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Is it possible to make money reading tarot cards? Yes it is but, as with almost everything, it takes some work. Presumably you want it to be a long-term source of income, you want to appear confident and professional, and you also want to have a good reputation. So here are some points you need to address.

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  • Do you have a solid knowledge base, by which I mean have you spent some time learning and practicing your tarot skills? You won’t inspire confidence if you stumble over the cards. For some, a few months study will be enough; for others it could take years before they feel comfortable reading for others.
  • Have you received good feedback for your readings? This is important — not only will it give you confidence, you will be able to use your clients’ testimonials to boost your tarot business.
  • Do you know how to set up a business in your part of the world? Regulations vary, and in some places tarot is considered to be fortune-telling and is illegal. Spend some time researching your particular country or state laws in this regard. You will most certainly require some kind of public liability insurance wherever you are. It is not completely unknown for a tarot reader to be sued by an aggrieved client.
  • Can you set up a decent website? It is almost de rigeur to have an online presence these days. Luckily, there are a huge number of resources that can help with this. Social media is also important, so consider setting up separate Facebook and Twitter accounts. Using your personal accounts is not very professional.
  • Are you good with people? A reputable tarot reader must have empathy with her clients. However, that doesn’t mean you have to burst into tears when they do, but you do need to be sensitive to their emotions. Some people find having a reading overwhelming. Be aware how you deliver any information. Know when to keep it light, keep quiet and offer reassurance.
  • Along the same lines, are you an excellent communicator? Can you make your point? If working face-to-face, you need to have reasonable interpersonal skills. If you plan on doing written readings, then you need to have a good command of whatever language you are working in. Is your grammar up to the job? It doesn’t have to be perfect but you do need to come across as literate.
  • Where will you work? Will you welcome clients to your home? Go to theirs? Read in public places, such as coffee shops (with the proprietor’s permission, of course). Will you try the fair circuit? Perhaps you’d prefer to restrict your readings to online only?
  • Will you have time to do all the unpaid marketing work? As with any business, you will almost certainly need to publicise your services. Could you run an online newsletter? Attract subscribers to your website? Build up Facebook contacts? Advertise locally? You might be lucky, as I was, most of my clients came via my very simple website and by word of mouth. However, there is a lot of competition these days so you must be prepared to put in vast numbers of unpaid hours if you want to achieve a professional tarot business.

Having said all that, being a tarot reader is ultimately one of the best ways I know of earning a living. If you love tarot, then you are halfway there already. The feeling of helping someone with your skills and knowledge is wonderful. If you can uplift your clients and make them feel better about their lives, then you will most likely be a very good professional reader.

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