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Online Tarot Reading Advisors: How Do They Do It?

I’ve had a few questions recently about the validity of online tarot reading advisors and distant readings. People sometimes can’t get their heads around how it is possible to do a reading for someone you’ve never met in person. I have to say, when I first began reading tarot, I felt exactly the same. I mean, really, sometimes all you’ve got is a name and an email address… and usually the name is abbreviated or made up anyway. How could it possibly work?

Online tarot reading advisors

Photo Credit: Atell Psychic Tarot via Compfight cc

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Five Ways to Boost Your Tarot Business

Increase your tarot businessYou’ve launched your tarot business and things are ticking along. However, you know it could be better. There are long days when your phone isn’t ringing with inquiries and your email is full of spam instead of PayPal notifications. It’s time to step things up a notch or two.

You can do any of these things on your own, or you could join forces with another reader in order to offer each other mutual support and encouragement. It’s always more fun when you collaborate. You might even find that you work so well together that you decide to run your businesses as a joint enterprise or partnership.

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#InfinitePossibilities Days 26 and 27

Day 26 of the Infinite Possibilities 30-day Project

Who would have thought? I never finish these things and here I am, in sight of the finish line. You can begin your journey right now – there’s no better time to start: Infinite Possibilities

Think about something small I’d like to manifest. Open myself to the possibility of receiving it by taking small steps towards it. Continue reading

Infinite Possibilities Days 13 – 16


Wow, time really got away from me these last few days. One or two interesting things that may or may not be connected with this project. The first one was that a friend of mine wants to set up a sort of Loose Women group and record the sessions. We talked about different topics we could focus on and one was tarot (of course) and writing. It was a good brainstorming session with another meeting planned next week. Another interesting thing was a deeper friendship with someone I only know professionally. We seem to connect on some level, which is lovely. Continue reading

Infinite Possibilities Days 9 & 10

You can still join in this 30-day project – just start where you are at Day One. Infinite Possibilities Love Your Life in 30 Days

Day Nine

Belief Installation:The Sun, Fountain Tarot

List some beliefs that you have and would like to have. Remember a belief is a thought you keep thinking.

1. I believe I can achieve anything I set myself to achieve. Continue reading

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