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    1. theraggededge Post author

      Well, as far as I know ‘sambar’ is a spicy lentil dish or a type of deer, so I’m not quite sure what I am supposed to focus on for your reading, Clare. However, I will draw a card and perhaps it will have some meaning for you.

      Using the Robin Wood tarot I’ve drawn the Hanged Man. This card shows a young man hanging by his legs from a tree branch. His arms are behind his back and he appears to be quite relaxed.

      The Hanged Man signifies a need to suspend action. You need to step back from the issue as it will resolve itself with the simple passing of time. You may not know how to deal with it right now but just by diverting your attention to other things will reveal exactly what you need to do. Relax and go with the flow.

    2. marissa schoolcraft

      October 17, 1986

      Will my husband finally see my viewpoint on needing him to find a second job due to having half of his pay go to child support, me starting school, And us unable to pay bills and eat emergency meals that are post dated,and make an effort to find a way and be successful?

      1. theraggededge Post author

        Hello Marissa,

        Sorry to hear of your current difficulties. I can’t do a third party reading, i.e. one that can tell you whether another person will change his thinking. What I can do is to draw a card to see if your circumstances are likely to improve soon.

        Using the Robin Wood I have drawn the Knight of Pentacles. This is a card that is often connected to a real person. I’d guess that it is very possibly your husband. The Knight of Pentacles is a good man; someone who is prepared to work hard and to do whatever it takes. He can be quiet but still waters run deep and there are things he may keep hidden. This is not a deliberate ruse to deceive you but simply his personality and the way he is. That will never change. You must know that if he makes a commitment or a promise, he will always be true to it. As I said, I can’t tell you what he thinks or whether he will change his mind, that would be difficult, not to mention slightly unethical.

        As this card hasn’t really given you any information that you can use, I’ll draw another one. Eight of Cups. This card indicates that one of you may have to make a big sacrifice in order to get past this uncomfortable time. I’m not sure which one, but it is a sacrifice that holds a lot of emotional investment. Whatever it is, it will hurt but it must be done. There is a difficult path ahead but eventually it will lead to a better life. It could relate to your husband getting a second job and having to break a promise that he doesn’t want to break. It could mean that you will have to think twice about school and consider putting it off for a year or two. Only you know what it relates to.

        I really hope it all works out for you, Marissa. Best of luck.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Carolyn, thanks for your request.

      I am using the Robin Wood tarot and the card I have drawn for you is the Five of Swords.

      I’ll start by saying that you may well attract a deep love relationship in the coming year, however this card does not address your question in the terms that you were probably hoping for. I have always found that the cards will give you an answer that you need to hear right now. In other words, the universe (or wherever you think these messages come from) says, ‘Yeah, yeah… but listen up…’

      The Five of Swords indicates some kind of conflict, especially in the realm of communication with others. A situation is happening, or about to happen where one person is going to try to outsmart another. If you take a look at the card, it is important that you try to identify with one of the figures:

      1. The person in the foreground has come out on top. He is pleased and looks to be gloating at his success.
      2. The figure with his back to us, looking out across the water, is devastated at the loss, and feels the defeat is a negative event.
      3. The person turning and walking away to the left has made the choice to put the situation behind him and move on.

      That kind of tells you how to deal with the situation, doesn’t it? If you are in the position of ‘winning’ then be aware of the effect you may be having. If you allow someone to hold so much influence that their actions or words make you feel defeated, then you are giving away your power. If you decide that the issue is not worth the effort and the person is not worth your attention, then shrug your shoulders and walk away. That gives the victor nothing to push against and his/her win will seem very hollow.

      If this is mixed up with a relationship issue, then remember this card – it is not a relationship you want. It could be a three-way situation and there is no love here for you. Move on, as there will be something better round the corner.

      Sorry the card does not give you the answer you seek, however, do come back and try again in a month or so. In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.

      1. Carolyn

        Wow, you nailed it really. I’ve been in a forced communication stand-off… not my choice but his and feeling extremely hurt and confused. One minute I’m feeling like the ‘winner’ the next the ‘loser’, and then get pissed off at myself and want to shrug it off and move on… but, I’ve been unable to for whatever reason. I guess I was hoping to get a more positive message that the stand-off would be over and things would improve. My reactions are exhausting me. I’ve recently started tarot journaling and I appreciate your insights and techniques…it will help me unravel my emotions and see clearly that there is much to be thankful for and move on!

        1. theraggededge Post author

          Thanks so much for getting back to me Carolyn – feedback means so much when we send our readings off into the ether, not knowing if they are of any use or not. It’s horrible when I focus on a question and the cards throw up a card that seems to be unrelated and nowhere near the answer we were looking for. I can tell you, it’s a temptation to reshuffle and try again! However, it’s best just to plow on with the reading and hope that there’s a nugget in there somewhere 🙂

          Okay, well you have to decide how much more time and emotional energy you are willing to spend on this person. I guess not much. You have learned tons from this situation and now it’s not serving you in any positive way. Get happy, forgive him, and say cheerio. Life is too good to waste on someone who doesn’t appreciate you with every fiber of his being.

          Good luck!

          1. Carolyn

            Right now, I’m marveling in how the Universe continually works to bring us the support and answers that we most need to know at the precise moment we need to know something! I plan to take this to heart… thank you for being that guide for me! I refuse to compromise what I know to be true about myself and what I truly want in a relationship. I will press onward and try to cultivate blind faith that someday I will have a partner who truly loves and appreciates me as I am. I’m excited to practice your journaling techniques…this was exactly what I needed to be doing to help me release past issues and gain confidence in myself again! I’ll be reading your articles and learning from you! Thank you so much and happy holidays to you and yours! 2014 is going to be a kick-ass year for both of us!

          2. theraggededge Post author

            Yay to all that!

            I shall keep you in mind, Carolyn, as I add articles – please ask me anything; I will be glad to help in any way. Tarot has opened so many doors and presented me with so many revelations over the years. I hope it will do the same for you.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi there Martin,

      I am using the Robin Wood tarot and have drawn the 10 of Swords. A little off-putting but it has a message for you, I’m sure.

      The 10 of Swords suggests that before you can move forward, something has to come to an end. It’s a big ending too. There needs to be a clear-out of both energy and things of a practical nature. It can feel like the end of the world but have faith, it isn’t. Whatever it is must happen in order for your life to become meaningful again.

      I don’t know if you are in a job at the moment, but the card could mean that it has to end before you can continue. Swords in tarot can stand for communication, thought and legal matters – perhaps you will have to set some legal wheels in action in order to receive some reward or compensation. Go find an image of the card – Robin Wood Ten of Swords – you’ll see a dead bloke with 10 swords stuck in his back. Looks terminal. Nevertheless, the sun is rising and the dark clouds are lifting, which shows that the worst will soon be over and a new phase is about to begin.

      The card does not answer your question directly (when do they ever?), however, I will say that there are loads of things you can do to get your business going – you might discover you need much less money than you think. It takes a little thinking about and writing stuff down. I highly recommend you read the book “Be a Free-Range Human” by Marianne Cantwell. She helps people get to the essence of what they want in a new business so that it can be started easily without spending too much money.

      Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

  1. SS

    Hello. I am up against a lot of obstacles in my life; I almost feel cursed. What I thought I was and would achieve has been torn from under me and I’m directionless, meaningless, and pretty hopeless. My legal/living situation is precarious (I’m facing visa trouble that will separate me from my partner) and depends on our income. Money and employment are a huge problem/worry and they have so much bearing on the rest of the trouble. So, long story made one-card short, how on earth can we get our employment and finances stable (so the rest of life can start to be, too)?

    Thanks for this and for sharing your knowledge on this site.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Shannon, very sorry to hear you are overwhelmed right now. It is a big question for one card, but let’s see what we get.

      Using the good old Robin Wood, I have drawn the Page of Swords.

      Inserting my canned description here 🙂

      This Page holds her sword aloft as she runs down a grassy slope. Her hair is long and streams out behind her as she runs. She wears a short, sky-blue tunic, the hem of which depicts clouds and birds. Her shoes are soft and are the same blue as her tunic, and the cuffs appear to be wings. There is a small telescope attached to her belt. Her expression is one of exhilaration and enthusiasm. Light reflects dazzlingly from her sword. The sky is filled with white cumulus clouds but there is blue sky to be seen. It is a windy day shown by the grass being blown flat under the Page’s light feet.

      Okay, I noticed some key words and phrases in your question – these:

      up against obstacles
      torn from me
      facing trouble
      separate me from my partner

      From what you say, it seems as though every moment of your day is either spent pushing against something or giving your power to someone else (or the system). I would suggest you follow the Page of Swords and for the next half hour just let it be. Simply give up, just for now. I want you to look around and say to yourself, “Right now, in this very moment, I’m fine. My partner is fine. We are fine. Everything is good for us” There is no harm coming to you in this very moment. Hold on to that, and say it over and over as you go through your day. In the meantime, do what you have to do.

      The really great thing about the Page of Swords is that she is able to pluck ideas out of the air and bring them into realization. However, the key to doing this is to give up on ‘pushing against’. Go look at the card – she is not pushing against; she is letting gravity and the wind take her. While your mind is focused on the problems, the solutions are unable to come – they are in a different place. I know this is hard to do, and I know you are reading these words and thinking, what the hell is she going on about? Believe me, I have been in situations where I felt trapped and powerless (1, a physically abusive marriage, and then 2. being alone with a new baby with no idea how I was going to keep us). In both situations, the way out was when I finally let go of the outcome. In both situations, I cam across the solution accidentally – I completely distracted myself from the problem, and today, whenever we are ‘up against it’, I absolutely know that the best way to make the nasties go away is to tell myself, “Everything is all right, in this moment”, and go and get on with my day.

      You will be amazed at how things work out and how quickly it all falls into place. Now, you might not get the outcome you desire, but if you go with it, don’t fight battles you can’t win, then one day, you will look back and understand that the universe had a bigger plan for you that you just can’t see right now. In my case, I know that if I hadn’t gone through all that awfulness, I wouldn’t be here, with a loving partner, a secure life and two gorgeous kids.

      Right now, in this moment, while you are reading these words, you are okay. You are safe. Everything is going to work out for the best. Stop fighting, learn to release the resistance and mentally let yourself run downhill. Your solution will follow shortly.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      I meant also to say that if you take each problem, or aspect of a large problem, and call it a ‘project’, you may find that you have access to more ideas. The Page of Swords is a great brainstormer!

  2. SS

    Ah, neat. I can see the value of thinking about the issues rather than feeling them. I guess I mean kind of a detached approach of solving a puzzle (from a place of safety, where it’s okay trying different approaches that pop into your head because there’s no worry in making mistakes and getting a “wrong” answer) rather than getting into a flap and responding in a panic at a presumed outcome that hasn’t arrived.

    Thank you again!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Well, trusting your feelings is fine too but not usually when you are in turmoil – you can’t find the solutions from that place. So yes, you’re exactly right, if you can calm yourself and feel safe in the moment, then you will be able to let the ideas flow to you. It’s going to be fine. 🙂

  3. sonia alfonso

    HI, I will like to know if my true love is someone from my past or the one I have met a few months ago?

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Sonia,

      Thanks for your request.

      I have drawn your card from the Robin Wood Tarot. It is the Ace of Wands, the card of passionate beginnings. This card suggests that you are yet to meet the person who will be your lifetime partner. I can’t rule out someone from your past, but my deep feeling is that it will be someone new. The Ace of Wands indicates that you will know without question when you are with ‘the one’. You won’t need to ask the tarot or receive validation from outside of yourself. My golden rule is ‘if you have to ask, then he’s not the one’.

      Alternatively, this card can mean a number of things – a new (non-romantic) passion, a new idea or plan, a strong calling to fulfill some dream or reach a certain goal. It’s a very positive card with a very strong connection to ‘life force’. Once its influence is felt, it is irresistible.

      I wish you luck and hope you meet the right person very soon.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello, not sure how to address you but as your ‘author name’ says Tran, then that’s what I’ll call you. Apologies if that’s incorrect.

      I am using the Robin Wood deck and the card drawn for you, Tran, is the Six of Cups. This is a lovely card depicting two children exchanging a gift of flowers. Your birth-date suggests that you would be excellent working in a caring or service position. You are an excellent team-worker and an ideal co-worker as you get on with most people very well.

      The Six of Cups is always a positive card, so I think you will receive a job offer very soon. The illustration of the boy holding out the flowers to the girl could well be construed as a ‘gift’ of employment. What you must remember is that you can turn any job into the right job for you. All it takes is enthusiasm, a willingness to learn, the ability to share ideas as to how to make improvements and a smile. With these attributes in mind, you will impress your employers and will make progress in your career. Another thing to remember is that you must assign some time to solitude. You are the kind of person who needs to recharge their energy regularly. Constant noise, activity and interaction with others can drain you, so make sure you get plenty of peace and quiet during your time off.

      Good luck!

  4. Alice

    Will my past relationship live through the hard times?
    or Will any great love oppotunity turn up during the forthcoming one year?
    dob: 15-01-1977 thanks so much

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Alice, thanks for your reading request.

      I’m not sure I understand your first question so I’m going with the second one 🙂

      The tarot deck I’m using is the Arcus Arcanum and your card is the Ace of Cups.

      So, you asked will love come to you during the next year? In one word – yes! The Ace of Cups represents a new attraction – it could be love or the beginnings of a deep friendship. It tells you that someone you will meet has the potential to become very special to you. You will know immediately when you look at this person – and the feeling will be mutual. I can’t tell you when this is going to happen, but be alert to all opportunities and make sure you say yes to as many invitations as possible. The next year looks like it will be good for you. Have fun!

      1. Alice

        thank you so much mam~i d like to follow your advice, it gives me much hope and support…
        in fact, i experienced much frustration in the past eight months. it is from one of my classmates.
        when i attended a class last year, he treated me very nice and somewhat ambiguous which make me fall in love with him. we have developed good friendship and had intimate time in chatting and studying together. but love for me seems a totally incomprehensible thing. Once day it gives me immense happiness and the next day it grieves me so much. i mean, he changed his attitude sharply this year, and become very cold and detached. i managed some efforts to change the situation, but it isn’t of much help. I tried several times to invite him for communication, while he always refused with silence. There are obstacles between us. he is younger than me and not as mature as me. Though i never fear of anything, i’m a little impatient. i believe i can control myself and give up. But there is still confusion in my mind. i’m not sure i should wait a little more, or totally forget about him. Since we still have one year lessons, the relationship is a big challenge for me 🙂

        1. theraggededge Post author

          Alice, in my experience, if someone withdraws from a relationship, then it’s their way of trying to end the relationship without hurting the other person. Of course it would help if they were honest about their feelings – at least you would know where you stand with them. My advice: give up on that one and make room in your life for the new love to flourish. Good luck!

          1. Alice

            i fully understand and agree with your opinion~that’s why i didn’t behave too active or aggressive. in fact, every time when i decided to let it go, i dream about him showing there is some excuses for his action, and there is alway some competition transformed from the sex energy which is not admitted by him. i just dont want to feel sorry for not carrying my responsibility for him. from my own aspect, i have confidence in future. thank you for listening to my complaints and giving instructions. you are so nice. best wishes for you too~~

  5. Veronica


    My date of birth is 6.10.87
    I am currently trying to change my career path and set up a new alternative therapy business. It is still early days and I give this a lot of my time and effort. I would like to know if my chosen path is right for me in the long term?
    Time now is 10:10pm UK

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Veronica,

      I am using the Robin Wood Tarot and the card I’ve drawn for you is the Page of Cups. This is a lovely card to represent your new career path. The Page of Cups is a sensitive soul who is very aware of other people’s vulnerabilities. She is empathic and gentle, and people know they can trust her – she makes them feel safe. So I would guess that you are on the right path.

      What I will say to you, from personal experience (I am a qualified reflexologist) is that your business must make your heart sing. You must feel enthusiasm for it, even when times are tough. If it makes you feel jaded, frustrated or disinterested, then it’s not for you. Challenges are good. Difficult clients are good – as long as you can keep your spirits up generally.

      The Page of Cups is the explorer of emotions; matters of the heart and feelings. She is always willing to examine her emotional response to external and internal events. She is in tune with her inner guidance. It is important that you learn to trust yours in the same way. When you have decisions to make your gut feeling is the one to follow.

      Hope it all works out for you, Veronica. Blessings.

      1. Veronica

        Thank you, it is very nice to hear some reassurance when you are doubting. I feel very much like you described about my new career choice. It is the feeling of calm and at the same time of storm of emotions and satisfaction from helping others.
        Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts too, it helps a lot.

        1. theraggededge Post author

          Glad to help.

          Doubts are usually inevitable in any change of career- you can easily turn them on their heads by transforming them into questions and then providing the answers. For example: Doubt: I won’t be able to attract enough clients. Question: What small thing can I do right now to attract one client? Answer: I could find a suitable local group to join on Facebook, or I could go and post one of my flyers at my nearest gym, or I could do a web search for an alternative therapy directory, or I could research some upcoming events that align with my business…. you get the idea.

          Just by doing one little thing to alleviate the doubt (whatever it is), you will feel reassurance that you are moving in the right direction.


          1. Veronica

            I have read about this technique before, actually. It really is a good way to set your mind onto positive thinking!
            I think you should share this way of approaching situations with everyone who is having hard decisions to make or doubts like me.
            I guess it means that if I want to make this new idea of mine work, I will.
            Thanks once again

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi here, M.

      Your card is the Hierophant, the 5th Major Arcana. It doesn’t say for certain one way or the other. What it does tell you is to seek further advice. 1. from one or more advisers and 2. from someone who has recently purchased, or tried to purchase their own home. It is likely you will pick up information you weren’t aware of, or even another avenue to try.

      The Hierophant is often thought to represent established institutions – for example, in your case, that might mean banks and other lenders. I like to think of the card as representing someone who has already trodden the path that you are about to take. You can learn a lot from them.

      Good luck!

  6. Neeta


    I’m at a very confused state of my life in terms of what career path should i choose. Right now my life is like a blank canvas and i’m very afraid what colors to choose to make it bright and happy. Would it be safe to go back to what i’m qualified for and hold 7 years of experience or will i get success, fame & money for which my heart yearns for – a creative or even a spritual field. Also, i’ve been struggling with weight management for couple of years now and i’ve not been able to achieve my desired results. Will i achieve what i seek? Please help. My DOB – 7 March 83.

    Thank you in anticipation.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Neeta,

      You’ve asked some big questions for one card. For now I’ll focus on your career.

      Using the Robin Wood deck, I have drawn the King of Swords. I’ll just describe the card for you: The King of Swords stands on the top of a wind-swept hill. He stands firm with his arms crossed and holds a sword in his right hand, which, because of his crossed arms points vertically up past his left shoulder. The sword’s scabbard hangs down at his waist. His expression is stern and he looks directly and intently at the viewer. He wears a winged helmet and a night-sky lined cloak. Underneath the cloak he wears a short sky-blue tunic decorated with clouds at the hem. The sky above is grey with low cumulus clouds billowing up from the horizon and several birds fly high.

      This card is telling you straight “Stop faffing around and make a decision – and once you have made the decision, then make that decision be the right one.” In other words, either one could be right and either one could be wrong. It’s what you do when you have embarked on the path which will determine your success, failure, happiness or misery.

      The card can’t tell which path to take but dithering is not getting you anywhere. If you yearn for a creative life, and being a Pisces, this is natural for you, then you have to take some small steps towards it. You said ‘will I get success….etc.” No, you won’t ‘get’ it. It’s not going to fall out of the sky or be awarded to you, Neeta. You must go after what you want; and to do that means taking action in that direction.

      Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t go back to your previous career and have a creative life within it and/or outside of it. Any work can be creative if you put your heart into it.

      Sorry to be so forthright but that is the way the King of Swords is – straight, honest and sometimes a little brutal 🙂 If we were to ask his advice on weight loss, he would tell you that if you start now and stick with it, in a year’s time you will achieve your ideal weight. If you don’t start and don’t stick with it, in a year’s time you will be in the same place you are now.

      I think I need to take the King’s advice to heart myself 🙂

      Good luck in making your choices… and do go and look at the card on Google images. Just search for Robin Wood King of Swords.

      1. Neeta

        Thankyou so much for taking up my query and helping me to look at my situation & options so forthright. Really appreciate your time & the way you have so patiently detailed out the entire reading to me. I guess its the decision time & the right time to take small actions towards the decision made.
        It was my decision to take a break from what i’ve been doing all these years & follow my passions – theatre, cooking, fashion. And by God’s good grace, i’m into that break right now. However, i happen to meet a psychic yesterday as i was passing by a street & she murmur few things about me (which were true of me) and then she said ”i see you heading towards golden direction in 2015 but there’s an evil energy blocking you right now” and that of course scared me to the hell. I’m a firm believer of God & that if you spread positive vibes, so you get. But, as i stand on the edge of my new phase, i certainly don’t want any negative/evil energy to block my way and so while i was browsing today & i read your blog, i just wanted to know if all’s well at my end & that i’m heading into the right direction.

        Thanks once again & shall keep you posted on how i’m performing on my decision. Ans yes, i did look up for The King of Swords and meditate on the card for couple of minutes to get the right message. 🙂

        Also, my journey for a ‘new me’ begins today with my first step on the wightloss road. 🙂 🙂

        p.s: Apologies for such a long write up. 😉

        Stay blessed & happy. 🙂

        1. theraggededge Post author

          Don’t you ever take any notice of anyone who talks of ‘evil’ and ‘curses’. It’s absolute rot. Of course what she said to you resonated – it probably would have resonated with me too. These people are very skilled at planting seeds of fear and doubt. Things are as they are. There is no ‘evil energy’, I promise you.

          Have a read of this: http://www.squidoo.com/cursed-evil-eye

          Take care, Neeta, and stay positive. x

  7. Tran

    Tran Huynh 29/08/1986

    I’m freelancer. And now I’m afraid of my career path. So I need some advice

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Tran, I have already done a reading for you about your career on the 8th of May.

      Best of luck.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Andrea,

      I’m afraid I can’t give you a specific date and time – I’m not good with timings. I do like your determination that you *will* meet him. Very positive outlook. I’ll draw a card to see what information we can glean.

      Using the Robin Wood, I have drawn the Ten of Cups. Wow… You *are* going to create a home/family/life with someone special. Go Google ‘Robin Wood Ten of Cups’. I get the feeling there will be grandchildren involved.

      The Ten of Cups signifies security, love and blessings. Happy-ever-after. If I were to take it literally, Cups signify autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, so maybe you will meet him in October? There are birds on this card and I wonder if they are, or will be significant in any way?

      The important thing is to keep your heart open by falling in love with the most important person in your life – you. Love is attracted to love, and a lady who is happy, positive and full of life is irresistible. Good luck in your quest.

  8. M.T.

    Hullo! My question is hopefully simple. I’ve been hung up on a woman whom I’m pretty sure I have no chance at all with. Is there any advice you can offer for moving on (romance-wise, I mean; she’s still a good friend to me), drawing a single card?

    10/30/90 (not the birth-date you’d expect from a guy asking for personal advice, eh?)

    Thanks very much.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      🙂 I think we can all use a little clarity at any age. Mind you, I can categorically say that I knew *everything* at 24. Or I thought I did.

      I am reading your question in three ways (not so simple, then). Maybe you really want to know if you have a chance with this lovely lady, or you really want to know how to transform your fascination to a good-buddy friendship, or perhaps it really is the simple option of whether there is a new romance on the horizon to distract you? I think I’ll let the card determine which one it will answer.

      Robin Wood – Eight of Wands. Eight intricately-wrought rods are moving from earth toward space in a tight formation. They appeared to be powered by variously coloured precious stones. You can see the surface of the earth and two other planets and a moon in the background. There are huge amounts of energy and potential in this card.

      The traditional meaning for this card is often given as ‘the arrows of love’. It signified growing passion and sometimes even pregnancy. More usually these days it represents ‘getting your stuff together’; becoming more focused and organised (s’cuse British spelling). In other words, you need to simplify your life in order to allow the new love to enter. Easier said than done when it comes to those treacherous feelings. I’m pretty sure that the current focus of your thoughts has complications of her own. I think you have to settle this one way or the other and this is infinitely simple and infinitely scary. Just ask her.

      Do it. Ask her out for a coffee. Tell her you like her and see what she says. You aren’t a teenager, you are a confident 24 year old. The absolute worst that can happen is that she says she’s not interested in you in that way. Painful, yes, but as you have already said she’s a good friend, she will try her best not to hurt your feelings. She might even say yes… jackpot! At least you will know which direction your arrows should be pointed.

      Hope that helps! Best of luck.

      1. M.T.

        Heh, my note about my birth-date was more commentary on Scorpios than my age 😉

        I would do my own reading on the matter, but the subject makes me quite anxious and I feel like I’m too clouded to read my cards with clear perspective. Funnily enough, ‘perspective’ is a word that comes to mind when I look at the Robin Wood version of the Eight of Wands. The interpretation about “pulling oneself together” or focusing myself seems like very sound advice. I guess my question dealt more with how to not keep wallowing in unsatisfied emotions, and the Robin Wood Eight of Wands has an interesting wisdom applying to this situation.

        Thank you for your reading!

        1. theraggededge Post author

          Ah… I took your Scorpio-ness for granted – I’m surrounded by them (my mother and my son). I stand by what I said – actually expressing your feelings to the object of your desire will sort things out faster than you trying to suppress them by moving on too soon. At least you’ll know exactly where you stand. Why am I thinking that there is more than one person involved? Anyway… nice to meet you, young Scorpio-man xx

  9. V


    Loved your site, its so beautiful and neat.

    My question might be a little corny. I am getting back into the “looking for love” mode after a long break of 4 years, after a painful break-up. What can I expect or look for?

    date of birth 8th sept. 1982

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Thank you for your kind words, Vandana. I really should add more content.

      No question is corny if it is meaningful to the questioner. Let’s give it a go.

      Robin Wood, Nine of Pentacles (cue my boilerplate description): The Nine of Pentacles depicts a woman standing in what appears to be a gorgeous, verdant garden. She is idly touching the nearby roses with her right hand. On her left wrist she carries a falcon. Her clothes are luxurious and in the background there is an intricate golden decorative arch or gateway. The sky is blue, not a cloud in sight.

      The Nine of Pentacles indicates that right now, you need to find contentment right where you are. You may be feeling as though enough time has passed, in fact, you might be worried that time is zooming by and you have a personal destiny to fulfill and it’s not happening.

      The way to invite love into your life is to fall in love with yourself. Sounds trite, I know. I recommend you get yourself a copy of ‘Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It by Kamal Ravikant – it’s pretty cheap on Kindle (or Kindle app). Short and to the point. It perfectly describes how to attain the state represented by this card. If you can get to the stage where you feel so happy that love would simply be a delicious bonus, then love will come for sure.

      When you do find your love, make sure you pay heed to previous mistakes. Don’t go hiding your emotions – at least be prepared to talk about them in an honest manner, if not in great depth. You are allowed to be vulnerable within the confines of a safe relationship; so don’t shut the other person out.

      Hope that helps a little and that love finds a way to you very soon. x

      1. V


        I must say I love the concise way write out the readings. Thank you so much for your patience and your time.

        What you’ve said actually resonates with me – especially this sentence.
        “time is zooming by and you have a personal destiny to fulfill and it’s not happening.” I feel so much pressure to go ‘out there and do something’ that I never thought I should just ‘be’. You’re also right about the hiding emotions part – I tend to do that a lot out of fear.
        Thank you for your suggestions, I will definitely read that book. I’ve been hearing that sentence a lot ‘love yourself’ but I am still not able to fully understand it enough to make it a daily practice.

        Looking forward to reading more articles from you.

        Bright blessings to you and more power to your tarot journeys!

  10. Ashley

    Thank you for your informative website, and your free reading. I am fairly new to tarot and I am having trouble reading for myself. How do you handle a card perceived as negative in a future position? I’m a big believer in how our thoughts create our future (think positive). So, I suppose my question is, how do I move away from my fears (illness, loss of loved one’s, ect.)? My DOB is Oct. 1, 1975.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi there, Ashley. I think we all have trouble reading for ourselves. It is hard to remain objective, and we tend to see what we want to see. I hardly ever read for myself these days.

      The first thing you need to remember is that all cards are essentially neutral. We give the images meaning through the lens of our conditioning. For example, sometimes I think the Devil means ‘Go ahead, be a devil and have some chocolate.’ It’s all in the context. It might help you to go through your deck and write down the most positive meaning for every card and the most negative. In your readings the meaning will usually fall somewhere on the scale between the two extremes. Don’t be afraid of using your own layer of meaning either – like I just did with the Devil.

      I agree with you about our thinking creates our world/life/future/reality. However, trying to think positive all the time often defeats the objective – and then you feel bad about feeling bad. My method follows the Abraham-Hicks teachings. It goes… you are where you are and that’s okay. Have a little wallow and then try to move to a better feeling one step at a time. Couldn’t be easier 🙂

      Okay, let’s draw a card. I’m using Revelations Tarot tonight. Your card is The Lovers Vl This is interesting… if you are learning tarot, you’ve probably heard of the Fool’s Journey. When the Fool meets the Hierophant, he receives instruction on the established spiritual paths; he is given the wisdom of those who have trodden the path/s before. When he reaches the Lovers, he must establish his own belief system. There are decisions to be made that will shape his world view.

      I think this is where you are right now. You are prone to perfectionism, which hinders you, rather than helps you. Now would be a good time to ease up on yourself. Have some fun exploring different belief systems. I am sure you know that fear is the opposite of love. Drop the positive thinking and instead embrace the essence of the Lovers card. You cannot feel fear if you are feeling love. People will get ill and they will die – these things are inevitable. These events may seem negative but they are not always. As you explore these concepts, you learn that fear is nothing but a debilitating method of keeping love out of your heart. I haven’t enough space here to go into this in more depth but you could do worse than to go and watch some Abraham-Hicks Youtube videos. Try this one regarding death to start with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9PVGSq5VR0 It’s fairly light-hearted.

      Good luck!

      1. Ashley

        I’m sorry it has taken me so long to thank you for this reading. Your words could not be more spot on and I absolutely love your quote “You can not feel fear if you are feeling love”. I have taken your words to heart and it has helped me tremendously in the last week while going through some though stuff. Thank you!

        1. theraggededge Post author

          Thank you, Ashley, glad to help. I’m pretty sure I have stolen that quote – it lodged in my mind too 🙂 Hope everything works out. xx

  11. kelly

    Hi –
    Am contemplating divorce after a 26 year marriage. like everyone going through this i have many mixed and conflicting emotions, which i am working on in a variety of ways, including therapy. i find your readings and interpretations to be very clear and to the point. wondering what kind of light one card reading might shed on the matter, thanks.
    birthday: feb, 2, 1964

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi there, Kelly. Thanks for dropping in. Sorry to hear about your divorce.

      I’ll stick with my workhorse deck, the Robin Wood.

      The Ace of Wands. It doesn’t get any better than that! I would say that all you have to do is keep your eye on the ultimate prize and life will improve many-fold. Of course, you are right in the middle of it and it is so hard to unravel all those threads that make up life within a marriage. The Ace of Wands tells you to contemplate freedom, reach for opportunity and to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you well. You look and feel so young and fresh, it’ll be like having a second crack at youth. You will be inspired, fired up and ready to go. New interests, friends and situations will appear. Possibilities will unfold before you. It’s as though you have been handed the elixir of life.

      You can carry on with therapy but you don’t need it. At the moment it’s a crutch to get you through this messy time, however, it is part of the old life; the old you. You are going through a painful rebirth and the whole world is waiting for your presence on the other side. Think of all the things you’ll be able to do; the people who will smooth the way for you and the passions that await. Pretty soon you’ll be able to look back on your marriage and your husband with affection – all that brought you right here; on the verge of a massive new adventure.

      I do hope it all goes well – I have the strongest feeling that it will. Good luck, Kelly, (but you don’t need it)!

      1. kelly

        Oh, wow. Thank you! So strong. I got chills. Have to digest that . . . I guess part of me keeps feeling guilty, caring of my husband . . . brooding . . . worried of what’s on the other side. Your reading is, hmmm – so unexpected because i have been feeling as if i “ought” to put my head down and just accept “fate” – get up and walk through the day like i always have. Somehow deal with the fact that my husband poured cold water over almost anything i initiated for myself . Your reading is supporting the other half of me that really would like to try and “get out” into the world and do something new, or give stuffs that’s been sitting on the shelf a chance in the fresh air — without fear. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Ever so helpful!

        1. theraggededge Post author

          You can brood for… oh 7.5 minutes. That’s all 🙂 Up and at ’em, Kelly!

          Thanks for coming back and leaving such a lovely comment. Much appreciated. Would love an update on how it goes for you.

          “Life is meant to be fun.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

  12. theraggededge Post author

    Feather wrote: Hi! I am infatuated with someone. How does he feel about me?

    07/27/1976 Thank you!

    Hi Feather,

    Happy birthday for the 27th!

    Firstly, it is difficult for me to say what the object of your affections thinks about you because I have no link with him, only with you (it would also be a bit unethical of me to try and ‘invade’ his thoughts). So I will take a more general view of your romantic life and what you need to know.

    Using Robin Wood deck I have drawn the Six of Pentacles. Hmm… not a card we’d expect to see in response to the question.

    The Six of Pentacles shows a richly dressed man handing out a gold coin to another person. We cannot see any of the people he is handing the money to, just their outstretched hands. His clothes are trimmed with fur and he wears a bright over-tunic printed with vine leaves and grapes. Resting on his shoulders is a heavy chain hung with five more coins (pentacles). He holds a scale in his left hand as he weighs out the gold. He has a kindly and benign expression on his face.

    I get the feeling that your man may be your boss, or perhaps a high-ranking exec? I also get the feeling from the card that you are waiting for any sign of approval or hint of acknowledgement. As the guy appears to be approachable and willing to listen, then perhaps you could, inch-by-inch, get to know him better (or get him to know you better)? At the moment he might not see you as a romantic interest; you are simply a nice person who flits in and out of his day.

    What you must watch out for is the ‘infatuation’ thing. People don’t like to feel that high intensity energy directed at them. It makes them run because it is unsettling. You have to turn down the dial somewhat and then you might discover that he will find *you more approachable*.

    Out of interest, I drew a second card and it is the Seven of Wands. Go do a Google image search on both cards, making sure to put ‘Robin Wood’ in front of the card titles. It shows a guy fighting off unseen opponents. That could either be you or him, I suppose, but just bear it in mind that he might not be at a stage in his life where he would welcome romance. He’s building a barrier, or trying to stay out of the way of anyone who could have the potential to hurt him.

    Sorry I can’t be more positive. I think my advice would be to wait and see; make sure he’s aware of you… and just be your lovely friendly self. Good luck!

  13. feather

    Wow! These cards, and your interpretations, are so accurate. Without giving too much personal information, I will say you have it exactly right and I’ll take your words to heart.

    With thanks!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Jolene, I am assuming by your email address you are in the UK. Therefore your d.o.b is 4th July? I’m going with that anyway – it helps me get a ‘fix on you’, sort of thing.

      Your card is the Ten of Cups, drawn from the Robin Wood deck. This card is all about happy families and security. It points towards emotional stability – the pinnacle of contentment – if it’s possible for contentment to have a pinnacle 🙂 I’m guessing that this secure family background is nothing to do with Simon, right? It could mean that you are projecting your wish for that kind of life onto him or it could mean that you are considering turning from security towards a more uncertain future. It’s hard to tell with one card.

      Tens in tarot mean two things – that you’ve reached a temporary end to a journey, and that there will be an end to the temporary end. In other words a new life phase is going to begin in due course.

      I need another card. Six of Wands. Okay. This card means triumph, success, victory. I’m feeling that there’s competition of some sort here. I’m not going to advise you either way what you should do. What I will say, and this is from personal experience, is if you are trying to make a decision and one choice is as bad or good as the other, then don’t do anything. Don’t instigate anything. Don’t actively pursue. Go about your life and see if anything changes by itself.

      Your birth week, Cancer ll, suggests that many people born at this time do have a tendency to fixate on unobtainable love. However, I’m not actually feeling that with these cards. I’m looking for a reason to tell you to back off, but I can’t find one. My best answer is, do nothing for now; don’t make a decision – it’s not the right time. You will get an answer soon – and it will be the right one for you.

      Sorry I am unable to be more specific. Good luck with sorting it all out.

  14. Becks

    is my son’s ex going to continue getting away with stopping him from seeing his kids despyte court orders

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi there, Becks,

      This is a difficult question for me to deal with because it is what we call ‘a third party reading’, which means you have asked me to read for someone else’s situation, not yours. As I have no connection with the people involved (my connection is with you via you contacting me), I have to read for you. Therefore, I am going to rephrase the question to “How can I help my son in his current situation?”

      Using the Robin Wood Tarot, I have drawn The Fool.

      The Fool is depicted as a young woman engrossed in playing a flute. She is not looking where she is going and is in danger of stepping off the edge of a precipice. A small white dog is frantically trying to attract her attention. The Fool is dressed in brightly coloured clothes and has a red feather in her hair. Butterflies flutter around her. She carries a brown bag from which many coloured ribbons stream. The landscape is lush and green and there is a great range of snow-covered mountains in the far distance.

      This is an important card to show up for you. The Fool is not so foolish as its name suggests. This card has some advice that you can pass on to your son.

      You must tell him to back off putting any pressure on his ex. The more he pushes against her, the more she will push back. The key to him getting what he wants is to have trust that it is going to work out. The Fool knows that she doesn’t have to try to control anything – that simply taking her mind off any problem means that the problem will be taken care of. Similarly your son needs to take his focus off his ex and instead keep thinking of the outcome he wants. At the moment he feels he is in a battle… and while he feels like that his ex is feeling the same way and the children are being used as weapons.

      He will achieve more if he reduces his anger towards her and looks towards keeping in touch with the kids. He could send them silly notes on postcards or small toys. He has to concentrate on them and not her. Eventually she will also relax and hopefully things will calm down and get sorted out.

      Hope that helps, Becks. All the best.

  15. Becks

    Thanks but hes not the one with the anger issues and she wouldnt pass anything on to the kids. I can garantee that. thanks anyway

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Becky,

      No, I didn’t say he has got anger issues – you need to understand what I mean. When he’s talking or thinking about the situation – he needs to take his focus off his ex. I guarantee that things will resolve themselves if he can do this. It requires a leap of faith to understand how this works. It’s almost like magic – in his mind and in his words he is probably blaming her for the fact he can’t see his kids… and understandably so. However, if he could stop doing this *internally* then the *external* situation WILL change. The faster he changes his focus, the quicker he will get to see them. If you pay attention to what he says, you’ll see what I mean, and if you can change your responses to being positive about the outcome, rather than agreeing with him about what a horrible person she is, then you’ll be helping him. If you (both) don’t change your outlook then nothing will change and the problems will continue.

      If it were me I would write out a page of ‘positive outcomes’. You’d do it like this: I’m really happy this situation has worked out. I am so glad that my son gets to see his kids now. I am pleased that *ex* has started to be more pleasant. It’s great that the kids are so well looked after. And so on. Make it up yourself. I’d do that every few days for a month or longer, making sure that I wrote it as if the wanted thing had already happened. You don’t have to tell anybody about it. It might seem stupid, but it isn’t. You’ll be surprised how this works.

  16. alice

    Separated from spouse will he return and be a faithful changed man, or are we done for good. And if he us returning any time frame. Trying to move running into some obstacles, do you forsee a move and if so when and will it be local or out of state. And will my GOD given talents ever afford me a better life, been trying hard for years to get something going.. God Bless..

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Alice,

      Too many questions for a one-card reading, I’m afraid 🙂 Therefore, I will turn a card and see what general information it has for you.

      Using the Robin Wood, I have drawn the Eight of Wands. The Eight of Wands shows eight decorated wands hurtling through space. In many decks the eight wands are shown rocketing towards the earth but in this deck they appear to be moving out into space. They appear to have come from Earth, which can be seen below. The wands are passing in front of the planet Jupiter. Our own Moon can be seen and so can one of Jupiter’s moons.

      This card is all about movement. It’s a very positive card that indicates that you will be involved in getting an event organized – so I would assume that the anticipated move will take place. This card would mean that it would be some distance away. I can’t tell you when; tarot is notoriously bad at timing — and so am I! You will need to gather all your resources in order to get this thing sorted. Call in favours; ask for help when necessary and don’t be shy about saying what you want. The Eight of Wands tells you to be assertive and bold.

      I can’t tell anything about your marriage from this card – but I can tell you that your birth week, 27th November (thanks for letting me know), ‘the week of independence’ suggests that you will do well if you experience striking out on your own – that would fit in with your card also. You will undoubtedly feel insecure but push on; you can achieve anything you want to if you break it down into easy, baby steps. Focus in on the smaller snapshot rather than the big picture; you’ll find it more do-able.

      Good luck, Alice, I hope it all works out for you.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Alison, I was intrigued by your email address so went to see what Burning Bridges was all about. Fabulous – what a smashing writing community you have going there. Loved the synopsis of Free Birds.

      Your question is a closed question that asks for a yes/no answer, so I am sort of going to ignore it and simply ask the tarot to provide you with some useful information regarding your new business.

      I am using Songs for the Journey Home, a round deck created by two women in New Zealand. Your card is Earth Awakening, equivalent to the Knight of Pentacles in traditional decks. It pictures a young man dressed in green, spinning atop a globe.  The card is divided into sections.  Above the figure rises a grand red-carpeted staircase.  To his right a path leads off towards a dark and mysterious cave.  To his left another path meanders past a small pond and off into the distance.

      Unlike the usual Knight of Pentacles who, despite his hidden depths and dark sexiness, tends to make his mind up early in life and sticks to the same path, this one is still facing choices. I think you may be at a point where you can take your business in several different directions. There’s an obvious one, which would work for many people but might not for you because you could die of boredom. There’s a risky one, with unseen and unknowable challenges and there’s one that could provide some delightful meanderings, but which may distract you from your original purpose (and there’s nothing wrong with that).

      What you need to do is make your choice, i.e. decide on your next step or set up your next goal and then make it right. What I mean by that is that there is no right way, good way, mistaken way, bad way or unsuccessful way… any path will get you there. Once you have chosen then you have to make that one be the right one. The Knight of Pentacles is prepared to live with his choices and has the determination to reach his goals – I hate that word; let’s call them ‘steps’. He doesn’t try to see the whole journey in one go, rather he is happy to reach each step one-by-one. Manageable micro-steps are far, far better than being overwhelmed by all the stuff that may need to be done.

      Hope it all works out for you, Alison, and good luck. x

  17. Petronela

    what will be the outcome of my long distance relationship?
    DOB: 16th of July, 1987
    Thank you for taking the time

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi there, Petronela,

      I have drawn the Ace of Wands from the Robin Wood Tarot.

      A very powerful card connected to passion and new beginnings. In the context of your relationship, it may well mean that you will experience a new, deeper connection with your partner. The next time you get together, there is likely to be a shift from minor to major, if you understand what I mean? The Ace of Wands can signify an important new idea or decision, which may well impact your personal circumstances. I can’t really tell you when things will change, just that they will pretty soon.

      An alternative scenario to the above is that you could meet someone else, closer to home, who sweeps you off your feet, leaving no doubt that this new relationship is more important. This means a short period of indecision and anguish, but you will go with your heart.

      Just out of interest, I turned the next card – Ace of Cups. Wow… I am now thinking the second interpretation is the most likely. Have fun, and follow your inner guidance when making your choice. xx

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Joanna,

      I’m getting crazy (but good) cards this morning. Your card, from Robin Wood, is… ta da… The Lovers. I suppose there’s your answer 🙂

      However, the Lovers can often mean that there is a life changing choice to be made. Any decision you make is going to have a huge impact on your future and your well-being. The thing to understand about making such choices is that you can’t get it wrong – you only think that you can make a big mistake. The key is to make the decision and then make that path the right one. In other words, focus on the positives of your choice and the reasons why you made it, then, very importantly, don’t look back and don’t do the ‘what ifs’. Good luck!

      Edit: I see that you are the Jolene who requested a reading about Simon. Sorry that didn’t work out for you. Do consider leaving some feedback; I’d really appreciate it.

  18. June

    Hello a couple of questions really I am hoping to start a couple of business adventures but keep hitting a brick wall can you see any business success in my cards . also starting a new job how will this turn out is it the right path ? thank you in advance

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi June,

      Just one card, I’m afraid. Not able to do full readings here. I’ll draw your card, asking for guidance on your career path.

      Using the Robin Wood, I’ve turned over the Two of Swords. My feeling is that you are closing yourself off from some pertinent advice. There may well be someone trying to help you but you are discounting what they are saying to you. This card also indicates fear of the unknown and possibly unwillingness to make a move in any direction. Twos in tarot also represent waiting; the Two of Swords tells you that you will be waiting for a long time unless you remove the blocks that are holding you back.

      I would suggest that you put the business ideas to one side for now – it’s not the right time. Let your ideas percolate for a while. Take the job and make it be the right job for you. By putting effort into it any job can be the perfect one. Enthusiasm, willingness to learn, offering ideas to make things run more smoothly are all appreciated by any organisation. Good luck!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Judi, thanks for your question.

      I’m using the Universal Waite deck (Mary Hanson-Roberts) and your card is the King of Wands. This is a court card, a personality card, if you like. The King of Wands can represent a real person or he can offer advice from his unique perspective.

      As a real person, the King of Wands is confident, charismatic, wise, a good decision maker and an all-round good chap. His dark side is that he is prone to temper tantrums which come and go in a flash. He is often irritated by details because he prefers to see the big picture, the overarching story.

      His advice to you would be to decide what you want in your relationship. To have a long-term goal. It will work out if you both want it to. The King of Wands likes to talk – a lot. He tells you to set up situations where you can both talk to each other… make a proper date for it. Know what you want to say to each other and say it with love. The King of Wands is a very positive character – he tells you that if you want something badly enough then you will be able to deal with all obstacles that lie in your path. He also says that if either of you are less than enthusiastic about making the relationship work, then it’s doomed. Put it down to experience and walk away because there is always something better up ahead.

      Hope you get the outcome you want, Judi. Best of luck.

  19. Judi Radley

    Thank you so much for your reply. I guess the relationship is going nowhere because looking at it now I seem to be doing all the work in the relationship 🙁 Thank you for your time x

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Well, I’d give him one last chance and if it comes to nothing then let it go. Tell him quite firmly, using the courage of the King of Wands, what you expect from a relationship, and that includes an honest response. If you don’t get it, then you know it’s time. Hope you find true love soon. x

  20. S & H


    I recently got married. using on card, I really appreciate it if you tell me if this marriage lasts forever and also about the pros and cons. I mean if it is a happy marriage or just one usual one with lots of downs and little bit of ups.

    Thank you,

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi there,

      I am happy to draw one card for you but it wasn’t necessary to ask me the same question four times from two different email addresses, though I thought the one from your ‘friend’ was quite amusing (WordPress shows your IP address). It won’t/can’t make me answer more quickly. I am in the UK and we are on different time zones.

      You haven’t given me your dates of birth nor a name, this makes it harder for me to ‘fix’ on you. Nevertheless I’ll turn a card and see what it says.

      Your card, from the Robin Wood tarot, is the Seven of Wands. You can Google it to see what it looks like.

      Sevens in tarot mean ‘assessment’. Taking time to see what’s working and whether or not you need to make a change. The Seven of Wands tells you that there will come a time in your marriage, maybe several times, when you will need to decide what is right for you as an individual. You may feel as though you are under pressure from your partner and that you need to stand up for yourself. Alternatively, it could be that the pressure comes from outside the marriage – other people don’t entirely approve and you feel as though you have to defend yourself over the choices you have made.

      The Seven of Wands says, if you believe that what you are doing (whatever it is) is right then you can fend off any one who tries to tell you that you are wrong. If you look at the actual card image, you will see what I mean.

      This card doesn’t say whether your marriage will last a lifetime – really that is up to you and your partner. And of course, there will be ups and downs – that is the nature of marriage.

      Good luck.

  21. Al

    I have got a question about my current relationship with my gf if it ends up to a happy marriage for ever.
    Birthday : Nov 3 1972

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi there Al,

      I am using the Universal Waite Tarot and have drawn the Knight of Pentacles.

      This card is one of my favourites. A knight in armour sits on his lovely black chunky horse. This is one of the tarot’s personality cards and I can only think that it represents you. The Knight of Pentacles is steady and reliable. Doesn’t say a lot but he has hidden depths. Any lady who nabs herself a Knight of Pents is very lucky. The card doesn’t really answer your question so I’m going to draw another.

      Three of Cups. Three girls dancing, each holding up a golden chalice. This is quite a good card and hints at some kind of celebration. Threes always denote a new life cycle and it could mean marriage, although I’m not 100% convinced. I do think the relationship has got long-term prospects but I don’t think it’s going to go the full distance – not this time. However, I could be completely wrong. My feeling is that you are in some kind of repeating cycle and you will need to do something to break the pattern – you’ve been here before, haven’t you? I can’t really tell you more than that with these cards. I will say that you mustn’t let anyone take advantage of your good nature.

      All the best. I hope it does work work out for you.

  22. Sa

    Question about my current marriage, where will it go in next 10 years.

    DOB July 3 1981

    Thank you in advance

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi there Sa,

      Ten years is a big stretch for one little card. I’ll just draw it and see what it has to offer.

      I’m using the Robin Wood and your card is the Five of Wands. This is interesting, especially because you say ‘current marriage’ as if you are expecting to have another one 🙂 The Five of Wands for me is the ‘bickering’ card. When applied to relationships it can mean that either the relationship thrives on a sort of low-level competition OR that the mild arguments may escalate to the point where you just can’t stand each other. Many marriages do work like that – I had one myself, which coincidentally lasted 10 years. It wasn’t terrible; it just got wearing and boring.

      The Five of Wands indicates that you might need to stand back and objectively assess whether the relationship is a worthy challenge that you want to fight to keep, or if you should consider other options. If it’s the first, then I can’t tell you how to do that – that’s up to you two to work out.

      I hope you are able to work things out and that your marriage is somewhere you want to be.

      Best of luck.

    2. Sa

      Thank you for your great and very correct interpretation/prediction of my current situation. You are really right and I am not sure how far I can go with this marriage that made me the most lonely ever.

      1. theraggededge Post author

        Hello Sa,

        Very sorry to hear you are in difficulties. The short answer if it is awful then, for both your sakes, it should be ended. You get no points for continuing in a marriage that you want to get out of. No extra karma, no prize for endurance, nothing. You will have just lost years of your life. Ask yourself who are you living your life for? You can’t live it for your spouse and you can’t live it for your children, if you have any.

        However, if there is still love, then you have to work out a way to rekindle it. It’s got to the point where you have nothing lose. If you decide to keep going it must be for the right reason – and the only right reason is if you love each other. So throw everything you have into it – get counseling, get advice, talk to each other, start from the beginning.

        Wish you all the best. xx

  23. yogesh handa

    my date of birthdate is 30.11.1970 i just wanted to know about my financial future clearing my loans and having financial stability thanks

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Good morning Yogesh,

      I have shuffled the Gilded Tarot and drawn the Sun for you. As someone who is fiercely independent, I expect that you hate the idea of debt. So this card will be very welcome to you, I’m sure.

      The Sun is one of the most positive cards in the deck when applied to almost any situation. It informs you that all aspects of your life will improve, including finances.

      List out your loans in order from lowest to highest monthly payment – on a spreadsheet or something. Try to make a little extra payment on the smallest loan each time. Anything will do. Then you’ll see how quickly that one debt falls. Keep paying the others too, of course, but focus on the small one. As soon as that one is paid off, turn your attention to the next one and use the money you would have on the small one to add to the payment of the next largest. In this way, you will pay off your debts in record time, fairly painlessly.

      The Sun advises you to mirror its positivity and take pleasure in watching your debts fall every month. At the same time recognise its influence on your life in general; you will notice how much things improve when you remain optimistic.

      Good luck!

  24. Himani Jain aka Jia

    Hello theraggededge 🙂
    My question is : What is purpose of my life ? ( For what I am destined ? Why I am born on this Planet ?)

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Himani,

      I have drawn a card from the Universal Waite deck – The Star. How lovely. A beautiful and apt card in response to your question. I’ll give you my answer and we’ll see if the Star has anything to add to it.

      We are all here to experience. We are atoms of God. If you like, you can think of humans as the nibs of pens traveling over a blank sheet of paper. As we move along, we are sending feedback all the time to our source. If we can experience joy, then that is the ultimate gift we can give back to the Creator.

      The Star represents the tenaciousness of the human spirit. It reminds us that faith and hope are so important in our lives. That we may go through all kinds of bad stuff but there is always light at the end. Our job is to maintain that outlook; to not be defeated by life circumstances; to radiate love and joy at every opportunity.

      Hope you feel the same 🙂

      Best wishes x

      1. Himani Jain aka Jia

        A Big Appreciation (y) to your reading.
        I believe in being optimistic , holding a faith in Universe. Agreed to you, however the thing is I miss out the agenda of my journey !
        Thanks and Regards 🙂

        1. theraggededge Post author

          Thank you. I think that if we make joy our goal, all the other things will unfold in perfect order. X

          1. Himani Jain aka Jia

            Hello 🙂
            Lots of love and warmth,
            We did a reading on Dec13, 2014..and as u suggested to find joy in the journey of life. I followed.
            Results are wonderful. My life is on track. Excellent advice !
            Himani 🙂

          2. theraggededge Post author

            So happy to hear from you and thrilled that things are going so well.

            May it continue always… but if it doesn’t you know how to get back on track.

            Love troi xx

  25. Confused

    Dear Troi,

    I am writing to you to please request a one card reading.

    Could you please advise me how I can find peace in the coming year in regards to dealing with my other half’s family, in a way that maintains my family’s boundaries and safety?

    Many thanks and blessings for the festive season

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Confused,

      Sorry that you need to ask that question – doesn’t sound like the easiest situation for you.

      I’m using the Robin Wood deck and your card is the Ace of Swords. As you are probably aware, the Ace of Swords represents truth, justice, insight, breakthrough and clear communication. While I can’t tell you how to manage your in-laws, it seems as though you will come to an appropriate conclusion soon enough, especially if you hold those qualities in the forefront of your mind.

      You have to set the boundaries, whether or not your partner agrees or not (and hopefully they will). You have to decide how much you are willing to take before removing your family from any situation that is uncomfortable. At the same time you must be clear in what you say, so there is no misunderstanding. You don’t have to put up with anything that doesn’t feel good to you.

      Create a small place in your heart/soul/centre/consciousness – whatever you want to call it – that is your haven of peace. Visualise a calm place; perhaps somewhere like a pretty stream with a waterfall, you know what I mean. Picture it when you are calm and happy – over and over, until you know every pebble and blade of grass. When it gets tough, that’s your sanctuary. Even if you just pop it into your mind for a split second, it will soothe your nerves, fear and anger. It can bring you back to yourself, even when you feel like smacking someone across the chops 😀

      The Ace of Swords tells you that you are in the right when it comes to deciding what is best for your family… because it is *your* family.

      Have a wonderful and very peaceful holiday.

  26. Confused

    Dear Troi,

    Thank you very much for your reading – very accurately describes my situation. Funnily enough, This card has popped up at times in my readings about this situation.

    Yes, it’s a very difficult situation, especially when my other half keeps their mouth shut out of fear that they will ‘retaliate’, even though there is nothing to retaliate against (simply setting ones own boundaries).

    I will definitely try your suggestion about visualising a safe, tranquil place that I can dip into during these troubled interactions.

    Many thanks again Troi, have a lovely holiday season

    1. theraggededge Post author

      My pleasure, Confused. If the Ace of Swords keeps appearing for you, then delve into its meaning and energy as much as you can, you warrior, you!

  27. James


    I love your site! Great info. I’m pretty new to the Tarot world but have dove in head first. I’m reading Jodorowsky’s book on Tarot and others about the Marseille deck. I want to study in this tradition but find myself questioning if I should just learn with a deck where the minor suits have pictures??
    Ok here is my question…should I persue finding a teacher in the Marseille style of Tarot, or just go with a Robin Wood style deck because it’s easier for beginners and more teachers are available in that style of reading.
    Birth is 7/03/64

    Many thanks james

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi James,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      My advice would be for you to go with what you feel most drawn to. If you want to study the Marseilles then that’s what you should do. I would normally advise someone new to tarot to go for a Rider-Waite type deck. However, if your goal is to use a deck with minor pips, then you would find, using an illustrated deck, that your interpretations are influenced by the creator/artist.

      I’ll ask the Robin Wood anyway 😀 Three of Swords. That’s an odd card to appear… but illustrates exactly what I mean about the deck creator influencing the interpretation. Many readers interpret this card as ‘a broken heart’. I don’t because it is a sword card and therefore not necessarily to do with emotional issues. Of course it can lead to emotional problems, but for me, it means ‘mixed up communication’ i.e. misunderstandings, or confused thinking. I’ll stick with what I said – go with what feels right to you and ignore the rest.

      Best of luck on your tarot journey; I’m sure you will love every minute.

  28. James

    Hi sorry I’m sending this because I forgot to check the boxes to notify me of the reading
    Thxs james

  29. Gaby

    Hello Troi:

    Here is my one question card reading:
    What opportunities about job and career is in my near future?
    My DOB is 03/24/60



    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Gaby, sorry about the mix-up before.

      I’m using the Old English Tarot and have drawn the Three of Cups. This is a card of friendship and celebration rather than career. However, I think it might indicate that your next job opportunity might be found in your circle of friends and family. Make sure to let everyone know that you are looking for a job. It could even be something that you spot on a social media site.

      There is also an element of teamwork or working closely in partnership. Perhaps someone you know is thinking of starting a business and needs help with that – it might not appear to be the greatest job in the world but it could lead to better things. There is a good atmosphere surrounding this card so your circumstances are looking quite positive. The main thing is to keep an open mind and don’t turn an offer down because you think it isn’t good enough. There might be the chance of fast career progression, which is worth starting on a lower rung of the ladder for.

      You will attract more opportunities if you keep appreciating all the good that is around you. Smile often 🙂

      I wish you well and that you have all the success you dream of. x

  30. Gaby

    Hello Troi
    I’m astonished about your reading!
    I am new reading Tarot cards and like every morning as soon as I get up I drew a card to guide me in the day and today’s card is: Three of Cups. Only seeing the card you feel happy and grateful for all the abundance you have in your life. Then, I went to my computer, I open my email anxiously to find out about your reading and what a surprise? You also draw the Three of Cups. OMG is amazing! I’m super excited, what a coincidence! Previously, I didn’t believe in free online readings but your blog is so informative and interesting that I said why not to give a try? And despite the mix-ups it was worth. I believe we were intended to meet.
    About the reading make a lot of sense to me, I’m looking for a job where I can apply my knowledge and experience, get paid a decent wage but especially with a family atmosphere and camaraderie, enjoy what I do for living and share achievements with others. I believe abundance is above wealth and I always thank the Universe for everything it gives us. I believe in the power of smiling and I feel great satisfaction when I make others laugh: simple priceless!
    Thanks for reading and perseverance

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Gaby,

      It’s lovely when it all seems to come together, isn’t it? Get online and Google all the interpretations for the Three of Cups you can find – it obviously has a lot to offer you.

      Thanks for your lovely response.


  31. Lee


    I am seeking for a reading on my love life. Met this guy on Facebook 6 months ago and we’ve been seeing each other since then. His birthday is November 18, 1996 while mine is May 07, 1985.

    Do we have a chance to be lovers?



    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello again, Lee. I’ve received your other requests via email and Hubpages too, but I’ll just reply to this one 🙂

      Astrologically, this pairing makes a better friendship than romantic relationship. In a friendship, each is able to express their feelings without it degenerating into a power struggle. In a serious relationship, passions run high – there is very strong sexual attraction but there is also insecurity and jealousy. What feels like game-playing often leads to a painful long drawn out end.

      Maybe the tarot will have a different message for you.

      Using the Robin Wood, I have drawn the Five of Wands. Going by the previous information, I would think that, yes, you are likely to become lovers. However, the Five of Wands is all about power struggle and competition. Usually of the niggling kind where each partner is trying to score points off the other. Again, I see game-playing leading to either a break-up or, if you take heed of what I’m saying, you can make a gargantuan effort to avoid making these mistakes.

      Having read for you many times before on almost the same question, I would not stake my life that this will be a long-term relationship. Nevertheless, if you know what to expect, you can enjoy the good bits and make an escape before anything bad happens. Good luck!

      1. Lee

        Thanks for the reading. Surely I’ll enjoy what we have right now. I am happy that you still remember me. Of all the readings that I received from you, I am so grateful that your taking time to check mine.

        Can I ask if ill be lucky this 2015 on love? 🙂

        Godbless you!

        1. theraggededge Post author

          Of course I remember you; you are unforgettable, my sweet.

          Lucky? Ace of Pentacles – you may be luckier in material things than in love this year. My suggestion is to take a little time and think about the people you’ve met over the past couple of years and try to work out why none of them were right for you. Are you looking in the right places? Do they share characteristics that you are attracted to but ultimately lead to nothing? Are you trying too hard? Are you being your true self or are you trying to impress?

          The Ace of Pentacles suggests that some sort of joint venture/work place may prove to be where you hook up with someone important. Facebook groups may not be the best place to look in 2015. A relationship could develop out of something unconnected with romance.

          Hope it works out for you, Lee.

  32. Pepperluck

    Hello! Need reading for my lovelife and career. I’ve been in a relationship for the past 6 years. Is he the one? My birthday is December 15, 1989 and his is June 01, 1989. Is there a chance for me to work abroad?

    Thank you.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Pepperluck,

      Thanks for requesting a reading. You’ve asked two distinct questions which is a little hard for one card to deal with, so I’ll focus on your relationship and see if any other information pops up.

      Your birth dates suggest that this is a unique and interesting combination. It shouldn’t work but it does – each of you smooths out the lumps and bumps of the other, figuratively speaking. There’s a lot of empathy… but there is also a lot of insecurity on both sides which is possibly why you are still unsure of each other, even after six years.

      I’m using the Gilded Tarot and your card is the Chariot. This card makes me think that you feel as though you are holding things together, that perhaps you really want to drop the reins and simply let go. This is probably tied in with your second question. The Chariot strongly indicates that you need to take charge of your own destiny and it might well be time to gently ease out of the relationship – even on a temporary basis until you determine what you really want to do.

      This card represents someone who has a talent for mediation and negotiation, so if those skills are part of your job, then I’d say you need to develop them further until they are the foundation of your career.

      Taking the card literally, yes, there is a very strong indication that you will travel afar very soon.

      Good luck!

      1. Pepperluck

        I really appreciate your reading! 🙂

        We will keep holding things together for happiness while also keeping myself in charge of my destiny! Big thanks for this. 🙂

  33. Maricel

    Hello I need a reading for my lovelife and career. I have a boyfriend, we fought a lot before but now we are working it out. His birthday is May 14, 1980 and my birthday is January 9, 1983. I just want to know our future together because I really wanted for him to be the one I’ll spend the rest of my life. Will I likely to work abroad if so will it be within this year? Thank you.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Maricel,

      Just want to clarify if you are connected to Pepperluck? You have asked almost the same question, from the same IP address but with different birth dates. I’ll be happy to draw a card for you, if you get back to me.

      1. Maricel

        Nope we’re two different people, we want to know the same thing, tho. Please respond to me. I’ll appreciate it. Thank you. 🙂

        1. theraggededge Post author

          Okay, Maricel, happy to oblige.

          Your birth dates Jan 9th and May 14th indicate that this is a good, strong relationship – perhaps better as it is than if it progressed to marriage. I can say this, as this is how it works for me and my partner. I just know that everything is just right without changing anything. Your boyfriend, being a Taurus lll is constantly being pulled towards ‘freedom’ (not the right word, but you know what I mean). So you need to know that he stays within the relationship because he really wants to and not because he is obliged to.

          The card I have drawn for you from the Robin Wood tarot is Judgement. This card shows a complete rebirth of the relationship. You are both determined to make a commitment and to make a go of things. It is a strong and positive indication that you are on the right track.

          As far as working abroad is concerned, then the card may be saying yes, if you feel called towards it. You will know for sure if you have to make a decision. Follow your feelings. Good luck!

      2. theraggededge Post author

        Ahhh, okay, I understand. Don’t send me any more for now. I’m going offline. If anyone else requests a reading, they will have to wait a few hours for the answer. xx

  34. G-Formula-50

    Hi! I need reading for my lovelife. I’ve been married for 3 years and we’e been together for almost 7 years now. Since last year, me and my wife are having problems from people outside of our relationship because of me. Will it still work out? My birthday is December 2, 1987 and he birthday is September 10, 1988.

    Thank you.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Mikoh,

      A quick analysis of your joint birth characteristics shows that your relationship is based on a deep mutual attraction and respect. However, it is true that continued intensity is difficult for a Sag l (you) to maintain as your attention is easily drawn elsewhere. Usually all this can be worked through before committing to marriage but it appears that it has only recently manifested in your case. If you want the marriage to work then it is *you* who must change. This means that you have to focus and control your natural tendency to ‘roam’. You probably already know that.

      I have drawn your card from the Robin Wood tarot: Eight of Swords. This is an interesting card but difficult for me to know which partner it refers to. One, or even both of you, is feeling powerless; unable to move forward because of being overwhelmed by recent events. These outside influences you mention are standing like sentinels around your marriage and it feels as though they are right in there with you. The key to getting past this is a joint single-minded determination to put these problems aside – you could even make a pact to discuss the situation a later time if you can just, for now, focus on the two of you.

      Easier said than done, of course. The first step is for you both to agree on what you want. If the number one priority is to keep the marriage intact, then that is your focus. Both must make a huge effort to ignore these ‘others’. Later, when things have stabilised – if it is still necessary, then those issues can be addressed. If your wife can do this for the sake of the marriage then you might stand a chance. You must do everything in your power to neutralise these outside influences, even if it means changing your job or your location.

      It’s going to be tough and the situation may get worse before it improves. Do your best.

      1. G-Formula-50

        Thank you for your response. I really do appreciate it. Now, I understand what I must do. Also, I have another question. This is now regarding my career. I was wondering if my work right now is the best fit for my skill set. Will it be better if I will stay here and continue with this line of work or should I look elsewhere like working overseas?

        1. theraggededge Post author

          Hello Mikoh,

          Glad to help.

          I will do a second reading for you this one time, but I really would prefer it if you would leave a few weeks between readings.

          Knight of Swords – this is a personality and/or action card. The Knight of Swords is a man on a mission. There’s no holding him back. He has to make changes and work for something he believes very strongly in. It suggests that you need to move forward, following your ambition. Just beware of taking on too much or moving too fast; make sure you make your decisions wisely.

          Good luck, Mikoh.


    Hi There,

    I need some readings about my Life. I would like to know what will happen to my current relationship. My Birthday is April 25 1991 and his is June 20, 1987. We are already almost a year and a half. And please advice me how my career (work) will progress. Thanks!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Charmbracelet,

      You have asked me two questions and I’m afraid I can only answer one – please read the information at the top of the page. I notice that everyone from your IP address is asking the same question, which I find quite strange, therefore this is the last request I am accepting from your ‘group’ for a while.

      Your combination of birth dates suggest a fizzing early passion that develops into a long slow burn. In other words, it could last for a long time if you are both committed to it. It’s not a relationship that suffers from conflict, secrets or anything else that might cause problems.

      I am using the Robin Wood tarot and your card is the Sun. This is a lovely positive card that suggests that your relationship will deepen and grow. It indicates that your life will improve in all aspects. I confidently predict that the next six months (at least) will be very good for you. Use these good times to strengthen what you already have. Build up some great memories and enjoy yourselves. I’d say ‘good luck’ but you don’t need it 🙂

  36. ALISON

    hi, can you give me some insight into what will improve / decay in my life this year plz, Thank you Alison

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Alison,

      Okay, so I got your date of birth 9th July, thank you. It helps me to focus.

      I’m using the Robin Wood and have drawn Judgement.

      This is a really interesting card to appear in answer to your question. It doesn’t specify any particular event or influence but what it does suggest is that you are going to recognise a very important calling, task, project or life-change. I get the feeling that there is something that you have felt pulled towards but have not made the decision to act yet.

      Perhaps you are being held back by others, or, more likely, the fear of what others might think? Or maybe the fear of getting beyond your comfort zone (hate that phrase!) Whatever it is – you have to put all that aside and go for it this year.

      Judgement is a strong card, it tells you that you are only accountable to yourself. You are the one who gets to decide… and you are the one who must live with your decisions and actions – or lack of. The opportunity to change direction is almost upon you. You will know which path to choose. Good luck!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Thanks for letting me know your birth date (4th July) Joanne.

      Your question is a simple one and it will be answered simply – time will move on and you will soon know whether you got the job or not. What might be more helpful is if I place a different emphasis on your question and ask how can you be successful in your career, regardless of which job you get. This takes the focus off the future and back to the present because there are things you can do right now to improve your future.

      Your card, from the Robin Wood, is the Seven of Wands. I like this – it indicates that you are a bit of a rebel and not interested in being part of a vanilla crowd. You have an outlook on life that might be described as quirky and you need a job or a place of work where your uniqueness is valued. Right now you might be trying to fit in, whereas it will be better for you if you embrace your imaginative, creative, unusual side. You don’t have to do it all at once; baby steps are fine – you need to discover who you really are by following your intuition. Your gut will tell you whether something is right for you.

      Don’t be afraid to express an opinion that is different from others’. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. What they think of you is none of your business. Be yourself and great things will happen for you.

      I’m pretty sure the new job is yours 🙂 If not, then know there is something better lined up for you. Good luck.

  37. Chloe

    I am feeling as though I am not where I should be in terms of my career. Could you let me know how it will work out?

    30th September 1992

    Thank you


    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Chloe,

      Are you connected to Joanne by any chance?

      Your birth date (which you share with one of my sons) suggests that you need more than a run-of-the-mill job. It is possible that life outside work is far more fascinating and that you have other interests that may be a better career choice for you.

      Your card, from the Robin Wood, is the Ten of Cups. Lovely card that indicates that home and family are very important to you. I think that you should put your thinking cap on and think of ways that you might base a career on family issues/activities/interests.

      For now, you shouldn’t do anything. Carry on as you are, but begin to think about what you’d really like to do. Try to put some money aside for the day that you find your true career path. There’s nothing wrong with working your day job and setting up a small business in your spare time.

      Good luck!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Martin.

      Thanks for the d.o.b. update. I am using the Robin Wood and have drawn the Chariot.

      This card suggests to me that you need to employ your considerable leadership talents and direct them towards creating wealth, not solely for yourself but for those around you also. You have a way of dealing with people that garners respect, therefore you should use those skills to build something remarkable. If you can do this, then improved finances will follow.

      You may have to curb some current wasteful spending – pull in those horses, so to speak – but ultimately, if you put your talents to good use, you will find that financial problems should ease. Meanwhile, you may have some issues with transport. Grit your teeth and deal with them.

      Hope it all works out for you.

  38. Joanne

    Hello theraggededge!
    Good news, have an interview been shortlisted. Not so good news, it’s a one year fixed contract – so do I consider leaving my permanent contract, or take the risk? Arrgghh

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Joanne,

      Congratulations! My advice is to go for the interview before making any decision. Wait and see if the job fires you up. I’m not going to draw a card for you until you have a better idea if it is something you want. Follow your intuition – you will know. You can’t make a ‘wrong’ choice because you can always make it the right one for you.

      Let me know how it goes.

      Good luck!

  39. Joanne

    Hello theraggededge!
    Well, I went for the interview, and yes, the job does get me fired up, it sounds fantastic. I do live alone and am financially reliant only upon myself. My conundrum now is (if i get it) do I go for a fixed 12 months contract and risk it, or play safe and stick with my current permanent contract? My gut tells me to go for it – my sensible head questions how i’ll pay my rent with no job! Can you guide me? Please?

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Joanne, sounds brilliant!

      I don’t really want to draw a card for you because it is very risky to base such an important decision on the turn of a card. Here’s what I think…

      1. You have a whole year to enjoy this job and to work out your next move at the same time.
      2. Anything could happen – you might be offered an extended contract; another position might become available; your previous company might be happy to have you back.
      3. If you don’t take it, how will you feel? Regret or relief? It will be one or the other, for sure. Practice in your mind.
      4. Will this new job add value to your CV? If yes, then that’s a huge plus point for your next job.
      5. Right now, at this time, what have you got to lose?
      6. Presumably it’s better paid – would you be able to salt away the difference between your current salary and your new one to provide a cushion at the end of the year?
      7. Are you confident in your own ability to find the next job quickly (you would be continuously looking from about 6 months in anyway, wouldn’t you?).
      8. If you knew without a doubt that this is the right decision and that your future is secure, then would you go ahead? Because all you need is conviction and belief.

      Okay, now I’ll draw your card 🙂

      Robin Wood: The Empress. Growth, renewal, abundance. The Empress is like a security blanket. This card tells you that you can take either path and all will be well. You might feel a little regret if you don’t take the new job but you can comfort yourself with the knowledge that you are providing for your future. If you do take the new job then, you have a chance to shine and impress your new employers, and more importantly you have the opportunity to make an even more secure nest in the long term.

      You have to remember that your future security depends on you and no-one else. Your current employer could fold or something. You can never depend on an outside source; it all comes from within.

      Let me know what you decide. Good luck!

  40. Lee

    Hello Troi,

    How are you?

    I re-access your last reading and had this chance to reflect on my previous relationships. Currently, we are still on a dating status with the one that I asked for a reading and we are happy on what is going on between us.

    Now, may I ask if something might surprise me this March on my lovelife? I am feeling that there is coming on my way that might lead to romance. Sorry if I am asking this over and over again. I don’t know. It seems finding “the one” is my main goal. May 07, 1985 is my birthday.

    Lee 😀

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Lee,

      Glad to hear that all is going well with your current relationship.

      By ‘surprise’ do you mean is someone else going to show up? If I told you yes or no, then it won’t be a surprise any longer. Why don’t you just wait and see?


        1. theraggededge Post author

          Lee, of course there is hope. This is the last free reading for at least six months, okay? I have done many, many readings for you across several sites, and it is always the same question. I really think you should simply live your life as happily as you can and let love find you.

          Your card is the Six of Pentacles, which is not generally connected to romance. It is a card of give and take. Either you will be motivated to help someone in a practical way, or you will be receiving such help. Sixes generally mean getting to a better place after a difficult time. The Six of Pentacles is connected to down-to-earth matters, such as job, money, health and home.

          It is possible that in the course of doing something helpful, you may meet someone significant.

          Hope that helps.

  41. Joanne

    Hello theraggededge,

    Well, sadly I didn’t get the job. I felt it was so right and whilst I did well at the interview, there was someone more suitable than me. I don’t feel great right now, but I thought I’d let you know. Thanks for your words.


    1. theraggededge Post author

      That’s a shame, Joanne, sorry to hear it. There will be something better up ahead, don’t worry.x

  42. Sarah


    I have a family court reading my marital status. avery vague future… will both of us come back together or will be separated?


    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for your question. I am wondering if you have had a reading previously, though it could have been a different Sarah?

      I have drawn a card for you from the Robin Wood, and it is the Magician. This card is a very strong card that relates to your abilities in all aspects of your life. It doesn’t say yes or no to your question but it does tell you that whatever outcome *you* want or expect will happen. The Magician indicates that if you truly want something then you have the resources within you to manifest your desire, whether it be emotional or material.

      Your question feels very passive to me – as if you are allowing yourself to be directed by outside forces. Go and find an image of the Robin Wood Magician and look at it carefully. Do you feel the confidence and clarity emanating from the card? You have to know that you have these qualities inside of you.

      Feel your gut feelings – you know whether you want to be in this marriage or not, don’t you? What you have to do is take small steps every day towards your goal. Communication is the key here. What does your husband want? What do you want? If you want different things then you have to find a path that works for both of you.

      I hope you get the future you desire, Sarah. Good luck.

  43. Priscilla

    Hello theraggededge, How are you doing this evening? Can you please tell me about finances or career, which ever one you get a feel for, when it will start coming into my life. Please and thank you!

    Edited: birthday 21st June.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Priscilla, thanks for letting me know your birthday.

      I’m using the Old English Tarot and the card I have drawn for you is the Knave (Page) of Swords. I like this card, especially the Robin Wood tarot version of it. Swords are connected to thoughts, ideas and communication (headstuff) and Pages represent first steps and explorations.

      To me, this card, together with your birthday (it falls during the Cusp of Magic), strongly suggests that you have a very creative imagination. You are able to generate idea after idea. Where your ‘problem’ lies is that you sometimes have trouble taking an idea and bringing into reality.

      The advice from this card is that you make a list of all your ideas that relate to work and finances – don’t be afraid to be right ‘out there’ – write everything down, even if it takes a week of brainstorming. Leave the list be for a few days and then read over it, allowing your mind to play with all the ideas. Look for connections. Something brilliant may well leap out at you. Formulate a plan and then follow that plan, starting with baby steps.

      You can wait for things to ‘start coming into your life’ but that doesn’t usually produce very much in the way of opportunity. Use the gift of your creativity and take action towards your goals.

      Good luck!

      1. Priscilla

        Thank you so very much, this sound like me written all the way through. I got scared to release any of my work, because some of it got hijacked by the people I sent it to. Than I started Life coaching, card reading, psychic work & spiritual healing and stopped that as well. I got scared of being right, and thought: “what if I get something wrong,” I did all of that for free with writing as a career choice that pays. Now nothing, just collect, research and make private notes. I feel like something must happen first so that I can get that “Go” signal from heaven, because I am more than ready to walk right into my lime light of Peace, Light & Love. Thank you so very much for your time and preparation!

        1. theraggededge Post author

          You are right, Priscilla, something has to happen first – you have to make the first move. All creative work is a risk – I have had many, many articles stolen. You mustn’t let that put you off – just keep creating, whether it be for yourself or for payment. Sooner or later a small bell will ring and you will get your wings 😉 xxx PS I think I wrote that reply to myself – I love how that happens.

  44. Tran

    Hello, I need your advice for my job and career. I wanna quit my job in this month. Should I do it ? What will outcome to my career?r
    August 29 1986

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Tran,

      I’ve read for you before, haven’t I? Last time you were freelancing, I think. I’ll turn a card for you in a minute but firstly, I need to tell that I will not tell you whether you should quit your job or not. That is something for you to decide, not some external factor such as tarot cards or me. What I will do is ask the tarot for a general direction that you should consider.

      Your card is the Five of Wands (Five of Batons in the Old English Tarot). It suggests that you are having problems with working with other people and that is why you want to leave. Maybe your boss is getting you down?

      You may not get on with these people but you will find your niche if you look towards similar employment. I have told you in your previous reading that you would be good as part of a team and in any profession that involves looking after people, and that still stands. Your personality type needs the satisfaction that comes from helping others, otherwise you may find yourself pursuing unrewarding jobs. At the same time, you will benefit from time alone to recharge your batteries; this is important in order to avoid stress.

      One other thing is that this card can suggest a lack of structure – you need structure, both in your work and personal life. You thrive on having a clear framework to guide you. Make sure that is part of any job or career that you choose.

      Good luck!

      1. Tran

        Yes, last time I’m Freelancer and now I’m working in company. And I thinks my choice is wrong. But thanks so much for your reading.

        1. theraggededge Post author

          Hi again, Tran. Sorry, I might have misled you, when I said ’employment’, I didn’t necessarily mean working for a company. I meant work in general.

  45. Jelena

    Hello, I would like to know if there’s something on my love horizon in the next 3 months? I’m single. Thanks

    I was born on the 26th of November. Thank you!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Jelena,

      Thanks for getting back to me with your birthday. Don’t need the year.

      I’m using the Old English Tarot and have drawn the Nine of Swords. I’m afraid this card is not usually about romance at all. It might be that there is something more pressing that you must deal with. Sometimes old stuff must be cleared away before the new can come. The Nine of Swords suggests there is a problem or a situation that you are finding it almost impossible to think about. The advice from this card is to relax, let it go, get some quality nights’ sleep and then you will find the solution within the problem. If you stare right at it, it won’t materialise but if you approach it from another angle it might come into view. Your best bet is to remove your attention from it completely and like an object in your peripheral vision, the path will become clear.

      Sorry you didn’t get an answer to the question you asked – sometimes the tarot won’t play nice 🙂

      I am sure your love will come as soon as you are ready – in the meantime, enjoy your singledom. You were born in the Week of Independence – your potential partner will have to measure up to some very high standards!

      Good luck.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hello Franco,

      Happy recent birthday!

      I am using the Robin Wood tarot and have drawn the Seven of Swords. This card is often interpreted as theft or betrayal of some kind. For me it means someone taking back something that was previously lost, given away or stolen from them. For example, a woman regaining her confidence after her partner undermined her for years.

      This isn’t a terribly positive card when connected to love. However, it can indicate some areas that you need to be aware of. They can apply to you or to someone you are involved with. Issues of trust; if one of you is unable to communicate truthfully then the relationship will go nowhere. Similarly, hiding your feelings will have the same result. At the same time, leaving yourself open to being taken advantage of will also affect future relationships, so you have to find a balance.

      I think it’s about keeping your sensible head on. Be aware of the possibility that someone might be trying to pull the wool over your eyes but at the same time allow yourself to enjoy a happy and balanced relationship. Basically, it’s a judgement call.

      Good luck!

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