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5 Topics for Tarot Study

Deepening your understanding of the tarot is the key to becoming a better reader. Not only that, it is beneficial to many areas of your own life. Humans have such a rich heritage of symbolism and signs to draw on that it would be a shame to simply limit your tarot study to the basic book meanings.

Some may think that in-depth study of the tarot will inhibit their intuition but I have found this isn’t true at all. In fact, the opposite is the case. The more you learn, the more your imagination and intuition are sparked. After all, you wouldn’t say that your intuition is dampened by life experience. The more you live, the more you understand other people’s situations.

Here are five basic areas of study that will enhance your knowledge of the tarot cards. Continue reading

Set yourself a tarot study schedule

I’ve seen those books and websites that claim to teach tarot in a day. Sorry, it’s not possible. Understanding tarot comes after a lifetime of studying it, using it and living it — and full understanding may not even come then. It’s a slippery thing; it changes all the time with our own perspective. That’s why it is so fascinating – it is the study of human existence. Continue reading

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