately the situation has worsened.
    My birth date is 14th June 1961 – Barcelona (Spain).

    Thank you very much for your reading.


    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Carolina,

      It is hard to see where you’re going when you’re right in the middle of the situation sometimes.

      I’m drawing a card from the Universal Waite Tarot and it is the Knight of Pentacles. This card suggests to me that you are on the right path and you must keep going for the time being. However the appearance of a Knight in tarot mean changes are up ahead. The energy is slow, but it is moving. The Knight of Pentacles is a character who will do all he can to improve his skills and I wonder if your translation skills would transfer to a new area of work? The reason I ask is because a friend of mine has just signed up to teach English as a Second Language (ESL), and I’m sure your English is good enough for that. She’ll be teaching online via video or audio link and they are giving her loads of training before she starts. I’m not sure of the name of the company. I bet you could teach Spanish too.

      The base card is the Four of Pentacles, which suggests that you need to conserve resources (money) as much as you can. No unnecessary spending until you have sorted yourself out.

      As both your cards are Pentacles, it seems you must focus on the practical matters. Do what you need to do to get past this current time and your path will unfold with new opportunities.

      Good luck, Carolina.

      1. Carolina

        Thank you, Troi, for your generous reading. I have new ideas, and I hope they will work.

        Best Regards,

  54. Amrita

    My date of birth is the 21 aug 1986 . I am presently on a spiritual journey found my twin flame but in am married . My question is do you see me with my twin or with my husband ?

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Amrita,

      You’ve probably come to the wrong tarot reader… I don’t believe in soul mates and twin flames, I’m afraid. However, I won’t go into all that now. I’m using the Universal Waite deck and have drawn the Emperor.

      The Emperor, being a Major Arcana card, doesn’t generally represent an actual person, but something fundamental in life. The Emperor is all about order, power, authority and stability. He takes the chaos inherent in the abundance of the Empress and builds a structure out of it. The Emperor stands for commitment and responsibility. Occasionally this card will appear when a male figure is acting in an overbearing or overly authoritative manner.

      So I think it has appeared here to ask you to consider your commitment seriously. To make a wise choice based on pragmatic matters as well as romantic ones. I don’t have to list those out – I’m sure you know what I mean. If your marriage is over, in that you feel nothing for your husband then you would probably be making the right decision to end it – for everyone’s sake. If you are unsure, because you still love him, then do nothing. Wait until you are sure.

      The card at the base of the deck is interesting – the Six of Swords. A woman is sitting in a small boat with a child next to her. A man stands behind them, propelling the boat forward. They are moving from tumultuous to calmer water. It doesn’t feel like a happy journey, more as if they have been forced to move on. They will probably reach a better life eventually, but right now, at the beginning, it’s much harder than they expected. You can interpret the card as a metaphor if you like.

      I cannot answer your question directly because the choice must be yours and I, or the tarot, cannot influence you. Whichever way you choose to go, it’s not going to be easy for you, or those around you. Just be very sure before you instigate any changes that you can’t undo.

      Good luck.

  55. Novi

    Hi, I want to ask: what is in my future for my love life?

    Birth date is November 7. Thank you in advance!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Novi, your question is a bit far-reaching for one card but I’ll do my best. I’m using the Gilded Chariot and have drawn the Chariot.

      The Chariot shows you that you are in the driving seat as far as your love life is concerned. It tells you that you must know what you want from a relationship and head towards it. It’s possible that will have to learn to control your jealousy. It also indicates that when you meet someone special, it will be a long term commitment. That doesn’t mean that the very next person will be a lifetime mate, however, you will know it once you meet the right one.

      The base card is the Two of Pentacles, which can mean that you will have to make a choice between two people. Be sensible and pragmatic about it. The best is not necessarily the one who, on the surface, appears to be the best choice.

      Good luck!

  56. Julie

    Hello, I am so pleased to have found you. I simply looked up fortune telling on Pinterest and it led me to your sight. My birthday is February 26, 1957. My question is about my life’s purpose and is it to write? Every time I mentally ask the answer, “write”, comes shooting back at me. I thought about writing when I was a teenager simply with the thought of becoming rich on residual income. The idea has never left me and now I constantly think of putting life experiences (mine or other’s) into written form. I don’t trust my own mental feedback and would like to hear what the Universe says through someone other than myself.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Julie,

      You don’t need a tarot reading – you need to write! HubPages is the place for you. I wrote about 80 articles for the site several years ago and they are still paying me every month – $150. It takes time to get up to that level, of course, but it’s a good practice arena. I learned loads. I now write for two other sites – 3 articles a week. Plus you can have your own blog for all the personal stuff. You won’t get rich writing, unless you can pen the next Harry Potter, but it is immensely satisfying to say, “I’m a writer.” And it pays for the dog food.

      Meanwhile… I’m using the Gilded Tarot and drawn the Queen of Wands. Not necessarily associated with writing, this card tells you to fire up your enthusiasm and follow your instincts. The Queen of Wands is active, warm-hearted, friendly and giving. Like all the Wands family, she can be impulsive, inspiring and determined. Be like her and follow your dream.

      The base card is the Sun, which indicates a general improvement in all areas of life – health, wealth, finances, relationships.

      Even if you find that writing is not your life’s purpose, it may well lead to other options as a whole new world opens up for you. You have nothing to lose; if you have a laptop/computer then you have everything you need.

      Good luck, Julie. Hope to see you at HubPages.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Kin, your question is very general for a one-card reading, so you won’t get much useful information. The future is so big, don’t you think? It’s better if you focus in on what would be a good path to consider right now and let the future unfold as it will. Your point of power is in the present moment, i.e this is where you get to make the choices that will determine the future. Anyway, we’ll see what shows up for you.

      I’m using the Tarot of the New Vision and have drawn the Six of Pentacles. It shows a merchant giving money to two beggars. As we are looking at the scene from behind, we can see that the finely dressed merchant is not so well-off as he might appear. His cloak is falling apart at the seams. However, he knows that with careful management of his resources he has enough to spare. He understands that it is better for money to flow through him than to hoard it and prevent the energy from moving.

      This card tells you that you will either be giving help to someone in need, or receiving it because you are in need. It’s usually connected to finances, though not always. It is likely that you need to invest in yourself – to undertake some training perhaps or get a certain qualification in order to get the career you want. Perhaps someone can help you with that? I get the feeling you are embarking on a professional path – something like a lawyer, accountant, or doctor. It might be a career path already defined for you as in you’ll be following in someone’s footsteps. Be sure to give a helping hand to others on your way up.

      Good luck!

  57. paulina

    Hello, thank you very much for this beautiful job. My birthday is on 20.01.1990. I don’t know if tarot can interpret dreams,but I remember that years ago (3 years or 4 I think) I dreamt about myself. I saw a picture of me but I was very beautiful, my skin glowed, my hair was beautiful, everything on me shone. Then, I remember that my dream changed to another scene. I saw a little girl, she was blonde and blue eyed. I remember that she was in some man’s arms. I said she is my daughter. I remember that I loved her so much, even when I woke up I still felt something in my chest. It was a kind of weird dream, maybe it is very simple but I don’t know why this has an effect on me until today. I will be very pleased if you can help me.

    Many blessings

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi there, Paulina,

      I’m not sure I will be able to give you any meaningful information – I’m no dream expert and I do tend to use my own life experience in conjunction with intuition to do my readings. I’ll draw a card for you, give you the general interpretation and then I suggest you Google the card image and perhaps immerse yourself in it to see what insights come to you. I will say that I have had several dreams that have stayed with me over the years, some from childhood.

      I’m going to use a deck called ‘Shadowscapes’ as it is the most dreamy deck I own. Your card is the Seven of Pentacles (just Google “Shadowscapes Seven of Pentacles). It shows a young woman checking some strange, glowing fruit to see if they are ready to be harvested. This card is about making a decision, whether to reap the harvest now or to wait until it is fully ripe. Both involve risks. Think back to the time when the dream occurred and see if you were in the process of some kind of life change. Then consider your life since that time – are you happy that you made the choices you did? Now come back to the present and know that you can make adjustments to your life course at any time. That no decision has to be wrong.

      The card doesn’t give me any information about personal relationships or a child – unless you have a decision to make currently. If you are in transition, and it is likely that you are, or will be soon, then go with your intuition and gut feeling – it will stand you in good stead.

      Visualise yourself placing your dream in a beautiful box, like a precious jewel. You will never forget it, and now and then you can bring it into the light in order to recall how it made you feel. You can recapture that happiness anytime you wish to.

      Best wishes and sweet dreams.

  58. KH

    I am in the midst of many changes in my life–promotion, new home, and strange health issues. The road ahead looks challenging. Can I count on my inner strength? Will things begin to smooth? Birthdate: 8/14/83 Thank you!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi KH, Sorry for the delay. You seem to be dealing with a mix of positive and not so positive issues. One card won’t be able to address them all but we’ll see what comes up for you.

      I’m using the Robin Wood tarot and have drawn the Four of Cups. This is interesting (please Google the image) as it shows a young man seated with his back against a sturdy tree. Three gold cups are lined up in front of him and a fourth is materializing out of thin air next to him. He doesn’t see it as he is completely focused on his own inner landscape.

      This card tells me that your thoughts are concentrated inwards and that you are trying to let your body get on with the jobs and tasks you need to do. I do this all the time. I am so wrapped up thinking of all the things I have to do, that I’m not concentrating on the one thing I should be doing right now in the moment. The result of this is overwhelm. Low-level stress, mild depression. The chap in the card is not relaxed. He’s supposed to be taking rest, but he isn’t. He can’t even see the gifts he has been given.

      As it is a cups card, he must reconnect with his own emotions, instead of subjugating them under all these concerns. If he just closes his eyes and stops ‘doing’ and feels the tree behind him offering its support, the grass beneath his feet and the glorious gifts of a wonderful life, he will feel so much better.

      The card at the base of the deck is Strength 😀 So yes, you can count on it.

      Good luck.

  59. paulina

    Thank you very much for the interpretation. Everything makes more sense for that dream.

    Many blessings 🙂

  60. diana

    Hi my birthday is 17th December 1986.
    I am wondering when I will get my full time job in science? I’ve been back from travelling and looking for a good job!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Diana, I’m going to change your question to something that will help you more at the present time: What do I need to focus on right now to secure a full-time job in a scientific field?

      I’m using the beautiful Fountain Tarot and have drawn the Hanged Man. This is a paradoxical card to appear in answer to the question as, in essence, it means do nothing. I would suggest that you focus on feeling relaxed, going with the flow and holding the idea of your perfect job in your mind. Turn it into a lovely fantasy. Picture yourself working in the ideal environment, working on tasks that interest you. Build up the vision in detail. Keep this feeling of relaxed expectation as you apply for suitable positions. Pretty soon the opportunity you wished for will materialise.

      Looking at the card on the bottom of the deck – The King of Swords. This may represent someone in an authoritative position who may be able to advance your cause. Usually male, very professional and happy to help you get on the first rung of the ladder. If he can help, accept the offer.

      Good luck.

  61. paulina

    Hello I don’t know if this is possible yet. My name is Paulina and my birth is 20.01.1990. I wanted to ask if my financial situation will change and if I’m gonna find a job that I feel comfortable and I like. Thank you very much and God bless you 🙂

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Paulina, head over to http://www.tabi.org.uk/ You’ll be able to get a free reading there. Otherwise, please wait a couple of months before requesting another here. Thanks and good luck with the job search.

        1. theraggededge Post author

          It’s no problem, Paulina. It does say ‘one per person’ at the top of the page. I’m happy to do another in a few months so do feel free to come back.

  62. Quinn

    Hi, My name is Quinn, October 25/1978. I have many signs have been cursed, possibly more than once. Can you tell me of this with one card? Thanks so much for your time.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Quinn,

      First of all, it’s very unlikely you have been cursed, or even if you have that the curse has ‘stuck’. What happens is that you somehow think a thought about being cursed. This can be triggered by a conflict or argument or upset with another person. So you wonder if they have cursed you. Then, as you think about it some more, you begin to notice signs of being cursed. The more attention you give to the, the more you see them – “seek and thou shalt find” and all that. So you convince yourself that you are cursed. And in a way, you are because you are now giving away your personal power. You feel as though you are a victim, that the other person is in control and there’s nothing you can do. As soon as you understand this, the ‘curse’ falls away because there is nothing there. Only the energy of your thought was holding it in place. I wrote an article about this very thing: http://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/cursed-evil-eye

      Anyway, you came for a card reading, so here it is. I’m using the Witches Tarot by Ellen Cannon Reed. Thought it would be appropriate. Your card is the Five of Swords. Couldn’t be better. This card shows two men sitting on a high rocky outcrop. There is a tree at their back. A third man lies dead or injured next to them. Two more men are further down – they could either be attacking or protecting the others, it’s hard to tell as they are dressed similarly. The Five of Swords is an intellectual challenge. It means that you have to decide which of the figures represents you – the injured victim, one of the two that hold the moral high ground or perhaps one of the two below who are taking action. As an advice card, this one tells you to not get involved in the conflict at all – just turn away. There are no winners or losers in war – they are all losers. So, as this is a challenge of thought and communication, the Five of Swords tells you to shrug and turn away. That action is the action of a winner. By doing this, you leave the other person with nothing to fight against. Know that there are more important things for you to focus on than the idea that someone has a hold over you.

      Good luck, not that you need it.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi JoAnn,

      Ah, I just remembered who you are now. It clicked when I realised I was just about to address you as ‘Joan’. Sorry. I have got your previous reading here but not the feedback from that as my other laptop is in for repair.

      I will say that the ‘old’ reading still stands and may not have played out yet. Going on that alone, the answer to your question is to keep going, get to the end of your current classes and then go with your gut feeling as to your next step. Regarding the other part of your question (to anyone else reading this, I was in contact with JoAnn via email), I’ll draw a card from the Robin Wood deck.

      The Hanged Man. This card shows a young man hanging upside down with his legs crossed/hooked over a branch of a tree. He doesn’t look too unhappy about being in this position. This card has a fairly simple meaning for you and that is to do nothing other than what you are already doing. It’s going to change, but not yet. If you want to keep going and achieve your ambitions, you have to stay right where you are.

      The card at the bottom of the deck is Strength which confirms that you are on the right path – for now. If another opportunity comes along, such as the perfect job, then you will know it and can change direction at that time. So, yes, keep going for now and as soon as you are able, make a turn. Hope you understood what I am saying.

      All the best.

  63. Joann Velazquez

    Yes I do understand and although it gets completely tiring to continue and I get very frustrated at times but I will definitely stay on my path. Thank you so much, I seriously needed assurance to keep pushing forward. Thank you and many blessings to you!

  64. Alejandra

    Hi Troi,
    Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. My question is what is my life purpose? My dob is May 25. My name is Alejandra.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Alejandra,

      I edited your message to remove specific identifying details 🙂

      Your question is a big one for a single card to answer. The thing is, your life’s purpose changes as you travel your path. According to the phase, your purpose may be to grow spiritually, learn how to share in a relationship, bring up children… you get the idea. Rarely does one individual have a single purpose for the whole of their life. If you asked me what the single, over-arching purpose of human life, I’d say to experience joy. When a person is in a state of pure joy, they cannot commit a harmful act or intentionally hurt another being. I believe that Source/All-that-is/God/[Insert name of favourite deity here] expands through our joy. Included in that is love, appreciation, gratitude, etc.

      Anyway, I’ll draw a card for you and simply pass on its message. I’m using the Deviant Moon tarot and your card is the Three of Wands. This card shows an expectant female figure contemplating a group of three stems that support budding flowers. They are nourished by a vine that emerges from the figure’s navel. A full moon shines down illuminating the three plants.

      This card indicates that you have completed or are in the process of completing a life cycle. You have put effort into a part of your life which is reaching a natural conclusion. There is nothing more you can do now, except to look forward to the next phase of your life. Remain open to all possibilities and the next opportunity will present itself quite soon. You may find later that what you have completed now, will bear fruit later on. Nothing is wasted, no effort made in vain.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Two of Swords. One figure below the waist, splits into two from the waist up. They are in conflict. This card shows that you are at a crossroads and unsure of the direction to take. You have to stop pushing, worrying and feeling anxious about all this. You could choose to follow the most mundane path and it will still serve you well. Follow the path that makes you feel the most relief. Go with it. Drop your concerns and go with the flow. Say, over and over, “Everything is easy for me.” Make it your life-long mantra.

      Good luck.

  65. Alejandra

    Thank you very much for the reading. I really needed to hear that at this time. I love the mantra. I will make sure to start saying it today. Have a blessed day!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Kerri,

      Not really. I don’t like answering questions like that. Sorry. It’s one for your professional health advisor, not a tarot reader.

      I’ll draw a general card for you to see if you have a good week ahead. I’m using a deck called the Gilded Tarot and have drawn the Nine of Pentacles. This is a beautiful card – a woman in a blue dress stands in a verdant garden. On her left wrist she holds a hooded bird of prey. There are butterflies all around and nine pentacles are ‘growing’ on a shrub that frames her. In the background is a white decorative gazebo.

      This card indicates that there are good energies around you, hinting at a financially good week or weeks up ahead. This card is all about independence and material security. As a nine card, it could mean that you are about to reach an important goal or milestone in your life. This could be linked to your work or to property, or similar practical aspect.

      Checking the base card – The World – confirms that you are doing everything right at the moment. It also suggests that one phase is ending and another is about to begin. There’s a chance that you will feel as if you are stuck in a holding pattern, but it’s temporary. Things will progress.

      Good luck!

  66. Adriana

    My name is Adriana. Birthday is December 08. My question: what does the horizon look like for my love life?
    Thank you very much!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Adriana, sorry for the delay – busy weekend.

      I’m using the Universal Waite tarot deck. The card I’ve turned over for you is the Fool. I’m sure you’re familiar with the image of the Fool appearing about to step off a cliff, with his little dog barking at his heels. Of course, we can’t see if the drop is a short one, or if it is an abyss.

      The Fool trusts in the universe completely to fulfil his needs. Others may think him foolish but the fool is only concerned with living in the moment and extracting as much joy as possible from his surroundings. He tells you that you need not think about what’s on the horizon, but instead pay attention to the here and now. The present time is where you sow the seeds of your future.

      So trust implicitly that the universe will deliver the right person at the right time to you, Adriana. Don’t focus on where your lover is or why you haven’t met them yet. Simply put your attention on the deliciousness of your life and the rest will take care of itself.

      Good luck!

  67. Paula

    Hello. Thanks for your beautiful and helpful website! I’m a cranial sacral therapist and I’ve just moved to Rome, Italy. Can you tell me what I can do to get my practice going? A website is not an option, and the private studios aren’t hiring. It’s a different world over here; not at all like it is in the US as far as finding this type of work. I’d like to practice out of my home, but, I need to have clients!! Thank you for any insight you can give me. BD 3/22/54
    take care and have a great day!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Paula, sorry for the delay. Congratulations on moving to such a beautiful part of the world.

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the King of Swords. You need to seek out or identify the person who most resembles this court card. He (or she) will be someone in a position of authority. A professional who can introduce you to people who will appreciate what you have to offer. He/she might be a lawyer, an accountant, in publishing, or even a restaurateur. As a personality type, s/he will be quite cool, not over effusive. They will have access to a network of potential clients and once you are in, you’ll be able to build up a decent clientele.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Moon, so be careful that you don’t get misled or sent in the wrong direction. Pick your way along your path and don’t be in a huge rush.

      Good luck!

      1. Paula

        Dear Troi,
        It is pretty special to be living in Rome, surrounded by history! Thank you so much for your reading. It actually makes a lot of sense. I’ll be alert for the person who may be able to help me.
        take care,

  68. Lee

    Hello Troi!

    I would like to ask for a reading for me May 07, 1985 and for a special someone May 13, 1985.



    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Lee, I was thinking about you the other day and here you are. Going by your birthdays, this is likely to be a fun-filled relationship. Even though you are both Taurus and thus an earth sign, there is a lightness about the combination. I’m sure you are finding all this out for yourself, so I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

      Your card, from the Robin Wood, is the Five of Swords. Wasn’t really expecting that. I think this is outside of the relationship. You will be facing a challenge of some sort. Maybe you will discover that someone is gossiping about you, trying to get the better of you, or will let you down. Whatever this situation is, it is important that you don’t fight it. Walk away because by doing that, you will win. Effectively you remove the target, you, from the sights of the other person.

      Good luck and I hope the romance goes really well.

      1. Lee

        Wow you still remember me. Thanks for the reading! 🙂 Yeah hope it goes well this time for both of us. Keep Safe 🙂

  69. Priya VK Singh

    Hello Troi! Someone briefly entered my life a year ago and irrevocably changed it, before leaving abruptly and sans explanation. Will our paths cross again ?
    My DOB is 30.09.2016.
    Thank you !

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Priya,

      Your birthday is the same as my son’s – different year though 😀

      I’m using the Deviant Moon and have drawn the Ace of Cups. The Ace of Cups, as you probably know, represents a new attraction, an emotional connection or a gift of the spiritual variety. It makes me think that, rather than muse whether or not you might meet this person again, you might perhaps focus on the gift you were given. Whether positive or negative, there is much for you to assimilate from your time with your ‘someone’.

      Your paths may cross again and they may not. Does knowing make any difference? Would you make preparations or change your actions in order to avoid the meeting? If you would take positive action knowing the answer, then why not take that action anyway? The Ace of Cups might mean that a new ‘someone’may be just around the corner… but…

      The card at the base of the deck is the Hermit, which suggests that you have an inner journey to navigate. That you have to do it alone. For now.

      Good luck, Priya.

      1. Priya VK Singh

        Thank you so much , Troi !
        What you say makes so much sense —- I have been on a voyage of discovery for nearly a year. I have recently gathered the courage to put my insights into action and travel down a road which seems lonely right now but irresitible nevertheless because there is so much peace to be experienced down this road.
        No, I would take no action to precipitate this person’s return or to prevent it. Thank you, for so wisely pointing out that it isn’t a question I need an answer to. I have gained much from the encounter, and feel greatly strengthened to walk down the path of my choice.
        I am so glad I stumbled across your blog while searching for The Moon.
        It led me to a write up on 3 of swords and how it can be seen as poor communication having disastrous results. That was yesterday. Today I drew the 3 of swords as the day’s card, and propmtly took steps that I usually would not have to explain my position to my boss , with gratifying results.
        So , thank you, once again !

        1. theraggededge Post author

          Great feedback, Priya, thank you. You are obviously making good progress along your life-path. May you make many beautiful discoveries as you travel. xx

  70. Swapna Ranade

    Hi Troi, I lived a troubled childhood and youth. Got married thinking that life will change for better. It offered another set of challenges and marriage turned out to be a failure. Someone came in my life 2 years ago showing me a future ahead and a complementing relationship together. I trusted with good faith but now realised that he never meant what he said. He only used me as a stepping stone and even sexually and now left me for he found someone else to settle with. Its been over 3 months and I am yet not able to get over the trauma. My condition is also affecting my 7 year old daughter. I want to be in a loving relationship so that I can be kind and happy for my daughter which I am not. Will I find a partner for a loving and complementing relationship that I long for? My date of birth is 22nd August 1975

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Swapna,

      Glad you found the link. Sorry to hear you have had a difficult time lately.

      I’m using the Fountain Tarot and your card is the Devil. The Devil signifies patterns of behaviour and thoughts that do not serve you. It is a card of being wedded to beliefs that cannot help you. It shows a mindset which must be broken and put back together minus the shackles which bind you.

      Looking at your message, it seems to me that you have always looked for something outside of yourself to make life better. You got married in order to put your troubled childhood behind you. You had a child, probably hoping that she would make your marriage work. Then began a new relationship to help you past the trauma of separation and divorce. Now you are looking for another partner to help you be kind and happy for your daughter. Can you see a pattern?

      The key to your current and future happiness does not lie with another person. It is already within you. In fact, you are unlikely to attain a loving, equal relationship until you make peace with where you are. No-one else can do this for you. You can make a choice right now, to be kind and happy. In every moment you can ask yourself – shall I be miserable because I am single or shall I choose to be happy in this moment? Shall I be unkind to my daughter or shall I show her kindness and love? Shall I yearn for what I haven’t got or shall I appreciate the good in my life? Once you can do this, your ideal partner will show up. In fact you can get so happy right where you are that you won’t even care if he shows up or not. If he does, it will be the icing (frosting) on the cake (as we say). Meanwhile, you can make a great cake without icing.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Knight of Swords. This Knight wields a sword that cuts through a misapprehension – as far as your ex is concerned, just know that it is better that he left you. You would not have been happy with him long term. There’s no trauma, just escape and relief. Be glad.

      Good luck.

  71. Brandy Byrd

    In my near future, what is the most important upcoming event that the cards want me to know about?

    April 24

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Brandy, I’m using the Deviant Moon Tarot and your card is the Eight of Wands.

      A woman is about to hack down seven growing saplings with a scythe (the eighth wand). A crow flies toward her holding a letter in its beak. The tarot may be referring to something you are about to throw away or destroy. The card tells you to think again before you do it as there could be value or use in whatever it is. Now I can’t tell whether this is a physical object, a job offer, relationship, friendship or anything else. Only you can know what it is. It might be that you are thinking of ending a tradition, or making a radical change to how you celebrate the holidays. So the advice is, take your time, have a think and maybe hold off for a little while.

      The traditional meaning for this card is events and situations changing rapidly. It means getting organized and working as a team. Sometimes the Eight of Wands is referred to as the ‘arrows of love’, meaning possible conception or birth.

      The base card is the Nine of Wands, which indicates that tiredness, jadedness, exhaustion, or frustration may be why you asked the question.

      Hope it works out just the way you want it to.

      Happy holidays!

  72. Arminder Kaur

    Hi There,

    My birth month is February. My question is that are there children in my future, if yes how many?


    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi there, Min,

      I’m sure you understand that I can’t answer this question. I am not going to be the one who gives you hope or dashes it. Your children will (or won’t) appear when it is the right time. Hopefully, it will be when you decide to bring them into the world.

      Instead I will draw a card to represent the energy around you right now. I’m using the Deviant Moon Tarot and your card is the Knight of Cups. This is a romantic card and the immediate feeling I get from it is that you are going to be snuggling up with someone you love. There is romance, gifts and sharing of emotions. This card might be indicating the end of a period of solitude (the card at the base of the deck is the Hermit, reversed).

      Hope that helps. Have a wonderful time.

  73. Rena

    Hi Troi,

    Thank you so much for offering this free one-card reading!

    My question: I am preparing for a special spiritual ceremony next year, one that has been in the making since 2007. Is there any insight that can help as I enter into final preparations?

    In Gratitude,

    Rena (12/02)

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Rena, sorry to be so long getting to your reading.

      Instead of a tarot reading, I am using a new oracle deck I got as a gift. “The Power of Surrender” by Judith Orloff. I will shuffle and draw a random card. Hopefully, it will resonate with you and help you with your (intriguing) preparations.

      Well, I’m not sure if this will be of use or not. “Surrender the idea you can fix someone… It’s time for a relationship to shift. It doesn’t work to try to fix someone. Each person must be accountable for his or her own healing.”

      I suppose it is time to focus on you and allow everything else to just be.

      Hope it all goes well for you.

  74. Alejandra

    Hi Troi,
    My question is what does spirit want me to know? My name is Alejandra and my dob is May 25 1981. Thank you!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello again, Alejandra,

      I will use the same deck for you as I did for Rena, the Power of Surrender cards. Your card is:

      “Surrender to play… Take a break from overthinking a goal. Do something fun. Play is a time of recreation and rejuvenation.”

      That’s your message – have fun!

  75. Marina

    Hello! So, I am currently studying abroad and my girlfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship for a few months now (‘we’ve been together for a few years now). I’d like to know what I can expect for this new year regarding our relationship, a tip on what I can do to keep it solid 🙂

    Oh, my birthday is February 23th (1993).

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Marina,

      I’m using the World Spirit Tarot by Lauren O’Leary. Your card is the Two of Wands. Wish I could include card images in these readings. It shows a young person, standing on a beach. He holds two glowing wands as he gazes up at a shooting star. The star seems to be headed for some distant land. It seems perfect for your situation.

      It seems that you have got everything in place right now. The situation is what it is. The Two of Wands usually indicates plans made but currently delayed, so I guess that you have already made plans for when you have finished your studying. It’s a question of waiting it out.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Seeker (Knight) of Swords. He is impatient and determined to reach his goals. However difficult the way ahead, he will find a way by using his considerable intellect. Even though you have accepted the situation, there may well be a way for you to spend more time together. Don’t worry at the problem like the Knight of Swords; instead relax and allow the universe to deliver a solution to you. Say, “Show me, Universe…” and see what transpires.

      As for a tip on how to keep it solid, well, that is down to the strength of your feelings for each other. If I were in your situation, and I have been in the past, I would do some private ‘scripting’. Writing out how strong and stable the relationship is; how you know you will be together in due course, how everything always works out for you, etcetera. I’d keep that little monologue going for the whole time you are apart. Read this great blog post by Lana Shlafer for how to do it.

      It will all work out in the end.

  76. Ronnie Slade

    Hello and a Happy New Year to you! My name’s Ronnie, 12th November

    I had a near death experience (NDE) between the 11th and 16th January 2016. I can’t be precise about the date but a vision appears in front of my eyes…all in black and white and rather grainy. I was definitely elsewhere! I was in a coMagistrates and unconscious for two weeks. I’ve worked in Sales and marketing for 33 years. Further to my NDE I believe I’ve had a spiritual awakening and am being drawn to create a motivational speaking business. My arrival at the hospital in January was broadcast on that countries National Television Network as was my return to thank them for saving my life. That’s credibility/ social proof I think! My question to you is should I take this route and will it be successful?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Ronnie, fascinating stuff! I’m very interested in NDEs as I write a lot about them on Psychic Elements. I’ll draw a card for you but I think you already know the answer, don’t you? You have to follow your intuition on this one.

      I’m using the Universal Waite deck, recoloured by Mary Hanson-Roberts. Your card is the Hierophant. The Hierophant is shown as a religious figure sitting before two acolytes. I prefer to see him as a guide. Someone who has had real life and spiritual experience and who is able to guide people along their path. Now you could take this in two ways. Either you need a mentor to give you a helping hand, or *you* will be the guide. It is also possible that you will set out with a particular goal in mind, but your business will develop in a slightly different direction. You have to be prepared to allow that to happen – go with the flow, kind of thing. Success cannot be measured in financial reward but in how fulfilled you feel doing it. If you are glad and happy to go to work, then you are following your bliss and financial reward will naturally attach itself to you.

      Good luck!

      1. Ronnie Slade

        Thank you for your rapid response! I forgot to mention that I am no longer fulfilled in my “day” job. So thank you for reminding of another reason for wanting to change. I feel there will be a transition into opening a spiritual centre.

        Your comment regarding a mentor intrigued me as well…I have also considered this as a way forward as well. I have a flexible approach to business and a yearning after my experience to remind people how fragile life can be.

        The completion of this project/calling would mean such a lot to me as someone who gets a buzz from helping others succeed.

        Thanks again.

        P.S. I’m going to order an in-depth reading now!

  77. Sharon

    Hi There Troi,
    Thank you for the oppurtunity of a free reading its very generous of you !
    My Dob is 30/6/66 …. Im in Australia and my question is about my job ? There has been some uncertainty around it over the past 2 years …. I would like to know if it is secure ? With thanks Sharon 💕

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Sharon,

      No problem, I enjoy doing these mini readings.

      I’m using a deck called Tarot of the New Vision and your card is the Fool.

      I love that this card showed up for you. Here’s the familiar Fool from a different angle. he’s not stepping over the cliff he is standing in awe at the spectacle of a live volcano in the distance. The Fool is a child of the universe. He is not concerned one jot about security or routine or having a safety net. He tells you that instead of seeing an uncertain future, you should view any change as an opportunity. Anxiety or speculation isn’t even part of his vocabulary. He lives each day as if it were his first – or last. Living in the moment, in awe, being open to gifts from the universe. Feeling positive, free and happy.

      Checking the card at the base of the deck – Temperance. Alchemy. Moderation. Balance in all things, mixing it up, bringing people together, making connections with others.

      I think you don’t have to worry at all, Sharon. Everything will work out fine and better than you expect.

      Good luck!

  78. Sharon

    Wow…im sort of not surprised the Fool showed up ….i have been teaching my self tarot since April last year and the Fool is a re-occurring theme along with the World card in my personal readings .
    Thanks again for the reading your detail is appreciated. Best Regards Sharon 💕

  79. Mag

    Hello Troi,

    My birthday falls on 11 April and I was wondering if anything is going to happen in my love life in the near future. Thanks in advance!


    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Mag,

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and have drawn the Seven of Pentacles. A young man stares off into the distance. He’s surrounded by a good harvest but his heart’s not in his work. This card is not usually associated with predicting new relationships although it can be linked to existing ones. I would think that the card has appeared for you in a more general sense. It indicates a mild dissatisfaction with the way things are at the moment. Everything is fine, all going well, but there’s something missing. I guess it’s the relationship, yes?

      Checking the card at the base of the deck – the Hermit. Again, this one does not suggest a new relationship is around the corner but that you should use this time alone to delve deep into your spiritual side. By getting to know yourself better and accepting that everything is as it should be, you’ll pave the way for an improved future.

      Sorry the tarot has not much to tell you right now.

      Good luck.

  80. Karen

    Dear Troi,
    I am ready for your free reading and I was born on March 25, 1975.
    In the meantime, I am curious to find out whether there will be any new opportunity for love and prosperity development and hopefully they will both arrive at the same time!
    Thank you.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi there Karen,

      I’m using the Gilded Tarot and have drawn the Ace of Cups. This lovely card shows a golden filigree chalice floating on a calm ocean. Above it is the image of an eye gazing down, with rays of light emanating from it. Above the eye, are six phases of the moon arranged in a semi-circle.

      The Ace of Cups is a powerful card indicating that there are opportunities in the very near future for you to make connections, both romantic and platonic. Aces represent the pure energy of their suit, in this case cups, which are concerned with emotion and relationships. As it is an Ace, it doesn’t specify details about these opportunities – you have to bring yourself into alignment with the energy of what you want in order for them to appear for you. So, to attract a romance, you need to get yourself into a romantic frame of mind. Feel it before it happens. Romance yourself first. Fall in love with you, and then everyone will want to love you.

      The card at the base of the deck is the King of Pentacles, Mr Prosperity himself. He could represent a real person or he might be here to remind you that he created his wealth by his own efforts and abilities. You can do the same. It’s also possible that there is someone you already know (or soon will) who can act as a role model, guide and mentor. Probably male and probably mature. Maybe he will be the romantic opportunity. Who knows? Lots of ‘possibles’ and ‘probables’ in there, but just be open to anything that the universe brings. Also feel free to ignore any thing or person who doesn’t feel right to you.

      Good luck!

  81. Lee

    Hello Troi,

    It’s been a while. How are you,

    I would like to ask again for a reading for me (May 07, 1985) and my buddy (May 13, 1985) whom I am seeing for 3 months now. The same guy from my last request. Just wanted to look into our 2017.


  82. Larquite Bolton

    I’m a new wife February 19,1984 and my husband July 6,1983 I really love my husband but I now have feelings of confusion on if I married the right person or if we should part ways.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Larquite,

      Before I draw your card, I am checking your compatibility as a couple. It’s a very general analysis based on your day and month of birth. This is a promising combination that suggests that both felt a sense of relief when you found each other. The relationship is like a safe harbor. This relationship will usually grow stronger and deeper the longer you remain together. It matures and develops into something special. Do you still need a reading?

      I’m using the Fountain Tarot and your card is… The Fountain. This is an extra card unique to this deck. So unique that I have to look up its meaning. According to the deck creators it means connectedness and awareness. The ability to see yourself as part of a whole and also as an individual, happy in solitude. I would say the appearance of this card is similar to the World card. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Of course things may change, but if, as you say, you love your husband, then there’s no reason to worry about an alternate path at the present time.

      Good luck.

  83. Dorothy

    My date of birth is 12th August and my husband date of birth is 10th February.

    How is our love/marriage relationship? Does he love me?

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Dorothy,

      Have removed your full d.o.bs as it’s not a good idea to broadcast identifying details 🙂 I don’t need them anyway, just day and month.

      This is curious combination as you are both very different in attitudes and outlook. It can work with a lot of effort by both parties but can often end up as a platonic relationship, rather than a passionate one. Leo must hold back from attempting to manipulate Aquarius by sheer force of their personality.

      I’m using the Universal Waite and your card is Strength. This is the 8th Major Arcana and it’s message for you is that if you are experiencing difficulties in your marriage, you must understand that you can solve your problems by gentleness, rather than insistence. Giving rather than expecting.

      The thing is, only you know how it is in your marriage. Do you feel loved by your husband? Have you asked him if he loves you? This card doesn’t confirm or deny so I can’t tell you. Do you feel that you have to tame him somehow? Do you hold him to impossibly high standards? – The base card is the Queen of Swords. Or is it the other way round and you feel trapped? The next card is the Eight of Swords.

      What do you really want from this relationship?

  84. Mystic Star

    Dear Troi,

    I was searching for info on starting a tarot journal and came upon your site, and so glad I did. Not just for the free readings alone which you are so generously offering, but for all the information you have here. As a budding tarot card reader (I am working with the Druidcraft and Universal Rider Waite) this is a treasure trove!

    I would be grateful to have a reading for you to throw light on something in my life. I have been separated from my husband for 2+ years, we have a 7 year old son. We have decided to go for a mutual consent divorce this year, but I am so conflicted because I want to do the right thing (which would be a reconciliation for the sake of my son and also because I am so insecure about my future financially) but at the same time my heart doesn’t want to do it. I would really appreciate a reading from you on this.

    My DOB is April 28 and his DOB is March 8 (edited by Troi)

    Thank you so very much!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Ms Star 🙂

      This birth date combination works best within a social structure – surrounded by friends, participating in groups, etcetera. You probably liked the feeling of working in a team with your husband. Marriage can succeed, but both partners need that interaction outside of the marriage in order to be happy.

      I’m using the Robin Wood, a Rider-Waite clone and have drawn the Page of Swords. Lovely card. The Page of Swords tells you that you will soon be able to cut through your own confusion and find out what you really want. This card encourages you to explore all the options, including the possibility of a ‘half-way’ solution that might suit you both. You could maintain the partnership but live in separate locations. Instead of taking your sword and severing your connection, you might think about stretching it out temporarily. Give yourselves some space. Have a look at the card on the web. I see the Page as bringing ideas from the ether down to reality. She is the carrier, or the messenger, of inspiration.

      The base card is the Nine of Wands, which indicates you are feeling worn down by circumstances, but know you have the strength to carry on. All problems are temporary. The right solution will make itself known. If you can’t decide, then take no action for now.

      Hope it works out for you, Mystic Star.

  85. Alexis

    Hi Troi,

    Thank you so much for doing these free readings. Not only are you offering a great service, but as a new Tarot enthusiast, I really enjoy seeing how you interpret the cards.

    My DOB is Dec 10 and his is June 23.

    There is a guy I really like and I would like to ask: what do I need to know about my relationship with this him? Does he feel the same way? Thank you!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Alexis, happy to meet a new tarot addict 😀

      One of the things you’ll learn as you read for more people is that it is not a good idea to try to read the thoughts of a potential partner. This is known as a third party reading and is considered to be a little unethical. Imagine if some unknown tarot reader was divining your thoughts and feelings without your knowledge.

      I can draw a card to see what the energies/influences are around your attraction, but I’m not going to attempt to read how he feels about you. That is something you will have to discover by yourself.

      I’m using the Fountain Tarot, a gorgeous deck, and your card is the Fountain card. That’s interesting – the last time I used this deck, I think this card came up. The Fountain is an extra card specific to this deck. It offers the message that everything is interconnected and that when it appears, anything is possible. It is clarity, vision and potential. And, while it is a lovely card, it doesn’t really offer you anything concrete, so I will draw another.

      Judgment. This is the 20th card of the Major Arcana and represents a calling, a certain knowledge. Therefore if you examine your attraction and your connection to your man, all you have to do is tune into your own inner guidance to find out all you want to know. You may need to let go of perceptions that are based in your past. You can’t judge this current relationship by viewing it through the veil of previous experiences; you have to see it as a completely new and unique adventure.

      Going by your birthdays, you will both find this a bit of a challenge. You may well feel as though you are restricted or restrained. As though you can’t quite be your real selves. This might mean you take a conventional pathway rather than the more expressive and eccentric route you would rather follow. In consequence, the relationship may not be able to establish the necessary strong foundations needed for a long-term commitment. The only way to overcome this is to be completely and openly honest with each other.

      Good luck!

      1. Alexis

        Thank you Troi!

        Yes, I wouldn’t like anyone divining my thoughts and feelings without my permission. Good point!

        Aaah, the Judgment card. I sometimes see this card in my amateur attempts at doing readings for my friends and when this card shows up in a love context, I’ve always had a difficult time interpreting it so this is very helpful for my learning as well.

        I do sometimes judge new relationships through the lens of past relationships so this is great advice. In terms of our birthdays, I do agree. We find it somewhat difficult to understand each other. While we really like each other, certain situations are difficult t deal with because we inherently think and feel so differently. I will just enjoy the relationship for what it is and whatever happens will happen. 😀

        Thank you!!

        1. theraggededge Post author

          Excellent conclusion, and by taking that view, you are giving the relationship room to grow. Have fun!

  86. George H. Silva

    Hi, Troi, First of all love your site and your postings. I’m relatively new to the world of Tarot. I just completed a course yesterday and received my diploma as an “official” Tarot Reader. The problem I’m having is that I’m still doubtful this is the right path for me. I find that sedentary work can be rather dull as I was used to have a very fulfilling career as a Trainer and Executive of HR. Unfortunately, my health prevents from doing any physical or demanding work, thus I must find solace in a more sedentary type of profession. As I always found Tarot reading fascinating and “scary” at the same time, and I was always curious about it, I decided to follow this path and discovered I can be very good at it. However, I find myself not wanting to expose myself and I’d rather not do readings (perhaps my fear of failure). Having said all that, I guess my main question is, “Am in the right path? (Is Tarot reading going to fulfill my needs and become my main profession?). My date of birth is December 8, (edited by troi). I was born at 10:30 a.m. in Brazil. PS: I have a request, could you do the one-card reading using Ciro’s Gilded Tarot (this is the deck I use!). Thanks in advance!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      How lovely to be asked to use a specific deck. I’m very happy to do so. Putting yourself out there is quite intimidating at first, but I assure you that once you have a few readings under your belt, you’ll gain more confidence in your abilities. After all, I expect you felt the same way at the start of your previous career? It helps if you treat tarot reading as a service to your clients, rather than as a mystical, magical thing for which you need supernatural powers 😀

      So, using the marvellous Gilded Tarot, I have drawn the Four of Wands. Go dig it out now. The card is illustrated by a family: father, mother and child. They stand beneath a canopy of flower garlands hung from four upright staves. It’s a comfortable scene.

      The Four of Wands indicates that at this moment in time, it may be better for you to relax and think about your career achievements so far. Assess all those people skills you acquired and work out how you can transfer them to tarot. Fours represent stability and lack of movement, so you are not quite ready to push on through. Spend some time just getting comfortable with the idea of pursuing a career in tarot. Play with it. Have fun and don’t treat it too seriously.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Seven of Swords, which indicates you may be thinking you need to grab on to this for dear life. I get the feeling that it’s all connected with your sense of self-worth. The card, itself, shows someone who is unwilling to let themselves be seen. Time will pass and you will know when you are ready to get out there. Not just yet, but soon.

      I can’t tell you from these two cards if this is the right path, George. You know though, don’t you? You can feel it. In any case, there’s nothing to lose by giving it a try when you feel more confident. It doesn’t mean you have to make this great big commitment.

      Good luck and I hope you are a raging success!

      1. George H. Silva

        Oh my Troi, this was so right on I’m speechless. It’s funny because I love the 4 of Wands but absolutely hate the 7 of Swords. I can’t thank you enough for your free reading. Please keep up the great work and may you always have a bright light surrounding you filling you with happiness and good health. Take care and thanks again!

        1. theraggededge Post author

          You are very welcome, George. Come back and have another one in a couple of months.

          Edit: I forgot to ask – what was the course/certification you completed?

  87. Ella

    What future relationships(friendships & working) do you see for me in the next year/years?
    DOB 10th July

    Thankyou for offering free one card readings! Your interpretations of the Gild Tarot have especially helped me as I have recently purchased and begun studying that particular Tarot deck. For my reading, could you perhaps use the Gilded? Just so I can understand it better? If not, that’s perfectly fine! Thankyou again!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Ella, thank you for your request. Yes, I’d love to used the Gilded Tarot for you.

      That’s a big question, in terms of time, for one little card, but I’ll do my best. It helps if you understand that any reading is a snapshot of energy in the present moment, so a reading about the future really needs to be longer so that the present can be shown as leading into the future. Sort of “if this is what you are doing now, it is likely to lead to….”. Hence it’s a bit restricted with one or two cards. We’ll see what shows up.

      Your card is Justice, a beautiful image of a blind-folded woman in a shimmering satin dress, holding a glowing sun in her right hand and a silvery moon in her left. There are beams of light between them and another sun effigy in the foreground of the card. In front of the woman stand the scales of Justice and behind her we can see a golden arch and a rising sun.

      This card tells you that, in friendships and relationships, you must seek a balanced perspective. You may be drawn towards unusual people, and that’s fine, but don’t let one particular relationship color the others. In other words, don’t get unbalanced by allowing it to take over your life. Always take a step back and let the sun illuminate the truth. I knew a girl, who fell in love with a boy at the age of 16. The relationship, if you could call it that, only lasted a couple of weeks. However, for years and years, that relationship was her touchstone. Every other person was compared to him. It completely skewed her vision.

      As far as friendships go, I bet you are attracted to bohemian types. People who aren’t afraid to be different. Follow their lead, but you must tread your own path and express yourself in whatever way you feel suits you best. It really is important that you do express your personality outward and not become introverted in an unhealthy way – there’s nothing wrong with introversion either, but if it holds you back, then it becomes a problem.

      Enjoy your tarot journey, Ella, and I hope you find the most wonderful friendships along the way.

  88. Apple Dominguez

    Hi Troi,

    I would like to ask if my husband and I could have a child of our own in the future. Thank you!

    December 9th.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hello Apple,

      If you have read through other readings here, you’ll know I will never attempt to answer a question like yours directly. And, if you think about it, if you are suitable as parents, there is always the possibility that you will have a child one way or another. It’s your choice.

      So what I will do is draw a card to see what general energy is around you at the moment. I’m using the Universal Waite and have drawn the Four of Cups. The card depicts a young man sitting at the base of a tree. His arms are folded and he is looking down a little disconsolately. There are three gold chalices in front of him. To his right hand side another chalice is being offered to him by a disembodied hand, but he doesn’t appear to notice.

      The Four of Cups represents emotional security. However, it can also mean a sort of low-level dissatisfaction with life. This may or may not be connected to your longing for a child. I get the feeling that you see a baby as the missing piece in your life together as a couple. That you need to feel complete. As I said, I can’t tell you whether you will have a child or not, however, you must be careful not to shut out other opportunities or pathways which may be available to you. Don’t allow your focus to be concentrated on this one issue.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Two of Cups, which shows that the bond you have with your husband is very strong. It tells you to pay attention to each other and make your marriage be the most important thing to concentrate on right now. Twos can also point to a time of waiting, so just be relaxed about all this. A child will arrive when the time is right, in whatever manner the Universe deems perfect for you.

      Good luck, Apple.

      1. Apple Dominguez

        Thank you so much troi. This helps a lot. It’s good to know that you could see our marriage is pretty strong. Having the best husband is awesome. Though we want to have a child all we need to do is wait for the right time. Thank you and God Bless!

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