Five Ways to Boost Your Tarot Business

Increase your tarot businessYou’ve launched your tarot business and things are ticking along. However, you know it could be better. There are long days when your phone isn’t ringing with inquiries and your email is full of spam instead of PayPal notifications. It’s time to step things up a notch or two.

You can do any of these things on your own, or you could join forces with another reader in order to offer each other mutual support and encouragement. It’s always more fun when you collaborate. You might even find that you work so well together that you decide to run your businesses as a joint enterprise or partnership.

1. Get a professional qualification and endorsement

It’s easy enough to shell out a few dollars to acquire a ‘professional’ tarot certification, but what if you expanded your skills as a counselor? Get yourself a real and very useful qualification that will help you with your people skills. Tarot readers have to be extremely sensitive and empathetic towards their clients. It’s really important to know how to deliver sensitive information, and how to comfort and uplift the client if they become emotional. Your reputation as a warm and lovely person will spread.

2. Give a tarot talk

Tarot talks are fun. Hugely scary, but start locally with a small group. In the UK we have the WI (Woman’s Institute) and branches are often looking for someone to give a talk and demonstration to their members. Perhaps there is something like that where you live? Even some churches would be pleased to have you at one of their events. Afterward, you can chat to the audience individually, maybe do some quick one-card readings, and hand out fliers and business cards

3. Offer to do a free readings at your friend’s birthday party

Grab ahold of anyone who is planning a big celebration and offer to do party readings as your special birthday gift. Keep the readings short and upbeat. Again hand out those cards and fliers – as many as you can push on to your victims guests.

4. Build on your ‘Unique Selling Point’

There’s something about you and your readings that’s different to other readers. What is it? What are your strengths? Why are people drawn to you? Have you created a pleasant atmosphere where you do your readings? Are you psychic? Are you an intuitive?  Build on your USP. Use it in advertising. Exaggerate your skills like a crazy exaggerating thing. Of course, you mustn’t lie or commit fraud, but you do need to blow your own trumpet. Did you get that new qualification? Then use it as a selling point.

5. Teach a class/workshop

Either online or at home. If you are happier giving a class in real life, then make it special. Ask your sister/husband/best friend if they would help with a light lunch for your students. Have all the resources you need to hand. Give them all a goody bag at the end of the day/weekend, making sure they get plenty of your business cards and fliers included. Your students probably won’t go on to read tarot professionally, but they will spread the word about your skills and general gorgeousness.

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