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Tarot cards – alternative names

Long time, no post. Never mind… the reading section has perked up. You should go there and post a question. Talking of the readings, I might well clear them out into an archive, so that they are accessible and I can start the readings 9 Swordspage afresh.

Meanwhile I noticed that a particular search term was used to find my blog and it sparked the idea for this post. The term was “The Nine of Swords is often referred to as ‘the nightmare card’, do other cards have names too?” Quite a cool question, I thought.

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Ask Tarot: How Do I Increase My Income?

January is a depressing month, and many people counteract it by making life changes. Of course, making these changes often requires money and one of the most frequent questions I am asked at this time of year is “How do I increase my income?” As a matter of fact it is one of the most frequent questions I ask myself.

So with that in mind, I am going to draw a single card for everyone who wants some advice today, including me, on how to increase the flow of money this year. I’m not going to cheat and turn another if I don’t get a card that *answers the question*, I’m going to go with it, take what I’m given and try to incorporate the message from the tarot even if it’s only for today. Here goes… Continue reading

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