Gilded Tarot Reversed Meanings

As a Gilded Tarot enthusiast, you’ve probably already found the download-able study guide kindly provided by Jan Carol.

Gilded Tarot Upright Meanings

However, you may be looking to expand your understanding of the Gilded Tarot by considering its reversed meanings. I only use reversals with certain decks and in certain circumstances, otherwise I am happy that a 78 card deck can give me all the answers necessary. This is one deck I like to use reversals – there are some interesting configurations in the images when you look at them upside-down or even sideways.

Some meanings may appear to be contradictory — this is often the same with upright cards and the true interpretation will depend on the question, the card position and surrounding cards. Often the upright meanings will intensify until they become a parody of the original. Other times, the energy of the card will be weakened or completely reversed. The skill of the reader will determine the final interpretation.

Here is a list of my preferred meanings for the Gilded Tarot reversed cards. Please note: these reversed tarot keywords will also work for any Rider-Waite variation or clone.

Gilded Tarot Reversed Majors

Gilded Tarot Major Arcana – Reversals

Fool — immaturity, overly impulsive, too risky, lack of understanding, false perception
Magician — misuse of power, manipulative, self-interest, lack of confidence
High Priestess — sneaky, love affair, underhandedness, lies, obsessed with inner-self
Empress — gossip, lack of assets, drought, poverty, putting self above others
Emperor — over-controlling, domineering, abuse, bullying, disregard of others, rudeness (look at that finger)
Hierophant — faceless organization, charlatan, guru-gone-bad, child protection issues
Lovers — lust not love, no choice, falling out of love, break-up
Chariot — uncontrolled force, heavy-handedness, slavery
Strength — weakness, ill-health, lack of willpower
Hermit — loneliness, ostracized,  excessive introversion
Wheel of Fortune — bad luck, difficulties ahead, loss of control
Justice — unfairness, bad result, decision going wrong way, legal battle lost, prison sentence
Hanging Man — martyr, victim, powerlessness, feeling put-upon, being held back
Death — resistance to change, refusal to adapt, a death that doesn’t affect you personally
Temperance — feeling out of sorts, unbalanced, colds and ‘flu, review your intended actions
Devil — minor bad habits that could lead to addiction, desire to be free, breaking out
Tower — same as upright but weakened, sharp wake-up call, fear of change
Star — loss of hope, despair, life’s a drag, feeling uninspired, burdened
Moon — coming through a difficult time, impaired perception improving, light at the end of the tunnel
Sun — as upright but weakened, some improvement, false positivity, sunburn
Judgement — consequences of bad decisions, self-doubt, turning down opportunities, poor judgment
World — losing sight of the goal, wavering, falling at the final hurdle, unable to make a change.

Gilded Tarot Wands Reversals

Gilded Tarot Wands – Reversals

Ace of Wands — frustration, creativity on hold, bad timing, letting an opportunity slip through your hands
Two of Wands — time to move on but you can’t, fear of the unknown is holding you back
Three of Wands — material loss, setback, regrouping, gathering resources
Four of Wands — family break up, tension, instability, working overlong hours
Five of Wands — outer conflict avoided leads to inner guilt and frustration
Six of Wands — success by false pretences, under a cloud of accusation, retreat
Seven of Wands — overwhelm, feeling criticised, vulnerable and unsupported
Eight of Wands — delays, obstacles, plans going awry, lack of co-operation
Nine of Wands —over defensiveness, physical injury and/or breakdown, time off work
Ten of Wands — using responsibilities as an excuse, self-importance, refusal to ask for help
Page of Wands —immature person, failure of  project, laziness
Knight of Wands — anger issues, knee-jerk reactions, uses others, sexual predator
Queen of Wands — disorganised, slovenly, bad habits, loss of confidence, other woman
King of Wands —bad tempered, irritable, pushy, loud-mouthed, self-aggrandizing.

Gilded Tarot Cups Reversals

Gilded Tarot Cups – Reversals

Ace of Cups — repressing/over-expressing emotion, love and/or affection decreasing
Two of Cups —weakened friendship, relationship break-up, severed bond
Three of Cups — over indulgence, drunkenness, infidelity
Four of Cups —restlessness, boredom, a need to be creative, yoga
Five of Cups — healing, reconciliation, dropping feuds
Six of Cups — clinging to (or letting go of) the past, obsession with past event
Seven of Cups —seven deadly sins, compulsion, obsession, addiction
Eight of Cups —wanting to move on but can’t, held in limbo
Nine of Cups —good intentions gone wrong, false attachment, diabetes or similar affliction
Ten of Cups —family disruptions, children leaving home, family tensions
Page of Cups —over sensitivity, obsession with the opposite sex
Knight of Cups —homosexuality, secret love, self-love
Queen of Cups —seductress, self-pity, hypersensitive, emotional vampire
King of Cups —melancholic, alcoholism, passive aggression, ineffectual.

Gilded Tarot Swords Reversals

Gilded Tarot Swords – Reversals

Ace of Swords —mental or physical pain, disturbing thoughts, deception
Two of Swords —questioning decisions, setting boundaries, lies, deceit
Three of Swords —releasing sorrow, quarrel set aside, confusion, insanity, senility
Four of Swords —awakening, recovery, insomnia, out of body experience
Five of Swords —mental problems, ending conflict, apportioning blame
Six of Swords —refusing to move on, travel problems, delays
Seven of Swords —dishonesty, deception, shame, returning stolen goods
Eight of Swords —breaking through restraints, temporary restriction, paranoia
Nine of Swords —recovering from depression, finding a solution, facing your fears
Ten of Swords —rebirth, breakthroughs, hope on the horizon
Page of Swords —sarcastic, sulky, scathing, false bravado, problem teenager
Knight of Swords —fanatic, out-of-control, temper tantrum, recklessness
Queen of Swords —narrow mindedness, frustration, nitpicky, hypercritical, cruelty
King of Swords — extreme disciplinarian, unsympathetic, harsh, bad judgement.

Gilded Tarot Pentacles Reversals

Gilded Tarot Pentacles – Reversals

Ace of Pentacles —material gain, possessiveness, greediness, defective purchase
Two of Pentacles —overwhelmed by paperwork, computer problems, missing deadlines
Three of Pentacles —mediocre work, structural problems, inefficiency
Four of Pentacles —defensiveness, fear, constraint, obstructions
Five of Pentacles —persistence, facing up to problems, finding the right help
Six of Pentacles —politics, misuse of funds, unpaid loans and debt
Seven of Pentacles —frustration, exhaustion, illness prevents you from working, bad harvest
Eight of Pentacles —boring, repetitive work, mistakes, lack of interest, no ambition
Nine of Pentacles —agoraphobia, self-imposed isolation, problems with crops or garden
Ten of Pentacles —family disagreements, feuds, overcrowded living space
Page of Pentacles —learning difficulties, lack of interest in education, truancy
Knight of Pentacles —stuck-in-the-mud, closed-mind, stubborn, inactivity
Queen of Pentacles — too house proud, hoarder, gossip, mean.
King of Pentacles —controlling, demanding, exploitative, mismanagement.