10 Ways to Make Money With Tarot

Tarot readers who have reached a certain level of competency – received good feedback from friends, learned to trust their intuition, feeling comfortable with their deck and not needing to look meanings up in a book – may wonder if there’s a possibility of making money with their obsession hobby. It’s strange that talking about earning money with tarot is almost taboo. It’s okay to ‘have an interest’ or to do readings for nothing, but when it comes to putting your skills to work for you, then many have a hard time with it.

There are ways to turn your love of tarot into a business, as long as you don’t expect too much at first. I’ve been there, done it and am still doing it, though not on a full-time basis. Let me show you ten ways in which to get your tarot deck to earn some cash for you.

1. Face-To-Face Readings

Pretty straightforward – you make it known that you will read the cards for money. Bribe Ask your friends to pass the word around. Maybe get some business cards printed. Take out an advert in a local newspaper and away you go. Make sure to set it up properly, keep records of income and expenditure and all that. You can find out tons of info about how to set up a small business, so I’m not going to do that here. You will need to set your fees, decide whether you will go to them or if they will come to you, or if you will rent a space somewhere. It is hard work, you will necessarily be doing a lot of talking, but at the same time, it’s rewarding meeting and helping people. It makes sense to get some form of counseling training.

Try this KIndle book by Christiana Gaudet: Fortune Stellar: What Every Professional Tarot Reader Needs to Know

Read this blog post: 7 Places to Read Tarot

2. Tarot Parties

Tarot parties are great fun and you can integrate them into your face-to-face reading business as above. It’s important to stress that the readings are for entertainment and to that end, you should keep them upbeat. The trickiest part is working out your fee. You can charge a flat-rate for the evening, no matter how many people are there – you have to work out the time given to each reading so that everyone gets a fair shot. Alternatively, charge individually, so that some could have a one-card reading while others get a longer one. Make sure you work it out with the hostess in advance and that she lets the participants know how it’s going to be. Try to restrict numbers, if you can. It’s exhausting and you will be drained (and flying as high as a kite) by the end of the night. Have plenty of water near you to sip on and give yourself a minute or two between readings. Don’t forget to give one of your business cards to each attendee.

3. Reading Tarot at Festivals

Reading at festivals and psychic fairs can be rewarding or disappointing. I’ve only done one – Witchfest – and it was brilliant. However, I’ve been to places where the poor tarot reader is sitting alone in her booth while everyone walks past. Some people are embarrassed to be seen getting a reading in a public place. You will either be there because you are involved with a group, or you may hire your own pitch and scoop all the takings, less your costs for the day/s.

Try this guide by Jenna Matlin (Kindle): Have Tarot Will Travel: A Comprehensive Guide to Reading at Festivals as a Tarot Professional

4. Online Tarot Readings

Oh boy, have I done a lot of these! Hundreds, nay maybe a thousand or more. I started for free and then built my own site back in the Web 1.0 days. I got my first client within two days of going live. Mine were (and still are) typed out in Word and sent to the client. I include a scan of each card for their convenience and so they can see what I’m talking about. You can charge what you like, depending on the spread and number of cards. I hafta tell you, it’s hard work for not a lot of money. I like to give good value so a ten-card reading is about ten pages long – you can’t do them fast, well maybe you can, but I can’t.

Nowadays, you can read via Skype or a messenger client. You could even make a private YouTube video. Cast your eye around the tarot reading world and check out what others are doing. Bear in mind, if you stick with typing them out, you need to be pretty confident of your grammar and presentation. Nothing looks worse than a reading full of basic errors.

Try this Kindle book by Jessica Brown: How To Be a Master Tarot Reader: & Make Money Online

5. Write a Tarot e-Book

If you are experienced and have your own style, a unique approach and something different to offer then think about self-publishing an e-Book. I can’t tell you how to go about it in detail because I haven’t done it (yet). You can sell it off a blog or website or even give it away free in order to enhance your business. It is quite easy to publish direct to Kindle or Lulu.

The Kindle Publishing Bible: How To Sell More Kindle Ebooks on Amazon (Step-by-Step Instructions On Self-Publishing And Marketing Your Books) (Kindle Bible Book 1)

6. Give Tarot Talks

If you have the confidence, then consider giving talks at tarot conventions. It’s a chance to publicise your business and sign your latest book. Seriously, there are tarot organisations who would love to have a new face on the scene to expound on their particular method, system or approach. You will need to clock up a few miles first, get yourself known around the tarotsphere and be able to speak in public. A good idea might be to start off doing a simple talk for free at the local WI (Women’s Institute in the UK) – I hear they are open to all kinds of ideas.

Try this Kindle book by Carmine Gallo, to master the art of public speaking: Talk Like TED: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds

7. Teach Tarot Workshops

Giving a workshop, i.e. gathering some willing, paying participants and teaching, preparing exercises, games, etc. is a wonderful way of making tarot earn some money for you. Each person is usually very enthusiastic – or they wouldn’t be there, and they are all eager to get as much from the day (or weekend) as they can. Workshops might best be set up with a tarot colleague as it is a lot of work for one person. I have heard of someone running mini-workshops for two or three people at her home… her hubby provides a delicious lunch and they all have a marvellous time.

Try this Kindle ‘Dummies’ book by Jessica Pryce-Jones & Julia Lindsay: Running Great Meetings and Workshops For Dummies

8. Run an Online Tarot Course

On line courses are popular in every subject these days. If you have a website, then a natural extension of your tarot offerings might be a course. It can be delivered live, by scheduled emails or as a complete one-off download. It could be run on a Ning group and it might include video, audio, PDFs, exercises with feedback, a private Facebook group, guest teachers.. Anything you can think of. The benefit of virtual products like e-Books and on-line courses is that you can sell them over and over.

Try this Kindle book by Jeanette S. Cates: Teach Online: Design Your First Online Course

9. Build a Tarot Website with Advertising Revenue

This one should have been near the beginning as several of the other methods depend upon you having a website. However, you could create a website or blog simply to share your knowledge, opinions, experiences and ideas. It’s possible to monetise it so that you receive income from advertisers or via affiliate sales like Amazon. A bit like this site, in fact. Don’t expect to make a lot of money though, it is best used in conjunction with some of the other ideas above. You can set up a blog or website without any technical skills (can you tell?) and everything you need to know can be found via a search. You can set up free blogs with WordPress.com or Blogger but your money-making opportunities will be minimal, as WordPress.com does not allow advertising. Blogger does allow Amazon links as far as I know. Therefore, I recommend a self-hosted blog. You can research and learn how to do this – it seems complicated, but if I can do it, anyone can.

If you need help, try this Kindle book by Malcolme Rockwood: Website Building: How to Build your Own Website and Blog to Perfection!

10. Write Tarot Articles For a Paying Site

If you like to write but don’t want to go to the trouble of having your own site, then consider writing for paying sites like HubPages. Example: Here’s an article I wrote on Court Cards. There are lots of writing sites around so you will need to do some research. It takes a while to build up a decent amount and, to be very honest, right now it is difficult as many sites were recently downgraded by Google (yeah thanks, Big G.). It is possible but know that you need to create a lot of content to get the spondoolies flowing.

Try this Kindle book by Jamie Farrelly: How Anyone Can Become an Online Content Writer

It’s not been possible for me to go into huge amount of detail on any of these suggestions, but perhaps it will give you some ideas of how to make your enthusiasm for tarot pay you back for all those hours, days and months you have spent hunched over your cards. One thing I will say, is that the most successful, professional tarotists always, with no exception, give good value. In fact, they give more than they get. In other words, they always go the extra mile out of love and respect for their clients – it’s called ‘added value’. To be like them, you must do the same.

Did I leave anything out? Please leave your suggestions in the comments.

28 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make Money With Tarot

  1. Monasoleil

    Hello, I just started my new business tarot and blog. I just wanted to say that your article is very informative and I enjoy reading it.

    I was wondering if you do coaching ?

    Have a nice day

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Monasoleil, thanks for your lovely comment. I don’t do individual coaching (yet), but I am thinking about producing a short course one day for readers who have reached beyond beginner level…

      Good luck with your business. Your blog looks cool.

  2. Monasoleil

    Thanks alot, hope we keep in touch. I enjoy meeting new people with similar interest. I really like the back ground of your site. It looks really nice. Which tarot deck did you use for it, as I do not recognize the deck.

    Is it your creation?

    1. theraggededge Post author

      It’s several decks – I just put some cards onto the scanner and smooshed them around a bit! There’s Deviant Moon, the Rohrig, the Golden Tarot and another deck I forget the name of – could be the Pagan 2000 deck.

      Yes, do keep in touch – I have made many friends through tarot 🙂

      1. Debra Thomlinson

        Such an informative and truly inspiring site. I have been doing face to face readings now for 10 years. I could really use some help. I have hit a brick wall in my growth. As a tarot and palm reader it is a challenge where I live.

        1. theraggededge Post author

          Thank you, Debra. Maybe you just need a break? Or a change of direction – with all your experience have you thought about running tarot courses?

  3. Catherine Meyers

    Oh, and I wanted to say your comment about good reader,s giving quality readings, giving more value than what they receive I believe to be very true. Thank you for saying this!
    – Cat

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Thanks so much, Cat. Just had a brief skim of your blog and you look like a lovely person. I’ll bookmark it and read properly tomorrow. By the way, I am another dentist phobic and have to go on Weds after snapping off a 35 year-old crown and its supporting tooth. Ugh.

      1. Catherine Meyers

        Oh that’s tooo funny about the dentist. But not really! 🙁 It’s good to know you are not alone! Thanks so much for you’re quick unexpected reply. You have a wonderful blog ( I’ve subscribed) and I am so passionate about Tarot. It’s been a wonderful life changing experience for me and I have met some beautiful readers on line. I am also an Artist and a writer.

        Thanks so much for stopping by to look at my blog! I also have another blog http://catherinemeyersartist.blogspot.com

  4. Linda baller

    Absolutely loved reading all this about tarot. ..im just starting out doing it professional . picking up my business cards tomorrow morning. .looking at all these ideas also. ..mmm interesting. .I currently have ppl coming by word of mouth. ..any ideas or comments to inspire me in my new journey would be great. Thanks linda. .

  5. Linda baller

    Hi thanks so much really kind of you. I’m also seeing spirit with the ppl coming to me who are coming in to pass messages to them via my self. I’ve always been spiritual and pyshic. ..This also has only just started to happen. .seeing loved one s in spirit. ..hence word of mouth at the moment. ..I’ve worded my cards spiritual tarot readings. ..as i feel that is what I’m doing. .I give loving guidance in my readings to and comfort. .I’ve got a reading on Tuesday night and the following week so far all recommend by each other. Im having faith in my intuition like you say. .Thanks again for your good wishes. .linda

  6. Marilyn

    I’m trying to figure out how to do my own telephone tarot service without joining a psychic hotline, but I’m not sure how to run it effectively. Anyone here have any ideas?

    I’m specifically running into this issue: I’ll do a half hour reading with a client over the phone. When the agreed to time has concluded and the reading is over, they always want to chat longer and I don’t have the heart to cut them short. I’m a push-over and I need cut-off strategies.

    I invoice them as I do not have a 800 number.

    Any ideas appreciated 🙂

    1. theraggededge Post author

      I wouldn’t have a clue, Marilyn. I think you need to work out a simple, friendly sign off phrase. Something like, “Thank so much, it’s been a pleasure reading for you. My next call has come through, so I have to get on it. Bye.” You could also set it up at the beginning of the call by telling them you have another scheduled right after theirs.

      It would be interesting to get ideas from other readers.

  7. Tina Sawhney

    Nice post. I enjoyed reading it. Spreading the word for tarot readings is hard. I feel shy to talk about it in public and even advertising on yell.com no one calls. It costs a lot to put it there to get no results! Bit stumped right now how to get my message out there.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Tina, You could try some different tactics – get some free or cheap business cards printed and drop them into empty shopping trolleys at your local supermarket. Be circumspect and just do a few each time you do your shopping. Consider a simple advertisement in a ‘free’ paper – it’s usually cheap. Just put ‘Tarot reader available for private appointments and party bookings’, followed by your mobile phone number and email address. Once you get a few clients, word of mouth usually provides momentum. Good luck, Tina.

  8. Spirit Bear

    Thank you so much for the info!
    I’ll certainly be getting those book references you mention.

    It is a very hard leap to go from doing free readings for friends to doing it for pay. Mostly for the friends who still expect things for free. For them I’ll usually do a reading as a birthday present.

    I’ve also noticed at the few fairs I’ve done that the same folks only show up at the fairs for the ‘sampler’ readings, but will never call for a full reading. Reminds me I need to sign up for a few of the fairs coming up this fall.

    One of the things that I thought would be a big draw (not meaning to sound egotistical here) is that I’m one of the few that does Medicine Wheel (aka Earth Astrology) readings. I learned it from a student of Sun Bear who was part of the Sun Bear tribe that developed it. And I have also been given permission to teach it. But, I’m having a hard time marketing it. So, I’m looking forward to putting your suggestions into practice. Hopefully that helps.

    Thanks again for your information, help, and the work that you do.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Thanks so much, Spirit Bear. Hope you can build on some of the ideas and really get your tarot business flying. One thing you could try when a friend asks for a free reading is to say, sure, but could you recommend me to other friends/family?

      I’ll check out your other email later, not on my laptop atm. Good luck!

  9. Dee

    Hi , I have started studying tarot after two visits to Salem Village in Mass . , this was last November , so I am new, only read for myself, my husband, and did for one friend so far, I have always felt very sensitive and intuitive , and a bit physic, I need to keep studying more and learning, how long should I wait till I feel I can call myself a professional ? Any advice from those working with the tarot all welcome , thanks

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Dee,

      You’ll know when you are ready to go pro. You can always consult your cards. Why not read on one of the free reading networks for the ATA for a few months. You’ll get feedback which will boost your confidence and after a while you’ll know it’s time to start paid readings.

      Good luck!

  10. Jessie

    Nice article. I’m wondering what sites I could do free practice readings on? That sounds like a wonderful way to practice and learn along the way.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Jessie, the American Tarot Association have two, I believe. The first, for beginners, is one-card readings. The other, for intermediates, is three-card readings. The Tarot Association of the British Isles also welcomes new members who are encouraged to do free readings – any number of cards. I’ve read for all three and the experience is very valuable.

  11. Karen Bhatia

    Hello. I found this article very informative. I have one further question however: How to YouTube Tarot Readers do readings based on zodiac signs? I would like to draw attention to my services on YouTube but I have never done a reading based on zodiac sign. It seems to me, that these readers must read up on the transits in each sign or the horoscope of each sign and focus on them and they draw the cards. But none of them say that they do this. They all say that they ask the cards about the sign and focus on the zodiac sign. Do you know how they are reading by zodiac? I am mystified

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Karen,

      I do quite a few of these ‘tarotscopes’ at LunarCafe. One card for each sign. Although I’m not an astrologist, I’ve researched and written a lot about it – I stop short at birth chart interpretation 😀 So I have some knowledge of the characteristics of each sign. When doing tarotscopes, I simply hold the idea of a typical representative of each sign in mind and draw a card. I then use my knowledge to apply my interpretation of the card.

      As it’s only a one-card reading, it has to be very general, so there aren’t any detailed predictions. It’s more about the energy surrounding that sign. And of course, people have to take their moon and ascendant into account also.

      They are fun to do and the fun/entertainment element must be emphasised in the write-up. You can do general readings about and for anything – the state of the economy, political outcomes, soap opera characters, British royalty, etc. Tarot can be very light-hearted and doesn’t need to be taken seriously all the time.

      What’s your YouTube username?

  12. Akshay Sood

    Just wanted to point out that Blogger now allows Amazon Affiliate and other affiliate links. So, one can go ahead and post those to earn some revenue 🙂


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