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Five Ways to Boost Your Tarot Business

Increase your tarot businessYou’ve launched your tarot business and things are ticking along. However, you know it could be better. There are long days when your phone isn’t ringing with inquiries and your email is full of spam instead of PayPal notifications. It’s time to step things up a notch or two.

You can do any of these things on your own, or you could join forces with another reader in order to offer each other mutual support and encouragement. It’s always more fun when you collaborate. You might even find that you work so well together that you decide to run your businesses as a joint enterprise or partnership.

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Reading Tarot – when your mind goes blank

New Vision tarot

Ever had that experience when you turn your cards over and your well of knowledge and intuition that you have come to rely on is empty? Hitting a metaphoric wall can happen to anyone at any time when reading tarot for a client. What you need is a toolbox of techniques that can kick-start your tarot-brain. It goes without saying that you can use these techniques for any reading. Continue reading

In-depth readings

It’s been a busy few weeks chez Troi. Our Guide Dog puppy will be leaving us this week to go up to advanced training. I say ‘puppy’ but she’s 17 months old now. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that she will make it as a Guide Dog, or if not, she will be found some other job such as a buddy dog. We’re not planning on having another GD puppy for a long time – we’ve done two and it’s taken up two and a half years of my life. We have offered to board any pup whose volunteer puppy-walker needs some time off, so we’re not giving up completely. We also have two of our own Fabrador Relievers to keep me fit.

I’ve received a couple of requests to do in-depth readings again, so I’ve just set up a page where tarot card packsyou can order one if you wish. I’m not out to rip people off by charging $90/£50 per hour or anything silly like that – I’m sticking to a basic one price reading – $30 USD or £19 Sterling. You’ll get a couple of pages (between 1,000 & 1,500 words), including scans of your cards with descriptions, a brief explanation of each card and an interpretation as it applies to your question. It should take me around an hour+ to complete so it’s an absolute bargain! In-depth readings. You know you want one… think of the dog biscuits you’ll be contributing towards.

My latest offering at Lunar Café is another look at the benefits and advantages of one-card tarot. My feeling is that we often think we need to use a complicated spread when, very often, one card will provide all the information required. I use the Star to show how tarot can answer a simple question about a meeting at work. One Card Tarot Readings.


Can anyone make money with tarot?

It’s something I get asked quite a lot; how can I make money with tarot? Okay, well, maybe in not so many words, but people do ask how they can become professional tarot readers. My instinctive reply is, “By putting in a ton of unpaid hours…” However, if you are aware of this beforehand and are prepared to do the groundwork, it is very possible to make a living by reading tarot… and besides, it’s doing something you love, right?

I put together some points you might like to consider in this short article, “Making money with tarot“.

Moving from the practical consideration of sustaining oneself financially to giving yourself a Songs for the journey homegood cosseting, spiritually speaking, my latest piece on Lunar Cafe is based around a tarot spread I developed called “Know thyself tarot spread“. It’s a pretty simple six-position reading, using 6 or 12 cards – the choice is yours. A nice New Year gift for yourself.


Deck pictured: Songs for the Journey Home



Online tarot reading tips and ideas

I’ve started writing for a new (to me) site – Lunar Cafe. Am pleased and proud to be one of their stable of writers although, so far, my articles have been posted under one of their editors’ names and my bio hasn’t appeared – well it’s only been a few days.

Anyway, it’s keeping me busy, but not so busy that I can’t add another article to this site. I used to do a lot of email readings. Tons of them. Not so much these days but I thought I’d put together some tips for anyone thinking of setting up an online tarot reading business, whether you do written readings or embrace your inner performer and do them by Skype (much more cost-effective).

Read 15 tips for giving good online tarot readings

Can you make money with tarot?

I bet you’ve been giving it some thought. Admit it! However, there’s something holding you back… maybe you don’t know if you’re good enough, or you have no clue where to start.

Scared? Worried you will be laughed at? Think about this… most people seek out a tarot reader because they are scared and worried about an issue. What if you are the very person they are meant to connect with? What if you have hidden away, the very nugget of advice that will set them on the path to a solution? Perhaps they will be so impressed with your style that they tell all their friends – it’s happened to me – several times. Perhaps you will make a friend for life – I have, several times.

Well start here with my “Ten ways to make money with tarot.” There is bound to be an idea here that you can take, develop and improve on.

Mario Marcetti's Gilded Tarot

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