In-depth Tarot Readings & Tarot Birth Card Analysis

If you have tried a free one-card reading, you may be intrigued and looking for more. I can offer tarot card packsyou a longer, written reading delivered direct to your email address. I will take as many cards as necessary to delve into your situation and do my best to give you clear, crisp advice.

Your unique, one-off reading will be around 2,000 words, which takes me around an hour or two to complete. It will be sent as a Word.doc file unless you specify otherwise. You will be able to keep it forever and refer back to it when you need to. I will also answer any questions which arise from it.

Order, then contact me via the contact form at the bottom of this page. If I don’t hear from you first, I will be in touch soon. If these options below don’t suit you, email me and we can discuss what sort of reading would be best.

Option One: Regular In-depth Readings

$30.00 USD (click below)


£22.00 UK Sterling (click below)


Option 2: Quickie Birth Cards Analysis OR Short Three-Card reading

Use the buttons below to order a birth card analysis or a short (600 words or thereabouts) three-card reading.

British Sterling: £8.00 (click below)

US Dollars $12.00 (click below)

Generally your reading should arrive within 48 hours of your request. However, please bear in mind that I am in the UK so my time may be different to yours. I will let you know if there might be a delay.

Please click on the appropriate Buy Now button (either US Dollars or UK Pounds) and ask your question on the PayPal form. Alternatively (or additionally) you can email me directly with your question. You can also email me via the contact form below prior to ordering a reading if you have any queries:

Tarot Association of the British Isles endorsed reader

Please read the disclaimer at the foot of the page.

Code of Ethics:

  • I will always respect my clients’ confidentiality. No-one but you and I will see your reading, unless you choose to share it.
  • I will always try to provide clear insight and useful information
  • I will always attempt to share practical ways for growth
  • I will always show my clients respect
  • I will do my best, whenever possible, to relate my insights to real life
  • I will always be as specific as possible, where appropriate
  • I will try to show my clients that they always have a choice
  • I will always ensure that my readings are useful and truthful
  • I will not knowingly read for anyone under the age of 18
  • I will not do third party readings.

Disclaimer: All readings are provided for entertainment purposes only. Never make a decision or take a course of action based on advice from the tarot. Always weigh up your choices carefully.

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