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5 Topics for Tarot Study

Deepening your understanding of the tarot is the key to becoming a better reader. Not only that, it is beneficial to many areas of your own life. Humans have such a rich heritage of symbolism and signs to draw on that it would be a shame to simply limit your tarot study to the basic book meanings.

Some may think that in-depth study of the tarot will inhibit their intuition but I have found this isn’t true at all. In fact, the opposite is the case. The more you learn, the more your imagination and intuition are sparked. After all, you wouldn’t say that your intuition is dampened by life experience. The more you live, the more you understand other people’s situations.

Here are five basic areas of study that will enhance your knowledge of the tarot cards. Continue reading

Your daily tarot card

Gilded tarot four of swords with tarot journal pageFabulous! My free tarot journal template download has been flying out just like that time when your hands couldn’t hold the deck properly and the cards jumped all over the place! Please spread the word and let others know about it.

I wanted to write about one of the sections in more detail, as I think we have trouble sometimes in connecting the cards to our actual, confusing, complicated real lives. We put our cards away and think they are just a hobby, a diversion, perhaps something we turn to when life gets tough, or when we need an answer to a specific question.

The section in question is worded: Thinking about your day, how did the *whatever card* manifest itself? This can be about your emotions, memories, events, people – anything.

Let’s say you drew the Four of Swords as your card of the day. I don’t know about you, but I find this one of the ‘lesser’ cards. It rarely turns up for me in a reading and when it does, I tend to gloss over it. Continue reading

Printable Tarot Journal Template Pages

Tarot journal
Photo Credit: MarikaSofika via Compfight cc

Tarot journaling (I never know whether to spell journalling with one ‘L’ or two – it seems to go either way) is a very good way to study a deck, improve your reading and sharpen your intuition. It seems that many people are unsure how to begin their tarot journal. Do you use a blank book purchased for the job? Is it okay to create a digital journal because you type faster than you write? Should you draw a random card every day? Every week? Maybe you are supposed to work your way through the deck beginning with the Fool?

In fact any of those options are fine – it depends how you work best. To help you get going I’ve created a bunch of tarot journal templates, complete with prompts and quotes. It’s completely free to download for your personal use. You can print the whole thing out (81 pages) and write on it, save it to your computer, copy selected sections that resonate with you or just use it as a jump-off point for your own ideas.

Go to the Tarot Journal Template download page. You’ll find the link at the bottom. You can also get to it directly from the tabs at the top of any page.

Let me know if you have any questions… and do tell us if the pages are useful to you.



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