7 Places to Read Tarot Cards

reading tarot in publicI often get asked where are the best places to read cards. Usually the question relates to earning money with tarot. I can only go by my own tarot reading experiences in the UK. Your country, state or area may have strict rules about where you can do tarot readings for payment so make sure you operate within the law.

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  • 1. On the internet via email. By far, my favorite way of reading the cards. I have all the time in the world to formulate my reading. I can make sure my grammar is reasonable. That the client has images of all the cards used and, most importantly, has a written reading that he or she can refer back to forever.Other methods of internet tarot reading are via FaceBook (or other social media site) and using Skype.2. At your home. Not so much these days but ten years ago, I had many people come to me for readings. I enjoyed doing them and it was lovely to meet new people all the time – of my clients came by word of mouth. However, the disadvantages are:
  • Your home needs to be sparkling clean and have a good energy feel about it.
  • Family can get in the way unless you have a room you can use away from the rest of the household.
  • There are safety issues. You should never ask someone to your home if there’s no-one else there and you’ve never met the client before.
  • It can be hard to get rid of clients. They usually like to stay and chat for a while and, while it’s lovely to make new friends, sometimes you have dinner to cook or dogs to walk.

3. At their home. The obvious disadvantage is having to travel to wherever they live. You could insist on an additional expenses/time payment or build it into your reading charge. This is okay when you are doing a group reading as the cost can be spread.

4. Tarot parties. Lots of fun to do and lucrative too. They can be at the client’s home or at a public venue. If you offer to do short readings at a friend’s birthday for free, then make sure you have a tip jar nearby.

5. In a cafe. You need to make a formal arrangement with the proprietor. They may be happy for you to sit in a quiet corner and read cards all day – after all, it will attract more custom. Some may ask for a percentage of your takings – that’s up to you to negotiate.

6. Psychic fayres. You will need to research the events in your area and contact the organisers. You will probably have to pay for a booth or a table. You need to know whether the events are well-attended or you could find yourself out of pocket.

7. Festivals, fairs, fetes, etc. Small local gatherings are easy to get into. Often these are to raise money for a school or other good cause. You can decide whether to donate some of your takings to the cause. You won’t be able to charge very much for your readings but the upside is that you can collect quite a few new clients by giving out your business card.

Larger shows and festivals can be excellent places to earn a good sum for reading tarot. Like the psychic fayres, you’ll need to contact the organisers to make arrangements. You will have to pay for your pitch but all takings are yours. Most large events have their own webpage these days so it should be easy to find contact details.

Wherever you read your tarot cards, always make sure you have a good supply of business cards to hand out. Often, people are too embarrassed to make the appointment right there but will contact you later. The other important thing is to ensure your own safety. Never put yourself at risk or in a situation where you could be compromised.

Have fun!

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