Online Tarot Reading Advisors: How Do They Do It?

I’ve had a few questions recently about the validity of online tarot reading advisors and distant readings. People sometimes can’t get their heads around how it is possible to do a reading for someone you’ve never met in person. I have to say, when I first began reading tarot, I felt exactly the same. I mean, really, sometimes all you’ve got is a name and an email address… and usually the name is abbreviated or made up anyway. How could it possibly work?

Online tarot reading advisors

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And what about dedicated tarot/psychic phone lines, such as Lunar Café, and Skype readings? At least the reader gets to hear and see the person they are reading for, but that still doesn’t explain how they are able to produce an accurate reading across states, countries and even hemispheres.

My personal opinion is that it’s all about frequencies. Think of it this way: what if we’re all broadcasters and receivers, just like a radio. We’ve each got a unique frequency which emanates from us constantly. When someone ‘locks on’ to us, whether it be in real life or from miles away, for that time we are connected, we share a common frequency.

Yes, but how? That makes no sense.

It’s All About the Particles

I’m no physicist (what d’you mean, you can tell?) but quantum mechanics tells us that everything in the universe is made of itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny particles. In fact, when you get down to particle level, it’s almost impossible to distinguish between the particles of your keyboard and your own fingers. They’re connected, you see? In the same way, I’m just as connected to Amy in LA as I am to my dog, sitting next to me. When I’m tuned into my dog, and she to me then the particles between us are vibrating at the same frequency, just like mine and Amy’s once we’ve made contact and I am holding her as my focus. Quantum physicists call this ‘entanglement’ – where a disturbance or change in particles in one place affects particles in another.

I know, I know… it’s a load of new age nonsense. But how else is it possible to deliver an accurate reading to someone who’s not in the same room as the reader?

Tarot Email Readings – How do they Work?

Chat Readings

Now we’ve got the particle thing out of the way, let’s talk about the option of making contact with online tarot reading advisors via various platforms. Individual readers offer many different methods of contact: email, phone, Skype, etc.

There’s a website I was introduced to recently, Kasamba, where readers deliver their services (tarot, astrology, psychic readings) via a unique live platform. The really good thing is that clients can decide which reader to choose, based on what their needs are. The opportunity to browse through the readers’ profiles and check out their feedback is a really good way of deciding just who you want to share frequencies with. The other thing they offer, is the opportunity to discuss the question further with the reader via email contact. I’ve not seen this before from an online service. I’m very taken with the idea – I might sign up myself!

Talking to a Stranger

Why would you want to share the intimate details of your life with a total stranger in the first place? Well, to be honest, I would rather talk to someone I don’t know, rather than one who is aware of my circumstances. You can bet your ass that everyone you know has a certain bias. They can’t help it. They each have an opinion on you, your boyfriend, your mother and whether you walk your dogs often enough. When I have a crisis, a difficult choice, an unsolvable situation to deal with, sometimes I just want to talk, to ask a question and get an unbiased reply.

I could read the tarot for myself, but I can’t separate myself from my own bias. Looking for the answer I want to hear. Plus, it’s hard, y’know?

online tarot reading advisors
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So, getting an explanation and forward guidance from someone who has no bias, and who is being paid a decent fee for a good service is often the ideal solution. I like it that I can sit back, listen, make a note of the cards and use that reading to make some sense of it all. Even if at first I find it hard to accept what they say – in the end, they are nearly always spot on.

Advantages of Online Reading Services:

  • Reader and client can communicate as if they were in the same space
  • As they can see each others body language and reactions, accuracy is enhanced
  • The cards are easily visible, as are the shuffling and spread
  • It’s an easy way to make contact – no traveling involved
  • Customer services available if there’s a problem.

Building up a Relationship

One thing that, as a tarot reader, I value very highly is the opportunity to build up relationships with my clients. Over the years I developed friendships with many people I met through reading  tarot online. I think it is nice for the client, too, to have someone who is on their side but who is not invested in the outcome, in other words, there’s nothing in it for them, so no bias.

So it’s good to know that, once you’ve had your reading, it doesn’t mean you can’t talk to or email that reader again. It’s a wonderful thing to have those particles connected and vibrating at the same frequencies now and then.

This article was written by ‘Troi’, and published by in partnership with a tarot reading group. Troi owns and publishes Tarot Study and believes in the power of tarot to illuminate issues and provide guidance.


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