Deviant Moon tarot

Deviant Moon Tarot Card Meanings

I put together this list of meanings for the Deviant Moon Tarot inspired by the book of the same name and my own interpretations of the cards. While these meanings are based on the imagery of the Deviant Moon, there is no reason why you can’t use them for other decks.

Deviant Moon Book Review

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Deviant Moon Tarot Majors

Deviant Moon Major Arcana

Fool — Upright: lose your inhibitions, embrace spontaneity, dare to be different. Reversed: you are fearful, uncertain and hesitant. You may not be using your imagination to create your life. Just let go.

Magician — Upright: practice skills until you reach proficiency. You have all the tools necessary to complete the task. Be bold, be confident. Reversed: you may be wasting your talents or be suffering from a lack of confidence. Learn to focus.

High Priestess — Upright: open your mind to connect with the Divine. Explore ways of reaching your subconscious. Mysteries will reveal themselves. Reversed: secrets are being withheld. You feel you are being held back by other people who cannot see your visions.

Empress — Upright: you must assume a nurturing role in order to bring your creations to fruition. Be patient – abundance will be yours. Reversed: your creativity is being strangled. You might be shirking your responsibilities.

Emperor — Upright: master your thought processes in order to control your environment. Ideas must be turned into positive action. Reversed: incompetence, tyranny, unable to control thoughts and actions.

Hierophant — Upright: question the traditional order of things. Are you doing things in a certain way because you have been told to do so? Who is the boss of you? Reversed: you are unable to break free of the establishment. Stuck in a rut because of superstition.

Lovers — Upright: two forces merge. Romance transforms into true and lasting love. Reversed: forces repel each other. A relationship is coming to an end. Love evaporates.

Chariot — Upright: you can do anything with will and determination. Don’t place limits on yourself. Reversed: doubts beset you. You are unable to move forward.

Justice — Upright: base your decisions on logic. Use careful reasoning, objectivity and balance when weighing up your options. There could be a legal or contractual issue to deal with. Reversed: unfavorable results. You may perceive injustice or unfairness. Decisions based on irrationality.

Hermit — Upright: you need time alone. Use it well to expand your self-knowledge. You could be forced from a group, a relationship or society in general. Reversed: you emerge from solitude. You seek your place in society.

Wheel of Fortune — Upright: unpredicted changes. A sudden turn of fortune. Learn from these experiences; it will stand you in good stead. Reversed: you think that luck can improve your life. It can’t so take control of your own destiny.

Strength — Upright: combine your mind and body into a force to be reckoned with. Endurance is your middle name. Reversed: you may be showing vulnerability and weakness. Your energy levels are low and your mind is befuddled and fearful.

Hanged Man — Upright: you’ve stopped moving forward; you’re stagnating. You have to make an effort to cut the ties that bind. Reversed: you are feeling disembodied, light-headed. You can’t seem to get anywhere. Ground yourself, eat properly and resume walking your path.

Death — Upright: inevitable transition, endings, beginnings, death. There’s nothing you can do about it, so embrace it. Reversed: loss, fear, resistance to change, suffering.

Temperance — Upright: synthesis, co-operation, balance, harmony. You are able to bring diverse elements into a cohesive whole. Reversed: conflict, discord, lack of co-operation. Creativity ceases or transmutes into dissolution.

Devil — Upright: Destructive thinking patterns. Addictions, obsessions, self-absorption. You could choose to change; you just don’t want to. Reversed: the limitations you placed on yourself dissolve into nothing. You conquer your demons.

Tower — Upright: catastrophe, disruption, sudden change. Removal of stagnating energies. Eventual recovery and enlightenment. Reversed: you are delaying the inevitable. Go with the apparent negative storms; improvement will follow.

Star — Upright: rejuvenation, healing, hope, love, moving toward your destiny and life purpose. Reversed: you are not seeing the good around you. You may be stressed, conflicted and worn out.

Moon — Upright: thoughts are confused, veiled. Your subconscious is sending you messages but they appear just out of sight. Tune into your psychic abilities to make sense of it all. Reversed: delusional thinking, temporary insanity, sleep is either a welcome refuge or completely unobtainable.

Sun — Upright: a new positive period in your life is upon you. Every aspect improves; from health to money, from relationships to work. Your enthusiasm and energy are boundless. Reversed: it feels like you are letting go of your dreams and ambitions. The sun is setting on your aspirations – wake up before it is too late.

Judgment — Upright: it’s time to respond to your inner calling. You have found inspiration and now you have to put it into action. Don’t squander your gifts – do something worthwhile. Reversed: Stop worry about the past. It doesn’t exist so why are you punishing yourself?

World — Upright: you have reached a staging post. You have completed one part of your journey and are ready to embark on the next. Work hard and seize the new opportunities coming your way. Reversed: you have left tasks undone and are in danger of veering off course. Bring yourself back onto your path; finish those projects. Take a little time to reflect on where you went wrong and how you will bring yourself back into alignment with who you really are.


Minor Arcana

Deviant Moon Tarot Wands

Deviant Moon Suit of Wands

Ace of Wands — Upright: expect a surge of inspiration, a yearning to create something new or to embark on an exciting project. Reversed: You may have the ideas but not the energy to put them into action. You need to reignite your passion.

Two of Wands — Upright: now is the time to be inventive, to share resources and to work hard. Reversed: Your energy is scattered and unfocused. You must stop giving your attention to too many tasks.

Three of Wands — You have done enough for now. Your projects must be allowed to stand on their own merits. Stand back and wait for their maturation. Reversed: You may experience a failure but put the lesson to good use. There is always another opportunity.

Four of Wands — Upright: you are building a firm foundation for a marriage or a business. Your hard work is beginning to pay off and you feel secure about the future. A new home may be beckoning. Reversed: The foundations are shaky. There could be domestic and relationship problems or your business could be suffering from neglect or staffing issues. Restructuring is required.

Five of Wands — Conflict and disharmony are a major part of your life right now. You are using something as an excuse to start a fight. This may also manifest as an internal struggle. Reversed: this is a warning to avoid becoming involved in someone’s dispute. By all means attempt to negotiate a peaceful settlement.

Six of Wands — Upright: it’s all working out for you. You have worked hard to improve your skills and gain the necessary qualifications. You are in the process of a positive transformation. Your popularity and good reputation is assured. Reversed: your achievements are satisfactory, but not stellar. You may want to assess where you are, and consider having another try at improving your prospects.

Seven of Wands — Upright: your character is being put to the test. Persistence is the key to navigating your way through the difficulties. Stand by your convictions – you will succeed. Reversed: Self-doubt and lack of confidence plague you like rats at your heels. Find a thread of courage and hang on to it until you find your balance.

Eight of Wands — Upright: be careful of following your impulses. You must weigh up all your options before taking an irreversible course. Reversed: Delays and frustrations force you to hold back on your plans. Only by sheer will power and 100 percent focus will you get back on track.

Nine of Wands — Upright: you feel overpowered by your challenges and can’t see the way ahead. Take heart; apply your inner strength and just keep going. Reversed: Overwork and burnout take their toll. Your enthusiasm has waned to nothing. Your passion has long gone. You give up.

Ten of Wands — You are struggling to reach the finish. Your burdens are heavy and you have too many responsibilities. You won’t give up though. You will work out a way to carry your load in a way that will ultimately reward you. Reversed: you can’t go on feeling as though you are running on empty. You must learn to prioritise. Dump those unnecessary commitments and free up some time.

Page of Wands — Upright: be adventurous! Think creatively and try new perspectives. Break free of your old routine and dare to be different. Reversed: you are stretching it a little too far. The ice is about to crack beneath you. Rein your risk-taking tendencies in until you are a little more stable.

Knight of Wands — Upright: you leap on every opportunity as though it is the last. Your enthusiasm is boundless but your patience has definite limits. You are the same with people, and leave a trail of used lovers in your wake. Reversed: you are wasting your energies on low-grade activities. You plan and scheme but little of what you attempt ever reaches fruition. You tend to have temper tantrums when things don’t go your way.

Queen of Wands — Upright: she’s independent, autonomous and courageous. You may be her, know someone like her or maybe you should adopt her attitude and qualities. Reversed: attention-seeking, drama queen. Possibly a love rival – she uses sex to further her aims.

King of Wands — Upright: a charismatic individual, usually a leader or innovator. Active, enthusiastic, prone to irritation and impatience with trivialities. Interested in the big picture. Reversed: A despotic ruler, always has to be right. No tolerance for others. Strict, cruel and mean. Are you acting like this? Stop.

Deviant Moon Tarot Cups

Deviant Moon Suit of Cups

Ace of Cups — Upright: love and happiness is in abundance. Open your heart and give love to receive it. All things romantic are headed your way. Love the world and the world will love you. Reversed: your emotions are inappropriate. You may be seeking a relationship with the wrong person. Alternatively, your self-erected barriers are preventing you from flowing love.

Two of Cups — Upright: you are attracted to someone wholly unsuitable. You cannot resist their allure. Enter into any long term commitment with your eyes open. Alternatively, the attraction is mutual though the circumstances may be unconventional. Reversed: the end of this relationship is well overdue – if it hasn’t already self-destructed.

Three of Cups — Upright: a celebration after a struggle. Friendship overcomes contrasting viewpoints. An emotional bond forged between a group of people. Reversed: disharmony within a group. Group dynamics and politics causing friction.

Four of Cups — Upright: depression, a feeling of worthlessness, withdrawal. You may have suffered a string of disappointments and feel the need to hide away from the world. Reversed: you are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Inspiration, upbeat thoughts stir your emotions. It’s time to come out into the sunshine and rejoin your fellow human beings.

Five of Cups — Upright: emotional loss, disappointment, hopes dashed. There is still a chance that the situation can be salvaged – if you desire it. Reversed: emotional defeat, a definite ending of a relationship prior to an upturn in matters of love and new associations.

Six of Cups — Upright: a rite of passage, rekindling of memories. Revisit your childhood influences, either figuratively, by delving into your memories or, literally, by reconnecting with old friends and places. Reversed: you are spending too much time in the past. It’s time to live in the present and look forward, not backwards. You can’t resurrect your past life.

Seven of Cups — Upright: use your creative imagination to shape your life. Don’t be held back by conventional expectations. Set your vision free. However, understand that you have to develop your skills in order to express your individuality. Without skills and knowledge your imagination will come to nothing. Reversed: focus on reality, not fantasy. You will find the solution once you cast aside your deluded thinking.

Eight of Cups — Upright: it may be a painful decision but you have to consider your own future. Walk away from those who would hold you back. Put the old behind you and embrace the new. Wear your brightest clothes and hold your head high. Reversed: fear is keeping you in a place you’d rather not be. You are overly attached to that which does not serve you. Break out. Make changes. Set yourself free.

Nine of Cups — Upright: be your own genie and tap into your infinite potential. Only by taking action and following your creative energy can you reach fulfilment. A good life is not about material manifestation but about inner satisfaction. Meditate. Reversed: wishing without action won’t work.

Ten of Cups — Upright: the peak of emotional fulfilment. The love and support of others. Appreciation of all that has come to pass, including the difficult times. Forging of lifetime bonds. Reversed: domestic turmoil, home life has become a place of emotional carnage and family dysfunction. Did you cause this? How can it be put right? Take action now.

Page of Cups — Upright: a young (or young at heart) person who is not afraid to channel their emotions into their creativity. Listen to your intuition as it whispers guidance to your subconscious mind. Reversed: immaturity, ‘bratishness’, infantile tantrums, lack of imagination and vision. Stymied creativity, fevered thought.

Knight of Cups — Upright: A romantic, pacifist. Someone who is able to delve into their own well of emotional healing. S/he knows that love can heal the world. A messenger brings good news connected with love. Reversed: an unfulfilling and ugly lust affair. Someone takes advantage of you and leaves you reeling from disappointment.

Queen of Cups — Upright: a selfless person who is always ready to help and comfort others in distress. She sets aside her own needs in order to tend to the unfortunate. If this is you, remember that not everyone can be, or wants to be, helped. Reversed: an emotionally unstable person who is capable of manipulating the sympathy of others. An emotional vampire.

King of Cups — Upright: a person who has come to terms with their emotional self. They are able to let go of disappointment and past hurts because they are able to embrace the present. Easy-going is their key word. Reversed: An unstable person, an addictive personality. Emotional abuse. If this is you, pull back from the brink – now.

Deviant Moon Tarot Swords

Deviant Moon Suit of Swords

Ace of Swords — Upright: pure mind power. Strong will. Intellectual breakthrough. New insights. Be a force for good. Reversed: your logic is misguided. Mental focus loses strength. If you are seeking vengeance or retribution, stop and consider the consequences – this is not the way.

Two of Swords — Upright: you have met an immovable force. Your strength is equal and neither side will give way. Your thoughts have reached a point of stalemate and thinking them over and over is getting you nowhere. Think creatively. Reversed: indecision, prevarication. You think there are only two options but there are more.

Three of Swords Upright: mental distress, emotional turmoil, separation, mis-communication. You may be feeling worse than the situation warrants. Reversed: you are on a healing path. However bad the recent past has been, you can move forward. Use the experience for your highest good.

Four of Swords — Upright: withdrawal, peaceful contemplation, processing thought and feeling. Your spirit is healing. Take time out for yourself. Reversed: Time to wake and rejoin the world. Your presence is requested.

Five of Swords — Upright: take stock of your friends and acquaintances. One may seek to harm you. Watch out for liars, cheats, swindlers and thieves. This might not be the right time to retaliate; choose your strategy wisely.. Of course, you may be the on doing the cheating. Watch out, you will be caught. Reversed: those trying to trick you will be exposed. Subterfuge is revealed. Treachery is punished.

Six of Swords — Upright: Gently rise above negative thoughts. Leave mental turmoil behind and make peace with your thoughts. You can’t defeat them, but you can choose to let them go. Use your creative mind to turn unwanted to wanted. Reversed: you are stuck in negativity. You want to move on but, for some reason, you are unable to. Use the power of your mind to turn the situation around.

Seven of Swords — Upright: you are walking a dangerous path. You think you are being clever but your foolishness is plain for all to see. Alternatively, watch out for a brazen thief. Reversed: while you may experience setbacks, keep trying. Something that belongs to you must be retrieved – may not be a material item but your own personal power.

Eight of Swords — Upright: your mind has been taken over by an obsession resulting in a loss of confidence. You are stuck, unable to move forward, although those around you can see that the prison is of your own making. Reversed: you are in the process of breaking free. It’s not painless, but it is do-able. You are about to regain control of your thoughts and your life.

Nine of Swords — Upright: fear, anxiety, phobias, nightmares, guilt, regret. Oh my. All those twisty, wormy, negative thoughts that visit you on a sleepless night. You can overcome one night like this, but if it continues, seek professional help. Reversed: you may still feel stifled by negativity, but the light of day is trying to shine through a small crack. Let it in and begin to feel better. Nothing is as bad in sunlight.

Ten of Swords — Upright: it seems all is lost. You are under such a terrible burden that, eventually, you must give in. Suddenly, you realise that surrender is the key. As you let go of trying to fight the inevitable, a light appears and you rise, invigorated and ready to try again from a new perspective. Reversed: recovery comes sooner. The pit of despair and loss is not so deep that you can’t escape. Reach for help; it is available.

Page of Swords — Upright: the young Page encourages you to open your mind, explore it and shine a light on your darkest thoughts. Never stray from the path of peace and goodness – you have much to achieve. Reversed: a nasty, gossipy individual may try to knock you off your course. Temporary close down your social media accounts. That person is of no consequence, so no need to fuel their fire. Do not respond and they’ll soon move on to more fertile ground.

Knight of Swords — Upright: you, or someone you know, is on a mission. They are inspired, eager to rise to the challenge and able to seize an opportunity. There’s no stopping them. Look out for an important message arriving by text or email. Reversed: you are too slow in your response. You will miss the opportunity if you don’t pull yourself together. Alternatively, be careful of an unpleasant character who is highly intelligent and manipulative.

Queen of Swords — Upright: someone who has experienced a lot of grief and negativity. She has courage and is able to carry on. Her sorrows cause her to always seek the truth. She might come across as uncaring. She isn’t; she simply tells it as she sees it. Reversed: A nag, a misery, a gossip, a drama queen. She uses her pain as a shield and displays it for all to see what a tragic figure she is. She’s looking for sympathy. She’ll end up alone and unloved.

King of Swords — A determined, logical character. He commands respect and obedience. His judgements are fair and balanced. He comes across as a cold, detached character but he does love his wife a great deal. Reversed: strict, unyielding, authoritarian. He dishes out verbal abuse continuously. He has few friends but doesn’t care.

Deviant Moon Tarot Pentacles

Deviant Moon Suit of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles — Upright: new opportunities are opening up. If you are thinking of starting a project, business or a new job, now’s the time. Take the time to learn, improve skills and hone your abilities. The material world is yours for the taking. Reversed: those opportunities are slipping through your fingers, as is your cold, hard cash. Reevaluate your priorities, curb your spending and pay attention to your overall finances.

Two of Pentacles — Upright: with great effort you can maintain balance and harmony in your life. It’s difficult to keep all your plates spinning but you can do it. You could be waiting for results of exams or medical tests. Reversed: you are just too busy. Stressed out, spreading yourself too thin, you are heading for disaster. Implement some time management and ditch unnecessary commitments.

Three of Pentacles — Upright: collaboration, shared ideas and skills will help you at this time. Your creativity spreads seeds of inspiration to others, while their efforts enable you to benefit too. Reversed: your heart’s not in it. You settle for mediocrity. Shared projects come to nothing.

Four of Pentacles — Upright: you are overly focused on material wealth. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying abundance, there are many more important things in life – like love, family and being the best you can be. Don’t go to your grave with a reputation as a miser. Reversed: expect a shift in your priorities. You will begin to understand that sharing your time and worldly goods is an expression of love.

Five of Pentacles — Upright: Financial and social difficulties; you may need to seek help to survive. Help is out there, you have to put your pride aside and ask. You may be feeling spiritually impoverished so, again, go seek help and advice. Reversed: good times are on the way; don’t give up now.

Six of Pentacles — Upright: if you are wealthy, then consider sharing some of your good fortune. If you are in need, then remember to express gratitude and do every thing you can to get back on your own two feet. This meaning may also refer to spiritual matters. Reversed: be warned that someone is attempting to coerce you into giving them your money. Beware of charlatans. If you are on the receiving end, make sure you are aware of your obligations. The giver may be expecting a hefty return on his money.

Seven of Pentacles — Upright: evaluate and adjust. Take the time to assess your progress and realign to your goals. Reversed: impatience, frustration, discouragement. Will you give up or make the necessary changes?

Eight of Pentacles — Upright: focus, concentration and dedication are necessary if you are to succeed. Possibility of undergoing training of some kind. Reversed: you are not paying attention to your work and it has become shoddy. You could lose your job if you don’t take action. Alternatively, you could be slowed down by your need for perfection.

Nine of Pentacles — Upright: material wealth tempered by solitude. Confident, independent person. Reversed: a downturn in fortune. The freedom your money gave you has gone.

Ten of Pentacles — Upright: family values and traditions. Connecting with your ancestors. Building up a family business. Many generations coming together. Reversed: poor retirement planning. No inheritance for you, or possibly your children. Family disputes over money or secrets.

Page of Pentacles — Upright: an enterprising, curious young (or young-at-heart) person. They have an open mind, a willingness to try things and a goal of self-improvement. Reversed: an unprepared adolescent. Someone isn’t taking advantage of the education being offered. A student unwilling to put the effort in and do some research of their own.

Knight of Pentacles — Upright: a methodical, hardworking person who has created their own groove in life. You might think you know them well, but they are deeper than they appear. Reversed: someone for whom life has become one dreary day after another. They are bored and boring. Things must change.

Queen of Pentacles — Upright: a strong, resourceful woman able to maintain a demanding job as well as look after her family. She is practical, helpful and determined. Reversed: she has lost the plot and can only focus on one thing. Perhaps she is obsessed with her home, or has become a workaholic to the detriment of everything else. If this card represents you, question whether you are being too controlling.

King of Pentacles — Upright: this person has worked hard and ceaselessly to achieve their ambitions… and continues to do so. He still manages to enjoy the results of his labors and allows his eccentricities to show as he pleased. Reversed: hardworking but over materialistic and greedy. He will stoop to unethical means to obtain his desired result.