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  1. Troi Post author

    Our marriage is broken
    Is there any chance for us at all
    Hes just been so mean rude

    Should i just give up?

    **Personal details removed by Troi

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Christina,

      I moved your request to this page – just to be consistent. Yours is the first one on this updated page, which is probably a bit confusing.

      I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulties in your marriage.

      Looking at your birth dates, this is a reasonably compatible match that relies on a good mix of social contact and time alone together. The relationship is an opportunity for both partners to learn some personal lessons about themselves and each other.

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the Nine of Cups. This card shows a well-to-do man, dressed in rich purple robes. Behind him stand nine ornate gold chalices.

      Usually this card signifies a much wanted level of emotional achievement. It is often called the ‘wish card’. However, nines generally mean that a significant life phase is coming to an end. So perhaps the state of affairs that this card represents has already been and gone. It is not a negative card at all, far from it, so I am wondering if you are being held together by circumstances. In other words, your lifestyle is the glue that is keeping you together?

      Looking at the card at the base of the deck – the Six of Pentacles. Again, this seems to confirm that this is about your way of life. You may be reluctant to end the marriage because it would mean the prospect of a financial setback.

      Neither of these cards is offering me much in the way of an answer to your question, Christina. For me, they are both positive and I would say that, yes, there is potential for you to work on your marriage and bring it back from the brink – but only if you are both willing to do the work. If you are unsure of your next step, I would recommend that you take no action for the time being. Your path may be made clear pretty soon.

      Good luck.

        1. Troi Post author

          Hi Vickie, so sorry to hear you are going through this nightmare. I’m not sure if the cards will be able to answer your question in a way that will help you, but I’ll just pull one and see what it says.

          I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the Three of Swords. This is not a great card to get, but it may not be as bad as it first seems. Threes in tarot are about minor life cycles, so it looks as if something is about to change. However, because Swords are about thought, communication and all the stuff that goes on in your head, you have to make sure that you are clear about what you say and about what you hear. In other words, you need to make sure you understand everything in detail. The lines of communication cannot be allowed to get tangled.

          This is really important. If you misunderstand what is being said to you, you could make a mistake and this will cause more delay. Make sure you remain calm and in control. You will make a better impression if you can demonstrate that you are capable of looking after your children.

          Whatever your issues are/were, all you need to do is make a decision that they are in the past. That they are not who you are today. That you won’t be that person again. You are renewed. Don’t look back.

          The card at the base of the deck is Strength. And this is a really good card to get. It tells you that you can deal with whatever’s headed you way. That you can keep your mouth closed when you may not have been able to in the past. You can grit your teeth and do whatever it takes to have your kids returned to you. You aren’t weak or vulnerable, you can be a strong, independent, confident woman.

          In summary, there might be a delay, but it will give you time to get it all worked out in your head. How you will deal with those who you saw as your enemies. They are not enemies. Work with them.

          I wish you all the best and hope it all works out for you and your children, Vickie.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Trish,

      Congratulations on your new job 🙂

      I’m using a deck called Tarot of the New Vision. Your card is the Knave (Page) of Swords. We see the Page of Swords from behind. His right foot is pointed outwards and appears to be resting on the head of a shattered statue. He holds his (or her) sword in both hands over his left shoulder.

      This card suggests that your job could be to do with figures or perhaps research. It is pretty neutral so doesn’t confirm whether you are in the right place for you. However, the Page of Swords is extremely resourceful and does not give in to pressure. She accepts her position and endeavours to make it work for her. I like the Robin Wood version of this card which is illustrated by a girl running down the side of a mountain as though she is carrying divine inspiration. You might well make the decision not to hang around too long in this job, but meanwhile, you can make it be your dream job.

      Take a cue from ‘divine inspiration’ and make a list of all the good aspects of your job. Think of anything you like and write it down. The more you can find the better. Maybe you like the hours, or the location, or the person who helps you the most, or the money, or even your desk. Write down every positive detail you can and add to it to include good things that happen. Such as a light-hearted phone call, or finishing a task early, or whatever. Every day, look for the positives and make a note of them later. If you keep doing this, you’ll find more and more things. You’ll be looking for them. You’ll be expecting them. Pretty soon there will be more positives than negatives. Try it. It works.

      Good luck!

  2. Az

    Apologies, but I would like to include a little more detail to my question if that’s okay. I just wanted to add his birthday too as it might make it easier for you.

    His is 17th Aug.

    Thank you 😊

    Edit: Original Question – Will a relationship blossom with the person I like or am I wasting my time?

    26th Aug

    1. Troi Post author

      Hello Az,

      Based on your birthdays of 17th August and 26th August, this potential relationship is straightforward and transparent. There are few conflicts and each have a good sense of timing. There is a lot of common ground and many opportunities for agreement. So no obstacles there 🙂

      I’m using the Gilded Tarot and you card is the Knight of Pentacles. This may explain a lot 🙂 The Knight of Pentacles sits quietly astride his horse. They stand in a beautiful glen surrounded by trees, plants and various wildlife.

      The Knight of Pentacles is usually a personality card, reflecting aspects of the person’s character. Now, I can’t tell you how he feels about you, that would be unethical, however I can tell you that he may appear to be hard to reach, if you know what I mean. This is because the Knight of Pentacles is very deliberate in his actions. He is not the type to rush into any relationship. He will always take things quite slowly until he is certain.

      I, personally, think the Knight of Pentacles is the best court card in the deck. Once you have got his attention and interest, he will always be loyal and true. His feelings are not apparent on the surface but hidden deep within. If ever a personality could be said to have hidden depths, this is the one.

      Can’t say for sure if the relationship will go any further, it depends on how you go about it. I would say that the best way is to treat it as a friendship first, nothing else. No flirting or making your interest too obvious. Just be open and straight with him, as he will be with you.

      The base card is Justice, which I can’t connect to your question, though you might be able to. The next card after the Knight of Pentacles is the Sun, which definitely suggests blooming and blossoming.

      Hope it works out for you, Az.

  3. Angel

    Sorry my dob: 5th August

    My question was.. I am looking to improve my career and salary can you see this happy anytime soon as in this year

    Thank you

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Angel,

      I think a more useful question might be “What else can you do to improve your career and salary this year?” I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and have drawn the Six of Swords. A figure sits in a swan-shaped boat and is propelled across a lake by a ghostly apparition. The boat and its occupants are headed towards a distant shoreline and a cave at water level. Inside the cave a light shines like a star.

      The Six of Swords suggests that you have probably done all you need to do, and now you should simply get on with your job, knowing that all is being taken care of behind the scenes. Make your current job, your dream job, by staying focused and carrying out your tasks to your best ability. The key to improvements in any situation is to ‘know’ all is well and things are getting better. Practice this ‘knowing’ all the time – “I know I will get that promotion.” “I know opportunities are coming my way.” “I know I can be the best I can be.” Keep your eye, mind and spirit on that star.

      Good luck.

  4. Lori

    I have 2 sons living on the streets that are using drugs. I took my vacation and went to southern Ca. To see grand kids and friends and them. The worst vacation ever.
    My question is Did I do right? My actions were a little harsh and maybe selfish.
    Please tell me honestly and I don’t need you to tell me what you think I want to hear. I did something wrong in raising them and don’t want to continue doing so.
    This isn’t a “pretty” situation and don’t expect a pretty answer.
    Thank you so very much.
    I was born at 6:48 am on June 2

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Lori,

      I could draw a card to answer your question, “Did I do right?” but how will that help you now? It’s done. You know whether it was right or not. You know if you did your best to help your kids. Surely, a better question would be “How do I move on with this situation?” Or “Is there anything I can do now to improve things?”

      This is a ‘big’ situation for one card to answer, but I’ll draw one and see what it says to you.

      I’m using the Robin Wood and your card is the Ace of Wands. This is a card of pure energy rather than a ‘situation’. It shows that if you remain open and positive, you may well receive a solution. This card means that you must KNOW that it all will work out. You have to remember that what you see as ‘wrong’ may not be so at all. Your sons may be learning valuable lessons, or they may be in a position to help someone else. You can’t see through their eyes. You can only see and judge through the eyes of their mother.

      Presumably your boys are over the age of 18 and are capable of making decisions for themselves? Then let them. They are their own men. They are making their own choices. You, as their mother, probably made mistakes, just like we all do. However, there’s only so much you can do. At some point they have to go free.

      Looking at the base card, the Knight of Swords – it seems like you went steaming in, determined to rescue them, or to talk sense into them. The Knight of Swords shows someone on a mission, who is convinced he is right and set on getting the results he wants. Yes, this character might well use harsh methods because he thinks he’s doing the best for all concerned. Your intentions were good, but it didn’t work this time.

      So leave them be. You have a life, so live it. Use the encouragement of the Ace of Wands to wait for… let’s call it ‘divine inspiration’. Something will change, don’t worry. It’ll be okay xx

  5. Linda

    I have never had any interest in the Tarot over the years, but for some reason now I seem to be drawn to looking into it.
    I have purchased some decks but find all the information around confusing.
    Is it worth my continuing to study it?

    My birth date is the 4th April.

    Thank you for the chance to get a reading, a new experience for me,

    1. Troi Post author

      Hello Linda,

      That’s an unusual question 🙂 Before I draw your card, let me just address the confusion issue. Everyone is confused at first when confronted with what seems a very complicated system. All those meanings to memorise and then all those reversals, and symbols and elements, and numbers, and court cards – argh!

      Here’s where to begin:

      1. Learn the basics of numerology 1 – 10. It’s a progression: Ones = beginnings, Fives are a pivot point; a challenge, and Tens are endings that swing back to a new beginning. Double digits are added together to fall into 1-10. So 10 = 1, 11 = 2.

      2. Learn the four elements and their qualities. Fire, water, air and earth.

      That’s all you need to start. 14 things. Armed with those, you can start reading tarot. I will be writing a blog post soon about numerology and tarot, so pop back in a few days.

      Onto your card. I’m using the Rider-Waite (you must have a copy of that one. Use it for now and put the other decks away).

      I’ve drawn the King of Pentacles. This card is numbered 14 1+4 = 5 in the element of Earth. Fives in tarot indicate a challenge. Earth represents practicalities. Therefore the basic interpretation means that, for you, the idea of learning tarot is wrapped up in the practical issues of actually learning the system. And it’s daunting. A huge challenge.

      We can go further with the Court Cards as they are personality cards and belong to one of four families. The King of Pentacles is the head of his earth-centric family. He is self-made. He worked hard and has succeeded in all he set out to do. He’s reached the stage where he can sit back and guide other people. We could make a connection between The King of Pentacles and the Major Arcana, Hierophant.

      He tells you that learning anything worthwhile is always tough at the beginning. Being a Five he is issuing you with a challenge. Are you up to it? It’s your choice.

      Hope that helps and also that I see you back here soon.

  6. Kate

    My love interest has withdrawn after saying he didn’t have the time it takes to put into getting to know someone to have a relationship. He is too busy working and struggling financially. He called me a curveball and he hasn’t talked to me since. My question is, will he ever come back? Or do I just need to move on?

    My birthday: 05/16 (may 16)
    His: 11/08

    Thank you so much! I’m curious to hear what you have to say!

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Kate,

      Sorry to hear that. Men.

      I’m using Tarot of the New Vision and your card is the Knight of Wands. In this card, the Knight is pictured from behind so that we can see what he’s looking at as his horse prances in that showy way. From this angle we can see that, in front of the Knight, is a camel train making its way past – this is presumably what is startling the horse. There are several people on foot leading the laden camels.

      This is actually a perfect illustration to confirm that your ex is currently being distracted by other things in his life. The Knight of Wands is not very good at keeping his focus at the best of times. I think that your ex has probably made the right decision. What you mustn’t do is take it personally. Though, frankly, if someone labelled me a ‘curveball’, I wouldn’t give them the time of day, let alone waste my energy thinking about them 😀 He probably meant the relationship, rather than you.

      So yes, take a leaf out of his book and move on. I think he’s done you a favour.

      Looking at the next card, the Ace of Pentacles. This indicates that there is something new and good and exciting coming along for you. Could be connected to a relationship, but more likely it’s to do with work or where you live, or perhaps some extra money. Be open to all possibilities.

      Good luck.

  7. Jake

    This last year I made a commitment to better living in mind. body, and spirit. The changes and feelings are remarkable and it is difficult to believe the transformation in a year. Advancing in spirit is confusing at times and rank with conflicting advice from others. What can I do to more intuitively move forward in spiritual development? My birthday is 09/14

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Jake,

      I agree, spiritual ‘advice’ is confusing. I think mainly because no-one can experience your journey. Only you can see the world from your unique perspective.

      I’m using the Rider-Waite and have drawn the Eight of Pentacles. That’s perfect 🙂 This card suggests that if you focus on what you are already doing, i.e. mind and body, the spiritual journey will take care of itself. It also shows that an ‘active meditation’ as in working with your hands or walking, is just as valuable as any other kind.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Ace of Swords, which tells you to let go of the idea that there is a ‘right’ kind of development and a breakthrough will come. A revelation of sorts.

      Good question and all the best to you.

  8. Rigene

    Last year a 7 month relationship ended between me and this guy I was seeing. Although I cared for him deeply there were always problems and trouble arising. There were other women, a older woman that came to my home and eventually her son’s friend even pulled a gun on me, then there was a younger woman around my age which was the final straw she called me while they were in bed together in which he woke up and denied me altogether after being with him less than 24 hours before. My concern is I know that relationship was unhealthy and no good and needed to end. However, the younger woman to my understanding had been doing some evil things to draw him near and keep him near and I had been told by 3 different sources that this woman also made sure she drove me mad along with whatever bad energy she could send my way to ensure I was undesirable to him. I try hard to cleanse myself and home thru rituals, prayers, and mediation. I started seeing someone about 2-3 months after that which we are taking our time (8 months later we are still dating and learning each other) he seems fine and what he lacks he tries hard to compromise and do better. My question is lately some things have seemed off around me not the new guy, but like finding a job and earlier tonight a accident with my vehicle. I want to be sure that younger woman is no longer sending negative energy my way. I was told in 2 separate readings that I had a jealous woman around me. Also is this new guy right for me?

    my birthday is August 8th
    the old love birthday is July 16th
    the new love birthday is January 21st

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Rigene,

      As this is only a quick one-card reading, I can’t answer your questions in-depth. I’ll pull a card to ask what energies are currently around you. However, you need to know that this other woman cannot create your experience **unless you allow her**. The more credence you give her, the more you willingly give her your power, the easier it will be for her to influence you. The way to prevent this is to ignore her existence. You must know that she cannot cause harm to you. If you talk about her to others, you can be sure what you say will get back to her, therefore giving her even more leverage. If it helps, do a short banishing ritual – there are plenty of resources on the web. Then forget her. Your revenge is to live well in the present.

      I’m using a round deck, called Songs for the Journey Home. Your card is the High Priestess. A woman sits, safe within the earth, within the roots of a tree. Her eyes are closed and she is peaceful.

      This card suggests that you can connect with this peaceful energy, by letting go of negative thinking. Just be. Feel the love that the universe has for you and let it seep through your being. Visualise yourself being safe and cared for. Do this constantly in order to create a protective shield around you.

      The High Priestess keeps her own counsel. She is able to find peace in the present moment and allow the universe to bring her the wisdom and knowledge that she needs for any situation. All she has to do is tune into her own intuition.

      You can find images for this card online – just type the name of the deck and card into Google.

      The card at the base of the deck is ‘Earth Creating’, the equivalent of the Queen of Pentacles. This is a practical card whose message is simple. Just deal with what’s in front of you and leave the past behind you. You’ve moved on, so bring your thoughts with you – don’t niggle at past mis-doings like a sore tooth.

      Hope that helps, and that you regain ownership of your personal power soon. Good luck in your new relationship.

      1. Rigene

        Thank you Troi! It’s very ironic these these two cards are the same two cards that were in my last reading. I had quite a few pentacles card that appeared in that gilded tarot reading. The same thing I heard then is that I may not be allowing myself to move forward because of my mind. I hear this all the time from my new love…he keeps telling me to think positive and don’t give outside forces power by thinking negative or talking about the past hurt. I appreciate you. I just need to find a way to put my mind at ease so I can completely let go so I can live in the now. Thank you so much again!

        1. Troi Post author

          My pleasure, Rigene.

          I think it’s a question of taking your cue from the QoP and making a decision to put those people and their antics firmly in the past. Dwelling on anything keeps its vibration active in your present. Your new love is perfectly correct 🙂

          Your new mantra is “Release”.

  9. Sharon Shiffer

    Hi there. I have enjoyed reading your readings. No pun intended. I have been working on confident issues both personal and professional. I have been very stuck for some time and am wondering if there is a change (hopefully positive) coming my way either personal or professional? Birthday: September 22.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hello Sharon, thank you for taking the time to read them.

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the Hierophant. He’s a bit pompous-looking in this deck and I believe that Robin Wood, herself stated that she doesn’t like this card because to her her it represents stuffy institutions and the rule-making/rule-following people in them. I have a different view. I feel that rather than being a dictatorial influence, I think the Hierophant is a guide. Someone who has travelled our path before we get to it. Who is able to point to a distant goal and the road to it, but, at the same time, is able to stand back and let us make discoveries for ourselves.

      It is your task to search out the way forward. Change isn’t coming to you unless you meet it halfway. Once you take a step outside your comfort zone, someone will be there to guide you. So you have to decide what changes you’d like to have happen, both personally and professionally and move, just a little way, towards them.

      The Hierophant is a five card, and fives are a little unbalanced, there’s a sort of tipping point that offers a challenge. Sometimes it’s something you decide to do, at others it is forced upon you. Right now, I think it’s your choice.

      The card at the bottom of the deck is the Seven of Wands. Sevens are very spiritual in tarot: they represent the ‘light that shines within’ and the Seven of Wands suggests that it’s time you let your light shine forth and do something for you – reach for your ambitions and be prepared to say ‘Yes!’

      Good luck 🙂

      1. Sharon Shiffer

        Troi – Thank you. That explanation was very helpful. Very much appreciated. Professionally that pivot just happened and I just made my pitch for something new. It was met with a wait and see attitude so there is still time to make that change and hopefully a favorable view will be forthcoming. Personally I am still in the unknown territory but I am trying to explore new ways to get out of my comfort zone. A tough one. Again, thank you.

        1. Troi Post author

          You are very welcome, Sharon. I hope it all works out even better than you dare to imagine 🙂

  10. Alejandra

    Hi Troi,
    Me name is Alejandra. My DOB is May 25. I was wondering what kind of career is best suited for me? Thank you for the reading and have a great day!

    1. Troi Post author

      Hello again, Alejandra, I hope you are well.

      I’m using the Fountain Tarot and your card is the Five of Wands. Shadowy figures hold their wands or staves against a sunset orange background. It’s not clear whether they are about to begin or just ended a battle. The figures look a little weary so I shall assume the fighting is over.

      Fives in tarot are usually about challenges. Wands are connected to spirit, action and inspiration. The Five of Wands often suggests a change of direction that means stepping out of our comfort zone, of doing battle with our own desire to not expose ourselves to failure or discomfort. It can also hint at a major turning point in life, where we have to make a decision about how to proceed.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Page of Coins – the student. This card suggests that you might consider retraining, or a course of study. Perhaps it could be done in your spare time or online? I know from previous readings that you enjoy working with people and helping them, the thing that pops into my head is some kind of health-related career. I’m not sure if it’s something you have considered, but I feel you have the ability to comfort people.

      Good luck, Alejandra.

      1. Alejandra

        Thank you for the reading Troi. I have been thinking about becoming a counselor one day. I have started meditating to know myself better and trust my intuition. I am trying to step out of my comfort zone to improve my situation in life. I know now that I am the creator of my reality. Thank you once again and may you have a Happy Mother’s Day!

        1. Troi Post author

          Hi Alejandra,

          That sounds perfect for you. I think you are on the way to finding your life’s purpose.

          And thank you for the good wishes. We had our Mother’s Day (Mothering Sunday) back in March in the UK, but I’ll happily take another one 🙂

          All the best xx

    1. Troi Post author

      Not really, babyblue, because asking me to read someone else’s private feelings is sort of like an invasion of privacy – known in tarot circles as ‘third party readings’. However, you can ask a general question about a potential relationship, if you provide the day and month of birth for both of you.

  11. Bunedeth

    Hi my birthday is 7 February and his birthday is 22 September. I would like to know if there is a possibility for a potential love relationship. Would John be my new lover.


    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Bunedeth,

      Before I draw a card, I’ve checked to see whether you would be compatible as a couple and you probably would 🙂 This would be a relationship based on laughter and fun. However, like many who can be witty and funny, there may be a darker side to the relationship, perhaps where one partner, or possibly both may veer toward depression over the longer term.

      I’m using the Arcus Arcanum Tarot and your card is the Ace of Wands. A hand holding a staff reaches from a red-hot flame. In the foreground stands a salamander, while charging from the background is a huge lion.

      The Ace of Wands represents the essence of pure passion. It also, like all the aces, means new beginnings. So I would say it is likely that a new passion will be in your near future. I can’t tell from this one card if it will be John or not, but if he is currently the only love interest in your life, then the odds are stacked in his favour.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Three of Pentacles represents a collaborative working situation. So John could be a co-worker or you may find your love within your workplace, or strongly connected to it.

      Have fun, Bunedeth!

  12. martie

    Hi My name Martie. I would like to know if I will make a success with my embroidery business in the united states.

    Thanks Martie

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Martie,

      Welcome to Tarot Study. I’m using the Tarot of the New Vision and your card is the Knave of Chalices (Cups). This card bodes well for your new business. It suggests that you will put a lot of yourself into your work and infuse it with love. If you want to make a success of it, you will 🙂

      I need to mention the card at the base of the deck. I don’t think this is connected with your work at all. It’s the Tower, which suggests that there may be a big challenge for you over the next few weeks. This could be difficult but you need to know that it is a necessary ‘clearing out’ of stale energy. I promise you that once it’s over with, you’ll look back and realise that it was for the best.

      Sorry you got such mixed messages. Good luck with your embroidery.

    1. Troi Post author

      Martie, your business will do well, but there may be an unrelated problem ahead which you will have to deal with.

  13. Jessica

    There a medium or psychic emailing me occasionally talking about we have a spiritual connection and believes we didn’t come across each other on accident she tells me things about readings she doing for me because of vision she had of my name recently gave tarot 3 card reading supposedly in full personal messages for me specifically quite thorough. She doesn’t always ask for money but if I want to get exact details like lucky numbers and dates of significants I must pay . Is this tara the medium for real or is it just someone trying to make money off me ? because I also get e-mails from Ron the medium thought he was for real then I got email from Ron the psychic which made me feel he was just tryin to make money I believe myself to be a highly sensitive person Clairsentient I’m sure you heard of this . But just not sure what to think of this tara

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Jessica,

      Sorry but I’m not going to read on the motivations of specific psychics. You are very welcome to ask another question. Meanwhile, you can always block the email addresses of people you think might be spamming you or have them sent directly to your junk folder.

  14. Anon


    Appreciate your services! My birthday is July 15th and his is March 29th. I feel he is the one, but I am not sure.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi there,

      Your birthdays suggest a relationship that is better in the realm of communication than in the physical. It is excellent on an intellectual level, but it’s possible something is missing despite the meeting of minds. A certain chemistry, if you like. This partnership can last a long time, but the road leading to permanence is difficult.

      I’m using the Tarot of the New Vision and your card is The World. Given your doubt about this relationship, my feeling is that you have been doing really well in attracting the kind of person you want. However, you are also able to discern the aspects you don’t want. You are honing and sculpting your life. The World card indicates that you have reached a plateau, a level of spiritual achievement. In your personal relationship, as in life, you are in exactly the right place. However, soon the process will start again. You will feel the need to move on. Now it could work in two ways: either you will, as a couple, be able to take the relationship ‘higher’. Or, you will come to an understanding that he is almost exactly what you want, but not quite. It’s your decision to make. My advice is to let it roll on for a while until you gain some clarity.

      The base card is the Four of Swords: give your thinking a rest and, instead, let your instinct and intuition guide you.

      Good luck.

  15. Nelly

    I am leaving my job (of seven months) in a few weeks as I was feeling very trapped. uncomfortable and very unhappy. Could the cards tell me what the Universe has in story for me now I have taken this step.

    18 July

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Nelly,

      Well done you for taking a positive step. You are very brave.

      I’m using the Gilded Tarot and your card is the Four of Cups. This suggests that you have attained a level of emotional stability after your period of unhappiness. You are not leaping with joy, but there is a sense of relief. Have a look at the card on-line to see what I mean. You may not be quite ready to see what the universe has lined up for you, but it’s there. There’s an opportunity right in front of you. It could be starting your own mini-business. Or there’s someone you know who would gladly offer you a temporary job if you asked. However, don’t worry about it for the time being. Take this time to get back to yourself – you will soon know when you are ready to receive guidance from the big U.

      The base card is the Ten of Wands, which advises you to shed commitments and responsibilities if you can. Lighten the load. Try to simplify your life.

      Good luck, I hope your life turns around and you find your Nelly-shaped niche soon 🙂

  16. Janice


    My ex husband and I lived together until last December (2016) when I finally told him I was done. Since then, he’s been sending nasty emails, text/voice messages and damaged property at my home,.

    He’s been quiet for the past month or so, and I’m wondering if he’s finally moving on.

    Thank you.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Janice,

      Sorry to hear you’ve had to deal with this. I know exactly what it’s like, having been through it myself.

      I’m using the Gilded Tarot and your card is the Tower. The Tower is one of those cards that strikes fear into most people. However, instead of an impending fear of doom, when I see it I get an ‘impending feeling of relief’. What I think will happen is that there will be an event or incident that may cause you ex to blame you. He is desperate to be in control of the situation (the base card is the Emperor) and of you, and his actions are driven by frustration. So, it could all start up again, but the way to deal with it is for you to act like a ‘gray rock’. Google it. Once he realises that you are never going to react to him again, he will give up and the relief part of the Tower experience will kick in. It’s an ever-changing thing. He’s quiet now, but may not be next week/month.

      You have to look at the event/incident/manufactured problem as the one that will finally give you the release and closure you need. It will be the point where you can finally say he is moving on… and so can you.

      Good luck, and do let me know how it turns out.

  17. Teresa

    Hi, my name is Teresa born August 28. I have been friends with Eric for a year now. We always have a good time together. Will we ever be more then friends and will I see him again?

    1. Troi Post author

      Hello Teresa, thank you for your question.

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and have drawn the Seven of Wands. I have a feeling that this is not going to answer your question, but may be related to something else in your life. Or Eric’s perhaps.

      The Seven of Wands shows a young man standing on an embankment. He appears to be facing up to a gathering of unseen enemies or combatants. He looks pretty confident and is holding the higher ground.

      This card indicates that you are currently taking the right action, or the right stance, on an issue. You may feel isolated but know that the power is in your hands. Know that you should stick to your guns. Now, as I mentioned, this might be your issue or it might be why Eric seems so out of touch at the moment.

      The base card is the Devil, which means that someone is shackled to someone or something that is not good for them. They are unable to break the bonds right now until they come to terms with the fact that this continuing behaviour is destructive and negative.

      I don’t know if this information is useful to you or not, Teresa, the cards don’t always answer what was asked.

      Good luck.

  18. Kema

    I’m looking for a job and I want to know if I will get one this month? Can I get the base/shadow card too btw.

    My DOB is 04/22/90

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Kema,

      Your question is a classic example of what not to ask the tarot 😀 You could get an answer to it by tossing a coin. Think about what you want from the cards before asking. If it can be answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’, it’s not a very good question, is it? So, what do you really want to know about getting a job? What information do you need to help you?

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is The Hanged Man. This card shows a young man hanging upside-down, with his legs hooked around the branch of a tree. He seems quite relaxed, given his awkward position.

      The Hanged Man suggests that you won’t get a job offer just yet. It shows that the energy around you is sort of stuck in neutral. This is not a bad card at all. In fact, it might be just what you need to get yourself moving. Sometimes you have to take some kind of action in order to stir things up. So do something different – keep applying for jobs, of course, but do some other stuff as well. Have a clear out of your clothes, do some decluttering. Clean your home. Think of it as an energy re-set or making room for change to happen.

      The card at the bottom of the deck is Strength. Strength indicates that you have the capability to persuade someone round to your way of thinking. When you go for interviews, be different. Offer a unique point-of-view. Make the interviewer remember you. You can achieve more by using your resources to persuade rather than to overcome.

      Good luck!

      1. Kema

        How do I formulate questions to ask? My original question was what is blocking me from getting a job, but I wasn’t sure so I just asked a simpler question.

        Thank you 😀

        1. Troi Post author

          Hi Kema, it’s always best to ask things like what will help me at this time? Or what do I need to know/learn about the situation? If you just ask “Will I?” you are inviting a yes/no response, so all you have to do is to work out what you truly need to know.

          As far as what’s blocking you, it’s right there in the Hanged Man card. Either the timing is not quite right or you need to get the energy (and feelings) around getting a new job moving. So anything you can do to make a shift will help. Physical effort is always a good way to start, as is making literal space so that energy can flow. Think of it in the same way as opening a window to let the breeze shift the stale atmosphere in a room. x

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Sally, it’d be helpful to have his birthday too, so I can check your compatibility. Not to worry.

      I’m using the Robin Wood and your card is the Page of Wands. This card shows a young woman standing on the leeward side of a sand dune. She holds a gleaming, bejewelled staff which is beaming out light in all directions.

      The Page of Wands tells you that you are about to begin an adventure and it may well be connected to a love affair. At the moment you are feeling a little hesitant about taking this forward. Do not be. Follow your instincts and let your feelings be known.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Moon, which again, tells you to follow your intuition and it will guide you forward. When the time is right you will know exactly what to do.

      Good luck!

  19. Stephanie


    I’ve been in a relationship for 5 years now. We’ve both been married before and both have children. Do you see us staying together and continuing as we are, eventually getting married, or it ending at some point?

    I’m curious if I’ll marry again.

    My BD is October 3rd and his is January 31st.

    Thank you!

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Stephanie,

      Your birthdays are an interesting combination. It’s like a coming together of free spirits. You can never quite get a handle on each other. It makes for a lively and unpredictable relationship – but you know that 🙂

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the Fool, so your guess is as good as mine. It seems if the opportunity or suggestion of marriage arises you will take that leap of faith and go for it.

      The base card is the Seven of Pentacles which gives an insight into your question. The Seven of Pentacles which indicates that you might be feeling out of place or that the relationship is not fulfilling your expectations. This contradicts my interpretation of the Fool above, so I wonder if the leap of faith is to do with you taking a different route and making a break? Perhaps you, as a free spirit, need to explore your options before making any kind of permanent commitment?

      As I look at the cards, I’m definitely getting the feeling that you are hoping for more out of life. In which case, do that thing you want to do 🙂

  20. Jade

    June 23
    April 23

    I have recently fallen for him, and we have been together for a little over 3 months. How will our relationship go?

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Jade,

      Your birthdays result in a fun combination of energies though they need some delicate handling at times. The relationship is lively, both verbally and physically, which means you are able to communicate on several levels, often without speaking. Mathew will need to learn how to be sensitive to your airy/watery aspects and you will have to learn how to be less picky 🙂 Aries-Taurus are not always the most aware of their partner’s wishes.

      I’m using the Shadowscapes Tarot as it’s a lovely summery deck. Once I manage to get it out of its horrible box, that is. Oh… your card is the Tower. This may or may not be connected to your relationship with Mathew, but it appears that you have some energy block that needs clearing out. I can’t tell you what will happen but you can prepare yourself for what appears to be a negative event. However, this needs to happen in order for you to progress. It will either throw you apart from Mathew or it could bring you even closer – whatever happens, everything will be clearer and more free-flowing afterwards. Know that it is for your long-term benefit.

      The base card is the Moon, which indicates that you are (or he is) feeling confused or torn about another aspect of your life. A previous relationship perhaps? Whichever partner is feeling this way needs to follow their gut feeling – it will take them in the right direction.

      Sorry it’s not more positive, Jade, do get back to me and let me know how it goes. I would suggest that you keep this information to yourself for the time being 🙂

    1. Troi Post author

      Hey Lori,

      Glad you found me. So I’m just going to draw a card to see what energies are around you right now. I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the Magician. Go Google ‘Robin Wood Magician’ to see what he looks like 🙂

      The Magician mirrors your own personality and how others see you. The Magician has all the skills and tools he needs to make change happen, to manipulate energy in order to manifest his desired results. People are drawn to him and are happy to comply with his wishes.

      So you have probably got a strong personality and are able to get things done, either by persuasion or gentle manipulation 🙂 People seem to want to help you. It’s very possible you are, like most Leos, a natural leader.

      The Magician has complete faith in his own skills, because if he did not, they wouldn’t produce the results. You must too. Never doubt that the resources you need are within. At the same time, be sensitive to those around you because they too, are part of your resources. In the nicest possible way, of course.

      Now the card at the base of the deck, often shows the reason why people ask for a reading at that particular time, and yours is the Tower. The Tower indicates a clearing out of old, stagnant energy and ‘unwanted baggage’, whether it be emotional or actual. It’s either just happened, is happening or about to happen. It feels awful at the time, but it is always necessary and life improves afterward. You might remember the song by Johnny Nash that goes, “I can see clearly now the rain has gone. I can see all obstacles in my way.” It’s like that, a clearing of the decks. All comes good in the end.

      Hope all is well. Bx

      1. Lori B

        OMG!! Bev Just found you after much scrolling. Yes, I have a very strong personality. Absolutely love my fellow humans and spreading positive energy. I get things done on my own. No persuasion no manipulation although it’s been tried and they failed:) Lately I feel the Universe is doing its magic. I am de-cluttering my life and letting God take over. You are fabulous and many thanks for noticing my roar. Continued success and God bless. XO See ya back at the H.

  21. Morning Star

    I am contemplating setting up a new political party. I have no supporters, no members, and no money. If I pour my entire spirit into this enterprise, can I overcome all obstacles and win?

    10 October, Morning Star

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Morning Star,

      I’m just going to quote something from a book I have here:

      “The Week of Society” Born between Oct 3 and 10th

      The Libra II period takes Society as its central image… when a more meaningful relationship with society, or an increase in time given to social entities (political causes, clubs, religious organisations, study groups, neighbourhood or community associations, etc.), often takes place. During this time, deepening one’s social ties can be central to life.”

      Cool, yes? It seems that work of this kind is what you are here to do.

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the Six of Swords (I was so hoping for the Six of Pentacles). This card shows you that you can move slowly and steadily towards your goal. It’s not going to be quick or momentous, yet it will happen if you keep your eye on your ultimate aim.

      Sixes in tarot indicate that the seeker is moving on, healing after some kind of challenge or difficulty. This ambition of yours has materialised in response to unwanted situations. It has propelled you forward, so to speak. Which is, I suppose, the reason for the formation of all political groups.

      Incidentally, if you Google the image of this card, you will see that the seeker has help, in the form of an invisible guide, and also that there is a star hanging in the darkness of a cave on the far shore. You might take the essence of the image and meditate on what it means for you personally.

      Meanwhile. the card at the base of the deck is Death. Death is shown walking on a woodland path, where life is happening all around him. I guess, either something has had to end or leave in your life, or it is currently in transition. Your political goals will fill this space.

      Oh, and the reason for wanting the Six of Pentacles to show up is because, lately, when I see it, it reminds me of Crowdfunding 😉

      Good luck!

      1. Morning Star

        Thank you for the free reading and the insights it has given. The chosen cards are indeed very applicable to my current situation.

        Good luck on your own personal journey.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Marian, I’m using the Robin Wood tarot and your card is the Two of Pentacles. This card signifies that you may be trying to balance various aspects of your life right now and the sensible thing to do is to wait a little. Twos almost always mean delays and periods of waiting. You will know when the time is right, and its possible that someone will happen along who can collaborate with you, or mentor you.

      Your base card is Strength, which indicates you have the capacity to persuade and cajole. You may need to draw on this inner strength in order to achieve your goals.

      I am not going to say you ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ make this commitment – that is your decision 🙂

  22. Ali

    January 17

    I’ve become stuck and dissatisfied in some of my personal relationships. Three in particular; friendships and one romantic relationship, all differing dynamics but still connected. What do I need to know about this situation to find peace?

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Ali,

      Thanks for your question. I’m using the Everyday Witch Tarot and your card is the Page of Wands. The figure in the path is standing at the juncture of three paths, which is quite interesting given your question about three relationships. There is a ginger cat on one of the paths, looking back at the Page as if to call her to follow. The Page is unsure but has her feet firmly planted. She’s not going anywhere until she is certain in her mind, or in her heart.

      I think you should do the same for the time being. Look for signs that will help you make decisions. Pay attention to messages from your inner guidance. Pretty soon, you will know exactly what action you need to take, if any. I would guess that, at some point you will have to walk away from at least one of these relationships.

      The base card is the Ten of Pentacles, which suggests that your family may play a large part in whatever you decide to do. Perhaps some change in the family structure has influenced what is happening in your personal relationships.

      Take it easy for now and wait and see what develops.

      1. Ali

        Thank you – this is quite interesting as I also drew the Page of Wands for one of the relationships – the romantic partner. The Ten of Pentacles could very well relate to my daughter, who is the product of one of these relationships. (This sounds very sordid, I promise it’s not!)

        Thank you so much for your time, I’m happy to have found you!

  23. Lia

    Hello! 🙂

    I recently started dating this guy (his birthday is the 24th October) and we talked about taking things slowly, which I prefer but I am still a bit afraid, that I might fall harder for him than he for me or that it somehow will end negatively even though everything is great at the moment (I’m a bit pessimistic due to past relationships). So I wanted to ask if we are taking the right path with taking things slowly, so that things will work out to be good?

    My birth date is: 5th September

    Thank you!

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Lia,

      Before I draw your card, I’m taking a look at your birth date combination. You may discover that this relationship, once established, sets high standards for each individual. It’s as if you both feel you have something to prove to other people. That you have to appear to be the perfect couple. Of course, no-one, neither individual or couple, can be perfect, so watch out for this self-inflicted pressure – it may manifest in the desire to break-out and seek relief in such things as drinking or spending.

      I’m using the Everyday Witch Tarot and your card is the Ten of Pentacles. A family are gathered together in a garden, two parents, three kids a dog and two black cats. A solid-looking manor house is in the background. Everyone looks happy and contented.

      This card is about creating what you want in life, and I guess that’s what everyone is trying to do with their personal relationships; establish something good and strong with firm foundations. It’s not a particularly romantic card and is connected more with the real world than with emotions. However, it could well be a sign that you can progress and achieve a long-lasting relationship. I would take this as confirmation that everything is doing just fine and you have no need to worry.

      The base card is the Page of Cups, depicted as a young artist painting beside a river. She’s completely engrossed in what she’s doing.

      The Page of Cups suggests that you take some time to explore your own emotions around the subject of relationships. For example, re-read your question and see what you are putting out to the universe – “I am still a bit afraid”, “I might fall harder for him than he for me”, “somehow it will end negatively”, “I’m a bit pessimistic due to past relationships”. It’s almost as if you are setting out an intention for this to fail before it’s begun. You create your life with your feelings, so perhaps you need to ‘up your game’, emotionally speaking. I can’t go into it here, but you might look online for ‘How to raise your emotional vibration’ and see what you can find.

      The Page of Cups is quite a positive card which also suggests that this relationship may work out for you. Have faith, take it slowly, as you are doing and know that whatever happens you can have fun with this. No need to worry or feel pessimistic 🙂

      Good luck!

      1. Lia

        Thank you so much for your long answer to my question!
        It really helped and I will do some research on the topic of ’emotional vibration’ because I am feeling, that I need to ground my self more and worry less.

  24. PTSD

    4th of November – me
    18th of January – him
    I am in the middle of a very high conflict divorce. I am not sure if I have the right attorney for the job. My question is… Should I find another attorney? Or maybe I should ask… Is my attorney the right one for me?

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi PTSD,

      Your birthday combination hints at an extremely volatile relationship. He probably has a way of pressing the right (or wrong buttons) to trigger your anger. And Scorpio, may set their hurt aside, but they never forget it.

      On to your question… I’m using Tarot of the New Vision and your card is the Ace of Cups. That’s not a card I was expecting. Perhaps the tarot wants to answer a different question. The Ace of Cups indicates that you will (or are already) experiencing a great outpouring of love and joy. That something special is being set into motion. Aces always hold the purest form of their suit’s energy – in the case of Cups, that is love. So perhaps you are about to meet someone, or to have an existing relationship become deeper. Anyway that’s not what you asked.

      The base card is the Four of Swords, much more in keeping with your question. It shows a knight in armour lying in a death or a resting pose, while two sad-looking monks bow their heads at his side. In the background is a stained glass window depicting St Francis holding his hand out to a wolf. In the stained glass image, the sun is shining brightly.

      Fours in tarot mean stasis. Stability, temporary lack of movement. So, to give you a straight answer, stay with your current attorney and try to work with them in the best way you can. Think St Francis.

      I’m looking at your cards as a pair, and one thing that comes to mind is that this need not be so acrimonious. I’m going to get a bit metaphysical here, but at the moment, you are pushing hard against each other and it makes it difficult to get anything resolved. What if you took a completely different stance? Take away the wall (yourself) that your husband is pushing against. If you do that, you win. While you are both equally squaring up to one another, no-one can win except the attorneys. Drop the energy level. Imagine being in a room with someone and arguing. Each trying to make a point. Each wanting to prove something. Each wanting the last word. If one of you turns away, walks from the room, it leaves the other one with nothing to shout at. You leave them with their own anger. You didn’t get the last word. You didn’t get to prove your point but you won. You took away the thing that he’s fighting. That’s the Four of Swords. Tactical withdrawal.

      Also, sorry to go on, but if you spent some time, flowing Ace of Cups love to the situation, you might find that things change in your favour. This can be done completely in private and no-one need know about it but you. You need a journal. You write down all the things you once loved about your husband. All his good points. And he must have some or you wouldn’t have married him, right? Forget what’s going on right now, focus on what you know to be good. Even silly things like, ‘He smells nice’. ‘His hair is clean’. Make the list as long as you can make it. All positive. All in the present tense. You could so the same for your attorney too, if you like?

      Then write out how you see this current situation ending. Again, it must be positive and in the present tense, as though it has already happened. “I love how easily we settled this. I am satisfied with the outcome. My attorney did a great job. I got what I wanted and XXX got what he wanted. We can each move on now. All is well.” And so on.

      Turn it into a regular spiritual practice. keep doing it. Every night. Whatever conflict has occurred during the day, stick to this positive outcome vision. Grit your teeth. Ignore the anger and pain. Keep writing it out.

      I bet you, you notice a difference within a week or two.

      Good luck.

  25. Taryn Gemmell

    2/7/ 75
    Bloody hell dont follow directions very well. WAIT! That’s not the question miss.:) one question one question hmmmm ( by the way i find your blog writing witty & funny) many damn things I’d like direction with. Well for now lets start on the big one! I’ve left my spiritually dull relationship of 7yrs and am in my 40’s and haven’t found where or what i want to do. So I’ve packed up my life (took year) and I’m going to drive down the coast of OR &CA to see friends and see if anything happens …I’m going on a”walk about(but driving)” ..what will this walk about bring me? More ba karma? I have felt I’ve had s0me baaddd Karma lately don’t know why I’m pretty funny and thoughtful..ha! Thanks for your time

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Taryn 🙂

      I got your other email too, so I’m to ignore the first question? Yep, I had a few glasses of red last night too, that’s why I couldn’t do your reading then. It would have been a load of rubbish.

      So, you want to know what this journey, this magical life expedition might have in store for you? Okay…I’m using the Everyday Witch Tarot because A. it’s cute, B. it shows lots of micro-journeys taking place and C. It’s right here next to me and I’m too lazy to go look for a different one.

      Your card is the Two of Swords. A witch stands blindfolded, aiming a knife at a target on the far wall. She is watched by a crow and a black cat, who both look at her with a certain ‘Here she goes again’ expression on their faces. The Two of Swords suggests that you might not be clear in your mind what this trip is really about. You may well be setting off with the aim of letting what happens happen as it will. Yet, it is important that you determine your intention up front. That you be honest with yourself regarding the reasons for going, and what you want to achieve. So, your question is ‘What will it bring me?’ The answer is, “What do you want it to bring?’ You might be surprised at what you come up with if you do a little journalling or free-writing about it.

      The base card often gives me an idea where the seeker is coming from. Yours is the Nine of Wands. A young woman, wearing biker boots, protective shoulder armour and a bandage on her head, stands in a defensive position up against an oak tree. She holds a wand in each hand and seven more used wands lie at her feet smoking gently. Her pointy hat and cloak lie off to one side. Up in the tree, a calico cat looks a little worried. She’s clearly fighting off some unseen enemy and however tired she is, she must go on.

      The Nine of Wands is probably indicating that you are feeling a little like this right now. That part of you feels defeated, but the other part of you is fighting fit and ready to take on the world. The message of this card is that you must pick your battles carefully. That some things you can turn your back to and walk away, while others are worth fighting for. Your spiritual well-being is one of those things. This card may also hint at this ‘bad karma’ feeling you’ve been getting. It is nothing more than depleted energy, both physical and spiritual. Use this trip to fill up your spiritual well and that sloughy old feeling will disappear.

      Have a great trip!

  26. Barbara

    Hello again,
    I forgot my birthday february 18,
    Im wondering whats coming up in love for me?
    I recently broke off a 2 1/2 yr relationship.
    Thank you for free reading


    1. Troi Post author

      Hey Barbara,

      Thanks for being patient – it was a hectic day for me yesterday.

      I’m using Tarot of the New Vision and your card is the Queen of Chalices. The Queen sits on her carved throne, overlooking a stream as she contemplates the ornate gold chalice she holds.

      This card suggests that you are in a good place, emotionally, to attract love to you. The only advice I can give you is to maintain your lovely outlook on life, be yourself and be ready to grab the opportunity when it presents itself to you. You definitely have an advantage in the love stakes because of your caring and compassionate nature.

      The card at the bottom of the deck is the World, which emphasises that you are in exactly the right place for you at this point in your life. This card also suggests that you are complete and whole, and you don’t need anyone to make life perfect for you. When you do meet your new love, see it as a bonus add-on to your life 😀 Incidentally, the World can also indicate travel, so if you are embarking on an adventure, or even just travelling to work, it’s possible that’s the way you will meet your new love.

      Good luck!

  27. Amber

    My husband and I separated 16 months ago and we both have gone back and forth many times during that period. I’ve gone from hating him to loving him many times during this split. I guess my question is are we finally done or is there any hope for us?
    Amber July 11
    Jon June 12

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Amber,

      This sounds like a ‘twin flame’ relationship. You were meant to be together in order to experience and assimilate some important soul ‘lessons’. Usually, these relationships dissolve once the necessary information has been absorbed, even if you aren’t consciously aware of it yet.

      Your birth dates confirm this, showing that you both probably feel connected at a soul level. While this is probably true, that doesn’t mean you are meant to be together for a lifetime. Yet, you will probably find each other over many lifetimes. Parting as lovers in this life does not preclude friendship, especially if you are both open-minded enough to discuss your connection.

      I’m using the Shadowscapes Tarot and your card is the High Priestess. One stand-out feature of this card is the large owl flying out towards the viewer. This indicates that you will find truth in what I have said here, and all you need to do is process it through your own consciousness. Go deep within and you will discover that you do, indeed, have a connection with Jon that can never be broken. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to be together. Use your intuition to guide your way through.

      The base card is the Seven of Pentacles, which shows on a mundane level that you are ready to move on from your current situation. You have more to explore. Have a long talk to Jon and see how he feels. Then make your decision jointly.

      Good luck.

  28. Anne

    I have been trying to conceive for over 6 years. Recently had surgery to remove endometriosis. Is my time coming up?

    Thanks 🙂

    16 May

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Anne,

      I’m sorry, but I can’t/won’t do ‘will I get pregnant?’ readings. I can’t see that a tarot card could possibly help you. At best, it will give you hope that may or may not be false. What I will do is draw a card to see what energies and influences are around you right now.

      Using the Everyday Witch Tarot, I’ve drawn the Five of Wands. The card is illustrated by five young witches arguing around a cauldron. Their five cats also appear to be having a disagreement. The contents of the cauldron seems to be escaping while no-one is paying any attention. The fire beneath the cauldron is also a little out of control.

      Fives in tarot point towards challenges of some kind. The Five of Wands is usually about conflicts of opinion and petty arguments that can escalate unless action is taken to defuse them. Perhaps you need to sit back and think if this is happening in your life right now. Or maybe you are distracted and not paying attention to something important?

      The base card is the Ten of Wands, showing a young witch toiling up a mountainside. She is attempting to carry ten heavy brooms. Her cat is clinging to her shoulders and not helping matters at all.

      The Ten of Wands shows that you are carrying too many burdens, or have taken on too many responsibilities. It’s important to find some peace, or practice mindfulness in order to allow your body to completely heal and recover from your surgery. Try to release resistance and simply go with the flow. Tens in tarot point to the ending of one life cycle and a brief pause before another one begins. Look for opportunities to relax and let things happen.

      Good luck.

  29. Dreamcatcher

    Hi Troi!

    I’ve recently started taking an interest in someone but he seems to still be slightly affected by his previous relationship which ended back in March. Not so much about his ex but rather how the last relationship made him feel bad about himself.

    Will a relationship come out of this or should I stop before I fall even harder?

    My dob: 11 April
    His dob: 24 March

    Thanks for the free reading!

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Dreamcatcher,

      Before I draw your card, I’m taking a look at your compatibility score. It looks as if this relationship, if it gets going, will be a fun and enjoyable experience for both of you. A shared sense of humour is what will glue you together. It’s light-hearted, fun and sexy. However, you have to be aware that his sensitive Pisces-Aries side may need a strong dose of common-sense on your part. Don’t take his mini-tantrums seriously or personally.

      I’m using the Robin Wood tarot and your card is the Tower. Looks like you are going to fall hard. Okay, this may or may not have anything to do with the romance, but there will be some kind of energy clear-out pretty soon. It may be the wake-up call he needs to realise that he could lose you if he doesn’t get his act together. So it could be instigated by you. Alternatively it could be him who pulls the plug, and the reason I say that is because…

      the card at the base of the deck is the Ten of Wands, which shows that he has the weight of the world upon him. He’s not cmining out of this previous relationship easily at all. Yet this is not necessarily emotional, it’s as if his energy is sapped. Perhaps he’s not in the best of health right now, even if you can’t see anything wrong.

      Just before I shuffled the cards properly or focusing on your question, I turned up the Ten of Swords. I put it back in the deck because I didn’t feel that I’d started the reading – my mind was elsewhere and I cut the cards without thinking. However, I’m beginning to think it was significant. That either something important is ending or needs to end. All I can tell you, is to not take any action right now. See what happens over the next few days or couple of weeks.

      Come back and let me know.

      Good luck.

  30. Gavriela garcia

    Hi, I recently started dating this guy and I Kind of messed up, on how I treated him, cause after my last relationship, I’ve been in doubts. Well I’ve said sorry and he does respond,but it feels like he fading away,but than he keeps looking for me, but still sounds like if he giving me the cold shoulder. I want to know if I’m going to miss on a good opportunity, if I still stick by him or should I move on. Would this blossom to something good. .
    Gavriela garcia
    December 20

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Gavriela,

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the King of Wands. As this is a Court card, I guess it represents your man. I can tell you that the best way to deal with him is to play hard to get. You’ve said sorry, so stop worrying about it. If he wants you, he’ll come after you. If he doesn’t, well, it wasn’t going to happen anyway. Should it work out, then you may have to deal with his personality quirks. I can’t go into it all here but this is a link to an article I wrote on being in love with a King of Wands.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Seven of Wands, This confirms that you have to stand alone for a while. Be your own person and let him make his own mind up. What will be, will be.

      Good luck.

  31. Mel

    I left my position of 21 years and am now seeking new employment….however I feel stuck and confused. Needing some guidance on what the new next phase of my career will be.

    26 June

    1. Troi Post author

      Hello Mel,

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the Hanged Man. It’s illustrated by a young man hanging by his knees from a branch. He looks perfectly comfortable to be right where he is. And it mirrors your current experience very accurately.

      When things aren’t moving along very well, this card shows up to remind you that sometimes things have to happen in their own time. So what I suggest that, instead of feeling stuck and confused, you begin to stir the energy up a little. This means that you keep looking for work, but your main focus is to be directed at something else. So, have a big clear out. Do something different. Change your appearance. Take a yoga class. Anything that releases that stuck energy. Also, if there are any current niggles, such as disagreements, happening, get that sorted. Either by facing it head-on or by walking away.

      The next card in the deck is the enigmatic High Priestess. She suggests that you will follow your intuition and find, or create work that moves you. Maybe it is some sort of healing or counselling work. Perhaps you have a skill that you are not allowing to flower. Dig deep and you will find your path.

      Good luck.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi there Rosa,

      Congratulations on the new job!

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the Eight of Wands. This indicates that things are moving quickly with your work and you will need to be prepared and organised. It’s possible that a promotion will come your way fairly soon if you can prove that you are up to the job.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Six of Wands (I’m having a Wands day here!), this indicates success and victory, so to answer your question, yes, you will do well here.

      Good luck!

  32. AG

    Hi Troi,

    I’ve been seeing my partner for about 5 months now, I wanted to know if he’s the one that I’m meant to be with?

    Mine 26th August
    His 17th August

    1. Troi Post author

      Hello AG,

      Before I draw your card, let me look up your partnership compatibility. Leo 3 (him) and Virgo 1 (you) makes for an easy-going, open relationship. Virgo is good at calming energetic Leo, and Leo is good at enthusing Virgo. Long-term it gets a little trickier as Virgo can become critical of Leo’s unconventional way of doing things. Knowing this is a possibility can give you the means to avoid it becoming an issue, yes?

      Using the Robin Wood Tarot, I’ve drawn the Six of Cups. A pretty card that shows a young lad offering a chalice full of flowers to a little girl. It’s likely that your relationship owes a lot to common experiences. As if you have both had similar upbringings, or similar outcomes. Sixes often mean that the seeker has overcome some difficulties in the past but has now reached a place of emotional well-being. You may find that reminiscing together or sharing your growing-up stories is one of your favourite ways of communicating and passing the time. I’m wondering if you came from the same geographical area, as this card often means revisiting places and people from your past.

      The base card is slightly more problematical. It generally offers me the reason why you felt you had to ask the question. It’s the Four of Pentacles, which suggests that one of you is being over-protective or secretive. Perhaps it is connected with money/possessions or just a certain reluctance about an aspect of life generally? The Four of Pentacles can mean that one partner is unwilling to engage with the wider world, preferring to remain apart from crowds, busy places, and society in general. The other partner could be doing their best to draw their lover out of their shell but meeting some resistance?

      Anyway, I’d say you have as good a chance as any at maintaining this as a long-term relationship. Whether it’s ‘meant to be’, well that is up to you both. Good luck!

      1. AG

        Hi Troi,

        Thank you so much for this. You’re reading is quite accurate as this something that has been a barrier as he is not very sociable and often keeps himself to himself, where I’m the total opposite. I just feel he doesn’t make enough time for us at the moment, so I’m stuck in limbo thinking whether I should call it quits or keep working at it cause I do feel we have something special worth fighting for.

        Thank you again for all the advice. You’ve been a great help. 😊

        1. Troi Post author

          It’s hard when what you are fighting is him :/ Maybe take a step back to see if he feels the same? Hope it works out for you, AG 🙂

  33. Kitti

    Good evening,

    I have been single for 7 years now and wonder if you can see a relationship, future husband coming anytime soon..

    Thanking you in advance

    Dob 5/08/1969

    Kitti P.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hello Kitti,

      Thanks for your question. I’m using the Robin Wood, and have turned over the Nine of Cups. A jolly-looking, well-dressed man sits in front of nine golden chalices. This is the perfect card to show up for you. While it does not necessarily signify romance, it does indicate that you can fill your life with love. It’s the falling in love with you card. Once you fall in love with you, you feel so good about yourself that any relationship that happens along is just the icing on the cake, so to speak. It means that you have to learn to appreciate who you are and to love yourself unconditionally – and I promise you, hardly anyone can do that, but you should give it a go. Once you understand that all relationships are about how we think and feel about ourselves, and you really, really appreciate yourself, the suitors will come flocking. No-one can resist someone who feels good about themselves.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Six of Pentacles, which is also a lovely card, but I think here that it means you give far more than you get. It’s time to turn your generosity towards you.

      I shall look forward to your request to help you decide which lover to choose 😀

      1. Kitti

        Thank you so much for your reading..

        I also look forward to finding out whom I shall choose when the time arrives.


  34. Moon

    Hi Troi,

    I had a brief love relationship with a friend of mine, but it didn’t work out, as I understood I wasn’t really in love. I feel sad for this, so I ask you if we can continue as friends again from now on.

    My date of birth: 4th November
    His date of birth: 8th May

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Moon,

      This is interesting, your birth dates suggest that this relationship *is* better as a friendship rather than as a romance. You will find it easier to relax as you bring out the fun side in each other. You feel able to be a kid again with him without judgement or expectation. It’s a shame, in a way, that it went that extra step. Before drawing a card, I’d say that if he wants the friendship, then it will happen.

      Anyway, let’s draw a card and see what it says. I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the King of Swords. That’s an odd card to appear in answer to your question. It suggests that one of you, probably him, needs to set his emotions aside and take a logical look at the situation. It’s possible that he’s still caught up in the affair and is feeling rejected. Somehow you need to convince him that you are better off as friends and that he must be able to cut through to the truth – that you are not suited as a couple, but the alternative of a long-term friendship will be ideal for both.

      The base card is the Page of Pentacles, which tells me that you have to feel your way through this carefully. Keep your eye on the friendship prize until he has no option to concede. The Page of Pentacles is curious and enthusiastic, she’ll always find a way to get what she wants 🙂

      Hope you can convince him!

        1. Linda

          Hi After 25 years I am now communicating with an ex boyfriend that I was madly In love with but things didnt work out. We are communicating via social media. Im not sure where its going. I would love for us to give it another shot. What does the card say?
          My birthday august 6 his birthday january 2

          1. Troi Post author

            Hi Linda,

            As a couple-combo, this is not such a great one and may be why you split up in the first place. He’s a Capricorn, and it’s possible that he saw the relationship as some kind of power struggle. Being young, he was simply not mature enough to put his desire for control to one side, and you, being a Leo would never be a pushover. Be aware that these issues could resurface as an unstoppable force meets an immoveable object, so to speak. You may well develop a friendship based on a shared past, and comparison of what life has dealt each of you since. However, it probably would lack the spark necessary to set it aflame with passion.

            I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the Page of Swords. This Page is a messenger who represents fast, but fleeting communication. It feels to me as if this friendship will be confined to social media and will very likely blow over before it begins as an actual relationship. It’s amorphous, difficult to catch hold of, impossible to pin down. Enjoy it as a fun way to spend some time, but don’t read any more into it than that.

            The base card is the High Priestess which suggests that you already know the answer to your question, Linda.

            I’d love to hear back from you how it goes – I’d like to be proved wrong this time, as it’s a romantic situation. Good luck!

  35. Jen

    Hi there!

    An opportunity has recently been offered to me. I am now contemplating whether to take this opportunity or not. I am now sitting with this decision trying to feel out if this is the right opportunity at the right moment or if it is not. And if I choose to take this opportunity, there are two options in which I can go with it. I am at a crossroads and need a bit of clarity to help make the decision that is in my best and highest good.

    DOB: May 22nd

    Thank you in advance for your time!

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Jen,

      I’m using Tarot of the New Vision and have drawn the Five of Cups. A man stands gazing sadly down at three spilled cups. Behind him are two standing ones. In the middle distance two figures are walking away. In the background a river flows down a hillside.

      As this card suggests an emotional challenge, I’m guessing that this decision is inextricably linked to your feelings about it. Are you desperately trying to avoid some possible future regret? Or are you hoping this opportunity will redress recent emotional pain?

      Here’s the thing about decisions and choices – there is no real bad choice. When we can’t see what’s ahead, take the road that feels the best… and then make that be the right choice. Make that opportunity work for you. If things don’t work out as you hoped, then make another choice.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Four of Pentacles. We see the man from behind, sitting on his stone plinth. In front of him there seems to be a insurmountable, tree-covered mountain. His choice is not to make a decision at all. No progress made. He’s stuck.

      Sooo… move forward, make the choice that appeals the most – because there’s no other basis for choosing 🙂

      1. Jen


        Thank you so much for you time! I appreciate the message. I am going to sit with this and feel out the ways in which I can go. A decision is going to happen soon.


  36. Alvaro

    Birth date: 29 May
    I’m currently struggling to find means of employment and financial independence.
    Many friends are pushing me to try and start charging for tarot readings (I’ve used tarot for more than a decade for myself and friends) as a possible choice but I’m unsure if I should embark on that journey.
    Would this be a good choice?
    Should I focus my energy somewhere else?

    1. Troi Post author

      Hello Alvaro,

      I would have thought this would be a no-brainer. What have you got to lose? 😀

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the Ace of Cups. What more do you want? 🙂 The Ace of Cups indicates that your readings are/will be in tune with your clients’ emotional needs. It also suggests that you will find a great deal of personal satisfaction in this work. Get to it.

      The base card gives me an idea as to the motivation behind the question, and it is the Four of Pentacles. This indicates that you are hanging onto your resources and simply closing down in fear. As you say, struggling to stand still. Cast aside your fear, contact one of the people who advised you to charge and ask them if they’d like to be your first client.

      If it turns out that this is not the path for you, you’ll find out soon enough.

      Good luck.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi there Anon_9,

      Before I draw a card for you, I’ll just have a look at your compatibility chart. If this relationship were to develop, you might find it to be a little uncomfortable. Both are very competitive in all areas of life. You would be trying to score points off each other all the time. It would not be a peaceful union, yet that doesn’t mean you couldn’t work things out as the chance of cultivating a good friendship is strong.

      I’m using the Robin Wood and your card is the Magician. This card suggests that you could manipulate circumstances in order to get what you want. It doesn’t say, ‘Yes, you will be in a relationship with this boy’, but it says that you might be able to position yourself so that he won’t be able to resist you. Then it will be up to both of you to take it further. So the advice from the tarot is to use Law of Attraction to get what you want. I’ve written here about scripting before, but basically, it involves you writing out what you desire as if it had already happened. So…

      “I’m so happy that XXX and I are boyfriend and girlfriend. We are having such a good time. Our families are also happy that we are together. I love that he is so loving, handsome, funny and clever. We go out together all the time”…. and so on. Make it as long as you want. Always in the present tense. Always positive. Write it how you want it to be, as if it was already that way.

      The card at the base of the deck is Judgement, which shows that you feel a very strong connection to this person, as if you feel he is your destiny. I can’t confirm if this is the case – only time will tell.

      Good luck!

  37. loretta roberts

    Hi there,

    I have just walked away from a karmic relationship that has come full circle.
    I would like to to know if my true love and life partner is coming in soon.
    sending you love and light
    Lotti 🙂

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Lotti, sorry for the delay. Sharing a laptop while mine is in for repair.

      I’m using the Everyday Witch Tarot and your card is the Hanged Man. This card shows a young man in a green tunic and stripy leggings hanging by his feet from a witches broom that has been wedged into a tree. His hands and feet are bound by chains yet he clasps a gold key in his hands. His eyes are closed and he appears perfectly relaxed.

      The Hanged Man indicates that some time will have to pass before you will feel inspired to act. In other words you will know when the time is right to take the first step towards meeting your love. Meanwhile the ‘key’ is to relax and go with the flow. There’s nothing you have to do right now. You don’t even have to think about it, just let it all go. You’ve just got over a relationship, and the next one is not ready to appear yet.

      The card at the base of the deck is the King of Swords, which often offers a clue about why the question was asked. I think this personality is probably representative of your recent ex. Usually a professional, good at communication, authoritative and sometimes domineering in manner. The King of Swords is not a romantic type, though he has a soft side he rarely shows to the world. He very often comes to rely on his partner for the everyday details of life while he is focussed on the things he deems important. Difficult to live with.

      So, just hang in there, Lotti, (literally), all will be well 🙂

  38. claudine

    Hello, my birthdate is the 7 April and my partner’s 28 May we are supposed to meet in Spain in December for a month holiday as he lives in a different country than me. I want to know if this will happen as he has back problems and might not be able to meet me. and if he is being honest with me. Thank you!

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Claudine,

      I’m using the Everyday Witch Tarot and your card is the Hermit. It shows a young witch dressed in green sitting with her eyes closed in front of a camp fire. Her cat is curled up nearby. The Hermit suggests that you will be on your own in he month of December, I’m afraid. It’s important that you use the time to reassess and learn from this non-event. It’s possible that it is/will be a reoccurring theme in this relationship and you need to decide whether you want to maintain it, or move on.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Knight of Wands. We can see a young man in a witches’ pointy hat, astride a broom. His cat is hanging on, enjoying the ride and a small dragon flies alongside. He is passionate and charming, yet is unable to maintain relationships long-term. He is like a butterfly, always attracted by the next beautiful flower.

      I can’t tell if your partner is being honest with you, but you know intuitively if he’s telling the truth, don’t you?

      I hope the cards are wrong and you do both make it to Spain, Claudine. Good luck.

  39. Stefanie

    My DOB 5/6, his 4/15. Friends for several years before falling in love. We both have some baggage; I’m ready to get serious but he says he’s not ready yet. He is struggling with finding his balance after some major life changes. Wondering if given time, it will work out for us or if I’m better off letting go and moving on. Thank you greatly.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Stefanie,

      I’m assuming that your birth dates are 6th May and 15th April. We write it the other way in the UK, but the 15 sort of gives me a clue 😀

      Before I draw a card I’m checking my trusty compatibility chart. This combination have a lot in common. You share a dislike of injustice and a sense of social responsibility, always standing up for those who are unable to stand up for themselves. However, romantically, this pairing may be better as a friendship than as a long-term relationship. Each of you has quite exotic tastes in partners so you might not be each other’s dreamboat, if you know what I mean? However, that’s not to say it wouldn’t happen. Let’s draw a card and find out.

      I’m using Tarot of the New Vision and your card is the Six of Pentacles. This shows a merchant from the back, handing out coins to two beggars. What we can see from this unusual point of view is that the merchant’s rich-looking cloak is a little torn and tattered. He’s not so well off, but he’s doing his best to share his resources with those who need them. Interesting card to show up, given the description above. I wonder whether one (or both) of you is involved in social or charity work of some kind?

      My feeling from this card is that you shouldn’t write off the possibility that this might develop into something deeper just yet. If the relationship stalls and you feel deep down that it’s time to move on, then do so, but right now – don’t push it. Just give it a few weeks and then make your decision.

      The reason why I’m saying this is the card at the base of the deck is the Four of Wands. This is a card of celebration after a period of hard work is completed. You may be working on some project or other and that should be your focus for now. Just allow the relationship to moodle along for a while longer and see what happens.

      Good luck!

      1. Stefanie

        Dear Troi,

        Yes, those are the correct birthdates. It’s a bit eerie to me that you are so spot on. He and I both work with the disadvantaged and have strong opinions regarding social justice. We’ve been great friends for years and then both underwent difficulties in our personal lives which drew us closer. I have never felt such connection to another before. He has expressed his love but is not ready to really make a go of it yet. I’ve got a history of both bad luck and making poor choices romantically. My instinct tells me he’s special but I have trouble trusting myself after my previous relationships. The past year and a half have been especially tumultuous and I don’t think I can bear anymore major heartache right now. Thank you ever so much for your insight. I will try to be patient for now and see what develops.

        1. Troi Post author

          You are very welcome. If you could just set your hopes and expectations aside for a little while and concentrate on living in the moment, you will find it will be a lot easier. Day by day. xxx

  40. Netty

    should i purse a tarot reading paid business career, or stick to a hobby focus. i love reading my cards and have had the interest for 30 plus years, now have the time on my hands, though not sure if i am up to it, professionally.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Netty,

      I’m not going to draw a card for your question as you can do that for yourself. What I will do is give you some suggestions.

      Firstly, you need to have been reading for other people and getting good feedback. That’s the only way you are going to know if you are up to it. If you can read for others for no money and get some great responses, then you can do it for money.

      Secondly, you must have great communication skills and be empathetic as well as tactful. People are going to share their deepest secrets with you, so you must know how to respond accordingly.

      Thirdly, you need confidence. You need to be able to reach for your interpretations when words desert you. You must know you are up to it yourself – you don’t need a card to tell you what you feel inside.

      My suggestion is to sign up with a free reading service and do as many free readings as you can. Those will be written readings. If that’s not your thing, then make sure you are reading regularly for other people in real life. You will know when you are ready to take it forward.

      Good luck!

  41. Magnus


    I just stumbled onto your site while looking for tarot books for beginners and saw your free reading section. I’ll try to be concise with my question.

    Basically, I don’t know who I am. I feel like my soul or the core piece of my soul is missing. I don’t have a strong sense of purpose that defines me and drives my life. I’ve felt this way for over half my life. I doubt anyone would be able to tell me who I am as the answer would probably be too complex; so my question is:

    What is blocking me from discovering, recognizing, or understanding who I am?

    Please feel free to rephrase my question or to ask a different question as I see you have done in other readings. Please don’t feel regret if you can’t answer my question; I understand how complex the situation is.

    My birthday is: February, 8th

    Thank you.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Magnus,

      I think your question is one that all of us have trouble answering. For myself, it (I,me) has changed throughout the years. The person I was as a teen was a different person when I became a mother. Then when I divorced, I was someone else. Purpose changes accordingly. As you grow older, you become much more ‘at home’ with yourself as you realize that, yes, we are all complex, yet simple at the same time. I will tell you what I think. Your purpose is to experience. To live life on behalf of the universe/source/eternal energy/Divine wotsit/whatever. When you are five years old your life purpose is completely different to when you are 75 years old. If, however, you can always reach for those tiny moments of joy, however fleeting, then life is worth living.

      Anyway, let’s draw a card and see if it has anything to offer you. I’m using the beautiful and very spiritual Fountain Tarot.

      Your card is the Ace of Swords. Very cool. I’m going to tell you what the accompanying booklet says because I couldn’t do it any better.

      “As the root of the swords, the Ace brings a great deal of raw power and energy. A sword cuts through a web of scaffolding, holding up all the cloudy pieces of our identity – perceptions, conversations, facts, dreams and ideas. When the Ace of Swords appears in a reading, it means that a rare opportunity for clarity is near. It will cut through these subjective realities, revealing a truth, an insight, or a new approach for which you have been waiting. Pay close attention to your words and thoughts. Knowledge does give you power but without a little reflection, it can quickly turn into delusion.”

      The card at the base of the deck is the King of Swords – a personality card that suggests that you may be analytical to a fault and possibly over-critical toward yourself. This may indeed, represent the block. That you want an answer your intellect can process instead of the surety of knowing without needing proof – faith. I think a little self-appreciation and love for yourself would go a long way to reassuring you that your core, your soul has never been missing.

      I know who you are. You are part of the whole, and the whole is you. We all are, of course. xx

      1. Magnus

        Thank you so much. Your reading has provided much clarity on my situation. You have helped me a great deal. I’ve bookmarked your site and will definitely buy a reading from you if the need arises.

        Thank you again.

      2. Magnus

        I’m replying again because I realized that I didn’t leave you any feedback about the accuracy of your reading. I was a little overwhelmed when I made my first reply but now that I’ve had time to process I would like to explain what your reading means to me.

        First of all, you are absolutely spot on with this reading and the description of me being highly analytical and self judging. The analytical aspect is just my nature but the self judging comes from a large amount of abuse I suffered in my childhood.

        The next thing I’d like to say concerns the description of the Ace of Swords as well as how you interpreted it. Your interpretation of the Ace is a message that I’ve been getting for a while now from my inner spiritual sources. “You already know who you are; you just have to have faith.” This is the most frustrating message I’ve ever received because, as you said, If I can’t understand something intellectually then it’s almost impossible for me to grasp. You are right when you say I’m looking for something my intellect can understand; it’s the same cycle I keep falling into in this specific area of my life. Having faith in myself is one of the hardest things I’ve ever attempted and I keep failing at it.

        You reading combined with other messages I’ve been getting lately are all pointing to the same conclusion: If I’m going to be whole I have to stop holding myself back, have faith, and let go. To be honest this is the scariest thing I can imagine and is most likely going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I know I have to do it. I know that understanding and being my true-self will come from having faith in myself, accepting and embracing my emotions, and letting go of everything I hold onto that makes me feel safe but holds me back. I keep myself locked in a prison because I know it’s safe, but I can only be free if I take the risk and leave my cage forever.

        I don’t know how I’ll do it yet but I know I have to.

        Like I said before, this reading was spot on and acted as a huge confirmation. Thank you again and if I need a reading in the future I’ll make sure and order one from you. This reading was extremely helpful.

        1. Troi Post author

          Hi Magnus, sorry, I just found this had gone into the spam folder.

          It sounds to me as though you have already taken the hardest step, which is letting go of the need to have it proved, or shown to you. If you could follow it up with contentment with simply being, it would enable progress. Place your awareness somewhere else. For me, it’s walking in the woods. Getting out of my own thoughts and letting my senses do their thing instead of my thinking. I used to find it hard because I wanted to name every plant, identify each tree and bird and then I read something about appreciating the beauty without needing labels. That helped, so now I can enjoy peace and beauty without that mind-stuff kicking in and distracting me. When you hit that sweet moment of just letting yourself be a human being, instead of a human thinking, it all begins to feel better. I can’t say I’m any closer to knowing who I am, but I know what I am.

          It doesn’t have to be scary, you know. You can make it fun and joyous – it’s your choice. You can make this into a big, hairy deal, or you can just go for a walk. Appreciation is everything. Gets you out of your head.

          Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Shon,

      I’m afraid I never use the cards to make predictions in response to questions like this. It really is of no benefit to you to have a tarot card tell you ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Instead I will draw a card to see what general energies surround you at the present time.

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and have drawn the Seven of Pentacles. A man surrounded by vines bearing gold coins, stands looking into the distance.

      The Seven of Pentacles often hints at a slight dissatisfaction or yearning, and I guess it has appeared in response to your current state of mind. You have reaped a good harvest already but you feel there is more to come and you’re not quite sure how it will unfold. The Seven of Pentacles advises you to carry on with what you are doing but, at the same time, to keep your options open for new opportunities. Life often takes a direction we could not have predicted from our limited present perspective. In other words, be prepared for anything.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Six of Swords which indicates a recovery or healing of some kind; it could be emotional or practical. Know that while it seems slow, there is definite progress being made. Again, patience and optimism is key.

      Good luck.

  42. Morgan

    My name is Morgan (name edited), born December 5th.

    I am recently out of a very traumatic marriage and separation, currently working through my divorce. I have met and been seeing a new person, whom I would like to be serious with . Do you see any future or potential with this new person? Perhaps a future marriage?

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Morgan,

      Sorry to hear of your divorce, but happy you have met someone else.

      I am using the Everyday Witch Tarot and your card is the Queen of Cups. A young, pregnant woman stands at the edge of a beach. She holds a shell full of water. A small shoal of fish are leaping around in the waves and her cat is reaching up for the drops falling from the shell.

      It’s possible that there is a long-term future with this new person, however, the appearance of this card suggests that one of you is taking on the role of emotional support for the other. There is nothing wrong with this, but the feeling I get is that it is temporary. Once you (or they) don’t need the support, then the romance may morph into friendship.

      The card at the base of the deck is Death. This is a common card to appear in the case of relationship endings. This also illustrates the depths of your feelings and your need to clutch onto someone right now. Again, this is temporary and you will get through it.

      My advice is to just take it day-by-day and don’t worry about the future. There’s no point thinking about marriage when you are still raw from your current one.

      Good luck.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi S8,

      Checking your compatibility chart… I’d say you are well out of this one 🙂 This is such a competitive combination that it could never be peaceful and loving. There’s too much competition between you. Had you stayed together you would be constantly scoring points off each other… and most of the time he would win, being a Leo and all. Your question illustrates this desire to win quite beautifully.

      I’m using the Everyday Witch tarot and your card is Justice. A grey-haired witch sits blindfolded, holding the scales of Justice, the scale is balanced by two cats, one black, the other white. They look as though they are having a dispute. The witch is peeking out from the blindfold, keeping an eye on her two warring felines.

      Justice points to an equality in this relationship; that whatever you are feeling, he is feeling it in equal measure. At the same time, those two argumentative cats indicate that there would be no peace in this relationship.

      Let it go 🙂

  43. DeafGypsy

    I’m soon to be 50 years old – is there any prospect of meeting a life long compatible husband and I wish to adopt a deaf child (I’m Deaf myself). I’m constantly told I’ll meet a man and it never happened in the past 4 years in a row. Moved to many states. People constantly tell me “When you least expect it, he will arrive.”
    Sept 04.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Raven, love your work and your website. And your dog is so cute!

      I’m using the Everyday Witch Tarot, because there are ravens in it 🙂 Your card is the Knight of Swords. A young male witch sits astride a broomstick, cat sitting behind him, sword held aloft in his right hand and his blue sigil-embroidered cloak billowing from his shoulders. He is accompanied by a lot of black and brown birds. Not sure what they are – could be a mix of rooks and pigeons.

      The Knight of Swords could well represent a new person coming into your life. Can’t say for sure if it will be a romantic liaison or not. This Knight is usually on a mission. He is focussed and determined and is not easily distracted from his goal. You will easily recognize him when you meet. Generally this card represents a younger man, or someone who is youthful in outlook. He is highly intelligent, articulate and has a keen sense of humor. He can be unintentionally hurtful because of his way with words; sarcasm is his forte. That doesn’t make him a bad person though, and he is generally mortified if he is shown the pain he inadvertently causes.

      I’m looking at the card at the base of the deck to see if it offers any more insight. The Magician. A woman with dark hair stands before a table on which are laid a sword, a wand, a coin and a chalice. Her cat sits alongside. The Magician is manipulating energy with her hands. From her heart region emanates a burst of light.

      The appearance of the Magician tells you that your future, your desires, are within your own power to shape as you wish. That maybe you need to put yourself into the role of creating your life, rather than waiting for someone to show up. In other words, if you want to meet someone, then you must go out and meet him. If you wish to adopt, begin taking the first steps (if you haven’t already done so). You get to decide who comes into your life. You don’t hang around waiting for fate to deliver them to you.

      Investigate the practice of ‘scripting’ to bring the elements you desire into your life. I’ve written about it before, it simply requires you to write a short passage every day that details your goals for your short or long-term future **as if they had already happened**. Here’s a link that explains it better:

      To sum up: I think it’s likely you will meet someone soon who answers to the description of the Knight of Swords. He may, or may not, be a romantic interest. It might even be your future adopted child. The Magican tells you that you get to decide who comes into your life and when. You aren’t blown by the winds of fate; you have control 🙂

      Good luck.

  44. Tarot Learner

    Hi Ms Tarot Reader,
    Just bought myself my first tarot deck (a Gilded), and started my journey into learning more about this art, which I’ve ever felt drawn to. I’m finding your website very useful.

    Also – I’d love to have a quick reading, if possible! It’s about my professional life. I had to leave my old job, which I loved (moved to the US with my husband). I have been working at my mother-in-law’s firm and I really do not like the job (nor people there), but I need the money. I have applied for jobs elsewhere but with no success. What do your cards tell you?

    My birthday is October 25


    1. Troi Post author

      Hello Ms Tarot Learner, thank you for reposting your question. I just like to keep everything all nice and tidy (ish).

      The Gilded Tarot is a stunning deck and many people find they can connect to it quickly. It’s a good deck to start with. And I’ll use it now so you can get the cards out and compare them with your reading.

      Your card is the Knight of Cups. Strange card to show up. Let me think. Okay, so to me, the Knight of Cups is a bit on the shallow side, however, he can be relied upon to always show up with gifts of love, music, flowers and wine. In the Gilded Tarot, the Knight’s horse is startled by some creature underfoot, but the Knight remains seated and in control, and still manages to hold his cup aloft. So he may have more to him than we first think. Perhaps he has hidden skills even he isn’t able to acknowledge.

      So, perhaps you have some transferable skill or gift which has never occurred to you to use for work? You might think about a complete change of direction, literally spin, volte face, on your hind legs like the Knight’s horse. Yet remain calm and in control, just like the Knight himself. Do you have to have an actual job? Is there another way you could earn? I’m presuming you are British, or not American-born. What you need right now are ideas, options and choices. In your previous job that you loved, is there any way, you can take that job and turn it into a business for yourself?

      While I was shuffling your cards, the Hanged Man slipped from my desk into my lap. I would pay attention to this card and just hang fire while the ideas percolate a little longer. Take the pressure off yourself. Go with what you’ve got but remain open to ideas from the universe.

      Your base card is the King of Wands. I’ll take a stab that this is your husband, i.e. the reason you find yourself in your current situation. have you asked him what he thinks? Is there any way he can help you to find what you are looking for?

      Sorry to be vague and woolly. I was hoping the cards would go, “Oh, yes baby, you should be doing….”, But alas.

      Anyway, good luck. Let me know how it goes.

      1. Tarot Learner

        Thanks, Troi! There were definitely a lot of insights here, like consider doing a complete change (I have worked my whole life in finance and considered doing something new now that I am here). I also think it makes a lot of sense for my husband to show up. He’s been my ‘base’ and supporting me emotionally and financially. He told me that I should leave this job. His income is enough for both of us. But I won’t just leave without having something else.

        I will do more reflection on your reading (and also take my deck to actually look at the cards). I am sure more insights will come! And I am Brazilian by the way. 🙂

        Thanks a lot!!

    1. Troi Post author

      Hello A,

      I’m using the Gilded Tarot and your card is the Wheel of Fortune. This shows a golden wheel, decorated with the signs of the zodiac, mounted on a mechanical base. The background is deep yellow with purple-ish clouds, and two planets hang low in the sky.

      The Wheel of Fortune indicates that literally anything can happen in your life at this point. It may feel a little out of control at times. Whether it is all connected to love, I cannot say. However, the best advice I can give you is to metaphorically move to the centre of the wheel, where it is calmer. Don’t try to force or control any of it. Just go with the flow until things begin to calm down.

      The card at the base of the deck is the High Priestess. The card of calm. The High Priestess floats above a body of water in a diaphanous, sheer gown. Her back is arched and she isn’t focussed on her surroundings. In the background are two pillars, and behind them, a crescent moon shines against a starlit sky.

      The High Priestess supports the idea that remaining peaceful and at ease is the best way to deal with any approaching storm. When other people say to you, “How can you be so calm while all this is happening?” you’ll know you’re getting it right. Only act when your intuition tells you it’s a good idea.

      Sorry this doesn’t answer your question directly, A. It goes like that sometimes. The cards tell you what you need to know.

  45. d4

    wanted to know what his feelings for me are now after the bad thing he did to me and if i will ever hear from him again. my bday is 11/23 and his is 8/13. thank you!

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi d4, hmm… I don’t like to do ‘3rd party’ readings, i.e. attempting to read someone’s feelings when they haven’t given me permission to do so. Can you see the problem? So I will draw a card for you to find out what energy surrounds this relationship – it might tell you what you need to know.

      I’m using the Gilded Tarot and your card is the Queen of Cups. The Queen, wearing a golden, embroidered tabard over a deeper gold dress, stands facing left. She holds a gold chalice in her left hand. Behind here stands an ornate pillar. In the background we can see the ocean and a darkening sky.

      This card suggests that you are wrapped up in your emotions over this man. That you are allowing your heart to dictate your outlook and perspective. There is nothing wrong with this, but you need to bring in a little logic and clear thinking. If he did a bad thing to you once, he can do a bad thing in the future. With this in mind, why would you want to repeat the experience? It’s better if you let this one go and look elsewhere for love. Don’t allow thoughts of him to keep you awake at night.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Eight of Wands. It shows eight wands, flying through the air. We can’t really tell if they are headed towards the sky or the ground. Below, some sheep graze in a field.

      The Eight of Wands means situations and events happening very fast. Sometimes this card is called ‘the arrows of love’. This means that when you take your attention off the one who has gone, you may well meet someone else very quickly. The Eight of Wands also tells you that everything happens for a reason and in good order. You have learnt a life lesson from your ex; you won’t allow anyone to treat you like that again, will you?

      Good luck.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hello Rosa,

      I’d say there’s always a possibility for anything 🙂

      Using the quirky Deviant Moon Tarot, I’ve drawn the King of Pentacle.s. The King stands in front of his prospering business (a factory) holding a silver pentacle in both hands. He is dressed in his steampunky finery which is embellished with gold trim and silver crescent moons.

      As The King of Pentacles is a personality card, then he is either a love interest or he is someone who is a catalyst for your love interest. In other words, he could be the person who facilitates a meeting or engineers the circumstances for you to meet someone. As a personality, he is work oriented, self-motivated and focused. However, he also enjoys the finer things of life. He makes a good, reliable partner, though he is not particularly emotional.

      So I would take a look at the people you know to see if any of them could have King of Pentacles characteristics. It might be someone you work with, or a relative even, but in some way they are important in your search for love.

      If the King of Pentacles represents your possible love interest, then he is likely to be older than you, mature, down-to-earth and generous.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Tower. This is probably unrelated to your question and indicates there could be some situation or event in your future that will cause you to re-evaluate where you are headed and where your priorities lie. Remember – it might appear to be a negative event, but it will eventually lead to clarity and understanding.

      Good luck.

  46. Josephine

    Hello Troi,
    I would like to know if I have the ability to heal my self and others?
    Birthday – March 24th
    Name – Josephine

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Josephine, so sorry to take so long to reply. I have a horrible head cold.

      Before I draw your card, I’m wondering if all you are looking for is confirmation of what you already know? It’s something you can feel, isn’t it? I have received my Reiki attunement and also practiced reflexology for a while, and it is all about becoming still, aware of the energy, and strongly visualising the patient as being whole and well. I think many of us have the ability to do that. Anyway, let’s see what the cards have to say.

      I’m using the Fountain Tarot and your card is the Seven of Wands. As soon as I saw this card, it occurred to me that you might be trying to convince someone, maybe even yourself, that your ability to heal is real. The Seven of Wands is always about standing up for your own truth. It’s possible, of course, it is pointing at some other issue in your life which requires determination and courage for you to deal with it or to convince someone who is not on your side, for whatever reason.

      As an advice card, the Seven of Wands tells you to stick with what you believe and leave others to their own opinions.

      The card at the base of the deck is the King of Swords. This could be the person in opposition. He is logical, calm, authoritative, in control. He is not the sort of personality who would be impressed by claims of healing ability without proof. He needs to see it himself. I don’t know who this is, but you might.

      These cards don’t confirm or deny your ability, but they indicate that you must trust in yourself. And keep practicing 🙂

      1. Josephine

        Ok I just wish I could heal myself. I don’t know who that person is either. I don’t have any men in my life except my sons in there 20’s. Would that be an older man?

        1. Troi Post author

          I don’t know, Josephine. All I can tell you is that he has appeared for you. Sometimes the card at the bottom of the deck can cast light on why you asked the question in the first place. He could be someone in your past, a father, someone in authority, someone who hurt you or helped you.

          So when you asked the question about healing yourself and others, I took it to mean that you wondered if you have healing abilities. My head was like cotton wool at the time, so perhaps I didn’t understand clearly what you meant?

          Did the seven of Wands mean anything to you? That in some way you need to gather your courage and stand up for your beliefs? It means not following the crowd, being prepared to put your head above the parapet, taking a risk. Does it answer your question or does it, perhaps, apply to some other issue you are dealing with? Sometimes the cards tell us what we need to know, not what we think we want to know.

  47. Susan

    I’ve just recently broke off a semi-long term relationship (not marriage). From the beginning I’ve always felt something odd but fell in love anyway. The heart strings are strong and still connected but I refuse to see him and he says he stills loves me…but I won’t give him a chance. I think about him often and still love him. Something is holding me back from giving us another chance. Is this relationship a positive one? Am I making the right decision. Is there a new love in the future. I feel we have learned our lessons and time to move on. Not sure… Hoping you can help.
    Me: 1/25
    Him: 3/26

    1. Troi Post author

      Sorry for the delay, Susan. Head cold – ugh.

      That’s a lot of questions for one little card to answer! I’ll just draw the card and see what the tarot has to say. Before that, though, I’ll see what my trusty compatibility chart has to say about your birth combination.

      It’s a fascinating pairing – that suggests you do feel a strong connection, as if you were entangled in a past life or something. However, that feeling of connectedness can also cause confusion because, really, you are both free spirits. You can never sustain the effort it takes to keep a stable relationship together. You have a destabilizing effect on each other. It means that a relationship is intense but will usually burn out. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t still have some sort of ongoing ‘thing’. It might be friendship, or it might be the occasional get-together. Let’s see what the cards say.

      Using the Fountain Tarot – your card is the Chariot. This card indicates your heart and head are going in two different directions. It simply mirrors the struggle you are having with this issue. The Chariot tells you to take a little time, gather your thoughts and perhaps have a healing conversation with your man. Then make your mind up.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Page of Wands. The Page of Wands is always on the brink of an adventure; something new and exciting. She is hesitant about actually getting started. So perhaps there is something you’ve always wanted to do? Now might be the time to get on with it.

      In connection with love, she is somewhat impulsive. So again, the feeling I’m getting is that you need to rein in your thoughts, take some time to think about what you want from your future and then, when you feel ready, take the first steps toward it – with or without him.

      Good luck.

  48. Ther

    March 31
    June 10

    Pleaae help me. I dont know what to do. Last october I found out that my husband have an affair to someone that is also in the group the he belongs to. We tried to fix everything but we came on a huge fight over the phone. He said he’d come home but never did. It’s been 2 weeks now. He notifies his grandmother that he is okay and he’s with a friend helping him and moved away to start a new job and perhaps a new life. He left me with debts that I was never aware before. We only spoke over the phone ones, when he asked for space and to for me to bring his school record to his dad. After that he changed his number and never came back. I want to know where he is or if he deciding to be with a girl. Im barely surving and on the 26 i will be evicted in our rented apartment since i dont have a work to pay bills and rent. I want to know if he’ll come back. I want to know if there’s still future in our marriage. Please help me.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hello Esther,

      A tarot reading isn’t going to help you right now. From what you say, at this point in time, you have to know that you should prepare to end the marriage. Your priority is to find a place to live and to get advice on how to deal with his debts. There may be a way to avoid having to repay them if you can prove he took them out without your knowledge.

      I can’t tell you where he is, but it sounds like he is slamming doors behind him. I’m so sorry that you have to go through all this, but know that, if he can treat you like this, with no concern for your well-being, that he is not worth your time or love. Let him go. One day, you’ll be glad this happened… I promise.

      Edit: Interestingly he has the same birth date as my father, who walked out on me and my mother when I was six years old. He sold our house, even though we had nowhere to go. I didn’t see him for six years. My mother never saw him again.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Lianne, I’m using the beautiful Gilded Tarot and have drawn the Two of Cups. This card suggests that you are still in the ‘deep attraction’ stage of the relationship. Everything is lovely and you are exploring all the delightful possibilities of being together.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Eight of Pentacles, which suggests to me that there is a long way to go before marriage becomes likely. There is a lot to learn about each other, as well as the practical aspects of conducting a long-term relationship. It’s also possible that one or both of you are still in the very early stages of you career, or still studying perhaps. Right now, that has to be your priority. Marriage may come, or it may not. That’ll be up to both of you to decide.

      Good luck.

  49. Anna

    Hi Troi,
    Please help me! For 1.5 yrs I have been trying to forget someone I had feelings for because he rejected me at the time, I always had hope he would be a part of my life and return the feelings and we would try to start something .

    Well he came back into my life about 1.5 months ago( i found out he was in a relationship for 1 yr) and showed great interest in me until I opened up, that’s when he pulled away. We talked things out and he said that he doesn’t know if he will ever feel the same way about me as I do about him… it hurts me to know that. We decided to stop talking today. Will I ever hear from him or see him ever again? Anna nov7, and Nick april 17. Thank you for you help in advance

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Anna, so sorry to hear of your heartbreak. It’s never easy.

      Okay, so you both made a decision to break it off completely and to drop all contact, yet you are already thinking about the possibility of rekindling the relationship? This put you in the position of neediness. You think you need him to make you happy. He’s already rejected the relationship twice, so why not go with the decision and make your mind up to face towards the future instead of the past? You know in your heart that it’s not meant to be, don’t you?

      I’m using the Revelations Tarot and your card is the Star. A beautiful card, all pink and red hued. The Star follows the Tower in the Major Arcana sequence, showing that after destruction and tearing down old beliefs, the future is rosy. Love is there for you, but you have to let the old go, in order to experience the new. The Star is hope, peace, acceptance and up-liftment. You can allow yourself to feel all those things. Just let go and let love flow through you, Anna. Be glad you had this experience; it will help you to determine what you really want from a relationship.

      So, I don’t know if you will hear from him again. The possibility is always there, but don’t let it run your life. You deserve better than a third rejection. Move forward, don’t look back 🙂

  50. Naomi

    I seem to push everyone away and I am starting to wonder if I will ever meet anyone to settle down with? My birthday is 23rd March. Things always start off well but I either find a way to end it, I realise that I am not compatible with the person or I want to settle down and they don’t want the same thing.

    I am happy doing my thing, working on myself, career etc but in the back of my mind it bothers me.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Naomi,

      It’s because you were born on the Pisces-Aries cusp, and so are a mass of contradictions 🙂

      I’m using the Revelations Tarot and your card is the Knight of Swords. This is interesting because I feel it relates to you directly as a person. The Knight of Swords is extremely picky, and rightly so. He knows what he wants and will never settle for less. If a situation doesn’t live up to expectations he cuts his losses and moves on. I’m using ‘he’, but I mean ‘you’.

      The Knight of Swords suggests you are highly intelligent and capable of leading the way in any discourse. You are also quick-witted. This means that you have to rule out about 90% of the male population because they are simply not clever enough for you. You can’t settle for anyone that you can tie in knots intellectually. You constantly need challenges and out-of-reach goals in order to stretch yourself.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Eight of Swords. Again this is another card that represents the intellect. However, this one suggests that you feel trapped by your own thoughts. This little bit of ‘it bothers me’. The more it bothers you that you haven’t been able to maintain a relationship, the more it will bother you.

      My advice is to accept things the way they are. To focus on falling in love with the extraordinary person you are, and let love come to you in its own time. Don’t think about pushing it away. Don’t think about ‘it never works out’. Don’t think about ‘not meeting anyone you can settle down with’. Settle down with yourself. As soon as you can feel whole (and I’m sure you are 9/10ths there already), you might find that others are immediately attracted to you. Your problem then will be choosing one 🙂

      Take it easy. Don’t worry about anything. It’ll all happen as it’s meant to in due course.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hello d4, You need to know that tarot is not very good at timing. There are no dates printed on the cards 😀 Some tarotists have worked out a time-frame for themselves, but I’m not one of them because I think that energies and events unfold according to the actions, desires, and feelings of the seeker.

      I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the Wheel of Fortune. This card indicates that life is going to change a lot for you over the coming months. You may well feel as if you have no control over the direction your life is taking. In fact you have total control as long as you remain calm and expectant of a good outcome.

      The card at the base of the deck, which sometimes offers a clue about why you are asking the question, is the Empress. There is something in your situation to do with motherhood and pregnancy. Perhaps someone close to you has recently announced that they are pregnant? You might be feeling as if you are being left behind. All is well.

      Good luck.

  51. Debbie

    My best friend, for the past 4 + years, ended our relationship 2 months ago, saying he felt our relationship was making me unhappy. Are we done or does he just need time apart? His birthday is June 29 and mine is April 19.

    thank you in advance for any advice / guidance in this area.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Debbie, sorry to hear you have experienced a rift with your best friend. Sometimes it feels worse than divorce.

      I’m using the Deviant Moon Tarot and your card is the Sun. It depicts two men dancing under the gaze of a rather stern-looking sun.

      I can’t read this card on its own without also mentioning the base card. It’s the Devil, which indicates that the two of you are/were somewhat divided in your perspective of the friendship. I have to go completely on intuition here, but it appears to me that your friend may have been acting passive-aggressively in telling you that his decision was ‘for your own good’.

      On its own the Sun is always very positive and I would normally say that, yes, you will re-establish your friendship in the near future. And you might. However, there are undercurrents which are represented by the Devil. These undercurrents could take the form of manipulation or a power struggle. Or perhaps your friend felt he needed to break out of the friendship in order to regain his independence or to shake off your influence? I am definitely getting an odd vibe here and it may be down to the kooky cards themselves, but I feel there is more to this than you are aware of. There might be another person involved but I can’t be sure.

      Sorry I can’t throw any light on the situation. See what happens. You may well be able to iron out the issues and put the friendship back on a firm footing, yet equally, it could have run its course. I would be interested to find out how it works out – always good to discover why certain cards showed up.

      Meanwhile, don’t do the Devil thing and get hung up on something you can’t really do anything about. Let it go and move on. The Sun shows that you will experience a pretty decent few months ahead.

      All the best.

      1. Debbie

        Troi, wow,, incredible reading. Yes I agree he was probably being passive aggressive in suggesting he had to end it because he felt I was unhappy. As well, I believe there was probably another person involved pushing him to rid me.

        I’ve been struggling with taking the high road or low road… your Devil warning tells me to take the high road. 🙂 Just move on and if he reaches out we may salvage something, if not, I move on and be happy without him in my life.

        Thank you so much for your time and effort, it was reassuring to read this,

        1. Troi Post author

          You are very welcome, Debbie. Yes, there’s no point in prolonging something that should be allowed to go. You probably got a lot from the friendship, and even this ending will be helpful in its own way. Good luck x

  52. Annette

    Hi my bday is nov 25 and his July 26 . Our relationship ended because he fell back into old patterns of drug abuse and is now with someone who enables that. I’d like to move on if there is no chance for him to free himself from that kind of life, but I don’t know if there is love left or if his new relationship is real.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Annette, I’m using the Rider-Waite deck and your card is the Devil.

      This card indicates not just a pattern of behavior on his part, but on yours too. He isn’t going to free himself because that’s the life he has chosen. It is irrelevant whether the new relationship is real or not. It’s also irrelevant whether he still loves you (he doesn’t, or he wouldn’t have started a relationship with someone else). What is relevant is that you break away from your own thoughts that it could ever work between you and him. Let it go, or risk storing up years of unhappiness. So, yes, move on.

      Good luck.

        1. Troi Post author

          My pleasure, Annette, you will soar when you have released yourself from those shackles… you can feel it already 🙂

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi there, Cassie,

      I’m using the wonderfully wicked Deviant Moon Tarot and your card is Death. Don’t be alarmed. I’ve turned over the base card too, and it is the Four of Swords. This combination suggests to me that you are still in recovery following the end of an important relationship. You may be feeling that a light-hearted liaison may be just what you need to help things along. And that may be true. However, before you can move on, you have to do three things: The first is to give yourself time to fully recover. Because you haven’t, yet. The second is that somehow, you have to let go of the pain of the loss. Hard to do, but you can do it. Death suggests that somehow you have to find a way to transform the painful memories into good ones. The third thing you must do is to fall in love with you. Once you heal, you will be able to take a step back and assess all the wonderful things you have going for you. Forget other people for a little while. You have to love you. It’s like a gift to yourself.

      If you can process and achieve these three things, A. you won’t even care about finding love, and B. Love will find you.

      Merry Christmas x

  53. Melanie

    I have been through hell the past two months with having a stroke, being evicted, and homeless. Our money situation stinks because of me not able to work.I applied for social security disability and went all the way to a judge who denied my case. I had a binder full of medical information that I thought would have helped. So my family is struggling terrible I can’t afford food or cat food for my cats. Is our financial well being going to get any better? I feel like life hates me real bad!

    1. Troi Post author

      Oh Melanie, I’m very sorry to hear you are in such dire straits. What you need is practical help right now. You mention your family, so presumably you have another adult or teenager who might be able to generate some income, however small? I found this site: Maybe there’s something there that might spark some inspiration?

      Meanwhile, I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the Seven of Pentacles. This card indicates that you are being called forward to your well-being but you are not going. There are opportunities available; options you could choose and paths you could take, but you are focused right in on your current situation – and understandably so.

      The Seven of Pentacles shows that you have done quite well so far, but you cannot see that right now. There are things you can do. If you (or another member of your family) can cook, you can make stuff to sell. If you can write and (which you can) and have computer access you can earn online. Deal with what’s in front of you but also make a plan for the near future.

      The card at the bottom of the deck is the Queen of Swords, which means that you can think your war through this. Put your emotions to one side and use cold, hard logic to decide what to do. The Queen of Swords in your situation would make lists of possibilities. She would work out what she could do within her limitations. She would delegate to others. She would insist that they contribute in some way. She would also take stock of the legal situation again, and consider every detail — maybe something has been overlooked? Is there a local representative who might help? In the UK we have something called the Citizen’s Advice Bureau that helps people get access to the resources they need. Have you something similar?

      I can’t think of anything else, but I really hope you get the help you need. Take care. x

  54. Inez

    I’m in love with someone I know is not good for me and I know doesn’t love me back. Thankfully, this person is no longer in my life and does not want to be in my life. Even knowing all of this I don’t know how to get over this person. My obsession with this person is causing me a lot of pain. It’s been 3 years that I’ve been thinking of him. I’m also married and don’t like that a lot of my emotional energy is going towards this person. How long is this going to go on? What steps should I take to get over this person? My birth date is February 16.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Inez,

      I’m using a new (to me) deck called the Mystical Tarot. Your card is the Ace of Swords. This card exactly reflects what occurred to me as I read your question. Simply make a decision to stop thinking about this person. Don’t listen to music that reminds you of him. Every time your thoughts start wandering in his direction, use the power of the Ace of Swords to immediately stop. You can’t always control your emotions, but you are very able to control the thoughts which give rise to those emotions.

      I know exactly what you are going through. Exactly. I was obsessed by my ex-husband for the 10 years we were together and for years afterward. However, I knew it was taking up so much of my energy and what was the point? I was pretty sure it wasn’t reciprocal. So I stopped. It’s only a habit after all.

      So, make the decision 🙂

      1. Inez

        Thank you for replying to my question. I’ll try my best to put this to work. It’s good to know I’m not the only one that struggles with feelings like these.

  55. Belle

    Is my boyfriend hiding anything? Basically, I just want to know if there’s another female in his life.
    My birthdate: April 22
    My boyfriend’s birthdate: November 30

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Belle,

      Sorry, can’t answer your question, or rather, I don’t want to because it would go against my own code of ethics regarding third party readings. If you don’t trust your boyfriend, you could just ask him?

      All the best…

  56. Bridge

    Thank you for your free reading I greatly appreciate it. It’s hard for me to focus and concentrate on things that I need to and I get easily distracted and bummed out which I hate. My question is, will I be successful in life?

    Edit 27th April 🙂

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Bridge, are you the same Bridge I replied to on another site? If so, hello again 🙂

      Because it’s you (I think), I’m using the Everyday Witch Tarot (you can Google the image of your card).

      You’ve asked a very big question for one card to answer. Also everyone has a differing definition of success, don’t they? My idea of success may not be yours. So what I’m going to do is draw a card for you and keep it open. It will have a message that will be relevant and, hopefully, useful to you right now, not 10 years hence.

      Your card is the Four of Wands. Four young witches are celebrating. They are waving their wands in the air while their cats dance around them, trying to catch the sparkles from the wands. In the distance we can see a marquee with tables and benches and balloons. In the far distance stands a castle with two tall towers.

      The Four of Wands indicates that you are moving into a stable and calm period of your life. Fours in tarot always represent stability and firm foundations. There may be changes and distractions going on around you but you will increasingly be able to place your attention where you want it to be. There’s a possibility of some kind of family gathering or celebration on the horizon.

      The card at the base of the deck is the High Priestess. This card often gives a clue to why the question is being asked, or to the seeker’s current motivation. The High Priestess sits before her table, on which is a crystal ball and some tarot cards. Her cat is delicately tapping at some runes that spill from a bag. The witchy High Priestess is surrounded piles of books and two huge pillar candles, one white, one black stand either side of her.

      You mentioned to me before about the fact you feel called to study or research witchcraft and I think this card is confirming that. You don’t have to go full-on, coven and initiation stuff, but keep it in mind that you probably should spend a lot of time in nature and perhaps studying something that appeals to you like herbalism, cards, or even counseling. You must listen to your intuition and follow your inner guidance – at all times. It is always reliable. Read all you can and enjoy the journey. Your future will unfold in front of you in the absolute perfect way.

      Good luck.

      1. Bridge

        Yes I am the same bridge that you responded to. Thank you for your reading what wonderful insight. I am going to school right now for psychology as a matter of fact to counsel and help people. There are people around me that might find it silly and not real but studying about candles and cards and such has always fascinated me and I enjoy it. Thank you.

  57. Stephanie

    Hi Troi! I want to start out by thanking you for your service & offering this free 1 Card reading. I just found out I am a little over 5 weeks pregnant and would like to know if I will carry out this pregnancy it’s full length & give birth to this baby? This is our first child which has been long awaited for my fiancé and I! So in short- will I give birth to this baby? Thank you! My birthday is April 19th (:

    1. Troi Post author

      Hello Stephanie, huge congratulations to you both. What a fabulous New Year gift!

      Now, you must realise that I cannot possibly attempt to answer your question. If you want reassurance about your pregnancy, you must ask your doctor. Having said that, I am happy to draw a card to see what energies and influences surround you right now – a more general reading.

      I’m using a pretty deck called the Mystical Tarot, a Christmas present from me, to me 🙂 Your card is The Empress. What are the odds?! The Empress is the third Major Arcana card. She represents fertility and fecundity. The Empress is about new growth; the feminine principle reaching outward (as opposed the High Priestess who remains focused inward). The Empress indicates good health, increasing wealth and opportunities to lock into prosperity. A perfect card that mirrors where you are right now. Note that this is a very girly card, if you get my drift?

      The Empress is a three card and therefore, indicates a new cycle in your personal relationship. She shows that you are both reaching a new level of maturity, which in turn, leads to a deeper understanding of each other and a stronger bond between you. Enjoy this time, it is very special.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Moon, another Major. Interesting that the Moon is numbered 18, which reduces to nine (see my note at the end of this reading. The Moon indicates cycles, particularly relating to females. I expect you’ve been caught up in counting days repeatedly. Use the intuitive power of the moon to guide you along your path, to connect with your baby. When you see the moon be reminded of how many lunar cycles pass during gestation and know that she is watching over you. And remember that whatever the outcome, it will be the best one.

      Both your cards are connected with the amazing natural miracles that occur every day. Look around and absorb them. Go for gentle walks in nature. Be sure to get plenty of fresh air and rest. Look at the moon a lot.

      By the way, a rough calculation shows your baby is due first or second week in September? My daughter was born on September 11th (2001), so yours will be a Virgo too. Good luck 😀

      I hope it all goes excellently well for you, Stephanie. Congratulations once again.

  58. Jade

    I want to know if my relationship will last. He is a scorpio and I am a cancer if that helps.
    His name is Jose and I am Jade, his birthday Nov. 3 and mine June 23. I really truly love him and our relationship is stable and healthy. I want to know if we will last. Thank you.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Jade,

      Before I begin your reading, I’d just say that the longevity of your relationship is not determined by fate, but by both partners’ willingness to commit to it. In other words, if you both want it to last, it will 🙂

      Your birth day compatibility shows that the dynamic of the relationship is based on the practical aspects of maintaining it. You are both private individuals and creating a space where you can be together is top priority. Somewhere where you can be a couple, yet retain your individual privacy. Structure is important, you both like to know where you stand, and also how much room there is for manoeuvre. Once the structure and ‘rules’ of the pairing are in place — and this will be done without much discussion; it’s sort of unspoken agreements for the most part — you will be happy and content. Bear in mind that all this structure is needed because you are both ruled by water, which indicates that you may have difficulty combining the calmness (yet anxiety-prone) of Cancer with the stormy (yet insecure) tendencies of Scorpio. Now that’s just the compatibility element, it doesn’t necessarily mean ‘together till the end of time’.

      Using the Mystical Tarot, your card is the Ten of Swords. This card shows a man lying on a terrace overlooking a lake.. He has ten swords stuck in his back The crescent moon shines above and an owl sits looking dispassionately nearby. On the horizon, the sun is about to rise.

      In regards to your relationship, this card indicates some deep shift in it. It might mean that one phase ends and another begins. Perhaps some issue that has bothered one or both of you is laid to rest. That there is an agreement to let it go and never discuss it again. It could form part of putting the structure in place which will keep you together. Having said that, this card most often appears when there is an ending/new beginning just over the horizon. That doesn’t mean that you are doomed to split up, but there could be another ending that affects you both: job loss, illness of a family member or something similar.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Nine of Pentacles. This shows an independent, career-minded woman enjoying a life she has created for herself. As far as relationships go, it is the card of self-appreciation before any other consideration. In other words, the more you love and appreciate yourself, the more loveable you appear to others. So never let go of the true you.

      This probably has confused you more than reassured you, Jade. As I said, staying together depends on whether both parties believe it is in their best interest. Good luck!

  59. Angie

    Hello 🙂

    My husband and I, married 16 years, have just come through two exceptionally difficult years, 2016 and 2017. HIghlights include my becoming disabled, resultant poverty, husband not speaking to his family, my near-fatal illness, a sudden 400-mile move, husband becoming disabled, and the death of my father. Again, those are only the BIGGEST problems the last two years have brought our way. And in the midst of all this…MENOPAUSE! lol With this background, I’m curious about the general outlook for 2018. I study tarot myself, but for this question I’d like another person to read. My DOB is August 22 and my husband’s is January 22. Thanks so much for your time.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Angie, sorry to hear of your troubles over the past couple of years. The good news is.. you’re still here and still fighting.

      I’m using Tarot of the New Vision and your card is the Knave of Chalices. We see a young man from the back. He’s holding up his golden cup and communing with the little fish. In front of him, on the beach, are some shells laid out in a five pointed star. He’s dressed in quite earthy colors, which reinforces that Pages/Knaves are connected to the earth element.

      This card represents a new, emotional beginning. Perhaps you have gained some emotional resilience, given everything that has happened. It’s likely that you will come to an understanding that everything in your life can be viewed through the lens of feelings, rather than just a practical one. That everything you want to happen or to manifest is literally because you want to feel better. I would suggest that you could help things along by getting yourself to that better feeling place first. Like the Knave of Cups, don’t be afraid of holding your emotions up for close inspection.

      I’ll use myself as an example. I’ve sort of got off course recently. I have let myself become affected a lot by outside influences and stupid things that have happened. We have had to fork out money left, right and center. As soon as things ease up, along comes another large expenditure. I’ve allowed that to determine how I feel on the inside. Not good. So last week, I gave myself a bit of a talking to. I know, without question that they way I feel affects outer events and circumstances, so instead of continually reacting, I’ve made it my work to focus on how I feel – and this card sums it up perfectly. I highly recommend that you watch some Abraham-Hicks videos on YouTube.

      The card at the base of the deck is the Empress, and isn’t she a sight for sore eyes? She’s sitting in her garden while two children play with a swan behind her throne. The Empress is facing an open gateway and the path beyond it. The open gate symbolizes that the whole world can come to you right where you are. That you can summon that Empress energy into your life in an instant. All you have to do is make the decision. With enough faith and a good sprinkling of optimism, you can launch those improvements in the present.

      Make it your mission to feel better, to focus on the good already in your life, to distract yourself from the not-so-good, and to see benefits wherever you can. I’m sure things are going to get better for you.

      All the best for 2018.

  60. Barbara

    Financial windfall in the immediate future !
    That is the question

    October 19th is my birthday.

    Edited by Troi to remove identifying details.

    1. Troi Post author

      Hi Barbara,

      I guess if you are expecting a financial windfall in the immediate future, you will know soon enough 🙂 I’m using the Robin Wood tarot and your card is the King of Cups.

      This card shows the kindly King sitting on a rock in the middle of the ocean. He’s relaxed and calm and certainly not unduly worried about this his precarious position. He’s surrendering to the moment, enjoying the sight of the powerful waves. Behind him, a dolphin (or porpoise) cavorts in the water.

      As a personality, the card often represents an emotionally intelligent person. Someone who has learned that acceptance and living in the moment is the only way to live a good life. I like to think of him (or her) as an anchor, or a harbour in the tempest. He opens his arms and you feel safe.

      As far as money is concerned, well it’s not one of his top priorities, but perhaps he will be the source or facilitator of your windfall? It seems that this money, if and when it comes, will provide you with some welcome security, and maybe freedom.

      Good luck.


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